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Top 5 Data Analytics Courses in Hyderabad With Placements

In the past few years, the digital transformation happened around the entire globe. Especially after the covid-19, digital transformation has become a necessity for every kind of organization. As digital transformation is a necessity, knowledge of various techniques and tools on digital platforms needs to be considered. Many courses enrich the understanding of digital tools and techniques in various domains. Data analytics is one of them. Data analytics plays a vital role for organizations in making critical decisions and creating strategies for business growth. For your ease, we created a list of data analytics courses in Hyderabad.


Before jumping into the checklist of data analytics courses in Hyderabad, it is better to understand data analytics and the requirement of learning the same. This will give you insights into data analytics. These details also help you to take the right decision about choosing a data analytics course over another course. These details will surely be helpful if you take the data analytics courses in Hyderabad or somewhere else.


What is Data Analytics?

In simple terms, “data analytics” is nothing more than the examination of information that has been obtained for a certain purpose. As an illustration, imagine that an ice cream shop owner asks each client which of the two flavors they prefer, Vanilla or Chocolate. He gathered all the information and is able to give his customer a 10% discount on the flavor they find the most appealing.


Or he could utilize this analysis as a marketing tool. This is possible as he gathered data from his customer and do an analysis of data. Now, consider the same illustration in a broader way. How tedious to ask each client every time for getting their favorite flavor of ice cream! Also, time-consuming to get the results every time.


In place of this manual process, this process can be automated. Clients can fill out the form, and data is stored in the system. Now, some automated processes can do the rest of the tasks. The whole process of entering data to set automated processes is the lifecycle of data analytics. Data analytics is a process divided into different phases.


This understanding of data analytics is quite elementary. But data analytics application in the actual world is highly diverse. In the digital era, data collection from a variety of audiences and analysis using various methods for various reasons are both available.


When paying hard-earned money to an institution for a data analytics course, a person should definitely be aware of the benefits of taking it. They will be better able to decide on a plan of action and prepare for the future as a result. Before diving into the course selection, a few questions come to mind.


1.   Why data analytics?

2.   Data analytics is the right course for me?

3.   Future as a data analyst

4.   CTC of data analyst

5.   Positions of data analyst

6.   Why data analytics courses in Hyderabad?


Why Data Analytics?


When choosing a data analytics course, the question comes into mind, ‘Why?’ this course. What is the requirement to develop skills in this area and how it will be beneficial to the business? There are many reasons to develop skills in data analytics nowadays.


I. To Sharpen Your Skills


As a person, you can have excellent problem-solving skills or critical thinking ability. But when it comes to business-related decisions, skills need to be updated according to the day-to-day requirements in various areas of business. Such courses challenge your ability and give you the opportunity to upskill yourself. So, that upgradation can be used to benefit business growth and revenue generation. A person who has the most recent skill set may have a better chance of succeeding in a field of opportunity.


II. In Great Demand


Today, every industry, large or small, uses a variety of methodologies, thus highly skilled employees will be needed. There are greater opportunities for horizontal or vertical growth for someone with strong credentials and experience who also has an in-depth understanding of cutting-edge technologies like data analytics. These technologies will broaden the range of potential work opportunities. Not only for implementing data analytics skills but to enhance its ability or to maintain it, a skilled person is required.


III. Required Everywhere


Regardless of the industry, whether it be healthcare, government, cloud computing, the travel and hospitality sector, or the aerospace sector. Due to its widespread accessibility, the talented pool has new industry alternatives. If we apply economics very popular demand and supply theory here, this is the perfect time to consider data analytics as a career option. Skilled people can take up the corporate domain of their choice.


IV. Growing Day By Day


The fastest-growing technology, data analytics, necessitates expertise to meet both the present needs of the technology and the progress of the technology in the near future. People who are skilled and trained will therefore continue to have chances in the future. Gaining insight into problem resolution is made possible by data analytics skills. However, it’s also important to evaluate other relevant abilities in person together with data analytics expertise. Communication skills are crucial because of data analysts’ important inputs in business-related vital choices. Effective communication abilities can help to understand complex ideas and make them understandable to others.


Is Data Analytics The Right Course for Me?


Data analytics is a method for obtaining statistics for a company that is data-driven. Therefore, anyone can pursue a profession in data analytics. However, some fundamental information is necessary to learn such sophisticated approaches and can further the objectives of this methodology.


A bachelor’s degree with at least 50% of the needed marks in Computer Science, Information Technologies, Mathematics, or Statistics from an accredited university is required. Both undergraduate and graduate students may take the courses. There are also some diploma and certificate programs available.


Therefore, when selecting a course, you must take into account the type of degree you currently hold as well as the type of degree or certification you wish to pursue. Also, if you have excellent problem-solving skills or critical thinking ability, data analytics is the perfect fit for you. Other than this any management professionals, finance and accounting professionals, professionals from BO and KPO domains, and professionals who consider enhancing their career can take data analysis courses in Hyderabad.


Future of Data Analyst


Gaining customers or reducing costs for businesses is crucial in this cutthroat economy. This rivalry is more difficult now that we live in the digital age. But it is also simple to compete in the market, thanks to strategies like data analytics. Therefore, India and other countries provide a better future for data analysts. Data analytics is a field with a bright future because it is a sector that is expanding daily.


CTC of Data Analyst


The cost of the company for a data analyst varies depending from company to company. But in the general cost of the company of data analysts in India ranges from ₹1.9Lakhs to ₹12Lakhs per annum, with an average salary of ₹4.3 Lakhs per month. If the experienced person, then this range would be different.


Other Courses in Hyderabad You Might Want To Check:


Position of Data Analyst


There are many challenging roles and responsibilities for a data analyst in the company. Data analytics training/course can fit anybody in the below job roles.


  • Data Architect
  • Applications Architect
  • Infrastructure Architect
  • Enterprise Architect
  • Data Scientist
  • Data Analyst
  • Data Engineer
  • Statistician


Why Data Analytics Courses in Hyderabad?


Many institutes offer data analytics courses in India. But there are a few reasons why enroll in data analytics courses in Hyderabad.


  • If you are from Hyderabad or from a near city, can attend the program in person if the institute offers an offline mode of learning.
  • There are more opportunities to learn about the same business because Hyderabad is also widely recognized for its information technology sector.

Let’s Explore the List of Data Analytics Courses in Hyderabad


Rank #1. Data Analytics Courses in Hyderabad


1. Excelr:


Excelr has a presence in 40 countries in the management and technical training domain. Excelr has 10+ years of experience in the training with 400+ corporate clients and 15000+ professionals trained in various courses. They provide training in Project Management, Agile, IT-service management, and Quality assurance. Their trained professionals work with MNCs and do excellent in their domain. They provide 3 in one certification. The first certificate is excelr course completion certificate, the second one is of IBM certificate, and the next is an internship certification from the AI variant.


Course Name: Data Analytics Certification

Program Duration:  6 months

Mode of Learning: Online and offline


Course Criteria:

Candidates for the ‘Data Analytics Certification’ must hold a bachelor’s degree from the science/commerce/ engineering stream.


Course Fees:

The cost of the ‘Data Analytics Certification’ is ₹49,999 for classroom training. The certificate cost is not included in this.


₹39,999 for a live virtual classroom. Additional cost for Steinbeis University Certification.


Course Features:

  • 10+ Industry-relevant projects give a great chance to work in the real world
  • 50+ Case studies and assignments to give experience and live project exposure
  • Have a very strong network with companies as tied up with 150+ companies
  • 100% placement assistance to each and every student as per their need
  • 160+ hours of learning and lifetime access to learning material.


Course Content:

  • Excel basics and advanced
  • Power BI
  • Tableau
  • R Programming Fundamentals
  • Python Programming Fundamentals
  • SAS


These topics cover database concepts, pivot tables, functional charts and slicers, and data visualization.


Rank #2. Data Analytics Courses in Hyderabad


2. Learnbay:


The second institute for data analytics courses in Hyderabad is Learnbay. It is a training institute in India with advanced data science courses. They design data analytics courses for working professionals. They have transited 10k+ people’s careers. They offer offline and online options for some courses. Online sessions are taken by working professionals from MNCs.


Course Name: Data Analytics Course Training

Program Duration:  6 months

Mode of Learning: Online


Course Criteria:

Candidates for the ‘Data Analytics Course Training’ should have less than a year of work experience in IT/non-IT as this course is for working professionals only. Though basic knowledge of Mathematics and Statistics is essential.


Course Fees:

The cost of the ‘Data Analytics Course Training’ is ₹65,000 + GST.


Course Features:

  • Designed by industry experts so an opportunity to get real word experience
  • Practice with the latest tools
  • 8+ projects available
  • Online classes are interactive
  • Provide project-based learning
  • Doubts clearing session
  • Weekend and weekday batches as it is designed for working professionals
  • EMI facility is available for paying course fees at no extra cost.
  • Real-time industrial project and case studies
  • 24/7 learning support provided
  • Customized training program


Course Content:

Learnbay Provides module base learning for their online sessions for data analysis courses in Hyderabad. These modules cover:


  • Programming and Maths
  • Python and Data Science
  • Applied Statistics
  • Advanced Machine learning
  • Deep learning
  • NLP
  • Reinforcement Learning
  • Computer Vision
  • Explainable Ai and Risk Management
  • Data Analytics Course TOOLS


Rank #3. Data Analytics Courses in Hyderabad


3. CCE/IIT Madras:


The third institute for data analytics courses in Hyderabad is CCE/IIT Madras (Intelilipaat). Intelilipaat is a joint venture of the couple, they started the institute when they were facing issues to find a proper training institute for getting training for the advancement of their career. Since then they are into the training sector and have collaborated with MNCs like IBM, Microsoft, etc. They offer 150+ technical training courses including Big Data, Hadoop, Data Science, Cloud Computing, and more. They trained more than 60,000+ learners.


Course Name: Data Analytics Course

Mode of Learning: Online


Course Fees:

The cost of the ‘Data Analytics Course’ is ₹1,00,352 including GST


Features of Data Analysis Courses in Hyderabad:

  • Lifetime access to the course materials
  • 24/7 support
  • Provide job assistance
  • Design by industry experts
  • 50+ live sessions in 7 months
  • 218 hours of self-paced videos
  • 200 Hrs. of projects and exercises
  • No cost EMI option available for paying course fees


Course Content:

Intelilipaat provides module base learning for their online sessions for data analytics courses. These modules cover


·       Preparatory Sessions – Data Transformation using Ms. Excel & Python

·       Data wrangling with SQL

·       Presto

·       Introduction to Data Science & Statistics

·       Business Problem Solving, Insights, and Storytelling

·       Optimization Techniques

·       KNIME

·       R Programming

·       Predictive Modeling

·       Time-Series Forecasting

·       Feature Engineering

·       Advance Machine Learning Techniques

·       Data Science Execution Strategy

·       Business Case Studies

·       Visualization using Power BI

·       Data Science Capstone Project


Rank #4. Data Analytics Courses in Hyderabad


4. 360digiTMG:


360digiTMG was established in 2013. 360digiTMG has headquarters in Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai and also has branches in the USA, Malaysia, East Asia, Australia, the UK, Netherlands, and the Middle East. It has a significant presence in training globally. The institute provides training in Data Science, Machine Learning, Big Data Analytics, Artificial Intelligence, Deep Learning, Robotic Process Automation, Cloud Computing, Digital Marketing, Risk Management, Agile Methodology, Project Management, Data Visualization, and many more. Data analytics is one of them which is a certificate course.


Course Name: Data Analytics Certification

Mode of Learning: Online


Course Fees:

The cost of the ‘Data Analytics Certification’ is ₹29,500 for virtual training.


Features of Data Analysis Courses in Hyderabad:

There are two types of course modules available for data analytics. One is for individual people who have a fresh start in data analytics and another one is for working professionals who have basic knowledge of data analytics and want to upskill themselves.


  • Online classes – weekdays and weekends batches
  • Lifetime access to online classes material
  • 20+ hours of classes from faculties of top universities
  • Support service available 24/7
  • Mode of training can be online or on-site for working professionals
  • For working professionals, a basic course will be provided complimentary
  • Course content based on real-time industry use cases
  • Customized course for working professionals who want to upgrade themselves
  • For working professionals, corporate base learning management and individual dashboard with the report.
  • Job placement in the data analytics field
  • Course duration is three months


Course Content:

  • Excel with advanced level technics
  • SQL/NoSQL for different kinds of database operations and making various kinds of reports
  • Data visualization tools like Tableau and Power BI
  • Data Mining of structured data and unstructured data
  • Python programming language
  • R programming
  • PySpark – Python API for sparck


Rank #5. Data Analytics Courses in Hyderabad


5. Simplilearn:


In 2009, Simplilearn launched an online blog to share company expertise and project management advice. In addition to blogging in 2010, the blog also offered offline and online PMP training. But Simplilearn offered 5 more IT and management courses in 2011 in response to the significant demand for other courses. Marked milestones every year, Simplilearn already trains two million people across the globe. It is in partnership with Purdue University and collaboration with IBM.


Course Name: Postgraduate Program in Data Analytics

Program Duration:  8 months

Mode of Learning: Online


Course Criteria:

Candidates for the ‘Postgraduate Program in Data Analytics’ must hold a bachelor’s degree with an average of at least 50% in order to submit an application. Both prior work experience and programming language expertise are not required.


Admission Process: 

There is a three-step process for getting admission. First, apply for the course. Second, the institute will review your application. Third, getting admission.


Course Fees:

The cost of the postgraduate program in data analytics is ₹2,12,415, which includes taxes, program fees, and membership in the alumni association.


Course Features:

  • Conducting hackathons and ask me anything session by IBM
  • Interactive online classes with industry expert
  • Job assistance provided by Simplilearn
  • 3 domains and 14+ Data analytics projects with datasets from Google play store, Lyft, world bank, etc.
  • Certificate for professional training
  • Alumni association membership provided
  • 24/7 support provided


Course Content:

  • Data Analytics
  • Statistical Analysis using Excel
  • Data Analysis Python and R
  • Data Visualization Tableau and Power BI
  • Linear and logistic regression modules
  • Clustering using K-means
  • Supervised Learning
  • Tools like SciPy, ScikitLearn, NumPy, Pandas


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q1. Why data analytics is so important nowadays?

Data analytics are a must for any business that wants to flourish in the current fast-paced market. Expertise in data analytics is highly sought after by enterprises. Data analytics are essential since they are required for developing corporate strategy and for making important business decisions. Without proper data analysis, it is very difficult to get insight into the future of business. Based on data analytics it is possible to get market trends and client convictions.


Q2. As a data analyst, what exactly do I need to do?

The duties of the data analyst might be specified depending on the industry. But the first task for a data analyst is to obtain structured or unstructured data. Understanding the collected data is necessary. The sole purpose of this all-data exercise is to produce automated chores that will boost productivity for daily tasks. As a data analyst below is steps that need to be done for getting appropriate results.

  1. Collecting Structured or unstructured data
  2. Understanding of gathered data
  3. Removing / Deleting unnecessary data
  4. Transform data according to the need
  5. Visualize data as a final result


Q3. What are the job prospects for data analytics?

In the digital world, data is everything. And a person with a specialization in data analysis or manipulation of data is always in demand. A fascinating career path that can be opened up by working as a data analyst is data science, management, consultancy, or specialty. Specialty can be in various industries like Business Analyst, Financial Analyst, Operations Analyst, Marketing Analyst, Healthcare Analyst, and System Analyst.


Q4. Can non-professionals / Non-programmers join data analysis courses in Hyderabad?

Yes, of course, a non-professional person can join data analysis courses in Hyderabad. A person with excellent analytical skills and critical thinking ability can do excellent in this course with ease as Data Analytics is basically the analysis of structured or unstructured data. A Non-programmer can also do this course as in the learning process, the institute teaches programming required for Data analytics.


Let’s Conclude Data Analytics Courses in Hyderabad:


Before getting admission to data analytics courses in Hyderabad in any institute, cross-check every aspect of training. Consider the fees you pay, the course content they offer, and post-training assistance from a job perspective. It’s absolutely wonderful to get accepted into the institute of your choice. However, any institute has no magic wand which makes you successful or job-ready. Your career can only be transformed through hard work.

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