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Top 7 Technical Writing Courses in Hyderabad With Placements

Technology has become a dominant and integral part of our lives. Name any industry – entertainment, education, medicine, science, or business, you will find a significant role of technology in it. But it is not always easy for the customers and users of those technologies to understand them. Here technical writers are needed to write complex functions and operations of products/processes in simple terms which can be understood by the ordinary reader. If you are tech-savvy and a writing enthusiast, and technical writing sound interesting to you, in this article, we will help you find out where you can take the best technical writing courses in Hyderabad.


What is Technical Writing?


It is referred to as writing to understand technical information about a particular subject and then record it in a document to make it available to the audience. The genre of writing which is widely employed in technical subjects such as computer science, biotechnology, robotics, engineering, and finance employs writing strategies to make the content easily intelligible to the general audience.


The objective of this type of writing is very different from that of other types of writing such as creative writing, business writing, and academic writing. This type of writing is heavily used in sectors that require instructions and explanations. Writing evaluations, reports, newsletters, brochures, proposals, press releases, handbooks, style guides, and agendas, among other things, are parts of the job.


Types of Technical Writing


White Papers

Mainly used in the field of technology, politics, and business, the whitepaper is a detailed and influencing guide on a certain topic that introduces the reader to a problem and offers a solution. A whitepaper is used as an educational/ marketing tool for the customers and a reference guide/ case study for other companies in the same industry.


Technical Proposals-

One of the most significant categories of technical writing is a technical proposal. It is a document that provides an overview of the product, a vital justification of how it might resolve a recipient or user’s problem, the company’s execution strategy, and crucial technical information about the deal. A technical proposal should be concise, accurate, and clear among other things. Writing a technical proposal entail converting technical specifications into a proposal geared toward consumers that are used to market a solution or service.


API Documentation

A software program can access the resources and services offered by another software program through a set of guidelines and specifications known as an API. Through APIs, a type of communication channel, two separate programs can converse and trade resources.



A memo is a message that you send to a lot of people, such as your complete branch or the entire staff of the business. The company will ask you to draft a memo to announce future events or internal changes to the workforce. The main motto of writing a memo is to bring quick attention to a task, circumstance, or issue that may have an impact on one’s professional or personal life.


Technical Documentation

Any written material that explains the use, intent, development, or architecture of a good or service is considered technical documentation. It aims to explain a service that an organization provides. Technical documents come in a variety of forms, each geared toward a particular readership. Press releases, brochures, newsletters, advertisements, and reviews are some examples of technical documentation. Automobile, healthcare and medicine and other industries create technical documentation.


 Technical Reports

Technical Reports, also called “Scientific Reports,” are a type of documentation that compiles all of a company’s technical and scientific research into a single document. It covers the process, progress, and result of the project-working team. They may be written for internal use or wider release. Technical reports are a primary type of scientific article that can be used to demonstrate innovation when researchers don’t want to wait for their work to be published in scholarly journals.


Medical Documents

The science of medical documentation is concerned with the orderly organization and communication of all kinds of medical data and information. Medical documents play a vital role in the health care system. Hence, the authors of these materials must accurately and completely describe scientific data.


In addition to describing and explaining the applicability of the invention in connection to recognized medical illnesses and situations, they are required to provide an exhaustive study and description of the innovation. The writers of medical documents must also take care to appropriately spell and cite the sources. This is one of the highly paid categories for technical writers.


Scientific Research Papers-

A research paper’s primary goal is to present precise and understandable scientific findings. The author of this kind of document will provide a very thorough and descriptive description of their research project. The process of creating the document then starts. Data will be gathered, analyses will be gathered, and a manuscript based on the results will be produced by the author.


User Guides

Customers/ users require instructions or guidance to understand the complexity and use of the product. To help them out, companies create a user guide that contains step-by-step instructions in simple and non-technical language. Companies that deal in electronic goods, software, and hardware goods/services include user guides.


Skillset Requirement For a Good Technical Writer


1. Writing Skills-

The first and foremost skill required for writing a good document is writing itself. The writer should know how to communicate difficult processes or ideas in simple words. You can improve this skill by reading quality content or by joining technical writing courses.


2. Knowledge About Technical Writing Tools

A good technical writer should be aware of the technical tools available in the market because these tools will make your work easier. And they also support special writing formats such as PDF, Word, CHM, etc.


3. Research Skills-

No matter which type of content writer you are, you should have research skills. As in the work platform, there will be a lot of times when you have to write about the software you aren’t aware of. And this skill is more required if you are an outsourcer.


4. Proofreading Skills

Some companies hire editors to do proofreading jobs, but it is always better to recheck and review your document before submitting it. And if you are the sole tech writer, this skill is a must-have to avoid errors.


5. Teamwork

A Lot of communication and inquiries require designers, developers, and editors to clearly understand the product/ software. Because after clear understanding only the writer will be able to write well.


6. Critical Thinking-

Critical thinking means the writer must possess the ability to gather information, analyze and then systematize it.


The Job of a Technical Writer


The job of a technical writer is to develop a critical/complex subject matter in a clear & easy to understand document. The technical writer should have a foundation based on engineering/ science/manufacturing/medicine/software or other technical areas. Their job is to create product guides, manuals, website help sections, and other technical information-based content in simple language.


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Scope of Technical Writing


With continuous changes & development in technology, artificial intelligence, and machine learning, demand for technical writers has increased. It is also a lucrative field if we talk about career growth, salary, and opportunities. One who is looking forward to being a tech writer should be adaptive to changing technology.  Now, it is a requirement for every industry to hire a writer. Industries like aeronautics, engineering, biotech, finance, IT, and more use technical content to connect with their customers at large and build a unique brand identity.


Companies That Hire Technical Writers-

  • OutSystems
  • Amazon
  • VMWare
  • PlanetPharma
  • Akamai
  • Capgemini
  • Cognizant
  • TCS
  • Accenture
  • Accenture
  • Cisco


Find here the top-notch Technical Writing Courses in India


Top 7 Technical Writing Courses in Hyderabad


Technical writing is emerging as a global profession. And it is also flourishing in Hyderabad. Both offline and online technical writing instruction is provided by a wide variety of institutions. One must take into account that the quality of the program differs from institute to institute. To provide you with a list of institutions that provide top-notch technical writing courses in Hyderabad, the following list of institutions has been carefully reviewed and refined so that you can develop your technical writing skills.


1. IIM Skills –


“IIM Skills” is among the most popular technical writing courses in Hyderabad. Working on a mission to offer world-class education, they have expanded their horizon to 35 countries across the world. In the last 5 years, they have trained more than 15,000 students in 2500 training programs. Their technical writing master course is beginner friendly.


And the eye-catching perks of this course are they provide 30 days of internship and placement opportunities with the course. Some of their students are well-placed in top MNCs such as oracle, amazon, Adobe, Cisco, Microsoft, etc.


Course Structure

The technical writing master course is curated by expert technical writers by keeping in mind industry standards which makes you ready for a job as soon as you complete the course. They concentrate on providing you with practical training which will help you achieve mastery in all the modules.


  1. Role of technical writer- Basic
  2. How to write
  3. Content creation using software tools
  4. Learn styling techniques to make technical reports
  5. Learn to write white papers, Journals
  6. DDLC & Versioning
  7. Microcontent & conversational writing
  8. To review and publish
  9. XML authoring
  10. Datasheets, user manuals, and application notes
  11. Essentials of effective writing
  12. How to write medical journals and blogs
  13. Case studies


Course Duration

Online interactive classes for 5 weeks.


Course Fee

TWMC course is priced at 14,900+ GST


Benefits of Choosing IIM Skills Technical Writing Courses in Hyderabad

  • Master Certification which you can attach to your resume or portfolio.
  • Flexible timings of classes keeping in mind working professionals and students.
  • Real work exposure through 30 days internship.
  • You will learn software tools like MS Visio, MS Project, git, Scribus, Canva, PowerPoint, etc
  • You will get a chance to publish your article, white paper, and blog in the Times of India blog.
  • Lifetime access to Class recordings.
  • Interactive classes by experienced faculties.
  • Portfolio development.
  • Fees refund policy if you do not like the course after attending 1st
  • Placement opportunities.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


2. Confai Solutions


A pioneer in the field of technical writing training, Confai Solutions Pvt. Ltd. Confai, has been providing technical services for 15 years in nations like the USA, UK, New Zealand, Australia, and India. Confai provides both offline and online technical writing courses in Hyderabad for junior, mid-level, and senior technical writers. They also provide corporate training.


Courses Provided by Confai Solutions Technical Writing Courses in Hyderabad


  • Technical Writing Certification Course- This course is beginner level and anyone can join this course.


Course Structure

  1. Basics of technical writing
  2. Structuring, Designing, and testing the document.
  3. Styling and editing
  4. Introduction to tools- Photoshop, SnagIt, Robohelp, FrameMaker.


Course Duration & Fee

The technical writing certification course is for 6 weeks and is priced at 20,000 Rs.


  • DITA Certification Course– Students joining the course should have experience in the field of technical writing.


Course Structure

  1. Basics of DITA
  2. XML
  3. Fundamentals of DITA
  4. Topic elements
  5. Metadata & Constraints
  6. Maps
  7. Linking


Course Duration & Fee

This course is for 2 weeks and is priced at 18,000 Rs.


  • API Documentation– This course is for beginners.


Course Structure

  1. Introduction of API
  2. Structure and elements of API documentation
  3. Gaining knowledge of API
  4. Planning, creating & reviewing the documentation


Course Duration & Fee

This course is for 2 weeks and is priced at 18,000.


  • Authoring Tools– This course is for beginner & intermediate levels.



  1. FrameMaker
  2. RoboHelp
  3. XMetaL
  4. Author-it
  5. MS- Word (advanced)
  6. MS- Word (macros, plugins)
  7. Captivate
  8. Madcap Flare


Course Duration

One week for each course


  • Advanced Writing Skills– This course is for a one-week duration and experienced writers can pursue this course to upgrade their writing and editing skills.


  • Diagrams and Graphic Tools– This course is for beginners.


Course Structure

  1. Photoshop
  2. Visio
  3. SnagIt


Course Duration

One Week


  • Managing Technical Writing– This course is for senior leaders in the technical writing field.


Course Structure

  1. Content Management
  2. Trends and techniques of workflows
  3. Documentation Automation
  4. Review & Publishing
  5. Single sourcing
  6. Collaborative writing


Course Duration

One week


  • Automating Documentation Process- Anyone interested in learning can join this course.


Course Structure

  1. Automating documentation workflows
  2. Tool Automation
  3. Tools Programming
  4. How to make Plugins


Course Duration

weeks for each tool.


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3. MindMajix


With an experience of 9 years, another renowned institute offering technical writing courses in Hyderabad is Mindmajix. A variety of courses are available on MindMajix’s platform to assist professionals in upskilling and upgrading their competencies. They offer self-paced & live online classes; you can choose according to your requirement. Even if you are a beginner, you can opt for this course, their experienced teachers will make you job-ready by teaching you basic to advanced level concepts.


Course Curriculum

  1. Writing core concepts
  2. Knowledge of keyword
  3. Importance of Grammar
  4. Strategies for proofreading
  5. Scope of technical writing
  6. How content is important for business
  7. Fundamentals of writing good content
  8. Concepts of word limit & meta description


Course Duration

15 days


Benefits of Choosing MindMajix Technical Writing Courses in Hyderabad

  1. Once you complete the course, they will guide you in the future regarding scope and opportunities.
  2. Mock interviews will be conducted to prepare you for the job.
  3. Flexible schedule of classes on weekdays and weekends.
  4. Referral & Group discounts are available.
  5. Through LMS, you can access & Revise concepts whenever you want.


4. TechTotal


Working in the technical writing niche is what makes TechTotal distinguishable from other institutes. Skilled programmers, engineers, and scientists are the technical writers and editors of this company. They provide writing services to individual firms and MNCs. They started technical writing courses in Hyderabad to bridge the gap between market demand and supply of technical writers.


Course Curriculum of Technical writing Courses in Hyderabad

  1. Fundamentals of technical writing
  2. SDLC
  3. Process of technical writing
  4. DDLC
  5. Document Deliverables
  6. Project planning & SME Interview
  7. HTML & XML
  8. Skills in writing
  9. Styling guide
  10. Usage of grammar
  11. Software tools- MS VISO, PowerPoint, SnagIt, Microsoft Word, Frame Maker, etc
  12. Review cycle, Delivery methods, and publication


Course Duration

The course is available in 3 kinds

  • 7 Weekend classes
  • Fast track course- 15 days
  • Normal track – 30 days


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5. Blue Dots Consultancy


Based in Bangalore, Blue Dots Consultancy also provides technical writing courses in Hyderabad via an online platform. They put their customers first while providing their services. Achievement of Blue dots is they have maintained consistently 90% in placement. Their students work for Siemens, Samsung, HCL, Cisco, Adobe, etc.


Course Curriculum

Experts in blue dots have designed course curricula based on industry standards. You will learn FrameMaker, XML, DITA, Adobe RoboHelp, etc. tools in their course.


Course Duration

The course duration of their course is 2 Months.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


6. Authortech


The institute, which was founded in 2007 and was formerly known as the Institute of Technical Writing, provides training and documentation services as well as serves as a one-stop shop for all technical writing requirements. Effective reports, PowerPoint presentations, proposals, and all kinds of technical publications, such as user manuals, configuration manuals, reference manuals, installation instructions, or tutorials, are produced by the institute regularly.


Rajesh Singamsetty, the founder of Authortech, has over eight years of expertise in technical writing and shares his knowledge and research through cutting-edge teaching approaches. At Authortech, courses are designed to meet specific needs and emphasize interactive learning via live online sessions and self-paced learning.


Author Tech makes sure students leverage the knowledge-practice-reinforcement channel to learn the technical writing courses in Hyderabad by providing demanding exercises and pertinent yet excellent examples.


Course Curriculum

  1. User Manuals, installation manuals, and API documentation
  2. Styling & Editing
  3. Software Tools in detail – MS Word, MS Visio, SnagIt, FrameMaker, XML, etc


Course Fee

Fees = 22,000 Rs.


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7. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin, one of the leading ed-tech institutes, also offers technical writing courses in Hyderabad. Companies like Myntra, Accenture, BSNL, Jet Airways, HP, and Maruti Suzuki are their hiring partners. Henry Harvin’s technical writing course ranks amongst the top 5 by India Today.


Course Curriculum

  1. Basics of technical writing
  2. Documentation
  3. Process of technical writing
  4. Grammar and styling guides
  5. Software tools- MS Word, MS Visio, SnagIt, PowerPoint, Photoshop, FrameMaker, etc
  6. Elements of technical document
  7. Techniques of technical writing
  8. Creating templates
  9. Format of technical document
  10. DITA, API documentation, XML


Course Duration

32 hours

Classes start every week in weekend and weekday batches.


Course Fee

Live online sessions- 17,500 Rs.

Self- paced – 15,750 Rs.


Benefits of Choosing Henry Harvin Technical writing Courses in Hyderabad

  • Henry Harvin’s gold membership for 1 year.
  • Practical-based course.
  • This is one of the top-ranked content writing courses.
  • Placement opportunities till 1-year post-completion of the course.
  • Internship assistance to get real-world exposure.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is technical writing in demand?

Technical writing is one of the fastest-growing occupations. It is expected to become a mainstream industry in the next 10 years. Cognizant, Capgemini, HCL, Wipro, and amazon are some of the top companies that hire technical writers.


2. How can I learn technical writing for free?

Google, MIT, Alison, etc. provides online technical writing courses free of cost.


3. How to become a technical writer?

Once you complete your graduation, you can get yourself enrolled in a technical writing course. It is not mandatory, but having a technical writing certificate will be an added advantage for you. Then you need to create a portfolio of your past work as samples and then you can apply for a technical writing job. Also, you need to build a professional network and keep updating your knowledge to be a good technical writer.


4. Is work from home available for technical writers?

Yes, you can join technical writing jobs from the comfort of your home, there are ample opportunities available in the field of medicine, technology, manufacturing, and software development. You can also start working as a freelancer or even set up a freelancing agency.


5. What is the salary of technical writers in India?

According to PayScale, the average technical writer’s salary in India is 5,12,362 per annum.




In India, the discipline of technical writing is rapidly expanding with numerous career options. PCs, burners, cameras, lawn furniture, and all other complex products require skilled tech writers to explain how they function and how to work with them. Furthermore, with an increase in re-appropriation being completed by businesses, this field has witnessed erratic growth in global economic sectors. Content writers with 2-4 years of experience who switch to Technical Writing can expect to get paid 2-3 times more than they are now.


However, while the opportunities for specialized writing in India and overseas are vast, one must keep themselves updated with its knowledge and techniques. To keep yourself updated with new skills is always a good choice and you should join a course for that. Hope the courses mentioned above will help you in making a wise decision in choosing the best technical writing courses in Hyderabad.

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