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Top 5 Content Writing Courses in Noida With Placements

For a fresher writer, content writing is an extreme course, but along the way, it gets easier. The courses where you get knowledge of everything that you need to learn are the ones that should be opted for. The content writing courses in Noida give you an understanding of the fundamentals and slowly introduce you to the diverse platforms and different niches where you can build your work. The course gives you detail about technical attributes such as SEO, Content Calendar, and ways of Monetizing.


What is Content Writing?


Content writing is a process of communication that shares information with other people. Any piece of work that conveys a message, idea, or thought is called content. Content writing is an effective way of Verbal and written communication. Many businesses rely on content writers as it gives a clear picture to the audience about the product. It helps them to influence people about their product.


What Can Help You to Be a Good Content Writer-


The content that people want to read should be effective, entertain them, achieve their business goals, close the sale, achieve mail signups, etc.


  • Creativity – Like a website needs consistent colors, fonts, and design, creative writing needs to be consistent in its tone and style. The simplest way to do this is to write in your novel voice.


  • Uniqueness– Content needs to be interesting where stories are more catchy and memorable than cold facts and figures.


  • Audience Connectivity- Easy language reaches people directly, so don’t make it complicated, and address what’s important to them more than what’s important to you. Relate to them and their needs. Answers to questions, and concerns of the audience. Save your lengthy vocabulary for Scrabble.


  • Headlines Generation- Any written piece should have a catchy heading. The heading is what is mainly read by a reader. If you will add an interesting and informative heading, a reader will get to know the details written quickly. You can learn about writing heading from various tools that search and guide you with the latest information regarding them.


  • Add Interesting and Point Summary- After the heading, the reader goes through the first few lines. You can add the gist of the article. The reader decides to read or not to read further. So the paragraph should be catchy and have information about further details.


  • Simple Writeup- Creative, flowery writing has its place. For any piece of writing, don’t make the audience think too hard about what you mean or confuse them with your creativity.


  • Use of Digital Content- This type of content contains short and long sentences, bullet lists, and short paragraphs that are used in SEO practices and strategies.


  • Check Your Work– Editing is a crucial part of content writing as it polishes the rough edges of the content written that is your writing. After rechecking your drafts editing improves. Recheck it for any mistakes.


  • Be Informative- Honest creative writing teaches and simply explains how something works, and focuses on the benefits to the audience, and not on the features.


  • Have Research Work– Any topic you are writing on should be well researched. The information you are giving to the reader must have facts and figures which confirm the validity of the document


  • Add Facts- Don’t be a restless writer who edits relentlessly, cuts as much as possible, doesn’t bother with checking word count, and bothers only with getting the point across clearly.


  • Develop a Library of Your Work- As good writers keep a backup for your testimonials that you can claim back. Use your case studies, real-world examples, success stories, and embedded tweets from your audience that praise your work/product.


  • Single Aim– While writing any write-up, keep a goal and talk on a single topic. The reader should not get confused about the topic. Connect back to the main topic where it is necessary.


  • Be a Unique Voice– You represent the company you work for. So find a unique way to connect to the customer by connecting with the company’s personality. Check the tone of the company and then connect to your audience.


  • Being Technically Correct– It cannot happen that there can be no grammar mistakes, passive voice, or spelling misspells. You can hire a copyeditor or proofreader to go over everything line by line.


Benefits of Content Writing Services-


Content writing is a powerful marketing strategy that includes a content plan, producing, and revising information for marketing channels, web pages, research papers, screenplays, blogs, podcasts, and articles, and boosts any business without much cost. The reasons for giving much attention to content writing are many.


Internet being the source of trusted information attracts more consumers to search online before deciding to buy a product or service. Producing unique and excellent content is not a piece of cake for everyone as it requires you to satisfy the needs of both the website and customers. Content makes the website interesting enough for users to remain glued to the site.


Content writing services play an important role in connecting with your audience in a correct tone. It adds complement to the digital marketing services and Brand Value. To learn the skills, tools, and techniques, follow the Content writing courses in Noida.


Merits of Content Writing Services


Content writing courses in Noida teach you all advantages you can get as a content writer like-


1. Connecting With Your Target Audience-

Have you noticed that the content published on a start-up or small business’s website has no precise aim or target audience? The website provides a few random blogs to drive customer engagement and sales. Brands connect with their audience with what they convey. The articles, blogs, and other information development are on the content writer. They are thus responsible for increasing sales.


2. Simplify the Brand’s Tone of Voice

The brand voice is how you distinctively communicate with the target audience. The tone of voice should be consistent throughout social media, the website, and promotional materials so that the audience can quickly recognize the brand when they connect with the material


3. Boost the Ranking of Search engines-

Google promotes content that is steady, unique, and easy to grasp for users. If you want your article or any content to rank high, it must be of good quality, it should have the appropriate number of long and short-term points of view, contain the appropriate Meta description and slug, include the correct number of words, hold the proper topic, and have a valid number of backlinks.


4. Amplify the Quality of Your Existing Content-

Content writing services encompass optimizing your current website content and the new content production. As search engine algorithms are updated every year, most businesses’ websites have outmoded and out-of-date material. Improving quality impacts SEO and ranks, as well as business. With this, a content writing service agency also has a staff of experienced writers and SEO experts who can complete this assignment quickly.


5. Increase the Number of Sales Conversations-

Writing content on your page is not enough. Content for websites and landing pages must be persuasive and aligned with conversion rate optimization approaches. Your content quality and the actions of your target audience on CTAs are directly linked to your high sales exchange rate. The goal of writing content is to increase traffic to the website so that the site gets converted into a transaction.


A few other must-known courses in Noida for rewarding career


Content Writing Courses in Noida-


Many institutes provide professional training, but for a particular course, you should check institutes that are versed in the subject and can provide good knowledge and support. The best institutes for content writing courses in Noida are-




IIM Skills is one of the best institutes offering excellent content writing courses in Noida. It provides a cyclopedia curriculum that covers all aspects of content writing with 16 hours of lectures (4 hours per week for a month), 60 hours of practical projects, and 10 hours of internship lectures. They maintain a strong reputation in the education industry after training 35000+ people from all over the world.


This institute promises a rewarding career for the students who enroll in their courses and assist them until they reach their goals. The number of assignments and projects included helps boost the skills of the students and allows them to create their own written pieces and publish them on renowned platforms. No doubt, IIM Skills is the first choice of students across the globe who want to brush up on their writing skills and make a career out of it.


Course Offered: Content Writing Course

Course Duration: – 4 Months (1-month classroom training + 3 months internship)


Benefits Of the Course-

  • 16 hours of live Lectures plus 10+ hours of the internship class
  • Placement assistance is provided to every student by a dedicated placement cell
  • 60 Hours Practical Assignments
  • Global Accreditation Certification
  • 24*7 Online Discussion Forums
  • Free tools worth 35000
  • 3 months of internship
  • Lifetime support (technical and consultancy)
  • Portfolio development for freelance/job
  • Guides you in publishing your ebook
  • Access to recordings, presentations
  • Dedicated Placement Cell


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


CWMC Course is designed for:

  • Students
  • Working Professionals
  • Businessmen & Entrepreneurs Marketers/Digital Marketers
  • Bloggers, Content Writers
  • Retired, Housewives, Aspiring College Dropouts


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2. ECT-


ECT is a government-recognized institute that opened in 2010. It started guest lectures and corporate training in 2015. It started its course of content training in 2018 and now it is one of the best Content writing courses in Noida. The expert trainers teach the basics to advanced techniques used by professional writers who are regarded as the best writers. You will learn the advanced techniques that will truly help you to come up as a skilled professional.


Qualities of This Program-

  • Provides you with live and interactive sessions
  • Certification of government-recognized CWC(Content writing course)
  • Personal attention to every student
  • Lifetime support
  • Placement guarantee
  • Internship assistance


Course Includes-

  • 3 months classes
  • 50+ hours of live training
  • 32 hours of classes
  • 7 assignments to complete
  • 5 live projects
  • Quiz competitions
  • Guidance for work from home


The fee for the course is rupees 15000


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3. Udemy-


Udemy is an online education platform where professional adults and students learn and upgrade their skills. There is a high number of students who opt for content writing courses in Noida for improving their skills. Udemy is a platform that allows the instructor to build their course on their preferred topics. You will receive updated videos, presentations, PDFs, the latest lecture material, and study material.


Udemy‘s mission is to improve lives through learning. The marketplace is high with 65,000+ courses in a multi-language library. They have instructors to teach them with great expertise. This is a platform that provides very affordable courses that anyone can pay for and get the benefit of advanced learning.


The Course Contains Many Informational Topics-

  • business & entrepreneurship,
  • programming,
  • academics,
  • the arts,
  • health & fitness,
  • language,
  • music,
  • technology,
  • games, and more.


Content writing courses in Noida are Udemy’s popular courses. Institute keeps on adding new courses timely so keep on checking them.


Features of the Course-

  • the course has 27 sections, and 94 lectures
  • it gives you videos to learn for 14.5 hours
  • helps you write 25 articles for practice
  • lifetime access to data
  • Certificate on completion


You can opt for this course if you want to be a Freelancer, Blogger, Writer, Digital Marketer, or Content Marketer, or wish to start your Business.


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4. Coursera-


Coursera is a US-based company founded in 2012 by Stanford University. It provides online certifications through various institutes in different courses. Content writing courses in Noida are one of a kind. It works with 3 plans – A single learning program, Coursera plus monthly program, and Coursera plus annual program with separate fees structure.


Course Includes-

  • 4 months of training
  • Flexible schedule timings
  • Skills of- persuasion, time management, writing, editing, and creativity
  • Short and long-term projects
  • Professional certificate
  • Reading material and videos
  • Practice questions
  • Programming material
  • Quizzes
  • Financial aid


The Course asH Sections-


  1. Writing and Editing– Includes a sophisticated style of choosing correct words and their placement. The section covers creative ways to use syntax, techniques for storytelling, and methods to arrange a series of information. You can even access the books and other resources after completing the course, i. e lifetime access to reading material.
  1. Structure and Organization– You will learn how to use words and manage large material in proper written format.
  2. Drafting– It includes free writing, pre-writing study, planning fallacy, and temptation bundling.
  3. Revising– It makes you understand the difference between editing and proofreading. You will also hand on un numbing of numbers. You will learn the framework of receiving and giving feedback.


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5. Henry Harvin-


It is a leading provider of content writing courses in Noida. It was established in 2013 in India and many countries of the world. It is present in 11+ cities in India (Noida, Delhi, Bangalore, Mumbai, Chennai, Hyderabad, Pune, Kochi, Chandigarh), the US, UAE, and Dubai Mainland.



  • 400+ employees, and 600+ consultants
  • Trained 300000+ students
  • 7000+ classes per month
  • Registered training vendor in 210+ corporate
  • It has ISO Certified Recognition


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


Highlights of a Content Writing Course-

  • It includes 40 Hrs Training including 15 Hrs Lecture+15 Hrs Assignments+10 Hrs Hands-on Tools)
  • You can freely Access CW Tools Worth 40K & CDCW Certification from Henry Harvin
  • Paid Internship of 3 months with Freelance Opportunities
  • 30+ Types of Content writing styles
  • The curriculum has 10 modules and projects
  • Support in publishing e-Book, blogs, and Press Release
  • Projects on technical writing, academic writing, research writing
  • 52+ Master class sessions
  • Supplements provided for project delivery (logo-making software content writing guides/workbooks, mobile apps, e-books, question-making software, )


Benefits of Content Writing Courses in Noida by Henry Harvin-

  • 30+ content writing styles, and start earning with online projects
  • Learn skills to translate thoughts into words that attract readers
  • Develop language and writing skills to write for clients
  • Gain technical knowledge of launching basic websites and personal blogs
  • Graphical designing skill development for newsletters, PPTs, logos, etc.
  • Understanding of potential target audience for your Content
  • Understanding how to secure freelance projects from India, the US, UK and avoid the risk of bad debt in international payment




1. Which institutes are best for content writing courses in Noida?

IIM SKILLS, Udemy, and ECT are the best institutes providing content writing courses. They provide you best guidance and assistance. IIM Skills trainers assist you to develop advanced writing skills and make use of them to make a good amount. This is a highly recommended place for anyone looking for writing courses.


2. What qualification is required for content writing courses?

The courses do not have any eligibility criteria to enroll in but a bachelor’s degree in marketing, English, communications, journalism, or related fields will be beneficial. Content writing only requires consistent practice and skills that you will develop during the training period.


3. How can you improve your content writing skills?

Content is what you read through articles, newspapers, magazines, online, and other modes. The art to create that reading material easily and understandably is content writing.

A few skills you learn in content writing courses in Noida are-

  • Enhancing your writing skills and deriving meaningful content
  • Reading habit
  • Research skills
  • Re-writing and re-creating habits
  • Presentation skills and proofreading skills
  • Staying on the basic topic
  • Power on good language, vocabulary, grammar, etc
  • Aiming to attract the audience
  • Don’t copy, plagiarism mistakes


4. What is a content writer and what do they do in the job?

A content writer is a professional writer who produces engaging content online. Content writers are responsible to create SEO articles, blog posts, press releases, and other forms of writing on the internet. Content writers also write e-books, video graphics, and flyers using various tools. Checking grammar, plagiarism, and tone of the written piece.


Job Profile:

The content writer asks readers to subscribe, buy or share a piece of content. When you write content that is search engine friendly, or you create a campaign on social media to promote it. Then, it becomes Content Marketing. Technical knowledge and good writing skills will help you to be a good content writer. Content writers are flourishing their careers by writing fantastic pieces of work. They engage the audience with their words and help in business development. Thus these people are in high demand.


5. How much a content writer can earn?

An independent content writer can win from Rs.20.000 to Rs.25000 a month, as a function of the level of expertise and the complexity of the writing niche. For beginners, the rate may range from 8,000 to 10,000 rupees a month. After completing content writing courses in Noida, you can expect a handsome salary with job and freelancer guidance.




With the content writing courses in Noida, you can gain the best knowledge by learning detailed courses including many topics like book writing, SEO, SEM, article writing, brochure development, etc. Content writing is everywhere today, it is the job of thinkers, an art of creativity, and much more diverse than you can imagine. Organizations seek result-driven content today which you can learn from the course, or else you will struggle a lot to understand how wide content writing is.


The creation of good content is an art. Writing cool content is a skill. It’s a matter of whether the readers read your content or not. Every website on the Web has a different voice and, in turn, different types of content. However, at the end of the day, the important thing is to know if readers are interested in the content you have written or not. There are other websites as well that write competitive content. This course will help you to understand the customer’s demand and what skills are needed for business development.


The high your content is, the more you can gain customers. If you wish to brush up on your skills, you must go for a professional course. It will make you updated on the skills, tools, and techniques used to be a content writer. To leave a lasting impression on the learner, institutes are proving the best options to choose an online learning program with the best mentors, courses, and study material. So go for the institute that fulfills your expectations. This list will help you to choose better.

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