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Best 7 Financial Modeling Courses In India

Financial Modeling Courses in India are a boon for professionals who want to start their careers as financial modelers. It is extremely beneficial for finance professionals since a majority of companies today rely on financial modeling to assess the strengths and weaknesses of their organizations. It is a great way to understand which path to traverse to propel the business towards growth and development. 




Here is a compilation of the top 10 financial modeling courses in India that offers students and professionals with advanced skills to prosper in the financial sector in various financial modeling jobs and designations. 



IIM SKILLS has been consistent in contributing to skill development and the growth of professionals in diverse sectors. It is with the thought of providing more job-oriented courses that they have come up with several top-grade courses including financial modeling courses in India. They are one of the finest ed-tech platforms to bolster your curriculum vitae with in-demand skills. The financial modeling course at IIM SKILLS helps to widen your horizons and apply for finance jobs with more lucrative opportunities. 


Course Name – Financial Modeling Course

Course Fee – Rs 39,900 +GST

Course Duration – 4 Months Approximately

You have 50+ hours of lectures with over 100 hours of practical assignments and 5 vital case studies. 

Topics Covered

  • Financial Statements Analysis 
  • Financial Modeling Fundamentals 
  • Valuation Methods In Financial Modeling 
  • Types Of Financial Modeling 
  • Leveraged Buyout 
  • Basic Excel Concepts 
  • Advanced Excel 
  • Ribbon 
  • Sensitivity Analysis
  •  Three-stage And Five-stage Analysis Of Dupont Formula 
  • Financial Modeling Practices 
  • Formatting Tips 
  • Merger & Acquisition Model 
  • Private Equity Model 
  • Cash Flow Model 
  • Discounted Cash Flow Valuation 


The curriculum is updated regularly keeping into account the changes that happen in the finance domain. There are several practical assignments to give you an idea of how financial modeling is done for businesses in the real world. 


You understand how to identify problems and try to solve them through financial modeling. Pics include gaining mastery over impeccable communication skills and understanding the importance of proper presentation skills to disseminate the information effectively. Last but not least, you get advanced knowledge of financial documents and understand how to link them to create a structured approach to business challenges. 


The financial modeling master course at IIM SKILLS comes with 24/7 LMS access. The recorded classes, study materials, and learning resources are available for lifetime access to the learning management system. 


The course incorporates an online immersive learning approach that helps with keeping a flexible schedule. IIM SKILLS understands that candidates enrolling in the program are majorly students and professionals. 


Hence, they have devised a system where you can go through the lectures in the LMS through recorded classes posted there. Moreover, in case of any query or confusion, you can always reach out to the help desk which will promptly direct you to a mentor. That way you can get your doubts resolved without any hassles. 


The course has been meticulously prepared and is ideal for professionals coming from commerce and finance-related education backgrounds. Students with an interest in mathematics, statistics, and business mathematics will find this course extremely helpful. The only pre-requisite to registering in the course is basic knowledge of computers and familiarity with fundamental finance terms and jargon. 


Contact : [email protected], 9911 839 503. 



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2. Udemy

Udemy is one of the most sought-after online ed-tech platforms that offer a variety of courses in different disciplines to upskill and move your career towards greater success. 


They have some of the top financial modeling courses in India that offer courses to freshers as well as experienced people. These financial modeling courses equip students with knowledge of creating financial models for particular industries and sectors. Some of the courses offer an overall understanding of financial modeling and help to understand how to create and implement financial models by taking into account financial statements and other financial documents of the business,


Though they have a wide range of financial modeling courses, let’s look at financial modeling for startups.  


Course Price – 3499 (Check Udemy for the latest prices) 

This self-paced course incorporates3 hours of on-demand video classes, 22 + downloadable resources, and 3 articles. The course is available to you on laptops, mobiles, and smartphones and you have full lifetime access to the course content. Upon completion of the cause, you get a certificate from Udemy


Course Topics 

  • Business Model For eCommerce 
  • B2C Business Model 
  • Two-sided Market Business Model 
  • Media Site Business Model
  • How To Scale Up Your Business 
  • Best Practices For Startups 
  • Other Business Models And Valuation 
  • Business Model For Restaurants 
  • Business Models For Consulting Firms 
  • Understanding Of Cost And Profit And Loss 
  • Creating A Business Model 
  • Integrating Financial Statements


In this detailed course, you will learn about the various business models and their functionality. Some of their other features are understanding flowcharts or how to acquire customers and revenues. They also cover the types of expenses you can have as a startup owner.


The course helps to understand how to create financial models for startup businesses in spreadsheet software like Excel. It gives you an in-depth insight into what goes into creating such a model and how to conclude about the activities, performance, and financial position of the business through such a financial model.


Moreover, you learn to model your business in MS Excel. You understand the keep performance indicators (KPIs) and manage your business based on these KPIs. Additionally, you can set your priorities for creating a business plan for the future and that will facilitate vital decisions regarding the future of your organization. These are some of the key takeaways from the course. 


The course is for that small and medium business enterprises, investment analysts, management consultants, investment directors, financial analysts, controllers, and startup founders. 


3. Coursera

Coursera is another renowned online platform offering financial modeling courses in India. It offers students, professionals, career aspirants, retired people, and homemakers a variety of options to up-skill and makes a name for themselves in a career of their choice. Thus, this platform is one of the most well-reputed podiums in India offering specialization courses for beginners, intermediate, and people with significant years of experience. 


Though there are a number of top-grade financial modeling courses in India from Coursera, let’s look at one particular course that will offer you an all-around understanding of Excel and help to create Business models incorporating financial statements and assessing the challenges in that business. 


Course Name – Finance and Quantitative Modeling for Analysts Specialization.

The course is offered by Wharton Online 

You will learn about corporate finance, Microsoft Excel, regression analysis, probabilistic models, linear programming, solver, discount of cash flow, Monte Carlo method, financial modeling, and linear regression. The course will help to build confidence in decision-making and analysis.

You do not need any prior experience to enroll in the course. It is a beginner-level program for a duration of 4 months with approximately 2 hours dedicated per week. 


You have four courses in the Specialization

  • Fundamentals Of Quantitative Modeling 
  • Introduction To Spreadsheets And Models
  • Financial Understanding For Non-financial Managers 
  • Introduction To Corporate Finance.


Some of the key features of this course are as follows:

You have the option of self-paced learning for your convenience without having to make adjustments to your prior commitments. There are plenty of course videos and readings that you can derive information from. 


There are practice quizzes with feedback, graded assignments as well as feedback with graded quizzes. Last but not least, you have ample programming assignments that are created for you to assess your strengths and weaknesses and to work on your weak areas. Once you complete the course, you provided a specialization certificate which you can share on your LinkedIn profiles and job portals. 


That specialization has four courses in total, there is no specific order in which you have to complete the courses. It is entirely your prerogative as to which course you want to start first and whether you want to finish all the courses in the specialization. 


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4. CFI

Corporate Finance Institute or CFI, as it is popularly known is primarily an Institute that offers financial training programs to students and professionals globally. It is a finance industry-specific institute offering job-oriented skills to strengthen the opportunity for finance experts and enthusiasts. 


They have one of the finest financial modeling courses in India with an impeccable curriculum, highly revered mentors upgraded course topics, and a meticulously prepared pedagogy. The course is essentially practical oriented providing one of the top-notch courses to equip finance professionals with advanced knowledge on financial modeling. 


Program Details

Course – Certified Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst (FMVA)

Course Fee – Self Paced Program – INR 38500+ (approx)

Full Immersive Learning – INR 65733 (approx) 

There are 29 courses in this program out of which 14 are mandatory and the rest you can choose as electives. The handsome practical training on financial modeling helps you to prepare yourself and build confidence in creating financial models for businesses in the real world.


The course is divided into 5 steps

Step 1 – Seven optional preparation courses to understand the fundamentals of financial modeling


Topics include

  • Fundamentals Of Accounting 
  • Financial Statement Reading 
  • Fundamentals Of Excel 
  • Fundamentals Of Corporate Finance 
  • Macabacus Fundamentals 
  • Capital IQ fundamentals


Step 2 includes the completion of 11 vital courses to build a strong framework in financial modeling

The topics included are as follows:

  • Fundamentals Of Financial Analysis 
  • Accounting Principles 
  • Building 3 Statement Financial Models 
  • Business Valuation 
  • Budgeting And Forecasting 
  • Scenario And Sensitivity Analysis 
  • Data Visualization With Dashboards 
  • Pitch Books And Powerpoint 
  • Professional Ethics 
  • Monthly Cash Flow Forecast Model


Step 3 includes elective courses where you choose a minimum of three elected from the 12 available to you. 

The elective courses available are as follows:

  • Mergers And Acquisitions 
  • Leveraged Buyout 
  • Operational Modeling 
  • Case Study Of Amazon 
  • Presenting Financial Information 
  • Financial Modeling For Real Estates 
  • Financial Modeling And Valuation For Startups & E-commerce 
  • Financial Modeling And Valuation For Mining 
  • Solar Financial Modeling 
  • Corporate And Business Strategy 
  • Advanced Excel Formulas 
  • Advanced Excel Functions
  • Visual Basic Application (VBA) Excel For Finance 


Step 4 – You have to sit for the exam and score a minimum of 70% to get your certificate

The final step 5 is when you receive your blockchain Digital FMVA certificate. You can either get it online or ask for a physical certificate to be shipped to your address. 

Contact : 1800 817 7539


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5. The Wall Street School

The Wall Street School is one of the top names in financial modeling courses in India as well as on the global level. The financial modeling course is designed keeping in mind investment bankers, equity research analysts, corporate finance professionals, portfolio managers, tax consultants, and Finance exports to help them strengthen their skills further in the finance domain to explore new career avenues and greater opportunities. 


The instructors have advanced knowledge of the Finance market and trends and offer superior information, tips, and techniques to excel as financial modelers. 


Course Name – Financial Modeling and Valuation course

You have weekend and weekday batches.

If you opt for the weekend training program, it comprises 2.5 months of rigorous training. The course fee is INR 40000 + GST. 

The regular program is for 6 weeks and the course fee is INR 40000+ GST. 



  • Excel Basic And Intermediate Concepts 
  • Financial Statement 
  • Concepts And Analysis 
  • Financial Modeling 
  • Comparable Company Analysis 
  • DCF Model 
  • Acquisition Model 
  •  Understanding Of Powerpoint 
  • Transaction Analysis 
  • Valuation Methods 
  • Soft Skills Training Including Mock Interviews And Resume Preparation As Well As Resume Edits


The course incorporates ample practical training to help you become job-oriented and confident with implementing financial modeling concepts. 


The trainers have worked in reputed investment banks and have a thorough idea of financial modeling concepts and trends. The training material is up to date and upgraded with discussions and real case studies for you to grasp the concepts well. 


The selection criterion for the 6 weeks training program is purely based on merit and how well you perform in an eligibility interview. As for the weekend program, it is available to everyone who wants to excel in a career in investment banking. 


The course is an ideal fit for chartered accountants, business administrators, engineers, finance and accounting graduates, BBA graduates, and postgraduates in Finance, accountancy, business mathematics, statistics, mathematics, and economics. 


To get more clarity on the course you can sign up for an exclusive webinar for a comprehensive question and answer session from the co-founder of wall street school. 


They have one of the most reputed financial modeling courses in India, the evidence of which is available from where their alumni work. Grand Thornton, J.P. Morgan, Fitch Ratings, Moody’s Analytics, Deutsche Bank, and Deloitte are just some of the eminent names for placement assistance at Wall Street School. 


Contact 9953729651, [email protected]


6. EduPristine

EduPristine has been a Pioneer Institute offering financial modeling courses in India. Ever since the institute was established in 2009 by well-experienced professionals from top multinational corporations, Edupristine has striven to create courses to diversify the opportunities for professionals wanting to upskill aiming for a career change, or looking for more lucrative options in their careers.


Today with their experience of more than a decade in the industry, they have created top-notch courses among which the financial modeling course is the most prominent. 


Course Name – Financial Modeling Course

The course is for a duration of 70 hours during which you follow an exacting curriculum that requires you to be diligent and complete the curriculum with the utmost sincerity. 

Course topics

  • Creating Financial Model Templates 
  • Converting Data Into Tabular Format 
  • Conditional Formatting 
  • Mergers & Acquisitions 
  • Comparable Companies 
  • Discounted Cash Flow
  •  Merger Motivation 
  • Comparable Transactions 
  • Case Studies On The Linkedin Acquisition By Microsoft 
  • Case Study On Fmcg 
  • Equity Modeling 
  • Ratio Analysis 
  • Establishing Design Parameters 
  • Macro And Project Finance 
  • Case Study On Accenture 


Salient features of the institute

The offer will you with an industry-relevant curriculum and help you to understand financial modeling exhaustively through vital case studies. There are practical assignments and hands-on training guided by industry experts.


Other than training in financial modeling, they also conduct soft skills and market-ready skills training that include time management, acumen in presentation skills, interpersonal communication, email communications, resume preparation and editing, placement assistance, career services, and personalized career guidance. These features make it one of the top financial modeling courses in India. 


Additionally, you have workshops that help to build on your interpersonal skills and instill confidence in your own abilities to appear for interviews and crack them without feeling jittery. 


Contact : 18002005835


7. Finance Edge 

Finally, in our list of the top financial modeling courses in India, we have the Finance Edge Institute. Financial Edge offers different courses concerning finance and financial modeling. With a team of renowned experts, they aim to provide quality courses that enable people coming from different financial jobs and designations to upskill and become more proficient in their domain.


Course Name – Three Statement Modeling With Iterations 

Course Fee – INR 4089


This course teaches you the fundamentals of building a financial model incorporating the best practices. You build a financial model from scratch.


The course takes 5 hours to complete and is comprised of 2 topics, 28 practical exercises, and lifetime access to the content. You also get to talk to your mentors directly for any confusion and assistance. By the end of the course, you have a completion certificate.


The course curriculum includes the following

  • Formatting And Layout Standards 
  • Advanced MS Excel 
  • Balancing The Cash Flow Statement And Balance Sheet 
  • PitchBook Building 
  • Income Statement 
  • Balance Sheet Model On One-sheets And Integrating Them 
  • Income Statement Construction 
  • Calculation Schedules For Earnings 
  • Operating Working Capital 
  • Calculating Interest 
  • Circular Referencing 
  • Preparing The Model.


This course is a beginner’s course that will give you a basic understanding of the three statements’ financial modeling. The hands-on practical training helps in gleaning incisive knowledge of key financial aspects. 


Other courses offered at the institute include the following

  • Credit Analyst Course 
  • Portfolio Manager 
  • Investment Banking Interview Skills 
  • Private Equity Associate 
  • Investment Banker 
  • The Asset Manager 
  • The Project Financier 
  • The Trader 
  • The Accountant 
  • The Modeler 
  • The Valuer And Many More.


FAQs on Financial Modeling Courses In India 

1. What are my job prospects after completion of financial modeling courses in India?

India has seen an upsurge in the demand for finance professionals adept at handling financial modeling and providing an accurate assumption of the business’ standing. The job prospects are huge today for finance modelers. Every industry is looking forward to recruiting competent financial modelers who are equipped to handle the various challenges and provide solutions for the growth of the business. You can take up jobs in the sectors of investment banking, corporate finance, equity research, private equity, and portfolio management among others. 


2. What are the eligibility criteria for financial modeling courses in India?

Most of the institutes do not have any prior requirements to admit a candidate for the financial modeler course. However, it is for the benefit of the students that they come from a finance and accounting background and other similar areas of study like mathematics, business economics, business mathematics, statistics, and economics. These subjects prepare students with a foundation in financial concepts and hence it becomes easier to familiarize oneself with the intricate concepts of financial modeling. 


3. What is the duration and course price for financial modeling courses in India? 

The duration of a rigorous and comprehensive financial modeling course is anywhere from 4-6 months. It might be extended if the course requires additional hours of practice. Sometimes courses with weekend slots take up more time. There are a few factors that might take more time like in-depth analysis and research of case studies, and practical projects. 


4. How should I choose which financial modeling course in India to pursue? 

There are certain points to consider when registering for financial modeling courses in India. Foremost is of course, the topics covered in the curriculum. They have to be extensive covering Valuation Methods, analysis of financial statements, and thorough idea of financial terms and concepts. Apart from that, the two most important considerations are post-course guidance toward skill development and practical projects. You have to have complete clarity on how many practical projects are incorporated into the training program. 


Concluding thoughts on the top financial modeling courses in India 

The above-mentioned financial modeling courses in India offer a comprehensive curriculum and practical projects in their training programs that enable students to explore a plethora of job opportunities in the finance domain. However, every Institute can boast of unique features intrinsic to that particular organization. The best thing would be to research the institute well, sign up for a demo class, and/ or talk to an expert at the institute and then enroll in one of these programs.


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