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Top 10 Excellent Financial Modeling Courses in Delhi

Financial models aid in analyzing potential business scenarios, and investment banks use them to assess loan applications and investment proposals. This expertise is in demand across various industries, including corporate finance, investment decisions, IPO valuations, and many more, which is provided by the financial modeling courses in Delhi.


The art of financial modeling involves developing an economic model that may be used in various ways, depending on the needs of multiple stakeholders. A financial model is a spreadsheet based on the company’s predicted future financial statements. Financial modeling is a skill; it is neither a talent nor a gift from God.


However, learning financial modeling courses helps gain knowledge and expertise in the same industry. Making a profit is not an easy undertaking in today’s competitive market. Investors no longer make investments while wearing blinders. Instead, the investors conduct studies and analyses before making even a tiny investment.


Investors must possess a variety of abilities, including financial modeling. Financial analysts, financial researchers, investment bankers, and many other professionals involved in corporate decision-making commonly use it.


Profession and Certification Benefits


Examining various career paths will improve the chances of graduates of financial modeling courses in Delhi finding jobs in different financial industry sectors. The subject of financial modeling must not be mastered and memorized. Using a tool—MS Excel—you “apply” your mathematical and economic concepts.


It is a lot like programming in this situation. Any institute with the topic of financial modeling courses in Delhi will still need to train you “ON THE JOB” for the same even if you read hundreds of books and join.


  • You learn financial modeling after spending more than 200 hours working with Excel. 
  • You can start with updating your bank statements and other personal financial information.
  • Then update an excel file by choosing any firm and building an economic model using publicly available financial statements and other data.


Since the teachers are of the highest caliber, you can learn everything from scratch even if you don’t have a background in finance. Advanced Excel might occasionally be frightening, but once you understand the fundamental idea, it will be simpler to cope. Don’t forget to put what you’ve learned in class into practice. 


Few students who attend financial modeling courses in Delhi travel from Mumbai, Bengaluru, and even Ranchi in the far east to take this course, which is a testament to how well it was taught.

Salary Benefits


Advancing through the industry on a steady upward trajectory will necessitate this time and devotion, an investment in Continuing Professional Development (CPD), and a proactive attitude to your learning and progress. Financial modeling courses in Delhi can be taken either in person or online. Once you receive a certificate as a financial modeling Expert, it will be the first step in this process.


The location, amount of expertise, importance, and specific specialty of the financial industry, that the analyst is working in, as well as the organization or client that the analyst is employed by, will all undoubtedly have an impact on the financial modeling analyst’s income.


The financial hubs in the United States offer competitive wages that reach around 80,000 dollars. A financial modeling analyst in the UK gets roughly 40,000 pounds per year. A salary range of 6.5 lakhs to 19.5 lakhs can be expected in India.


These are a few other rewarding courses in Delhi:


Financial Modeling Courses in Delhi


Making a model using Excel that incorporates expected financial statements for consulting, equity research, credit research, rating, private equity, and other financial profiles is known as financial modeling. Every institute, we have mentioned, has its advantages and disadvantages. It depends on how well you comprehend the course material—mentioning a few reputable institutions with proven faculty and job placement reputations. Even though numerous institutes offer a variety of financial modeling courses in Delhi, it is crucial to pick one wisely. 


The Top 10 Financial Modeling Courses in Delhi offered by Recognised Institutes are Listed Below.


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is committed to giving the students the full scope of practical training to meet the demand. Whether they require help with digital skills or training to adapt knowledge in an economic context, this organization is thousands of students’ first choice. To monitor the ins and outs of the company’s financial structure, the field of finance necessitates highly qualified professionals.  


It is a learning facility that aids in helping you internalize the subject’s fundamental ideas and teaches you how to formulate wise business decisions to safeguard the organization in dire situations. The training course is delivered online for three months, allowing you to immediately communicate with your instructors and subject matter experts.


The training program’s practical assignments are what makes the course so fulfilling. While you work on the projects, you will learn about fundamental principles because all the assignments are created under the supervision of knowledgeable and experienced modelers who know how to prepare students for the real-world environment. The course required more than 100 hours of homework and included more than five case studies.


The Significant Advantages of the Financial Modeling Course are Given Below:

The training is entirely practical. After finishing the study, you can work as a financial modeler in the industry. The institute offers internship options that enable students to develop their abilities and portfolio while studying for the financial modeling courses in Delhi.


It has over 150 placement partners, increasing the likelihood that graduates will find jobs quickly at reputable companies. You will receive a master’s certification from IIM Skills, which the Indian government recognizes, and of course, you may get in touch with them at any point in your life to ask for support. They help their students for the rest of their lives with a course fee of 39,900 + GST.


IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


2. NSE Academy Certification 


NSE Academy has approved one of the most prominent Financial Model courses in Delhi, among the many available courses. The National Skill Development Corporation, a PPP supported by the Union Ministry of Finance, Government of India, is funding this course.


Its goals are to provide skills-based education and tie-up with the National Stock Exchange’s NCFM to administer certification exams. This course has received approval from the CFA Institute, USA, as a prep provider for the CFA Program and as a learning partner of CIMA (UK) for a management accounting qualification.


It is your entry point to a lucrative career in business analysis, credit rating, project finance, equity research, and investment banking. Prepare snapshots of financial research, appraise various industries, and provide instruction on developing capstone projects.


Essential Aspects of the Training Curriculum:


  • Weekend classes for three months and live online courses.
  • Comprehensive course materials enable you to work-ready Methodology for practical, hands-on instruction.
  • Studying tools for practice and reference.
  • Exam preparation through demanding internal evaluations and help with placement and interview preparation.
  • Forty hours of audio-video functionality Live and interactive training, 100-hour audio-visual presentation on developing models on the Cisco Platform.
  • Learn six financial models from various industries.
  • The course fee for a live class is INR 32,000, and for distance learning, INR 20,000.


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3. The Chief Financial Officer Program by London Business School


Established in 1964, London Business School offers degrees in several post-graduate and doctoral programs and is a federally funded division of the University of London. Senior leaders in the finance industry can enroll in London Business School’s Chief Financial Officer Program (CFO). The academic curriculum of this program covers topics focusing on the specialized business sector.


Essential Elements of the CFO program include: 

  • A six-month course completion period focused on an AI and analytics-based curriculum.
  • The chance to join the London Business School alumni.


Key Lessons:

Enhance your strategic communication abilities, technical knowledge, financial acumen, and capacity to foresee and forecast the company’s financial performance. The cost of the course shall be around $22,000 Online and $30,000 in person.


CFO Offers Several Career Options like: 

  • Expertise in business
  • industry analyst
  • Equity researcher


4. Financial Modelling and Valuation Analyst (FMVA) by Corporate Finance Institute (CFI)


CFI is among the top organizations offering online certifications. CFI serves more than 170 different nations’ professionals and students. Over 5,00,000 students and professionals have enrolled in CFI’s courses and programs as of 2021, and they are scattered across numerous colleges, banks, accounting firms, and businesses.


Industry experts developed and taught the lessons that the CFI offers. Making laypeople qualified to work as financial analysts is the goal of the CFI. The Corporate Finance Institute’s Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst (FMVA) curriculum takes an intense dive into some of the most crucial features and uses of financial modeling.


There are two fee options: a self-study option costs $497 per year, and an immersion program costs $847 per year. The typical student takes fewer than six months to finish the course. The fact that this program starts with optional preparation courses is advantageous for total beginners.


The FMVA by CFI’s Main Characteristics are: 

  • Two years of free access to the CFI’s online library.
  • Learn at your own pace with the course materials.
  • An average package is worth $130,000. 
  • A recognized certificate.


Some pertinent topics covered include corporate finance math, Excel basics, and understanding financial statements. The introductory courses, which cover the fundamentals of economic analysis, forecasting, budgeting, and building a three-statement financial model, can be skipped by more seasoned students.


The program’s final phase requires students to enroll in a minimum of three elective courses, some of which are more specialized and include subjects including advanced Excel, real estate, and renewable energy. Students who complete all the prerequisite courses will then take the final test, which must be passed with a 70 % or above, and earn their FMVA certification via blockchain certificate.


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5. Udemy Financial Courses


The Massive Open Online Course MOOC provider company, Udemy, is situated in the United States. Udemy offers more than 196,000 professional courses to meet the needs of more than 712 million professionals and learners. The Introduction to Financial Modeling for Beginners aims to introduce people who have never used Excel or financial modeling to the field.


Another Udemy course on the list focuses on financial modeling from the viewpoint of an analyst or consultant, and it calls for moving quickly and efficiently from a simple description to an economic model without sacrificing quality. The use of handmade clay goods is examined in a case study. Like the previous Udemy course, this requires some familiarity with Excel and finance.


One course aims to teach basic finance and accounting skills relevant to financial modeling and provide a foundation in Excel for modeling.


Udemy Offers the Following Key Features: 

  • There are 595 downloadable resources.
  • Option to take 6 or 13 hours of the on-demand video course.
  • Certificate of Completion.


6. Financial Modeling Foundations by LinkedIn


LinkedIn’s Financial Modeling Foundations course is another low-cost choice for a novice or someone with a passing interest in financial modeling. The entire course may be finished in as little as three hours online and is made available to students via Excel files that can be downloaded and videos. A LinkedIn certificate is given after completing the Excel financial model construction training. 


Fairfield University researcher and finance professor Michael McDonald developed the course to teach students about financial modeling. Linkedin’s financial modeling aids decision-makers in making choices based on data analyses. The course’s primary functions are:


  • About 3.5 hours of financial forecasting using Excel.
  • Financial models’ evaluation and updating.


There are several applications for a financial model, such as Business Analysis, making/buying decisions, calculating a company’s net worth, allocation of arranged capital and budgeting, mergers and acquisitions, business analysis, and many other things. This course focuses on the 3-statement model, a highly well-known model, which is the foundation for the forecast generated by financial modeling.


Three financial statements, including an income statement, balance sheet, cash flow statement, and supporting schedules, must be developed for this model’s three financial statements by the individual creating the financial model. More complex financial models, such as a leveraged buyout, discounted cash flow, sensitivity analysis, and mergers and acquisitions, are made based on these three statements.


A paid subscription to LinkedIn Learning is necessary to access the course, and it will run the user between $19.99 and USD 29.00 each month. It is one of the cheapest and shortest courses on this list.


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7. Investopedia Academy Financial Modeling Course 


Fortune 500 financial experts instruct this course with an online project-based course. Future industry requirements are considered when designing the course. It covers both theoretical and real-world financial modeling ideas. The critical lessons covered are developing the financial model and analyzing the project’s and the company’s financial performance. It also covers the Valuation of the company and making financial estimates.


Important Characteristics include:

  • The syllabus is divided into eight sections, including exercises, homework, and fundamental ideas.
  • The duration of the course is 40 lessons of over 8 hours of study content.
  • Practical application of financial skills costing $199 for lifetime access and a certificate of enrolment.


8. Wallstreet Prep Financial Modeling


One of the top schools for financial education is Wall Street Prep. The best business schools, Fortune 1000 corporations, equity firms, and leading international investment banks are confident. The Financial Modeling courses in Delhi at Wall Street Prep is especially well suited for students interested in a longer, more in-depth real estate investing course that is licensed and accredited.


A group of ex-investment bankers founded Wall Street Prep with a clientele that included the banking and private equity industries. Its nine-module video course on financial modeling contains Excel templates specially made for real estate financial modeling. 


The Following are Critical Elements of the Course: 

  • Self-paced 46 hours 7 module.
  • Financial statement analysis.
  • Accurate financial models based on actual situations.


The course costs $499, including the videos, templates, and online support; additional tutoring is offered for an additional fee if students need it. Wall Street Prep’s USPs is the instructor-led boot camps and online corporate training. More than 200 corporations, 125+ universities, and more than 30,000 students have attended Wall Street Prep. The course can be finished at the student’s pace, and after enrolling, the student has 24 months to complete the final test.


9. The Investment Banker Course from Financial Edge 


 Private equity expert Alastair Matchett, a former finance executive at J.P. Morgan, founded the business in 2016. It is not a cheap option, but it provides good value. The Financial Edge Investment Banker course is an excellent choice for academics and working people who want to specialize in studying the financial modeling of investments.


The program and modules are extensive and come with lifelong access to the course materials, a course app, instructor interaction, and involvement from financial professionals. Students must pass four tests to earn the micro degree, but they have unlimited access to the course materials, so they have time to do them.


The Investment Banker course, which consists of four additional short courses, costs 332.50 pounds and includes 73 hours of readings and hundreds of Excel exercises. A refund is not guaranteed if the course materials have already been downloaded. Even though generalized certification can be beneficial, the fact that many investment banks recognize the micro degree granted upon successful completion is an excellent initial networking opportunity.


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10. The Henry Harvin Finance Academy 


The Henry Harvin Finance Academy is a renowned institution that offers professional skills via an active learning approach. The course content provided by Henry Harvin is customized and focused on the current and anticipated needs of the sector. Henry Harvin Finance Academy’s mission is to train 100,000 professionals in financial skills by 2030.


The achievements of Mr. Henry Dunster in the education sector served as a motivation for its founding. Its mission is to create value by offering skill-focused training to professionals in many industries. The instruction methodology at Henry Harvin involves live projects, practical assignments, presentations, brainstorming sessions, group activities, and more.


The Financial Modelling Course’s Main Characteristics are: 

  • Free placement assistance for one year following course completion.
  • Global credential of certified financial modeling professional.
  • Regular boot camps for one year.
  • E-access to numerous tools, assignments, video material, and techniques.


The benefits of learning involve the creation of a solid and distinctive financial model, familiarity with contemporary economic methods, and comprehension of financial statements and their analysis. Competence in ratio analysis, creating spreadsheets in excel and financial reporting, and financial accounting and forecasting.


CFMP career benefits include hiring certified financial modeling professionals by international brands such as Google, JP Morgan, and Amazon, among others. One who succeeds can work as a full-time, professional freelancer outside of organizations.


Selection Criteria for the Course

Below are the selection parameters for financial modeling courses in Delhi

  • The worth and value of the institution providing the course.
  • The course syllabus and contents practical aspects.
  • The availability of materials offline and the opportunity for internships.
  • The placement and package are provided.




1. Is Excel proficiency required before enrolling in financial modeling courses in Delhi?

The financial modeling courses in Delhi shall teach you the fundamentals. Whether you learn the fundamentals or build a foundation depends on the specific financial modeling courses you are enrolling in. It would be beneficial to become familiar with Excel, while it would be ideal to be knowledgeable with more recent versions, such as office 365.


2. Will other skills be included in the financial modeling courses in Delhi?

The knowledge gained from financial modeling courses will be very versatile, as it would cover Excel and other financial software applications. Many financial modeling courses focus on Continuous Professional Development and will be well-received by potential employers in the financial business. Undoubtedly, every time and financial commitment you make should be carefully considered, and the more focused your training, the better.


3. Is there any flexibility in the learning mode for the financial modeling courses in Delhi?

In this case, you can attend the online or extra session to cover the topic that you would find difficulty understanding or when you are not able to participate in the session due to any issue due to personal matters or COVID-related issues.




Financial modeling is a new and rising discipline of finance. Financial modeling makes it simple to monitor corporate data. Financial modeling training has become essential for financial professionals to meet the present demand. All businesses and investors are vying for more excellent money due to globalization and rising competition. In the current environment, it is preferable to choose the curriculum while keeping in mind what the modeling industry will need from its professionals in the future. Financial modeling requires specialized training and direction, just like other technical talents, which may be obtained via financial modeling courses in Delhi.

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