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Top 9 Data Analytics Courses in Delhi With Placements

Data analytics is a field in which we use mathematics, statistics, computer skills, descriptive techniques, and assumptive models to gain valuable knowledge of data. The job of data analysts is to store, organize, and analyze data and enhance the productivity of a business organization. Becoming a data analyst is one of the most sought-after professions. Delhi is developing its technological side at a very rapid rate and the companies require skilled data Analysts. Data analytics courses in Delhi are the best of their kind.  


As per the reports, more than 2 quintillion bytes of data and information are produced every day. Huge quantities of data surround us even without knowing it. We receive a great amount of data and information every single day. And in the upcoming years, these stats are expected to double. A data analyst plays a great role in studying the raw data of organizations, marketing trends, and customers’ needs and necessities and provides a clear report. Based on these reports and analysis results, business organizations make strategic decisions for their future productivity.


There Are Different Branches of Data Analytics-


1.    Descriptive Analytics – To examine current and historic events or trends.

2.    Diagnostic Analytics- To determine the cause of certain events or trends.

3.    Predictive Analytics- To predict possible upcoming events or trends.

4.    Prescriptive Analytics- To recommend the necessary actions to be taken.


We Have Listed the Top 9 Data Analytics Courses in Delhi


1. Data Analytics Using Python: Ducat IT Training School


Ducat is one of the best institutes for data analytics. The data analytics course offered by them provides training classes with live projects from experts in the field of data analytics. The course is designed explicitly for working professionals, freelancers, graduates, and undergraduates. It offers a data analytics course using Python Training. The course is taught with the help of Python Domain. Ducat courses are considered top data analytics courses in Delhi.


Data Analytic Course Using Python

The data analytics course with the help of python programming language reduces the development time and makes the syntax in a simple-to-read format and it also makes it easy to learn complex concepts. Python language is free to use.


Why Ducat?

The Ducat provides a wide range of software development programs that are taught by professionals. It has skilled and expert-level trainers, who can easily explain difficult concepts and are always available for students. Ducat always stands outs for its quality training. The Software Development Course of Ducat is the best and contains an up-to-date curriculum.


The Ducat team has always worked hard to provide the best exercise to their enrolled students. The Placement Cell will provide a wide variety of jobs and internships opportunity for the candidates based on their current skill level. Workshops are also held by Ducat to enhance the understanding of the students by providing them with hands-on experience.


2. Badatya – Training Institute for Data Science & Analytics


A wide range of data we consume in raw form, and the job of a data analyst is to turn that data into usable knowledge. Data Analyst needs to go through various stages to extract a predictable pattern from the data including data mining, data storage, data structuring, data cleaning, data transformation, data remodeling, etc.


Results are generated based on the gathered data. Being one of the best data analytics courses in Delhi, it covers all those things in more advanced and easy ways. From fundamentals to advanced concepts of data analysis are taught in easy to understand way.


The curriculum covers how to manage data and create patterns that will make it easier to make business decisions and set goals. The course molds you into an in-demand data analyst. After the completion of the course, the certificate offered is highly valuable, and lots of job opportunities will also be available.


Why Badatya?

Badatya was established in 2010, and now it is one of the well-reputed training institutes in India in the field of Information Technology and Data Analysis. They have been committed to providing advanced-level information technology training in to order help participants get qualified for their dream jobs in IT companies.


The courses offer extensive training in highly demanding fields like data science, data analytics, etc. Practical training is provided for the key tools and technologies like Python, R, Tableau, etc., and concepts of Machine Learning.


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3. AnalytixLabs – Data Science, Analytics & Machine Learning Course


AnalytixLabs is one of the top-rated data science institutes placed in Noida. Among the best data analytics courses in Delhi, it offers a wide variety of data engineering, data science, artificial intelligence, and business analytics courses. These top-rated courses are available in the cities like Gurugram, Noida, and Bangalore. AnalyticsLabs provide the best learning experience to its students. The Completion certification of these courses holds a high value and grabbing a good job becomes easy.


Why AnalytixLabs?

It is recognized as the best and top-ranked institute for its Artificial Intelligence & Data Science courses in India. The institute was established in 2011. The courses offered are specifically focused on a practical learning approach and will prepare you to become job-ready. The course has the latest curriculum, properly designed projects, easy access to its tools, and organized sessions, making it worthy of each penny. AnalytixLabs is widely popular and known for its high-quality training programs taught by industry-level experts. Every year, lots of students get placed in the best companies.


4. SAS Training in Delhi – Python, Data Science, Tableau & Analytics Training Institute


CTC is a data science training institute that provides online and offline courses. The courses are taught by NCR professional experts working in the field of data science. The courses are specially designed for students, looking job employers, engineers of any branch and experts, and anyone who wants to learn this widely used field. The Insitute focuses on offering the best possible training in the field of data science.


CTC promises to offer training like no one else in modern analytics devices. The professionals and experts who are struggling to build a high-development data analytics career can take these data analysis courses in Delhi to strengthen their skills. The course is eligible for skilled programmers as well as beginners. Any level of dedicated students can enroll in this institute. The qualified mentors are experienced to teach any level of students. CTC trainers promise to make learning easy.


Why CTC?

CTC was founded in 2009 by a group of professionals working in the IT sector in the field of data science. They focused to help future professionals with the right knowledge and industry-level experience and give them leverage in the highly competitive IT sectors. CTC has helped lots of freshers land their dream jobs.


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5. ExcelR – Data Science, Data Analyst, Business Analyst Course


ExcelR offers one of the most comprehensive courses. The course covers the complete lifecycle concepts of Data Science. The courses offered by ExcelR are considered the best data analytics courses in Delhi. They offer programs from training to placement. Over 400+ participants have been placed in leading multinational companies like Accenture, Zoho, Infosys, etc.


Why ExcelR?

ExcelR is leading globally in delivering a wide amount of management and technical training courses, data analysis courses in Delhi are among them. More than 150,000 participants have been trained by the experienced and highly skilled mentors of ExcelR. The course offers theoretical training with practical live projects. High-value training is offered which makes it easier for beginners as well as struggling professionals to land their dream jobs.


ExcelR promises to not only train the participants but also build their careers and future of the participants. In this fast-moving technological world, ExcelR makes it easy for the participants to understand the complexities of technology and programming languages and machine learning.


The courses are taught keeping the requirements of IT sectors in mind and the courses are structured in that manner. The curriculum is organized from the basic level to the advanced level. Candidates of beginners level to advanced level can enroll in the course.


6. Imarticus


Imarticus offers Post Graduate Programs in Data Analytics & Machine Learning. The course is created in collaboration with the Data Science & Analytics Industries. The course provides the exact skills necessary for employers of Data Science. The course teaches you to become an expert in the field of Data Analysis.


The course covers Capstone Projects, Real-business projects, relevant case studies, and mentorship from highly qualified industry-level experts. The course guarantees to provide opportunities for the participants from leading IT companies. More than 400 placement partners are providing placement opportunities to the enrolled participants.


Over 1000+ students have been successfully placed in various multinational companies. The Data Analyst Course consists of theoretical sessions, real-world projects, and case studies. They also provide opportunities to participate in Hackathon and various other coding platforms to test your skills.


After the course you can easily analyze complex business data, empowering you to become capable enough to make necessary business decisions, make accurate sales predictions, and improve the productivity and growth of your organization. The data analysis courses in Delhi offered here are the best of their kind.


Why Imarticus?

Imarticus believes that learning is a lifelong process, and teaching has been their lifelong passion. Organizing knowledge with advanced technology makes learning a little easier. Their objective is to build a tech-driven society for the futuristic world. High-quality education from prestigious colleges is taught here.


The institute focuses on providing hands-on experience and experimental knowledge. Imarticus aims to build the leaders for the future by providing them best training possible. Once the candidate enrolls in the course, support is available lifelong without any compromise.


Individuals and corporates can enroll in one of the best data analytics courses in Delhi. Both candidates will be taught in the same way. Imarticus has given 100% placement in the past and continues to provide lifetime placement support for the ones who need it.


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7. Simplilearn


The data analytics course offered by Simplilearn is in collaboration with IBM. So the course makes you an expert in the field of Data Science. The course teaches you the best data analytics tools and techniques for analytics, Python, R, data visualization, SQL Databases, apply statistics, and predictive analytics.


It is a collaborative course that introduces students to an integrated learning approach and prepares them to be industry-level experts. The course will make you master every aspect of data analysis. After the completion of the course, it’ll be easy to work on Tableau and Power BI.


The course consists of a comprehensive curriculum that combines online live-online instructor-led classes and self-paced learning videos. The theoretical concepts are melded with hands-on live projects and demos.


Why Simplilearn?

Simplilearn, one of the best data analytics courses in Delhi, is focused on helping beginners and advanced learner acquires the necessary skills to work in the digital economic world. Online training in the field of  Data Science, and other various other IT courses are available. The institute specializes in the field of technology and building qualified students to get the best job.


The course was initially based in San Francisco, California, and Banglore, but now due to its high demand, it’s being established in various other places. The institute has helped more than 2 million professionals and leading companies around the world, to get trained and skilled, and upskill their employees respectively.


8. 360DigiTMG


360DigiTMG offers the best data analysis courses in Delhi as well as in India. The course equips you to understand the concepts of data processing tools like Excel, SQL\NoSQL, and data visualization and the tools like Tableau, and Power BI. The course teaches you how to handle huge data with the help of the latest tools and techniques.


The participants get access to these technological tools that help to store and process the data. The organization of a huge amount of data seemed a little daunting to beginner candidates, but the experts make it look very easy. The 3-month Data Analytics course offered is the ideal course for professionals, who are looking for in-depth knowledge of Data Analytics.


The 3-month data analytics course covers essential tools like SQL, NoSQL, Tableau, Power BI, and advanced Excel concepts, and makes it very easy to grasp these complex concepts.


Why 360DigiTMG?

360DigiTMG is preferred as a leading organization globally in the field of providing world-class training. This platform has significantly transferred the careers of individuals by teaching them exceptionally, preparing them to stand out of crowd. Established in 2013, its main headquarters are in Hyderabad, Bangalore, and Chennai, and various branches have been established in Malaysia, the USA, East Asia, Australia, Uk, the Netherlands, and the Middle East.


Their curriculum gets regularly updated based on the business trend and the latest technology. Various world-class and reputed industries collaborate with their certification programs which help students to experience real-world problems. With their expert trainers and master experts, 360DigiTMG provides 100% job assistance which stands with the students to get their dream jobs and also jobs in top-notch companies.


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9. EagleFly Solutions


EagleFly Solution’s Data Analytics with R Programming Course is recognized as one of the best data analytics courses in Delhi. It’s comprehensive training with R programming provides a hands-on experience in the field of Data Science. R Programming is regarded as the popular language for Data Analytics practitioners.


The R programming language is also known as the ‘lingua franca’ of Data Science. The R language is rapidly converting into a widely used language for data science and statistics. R is the first choice language for data scientist specialists. As per the latest scenarios, the R language is extensively used for data analysis and data structural computing.


This course will be taught with expertise in the R language. After the completion of the course, one will find it very comfortable to work in the R language. Solving programs with R language will become like a piece of cake. The real-world database will be provided and with the help of R language, problems will solve. The course covers basic Data Analytics and Machine learning with practical projects and models.


Why EagleFly Solutions?

EagleFly Solutions is leading in the field of teaching and providing the best education through its best training curriculum. Best placement services are provided. The course curriculum puts the right weight on theoretical and practical guidance. The learning methodologies are advanced and are to easy-to-understandable.


More emphasis is given to the practical side, this makes the students more prepared for grabbing job opportunities. Live projects, Case studies, and practical models will be provided. Workshops and various other activities will be performed to develop the candidate’s job profile.


Proper evaluation of the work done by candidates will be performed and truthful feedback will be provided. EagleFly gives a 100% placement guarantee as long as the candidates are ready to follow the instruction provided. Lifelong career support will be provided by the training experts. Various students look for data analytics courses in Delhi and end up enrolling here.


Frequently Asked Questions –


1. What is the difference between Data Analysis and Data Analytics?

Data analytics is a general term. It is considered an umbrella over data analysis. Data analysis is the analysis, examination, and organization of the raw data and prediction of future trends.


2. What is the role of Data Analytics?

The objective of Data Analytics is to manipulate the raw data and help to make future decisions for the business organizations.


3. How do I start my career in Data Analytics?

Choosing Data Analytics as a career is a really good decision as per the technology and future perspective. Starting your career in Data Analytics just requires enrolling in one of the data analytics courses in Delhi. Follow the instructions provided by the mentors and you are good to go.


4. How long it takes to master the skill of Data Analytics?

Data Analysis is a vast field. It consists of mathematics, statistics, and computational skills. But in the end, what matters is how much effort you are willing to put in. If you really keep in master this very important skill then you will learn it faster. In the end, it comes down to practice and hard work. But as an estimation, it will take around 3-6 months of dedicative practice to hone this skill.


5. Are these data analytics courses in Delhi worthwhile?

Each and every institute mentioned has its one way of teaching. But the data analytics courses in Delhi are the best in India. If having any doubts, feel free to contact the respective institute and surely they will clear your doubts. The courses mentioned here are genuine. And this article is written after extensive research of the best data analytics courses in Delhi.


6. How much do the data analysis courses in Delhi cost?

Different institutes have different pricing. Please contact the respective institute for detailed pricing. The time duration of the course varies from 3-6 months. Based on the duration of the course, the pricing will be done. But both of them are worthy. For in detail information, you can contact the institutes.


Conclusions –


Finding data analytics courses in Delhi might feel daunting at first, but our article provides extensive detail for all the best available data analytics courses in Delhi. Data analytics is one of the sought-after professions. Every IT company is looking for data analysts, who can do the analysis and help them to predict future trends. Not only in IT Sector, one can use the tools and techniques of Data Analytics and improve the growth and productivity of their own business.


One important thing, enrolling in these data analysis courses in Delhi is not the only matter. What matter the most is, whether are you willing to work in Data Analytics or are you really good or interested in mathematics and statistics. if the answer is Yes then, Mastering the skill of Data Analytics will provide you with a fruitful future. But if the answer is No, then there is always something better.

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