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Top 7 Data Analytics Courses in Varanasi With Placements

Analyzing data has become an essential function that cannot be ignored. Through the years, it has evolved into varied approaches. Considering the huge influx of numerical information that needs to be divided into categories, experts having knowledge of the necessary tools and methods for managing data are sought by organizations. Learning such methods through institutions providing thorough training in this subject can make you an eligible candidate for hire. Some of the notable institutions having data analytics courses in Varanasi listed underneath have robust curriculums addressing all the important points that will attain you a lucrative job.




The term data analytics can be defined as a process in which information gathered has an undetected pattern that is brought to the forefront with the help of statistical and computational methods. The data extracted are interpreted in a systematic manner. The previous and current data are inputted into software that understands the content and stores it in a virtual warehouse.


The stored data is then displayed in an organized manner on a visual dashboard. Data analysis was preset into rigid structures due to limited understanding. After the birth of multiple software such as Tableau, Power BI, and R, with it, techniques were created that can reduce the time for analyzing.


The analysis of data has gone through changes over the years, as different industries and fields of study and work emerged, the need to discern information from the point of view of such fields became necessary. In industries, sifting through bundles of data constantly has led to the requirement of individuals who can make sense of these numbers and present them in an understandable format.


Data is a source through which manufacturers, suppliers, and businesses can view the level of their progress. The reports created through this analysis can improve business decisions with minimum losses.


Some of the Sectors That Will Benefit From Data Analytics Include:

  • Hospitality
  • Retail
  • Travel
  • Healthcare
  • Banking
  • Education, etc.


While Each Sector in the Industry Has Its Unique Way of Generating Business, They Also Constantly Look at Numbers for:

  • Transactions,
  • Negotiations,
  • Trading,
  • Pricing,
  • Marketing, etc.


So, an analyst or a person working in this field, after completing data analytics courses in Varanasi, with the capabilities to efficiently handle the enormous amount of facts and figures with the right software is welcomed into the technological sphere.


Data Analytics as a Subject is Not Bound to These Two Words. It Has Evolved and Included Variations Such as:


  • Business Analytics – A business goes through many planning stages that keep changing due to external factors. While the factors can be of any form, they are divided into descriptive and numerical. Through analysis, the numerical data is observed and conclusions are made based on the results of the analysis. The business plan is revised keeping in view the nature of these results.


  • Software Analytics – Software is created using algorithms, source code, and other methods to make it function. It goes through a cycle for smooth operation. The life of software can be extended using analytics. The maintenance and progress of software can be tracked using these analytics.


  • Web Analytics – Websites operate keeping in mind the needs of the users/searchers. The effectiveness of web-based content can be quantified using analytics. Data visualization can help view the number of searches, the nature of searches, etc. The websites are altered later, if required, depending on the visualization. SEO (Search Engine Optimization) is considered a part of web analytics.


  • Online Video Analytics – Popular video streaming sites, or video sharing sites and apps measure the number of views generated all the time. This data is studied and used to improve the quality of the videos. Such data can be analyzed after proper extraction using spreadsheets, or any other software and computed using special formulae.


  • Win-loss Analytics – A website, a marketing campaign, a product, etc. can be a hit or miss when they are first introduced. The reason for such hits and misses is measured individually, by analyzing the behavior of each person, using the data that has been captured. Based on the feedback given through these findings, the losses are converted into wins.


  • User Behavior Analytics – As mentioned in the above point, the behavior of visitors/ searchers/ users is measured by analyzing their search patterns and in general their actions online. It not only helps in improving business decisions but also detects harmful users who can possibly become threats. From the point of view of both sales and cyber security data analysis can be a useful tool.


Analytics has the potential to grow even more considering advancements in AI (artificial intelligence), machine learning, big data, etc. Considering the world is moving towards ‘all things online, an elementary level knowledge can refine your technical ability through data analytics courses in Varanasi. You can learn the main subject and specialize in the above variations or more.


Since this is a topic that is going through a phase of redevelopment due to technical advancements, you can update your understanding by joining data analytics courses in Varanasi. Through this, you can learn the importance of analyzing data in the right way.


Both offline and online classes provide graduate, postgraduate, diploma, and short certificate courses. Online data analytics courses in Varanasi are striving to become as good as classroom data analytics courses in Varanasi. Virtual classes have become more accessible, there is only a need for a good internet connection for you to search and enroll.


Opportunities Available in Varanasi


It is a well-known city by tourists for its ghats, temples, and the view of the river Ganges. During festivals such as Maha Shivaratri, the banks of the river are filled with Diyas and Arti. The influx of devotees increases business for shop owners, manufacturers, etc. who sell handicrafts, jewelry, silk clothes, etc.


On the educational side, Banaras Hindu University is one of the largest universities that offers many courses and programs. There are other institutions as well that provide a quality learning environment, however, data analytics courses in Varanasi are still in their developing stage.


The manufacturing industry in this city can hugely benefit from hiring an individual with an understanding of data analysis. A report providing clean observations can be prepared by a data analyst equipped with the skills and data analytics tools that will list out the meaningful information needed for better business decisions.


There are other aspects as well that can improve the performance of organizations through better management of data. Registering for data analytics courses in Varanasi can qualify you for securing a job in a well-paying position that benefits both you and your employer. You could land roles such as:


  • Junior/Senior data analyst
  • Data technician
  • Business Performance Analyst
  • Associate data analyst
  • Big data and analytics consultant
  • Financial data analyst
  • Healthcare analyst, etc.


A few other best courses in Varanasi


The List of Data Analytics Courses in Varanasi Given Below Will Help You in Choosing the Right Place to Gain the Right Education.


1. ISB


A reputed institute that is known for its management programs prepares individuals to tackle problems related to handling business and organizational decision-making processes. The Applied Business analytics program, which comes under the best data analytics courses in Varanasi, can come in handy if you have a basic understanding of data analysis and the topics covered in their modules.


The frameworks and analysis methods used in the lessons can help produce multiple solutions while handling difficult data structures. Segmentation, Logit models, predictive analysis, etc. are some of the subjects that can prove effective once you begin working on complex data dumps. With the help of discussion boards and career workshops, you can attain the job you desire. This institution’s name on your certificate with excellent communication skills can guarantee higher pay.


Duration: 12 weeks

Fees: ₹ 1,08,000 + GST

Material: 108 recorded video sessions + 16 assignments and quizzes


Learning Benefits of Data Analysis Courses in Varanasi:

  • Using hypotheses to prepare data reports
  • Learning different types of data and using it in different data sets
  • Better usage of analytics tools that give added insights into your decisions
  • Ability to use theoretical models for legitimate data analysis
  • A Better understanding of different types of analysis such as text analytics, network analytics, etc.


2. Imarticus


A high-quality educational services provider, they offer courses in finance, technology, marketing, and analytics. The postgraduate data analytics courses in Varanasi concentrate on using various tools and languages to understand data analysis. Having a prior experience and knowledge about this subject can make it easier to use the software required for segregating data.


In addition to data analysis, topics like business intelligence and machine learning are included. These topics learned side by side will upskill you to manage data sets and visualizations that have become a necessity in conglomerates. The additional courses include Hadoop and data science with R which help in statistical and computational problem-solving.


You can participate in hackathons where your learnings will help you win through your practical expertise. And you can join the weekdays or the weekends batch depending on your convenience.


Duration: 6 months

Fees: ₹ 2,25,000

Material: 25 real-world projects and case studies


Learning Benefits of Data Analysis Courses in Varanasi:

  • Extensive exercises that help you create favorable data reports
  • Ability to use prediction analysis in different sectors of the industry
  • Learning the importance of future technological subjects such as artificial intelligence, machine learning, etc
  • Ability to analyze data in different programming software
  • Real business projects that help you prepare before entering a job


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3. 360 DigiTMG


The data analytics course offered by this institute is one of the high-demand courses, they recognize the skills demanded by industries and aim to provide the expected level of training. Their modules are based on the different software that is used for data analysis. Tableau, Power BI, and SQL are the main software taught in their data analytics courses in Varanasi where data is appropriately formatted and utilized.


The in-depth knowledge of frameworks acquired can help you arrange and organize information in a structured and unstructured manner based on organizational requirements. The goal is to learn the meaning of presenting such data sets, so it becomes simplified. At the end of this course, you will receive two certificates from 360 DigiTMG and IBM, both giving added value to your CV.


Duration: 3 months

Fees: ₹ 29,500

Material: 80 plus hours of e-learning and project work + multiple case studies


Learning Benefits of Data Analysis Courses in Varanasi:

  • Usage of different sources to generate data
  • Present data using simple methods and tips
  • Ability to use software filters to clear data presentation
  • Gain in-depth knowledge of frameworks used in organizing data
  • Improve the visual relationship of data sets




A global leader in training and consulting, this institute conducts classes on topics that are industry-relevant today and will be in the future. The Data analytics courses in Varanasi are highly sought-after courses. The fundamentals of important operating software like Python and R are followed by visualizing data with different methods during practical sessions.


Students and individuals with good analytical thinking capabilities can use their skills and learn about creating useful dashboards and reports. Whether you are from a commerce or science background, from financing professionals to engineers, the knowledge gained from this course can be useful in tabulations and calculations. You can enroll in data analytics courses in Varanasi for virtual sessions and have access to case studies and materials that will help you prepare for your journey as a data analyst.


Duration: 6 months

Fees: ₹ 49,999 for classroom sessions and ₹ 39,999 for virtual sessions

Material: 60 plus case studies + assignments + live projects


Learning Benefits of Data Analysis Courses in Varanasi:

  • Create reports based on the needs of an organization
  • Learn database concepts that will improve your analytical skills
  • Usage of programming fundamentals to improve data visualization
  • Improve the functioning of plans and strategies using data-based analysis


5. Coursera


Coursera is a site that offers both free and paid courses, many well-known international universities have taken the initiative to provide access to courses with interesting subjects. The Data analytics section itself has a variety of options. The Data Analytics professional certificate course provided by Google is divided into eight sets of courses.


From learning the foundation to selecting data that serves your purpose, each course can help you understand the tasks you will carry out as a professional data analyst. The instructors will be the current working data analysts at Google who will train you to use tools and resources for the best results. If you wish to explore more options, there are other data analytics courses in Varanasi offered by the University of Michigan, IBM, Macquarie University, etc.


Duration: 6 months

Fees: ₹ 1,108 per month

Material: course videos and documents + quizzes + projects


Learning Benefits:

  • Importance of data ethics and privacy before using data
  • Ability to keep your data secure from external attacks
  • Usage of elements in data cleaning
  • Ability to decide which data will be useful for extraction
  • Better calculation of data with SQL queries


Courses in other developing cities


6. Simplilearn


A website providing post-graduate programs, master’s programs, and certificate course training in the most in-demand subjects. The data analyst courses in Varanasi are listed under the master’s program with five courses and six electives. While people with both programming and non-programming backgrounds can sign up for this course, it is recommended to study the basics of languages such as Java, Python, SQL, etc.


Their data analyst courses in Varanasi lean more toward business-driven data analyzing and visualizing. You will get to see the different types of data that are extracted, cleaned, wrangled, and reported as you go through these sessions. In the fifth course, a capstone project with help from mentors will ensure that you are ready to face the real problems faced in organizations.


Duration: 12 months approx.

Fees: ₹ 54,000

Material: Industry relevant Projects + simulations + case studies


Learning Benefits:

  • Ability to develop and evaluate data models
  • Usage of statistical techniques in data sets
  • Setting up programming environments for creating reports
  • Ability to deal with missing values and process them in Python


7. Learnbay


Learnbay is an e-learning provider that teaches emerging technological subjects through its unique training methods. The Data analytics courses in Varanasi first begin with a preparatory module where you get an introduction to the contents of the rest of the course. The trainers have combined programming with maths as a way to strengthen your logical and quantitative skills.


They also teach you to analyze any risks in data and diminish those risks with encryption and protocols. With the availability of live online sessions and extra classes that can answer your questions, you can register for these data analysis courses in Varanasi through your personal devices like phones or laptops. Aimed at professional beginners, this course can pave the way for your entry into the IT industry.


Duration: 180+ hours

Fees: ₹ 65,000 + GST or ₹ 6,392 per month

Material: 8 plus industrial projects + assignments


Learning Benefits:

  • Using programming matrixes to mitigate risks
  • Using functions such as Pivot tables, mathematical functions, SQL keywords, etc. to create data reports
  • Ability to detect errors and learn exception handling
  • Understanding the reasons for data imbalance


Enhancing your comprehension of a subject makes way for not only an interesting position at a reputed organization but also an increased pay scale. According to a recent study, the average base pay for entry-level data analysts is ₹ 6 Lacs per year which can increase to ₹ 14 Lacs per year if you move up as a senior in this field. There are chances of the entry-level data analyst salary being increased if you hold a certificate in data analysis courses in Varanasi. The institutes named in this article have diverse curriculums enabling you to attain the most recent skills that are demanded by hirers.




1. What is Data analytics?

Before analyzing a data set, it needs to be collected through extraction. The extracted data is formatted using formulae in software and studied. While reading through the data sets, an analyst may detect patterns that help in improving decision-making. Strategies are formed based on the data studied and divided into subcategories that help in visualizing these data on software. Some data cannot be compared while some can be classified using pre-set values. There are others that fall under the numerical set of rules in programming. For better segregation there are two types of data sets:

  • Qualitative: Nominal, Ordinal
  • Quantitative: Discrete, Continuous


2. How is it used?

Many entities, as they grow, are continuously bombarded with data that needs to be managed periodically. Through the use of tools, as an analyst, you can help these entities arrange their data. There are many ways data can be analyzed using methods taught in classrooms as well as organizational-specific techniques. The main goal is to increase efficiency in generating favorable reports. Analyzation of data can be used in several contexts, however, the use of business intelligence software and statistical computing tools will reduce the burden to an extent allowing you to focus your energies as an analyst on strategizing.


3. Where can I study Data Analytics?

There are many ways you can learn about analyzing data, through a casual search for personal curiosity or through a guided learning environment. For gaining a recognized achievement that you have a rudimentary understanding of this subject, opting for an institute, college, or school would be a better option. From theory to application all stages are covered with help from mentors that guide you during your learning sessions.

You can study Data analytics from any of the institutes listed above or others that you think will match your study plans. Visit each site and interact with a career counselor before beginning this course. The institutes will also have a team handling admissions and enquires who can give more information and a brochure if needed.


4. How can Data analytics advance my career?

As this subject is gradually gaining attention for its potential to revitalize the technical sphere, many institutions are willing to educate the masses. A developing subject like this will have more advancements and having a certificate in data analytics beforehand will make it easier to keep yourself updated. There are many reputed domestic and international entities that are in need of professionals who can handle huge amounts of data with ease. Holding a certificate in this subject will give you an edge in the hiring spectrum.


You could begin working as a/an:

  • Reporting analyst
  • BI (Business Intelligence) analyst
  • Quantitative analytics associate
  • Data and visualization analyst
  • Associate support analyst
  • HR (Human Resources) data analyst, etc.

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