Top 6 GST Certification Courses in Varanasi

The GST Act, which has been passed recently in India, is well known to the general public. GST stands for Goods and Services Tax. Varanasi, a beautiful city on the banks of the river Ganga, is the spiritual capital of India for the Hindus. Besides being one of the 7 most sacred cities in India, it is also a hub of many educational institutes, businesses, tourism, etc. Varanasi is not far behind in this digital world. It offers many short-duration online digital courses, one of them is the GST certification course. Let us have a look at some of the best GST certification courses in Varanasi.


A Bit Of Varanasi


Varanasi is the land of Lord Shiva and is popularly known as Kashi Vishwanath. This city is also called Kashi or Benares. Varanasi has the significance of being the world’s oldest inhabited city. Recently, the Kashi Vishwanath corridor was inaugurated by our honorable PM. As per Hindu beliefs, either dying here or being cremated here on the banks of the river Ganga helps people achieve salvation. The place is an amalgamation of both traditional and modern living and boasts of beautiful temples, exceptional food, tourist attraction, business, education, etc.


Goods and Services Tax (GST) – A Quick Look


Goods and Services Tax (GST) is a multi-stage indirect tax system introduced in India in 2017. It is a compilation of multiple indirect taxes under one form of tax, i.e., GST. The GST bill was passed in March 2017 in the parliament and became a GST Act in July 2017. The GST Bill had remained a topic of discussion for a very long because of its power to bring revolution in the tax system. The GST Act also makes the life of the taxpayer a lot simpler. Let us have a quick look at its features to understand a little more about the GST.


Prominent Features of GST


  • The GST bill was passed in the Indian Parliament on March 29, 2017, to make it an Act, and the GST Act came into effect on July 1, 2017.
  • It is a multi-stage tax, meaning tax is applicable at every stage.
  • GST incorporates 3 sub taxes within it and they are as follows:
  • CGST – Central Goods and Services Tax
  • SGST – State Goods and Services Tax
  • IGST – Integrated Goods and Services Tax
  • GST is a single domestic, indirect tax law applicable pan India.


GST Certification Course And Benefits


GST Certification Course


GST Act as we know is the Goods and Services Tax Act introduced by the Indian Government in 2017. It is relatively a new Act. The purpose of the short-term certification course is to help students understand in detail the GST Act and its provisions. The certificate course is focused on teaching tax compliance, optimization of the supply chain, pricing, accounting, and how these all are affected by the GST. 


This is a certification course. Here the students also learn comprehensively about the credit and debit notes, GST registration process, tax payments and refunds, tax invoices, etc. This course has an add-on value and enhances career prospects. Certain topics may differ from one institute to another, but the main content remains the same in teaching the GST Act in its entirety. There are many reputed GST certification courses in Varanasi.


Course Duration:  Varies from institute to institute (basically short term, of a few months)

Course Eligibility:  Nothing is specific. A graduate or an undergraduate from any background can enroll, but a person with a commerce and accounts background is a bonus.

Course Fee:  This again is different in different institutes, and some even have free courses as well.


Being a short-term certification course it does not take long and can be finished in a very short duration of time. It is not a hurdle for the students or the working professionals as it can be accommodated in their college/job schedule. Due to the pandemic, most of the courses are available online making them more accommodating and accessible for the learners. The short-term GST certification course can add a feather in the cap to the CV. This course is quite helpful in promotions and can also be for self-learning and growth.


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Who Can Do It?

  • Arts and Commerce graduates.
  • Law students
  • Management Accountants
  • For professionals planning to switch from finance to taxation.
  • Businessmen
  • Students wanting to work in taxation.


Career/ Job Opportunities


Generally, only this course cannot guarantee a successful lucrative career, nonetheless, the GST course can act as an add-on specialty. This course adds value to your career. After completion of the GST certification courses in Varanasi, there are many options to pursue the career. Here is a list of a few of the career options. Check it out.


  • Tax practitioner
  • GST executive
  • GST practitioner
  • Accountant
  • GST assistant


GST Certification Courses in Varanasi


Now that we have understood the basics of GST, let us explore some of the available options in the city of Varanasi. Thanks to the current pandemic situation, most institutes are preferring the online mode of courses. It is not any different for Varanasi either. Having said that there certainly are good GST courses in the offline mode as well. In this article, we have mentioned the names of some of the most reputed and distinguished GST certification courses in Varanasi. These institutes offer excellent coaching wherein the classes are conducted by experienced chartered accountants, authors, and prominent academicians.


1. IIM Skills


What is better than IIM Skills when it comes to digital online courses? IIM Skills ranks among the top GST Certification Courses in Varanasi. They are one of the finest GST certification course providers in the field. GST Practitioner Course is provided under the name of IIM Skills. They provide practical assignments. These practical assignments help students to practice what is being learned during the course.


The course duration is of a total 4 weeks. These are live interactive sessions which are very helpful. These GST online classes are spread over 16 hours of live sessions and lectures. IIM Skills also has a separate dedicated placement service that assists the students in getting a job. Besides this, they also provide software, invoicing tools, and free E-Books.


Students have lifetime access to the recordings of the sessions, which is very useful and makes it stand out in comparison to the other providers. There is also a registered certification with the MSME. 


The IIM Skills GST Certification Course contains 9 modules:

Module 1: Basic GST Concepts and the Impact on Businesses because of GST

Module 2: Details of the GST structure and Framework

Module 3: Different processes and criteria under the GST registration

Module 4: Different rules and regulations of GST invoicing 

Module 5: Filing GST Returns

Module 6: The Composition Scheme under the GST Act

Module 7: Reverse Charge Mechanism (RCM)

Module 8: E-way Billing technique under GST

Module 9: Input Tax Credit and Payment details in GST


The classes are conducted both on weekdays and weekends (mostly Sundays).  


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2. Taxguru 


Taxguru is quite a well-known name in this segment. Self-Learning Certification Course on GST is the course name that Taxguru provides. Taxguru is one of the very prominent names on the list of GST certification courses in Varanasi. They have quite a comprehensive curriculum for this course. The students here are taught about the GST Health Check-up, legal aspects, various case studies regarding GST, and amendments.


The highlight of this course by Taxguru is that Mr. Raman Singla, the author of the book “Complete Analysis on GST” is also a well-known Charted Accountant that conducts the sessions. Mr. Singla has been credited for the achievement of having trained 30000 plus students pan India.


While Taxguru has recorded sessions, there is a separate session for doubts and queries. The course has a validity of 3 months from the time of purchase. There are even combo courses, the purchase of which will ensure longer validity. These recorded sessions will be delivered both in English and Hindi.


The Course Curriculum

  • GST Rules
  • Various aspects and concepts of GST
  • Registration, Fake Invoice Menace, Input Tax Credit, etc.
  • Valuation, compensation, and marginal schemes.


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3. VSkills


VSkills is well known for its GST courses. The course provides in-depth knowledge of taxation, GST Concepts, and Basics, registration, returns, etc.  This is a self-learning course.  Here the students learn.


The Course Curriculum

  • GST Basics and Taxation
  • Accounting and Record-Keeping
  • Payments related to GST
  • Laws and IGST
  • Administration of GST
  • GST in other countries.
  • Registration of GST


Once the students register on Vskills for their GST certification course, they receive both, access to LMS as well as the study material hard copy. The total number of learning hours is 28 hours. They conduct tests which are of 60 minutes duration and of 50 questions. Once the students pass this test, they are provided with the certificates. The plus point of this test is there is no negative marking.


The fee for this course from Vskills is priced at just 3499 rupees. The added advantage is getting tagged as “Vskills Certified” on both the sites – Monsterindia.com and Shine.com, once you are certified.


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The ICMAI is one of the most reputed institutes providing GST certification courses in Varanasi, India.  The Institute of Cost Accountants of India (ICAI) is a statutory body under the act of parliament and it provides two GST courses and they are:


  • Online Course on GST
  • Online Advanced Course on GST


The first course covers only the basics of the GST Act whereas the second one is more comprehensive and provides complete knowledge and insight into the advanced concepts of the GST Act.


Some of the salient features of The ICMAI Basic Course are

  • 72 hours of sessions
  • online sessions
  • Online assessment
  • All the students will be provided study material as well as mock test papers


Now let us have a look at some of the Salient Features of The ICMAI Advanced Course

  • 40 hours of sessions.
  • online sessions.
  • Online assessment
  • All the students will be provided with study material and the mock test papers


There would be live sessions for clearing queries and doubts. This would be available for both the basic and advanced courses.


Eligibility Criteria For This Course From ICMAI

  • Cost and management accountants (members of ICMAI)
  • Professionals from any of these backgrounds CS, CA, MBA, M.Com, Law
  • Executives from the industries as well as tax practitioners
  • Students pursuing CMA or CMA qualified


5. Cleartax


Cleartax is also a well-known name in this segment. Here they provide a GST certification course that mainly focuses on the New GST returns. The duration of the course is of 8 hours plus training. An in-depth thorough knowledge of the new GST returns act is provided to all the students. Students are taught in detail the transition plans to the new GST. The course is focused on the new GST returns and mainly covers the aspects of that.


Course Curriculum:

  • Introduction to the rules and practices of the New GST returns.
  • Filing process of RET-1/2/3
  • Learn the transition plan from the current to the new GST returns.
  • Provided case studies of the industry expert CAs.
  • Learn the Basics of new GST returns
  • Impact of new GST returns on the businesses and industries along with the changes in the ERP


These courses can be taken up by any of them, i.e., students, tax practitioners, CA, and Company executives.


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6. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is another very well-known reputed name in the field of digital online coaching. The Henry Harvin GST certification course has an exceptionally high ranking and has been ranked as the number 1 in this industry by none other than India Today and Tribune India. There are more than 18000 plus alumni of Henry Harvin. 


It has established itself across 23 plus cities in India.  The other important factor is that Henry Harvin is the first one to start a GST certification course and is certainly one of the oldest institutes in terms of the GST certification course. They started the first GST course in 2016.  


Here are some of the salient features of the Henry Harvin GST certification course.

  • A full 32 hours of instructor-led live online sessions
  • 1-year gold membership
  • Internship assistance is provided to help in gaining practical experience
  • Free access to #AskHenry hackathons and competitions
  • Helps students in undergoing GSTR 3B, GSTR 1, GSTR 2A projects, and many more


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Difficulty in Choosing?


There are many factors and aspects which can help in choosing the right-center for the GST certification courses in Varanasi. Here is a list of some of the factors to be considered.  et us have a look at these factors for choosing the right institute.


  • The reputation of the institute
  • Rating of the course
  • The usefulness of the course
  • Which mode online or offline?
  • Budget
  • Your needs and necessities.
  • Teaching staff/faculty
  • Teaching methodology
  • Placement options
  • Learning management system
  • Syllabus
  • Interactive and practical sessions.


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Are there good GST certification courses in Varanasi?

Yes, there are many good reputed GST certification courses in Varanasi catering to the students both in the online and offline modes.


Q2. Do the GST certification courses in Varanasi help in your career?

Yes, the GST certification courses in Varanasi have the dual benefit of providing extensive knowledge on GST and the certification helps land a good job or adds value to an already existing job.


Q3. How helpful is the GST course for people to own businesses?

It is extremely helpful for the people who run businesses (whether it is a startup, big, small, or established business) as they have first-hand information on tax-related issues.


Q4. Is it mandatory to have a commerce background to do the GST course?

Undoubtedly, students with a commerce background might be able to make the most of this course.  Students with a commerce background have a higher hand, but students with any background can learn and utilize the course to its full potential.


To Conclude


Any skill learned never goes waste. There is umpteen number of short-term online digital courses, which are very useful. GST certification course is one of them.  GST is relatively new but very pertinent for today as GST is being applied pan India.  It is very useful to be well aware of the GST. Before finalizing the center you wish to pursue your course from, make an adequate inquiry, be sure to collect all the details required and check if it meets all your criteria. The GST certification course is a big help in providing much-needed knowledge on this topic.  Above is a compilation of a few of the finest GST certification courses in Varanasi. Hope it helps. Happy learning!

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