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Top 8 Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Patna

Business accounting and taxation courses put a strong emphasis on teaching students the fundamentals of accounting, taxation, payroll procedures, and the core economics disciplines. While a traditional graduation degree is unable to train students in specific industries skills to make them job-ready, pursuing a BAT course from a reputable institute can give you the essential knowledge & skills needed for managing an organization that comprises various departments like sales, accounting, & taxation.


Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Patna


Business accounting and taxation courses are extensive certification programs conducted in the classroom mode as well as online mode and provide candidates with in-depth knowledge of accountancy. It provides both theoretical & practical industry knowledge of bookkeeping and accounts keeping & helps candidates to get a broader perspective.


It also equips candidates with various tools & techniques of software such as QuickBooks. However, there are various institutions providing courses all over India. The article discusses the institutions providing business accounting and taxation courses in Patna & their best practices.


Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Patna: An Introduction


The business accounting & taxation course (BAT) enriches students with essential knowledge & skills that a particular industry need. Some of the key aspects of business accounting & taxation courses include ERP software, MIS reporting, SAP, QuickBooks, auditing, learning about payroll, goods & service tax, amd so on. BCom graduates or graduates with a relevant degree are eligible for this course. The Couse is also suitable for candidates with 0-2 years of experience in a relevant field or freshers who want to have a well-paid job.


What is Business Accounting & Financial Accounting? 


Business accounting is the systematic recording, analyzing, interpreting & presenting of business information. Accounting in an organization is either managed by a single person or by different teams. Accounting is a way a business keeps track of its financial operations and ultimately helps the business owner to make profitable discussions.


This information is presented as reports that show the financial health of a business. There are different types of accounting such as financial accounting, management accounting, governmental accounting, public accounting, cost accounting, forensic accounting, tax accounting auditing, etc.


However, business accounting involves calculating your stocks, assets, and liabilities which assist business people in making better decisions & protect their profitability. The accountants record all the financial transactions through a technique called bookkeeping which involves the financial statement for a whole financial year.


Financial accounting deals with analyzing & reporting all the financial transactions related to business. This involves preparing a financial statement for a business’s stockholders, suppliers banks, employees, business owners & other stakeholders. The primary objective of financial accounting is to show the profit & loss of the business by providing a fair picture of the business to its investors, and stakeholders who are associated internally or externally with the business.


Accountants present the financial transaction as statements like income statements, balance sheet & cash flow statements, notes to financial statements & statements of change in equity. A financial statement is very important to investors because it provides enormous information about a company’s revenue, expenses, profitability, debt load, and ability to cater to its short-term & long-term financial obligations.


What is Taxation?


It simply means levying the tax. Taxation is the encumbrance of compulsory tariffs or duties on individuals or entities by governments in almost every country in the world for raising revenue for government expenditures & other purposes. According to the literature on public finance, taxes are mostly classified according to who pays for them, who bears the burden, the extent to which the burden can be shifted & others.


Taxes are commonly classified as direct or indirect tax. Direct taxes are the taxes that are imposed on individuals whereas indirect taxes are levied on the production or consumption of goods & services or transactions, including imports and exports.


Why Should you Pursue BAT Courses in Patna?  


A BAT course aims to familiarize you with the three core aspects of commerce, business, accounting & taxation. Let’s discuss some of the benefits of pursuing the BAT Courses in Patna.


  • It is one of the best short-term courses after BCom. it’s kind of a pg. diploma program for commerce & non-commerce student, or for those who have 0-2 years of industry experience.
  • It helps you increase your problem-solving abilities through a detailed analysis of the subject which makes you efficient in finding a solution to any problem. 
  • Working in the finance sector requires clear fundamental knowledge. You are required to be acquainted with the procedures & techniques to bring the best results. So, complete in-depth knowledge of taxation is required which a BAT course will provide.
  • Certain sections of the finance sector require spontaneous & clear judgments. An efficient accounting & taxation program allows you to enhance your skills & help you upskill yourself from time to time, and helps update your knowledge.
  • It helps you increase your time management skill, software proficiency, and communication skill & ultimately helps you to get work with industry experts such as Genpact Adobe, etc. 


Institutes That Offer the Best Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Patna




IIM Skills is Asia’s largest online educational institution founded in 2015 offering various professional certification programs. These professional courses cover every aspect, from very basic to advanced learning, through theory & practical. The courses & training provided by IIM Skills are designed according to the interest of the industry practices that will give you the best of its knowledge to get a high-paid job or make you sustainable to start your firm through their end-to-end guidance.


The courses developed at IIM Skills are completely industry-relevant & career-oriented. They help you fulfill your aim with excellent professional programs to polish your skills, build your confidence, & fly high in your professional career.


They have got the best industry experts with over 12 years of experience in respective fields who are always there to upskill your knowledge. IIM Skills have trained more than 15000 candidates in over 35 + countries across the globe. It also conducts its obe of the best business accounting and taxation courses in Patna.


Course Name: BAT Course

Duration: 4 months 

Course Fee: ₹ 49900 + 18% GST


Modules Covered in BAT Courses in Patna: 

  • Basics of Accounting and Accounting in Tally
  • Basics of GST and GST in Tally
  • Basics of TDS and TDS in Tally
  • Payroll and Payroll with Tally
  • Income Tax with Tally advance
  • Advance Excel and MIS Reporting


Scope of doing Business accounting and taxation courses in Patna with IIM skills

  • The 4-month live business accounting and taxation courses in Patna provided by IIM Skills are structured with more than 120+ hours of lectures from the best-experienced industry experts with more than 60 hours of practical training along with an internship opportunity.
  • You get to learn tool-based learning such as tally QuickBooks, GST & excel with lifetime access to the live classes & recordings.
  • The course equips you with A-Z of business accounting & taxation & trains you to become a skilled professional & ready for the industry.
  • It provides you with free demo sessions to clear your doubts regarding the course curriculum. 
  • You will get Personalised attention & guidance throughout the course & even after completion of the course.
  • There are Easy payment options with installments & 100% money back with no questions asked.
  • You get to Polish your knowledge & learning through weekly assignments & strict evaluations.
  • End-to-end guidance to make you industry competent.


To know more about the course program you may contact IIM Skills at:

Phone no: + (91) 99 11 839503

Email Id: [email protected]


Below are the other courses offered by IIM Skills:


2. Gurukul Mantra


Gurukul mantra also provides business accounting and taxation courses in Patna. They teach a vast amount of information in a way that suits best the current and future market demands. They also provide skill development training in both classroom mode & online mode with theory & practical.


Gurukul provides courses that aim at overall learning, from teaching tools and how to use these tools effectively. They have conducted their courses with more than 50 professional trainers in more than 200 batches across 18+ cities in India. They have their recruitment partners namely Resource Nurturing Solutions for south India, Knack Consulting services for north India & Dharamthok consulting for west India. 


Course Name:  Certification course for financial accounting & taxation

Duration: 3 months

Course Fee: 14500/-


Modules Covered in BAT Courses in Patna:

  • Basics of accounting & finance 
  • Advanced tally 
  • Microsoft excels
  • GST introduction & overview
  • GST accounting concept
  • GST registration process
  • GSTR 1, 2A & 3B preparation & fillings
  • The annual return of GSTR 9 & GSTR 9A
  • GST reconciliation & case studies


Scope of doing  Business accounting and taxation courses in Patna with Gurukul Mantra

  • Anyone with a commerce background can join this course.
  • The Live & interactive teaching method helps a student soak in the maximum knowledge.
  • Theory & practical based learning
  • Activity-based learning
  • Individual attention & doubt sessions
  • Use of software for hands-on training
  • Flexible hours of teaching
  • Launching their mobile app soon


To know more about the course program, you may contact Gurukul Mantra 

Contact no:  8929207405

Email address: [email protected]


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3. ICA Edu Skills:


Patna is also home to ICA Edu skills. For more than 20 years, ICA Edu Skills has been operating in the educational field. With a concentration on educating students in accounting, finance, and tax, it is one of India’s top institutions. The organization has more than 2000 training facilities and has received several accolades for talent development.


They offer two variants of the Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Patna. Diplomas in the Financial Market and NSE Certified Capital Market Professional, respectively, are one of them. Along with its other centers throughout India, ICA Edu Skills provides one of the best-organized Business accounting & taxation training courses in Patna, thanks to its online courses and excellent placements. You may go to the institute’s websites to learn more about it.


Course Name: Business accounting & taxation 

Duration: 1-2 months 

Course Fee: ₹ 17000


Modules Covered in BAT Courses in Patna: 


Scope of doing this course with ICA :

  • They have around 23 Years Of Excellence in the Ed-tech industry having more than 300 Centres across Pan India.
  • They provide the most interactive Live Classes, with Updated Curriculum taught by many industry giants. They also provide free demo sessions to guide you through their course.
  • They have tied up with huge marketing & sell-based companies with 100% Placement Assurance & Opportunities to work in MNCs.


For more information contact ICA At 

Contact no: 8335069981

Email: [email protected] 


4. The Institute of Cost Accounts in India


One of the oldest educational institutions, ICAI instructs students in Business accounting and taxation courses in Patna as well as other financial topics. For more than 60 years, ICAI has been offering financial accounting courses. This well-known institute used to call its program the “CWA course,” but it has now been renamed the CMA program.


Students who have finished grades 11 or 12 or recent graduates in related fields may enroll in this course. The ICAI course is structured so that graduates will have remarkable expertise in the areas of finance, accounting, and taxation. The institute also provides placements, tests, and live online lectures.


Course Name: Certificate Course on GST

Duration: 72 Hours

Fee: ₹ 10,000 + 18% GST 


Modules Covered in BAT Courses in Patna:

  • Input Tax Credit, Refund of ITC
  • Records and Returns
  • Payment and Refunds
  • Penalties and Prosecution
  • Zero Rated Supplies, Imports, and Exports
  • How to apply for TDS & TCS under GST & Filing of Return
  • The taxable event, Time of Supply, Place of Supply, Composite and Mixed Supply, Works Contract, Exempted Supply
  • Valuation under GST, Valuation Rules
  • Registration
  • Bill of Supply
  • Invoice
  • E-way bills, etc.


Scope :

  • ICAI provides courses in three stages, the stages are CMA foundation, intermediate & final which aim at overall knowledge flow in a student.
  • You also get to learn budgeting, cost management, performance evaluation& asset management which are typical requirements of a cost accountant in any organization.
  • They have got excellent professionals chosen from all over India to guide you throughout the course.
  • They have dedicated placement cell & placement officers to help you get your dream job as cost auditors, internal auditors, excise, SEBI, HSDL & so on.


To know more about the course program you may contact the Institute of Cost Accountants of India at: 

Phone no: +91 96097 93616

Email Id: [email protected] 


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5. Institute for Advisors and Accountants (ITAA)


ITAA has been bridging the gap between the abilities that students gain in the classroom and the skills & practices that are required by the business for more than a decade. ITAA operates in a franchise-based approach. It is one of the top educational institutions that provide Business accounting and taxation courses in Patna. The institute offers three main courses: accounting, tax professional, and GST pro.


Course Name: Accounting Sikhs, Tax pro professional, and GST pro

Duration: 172 hours

Course Fee: not mentioned


Modules Covered: 

all the modules covered under Accounting, Tax Pro & GST Pro are discussed below.


Accounting Sikhs

Modules covered under accounting are as follows

  • Relevant Market Practices in Accounting 
  • The on-hand learning experience with Qualified and expert faculties.
  • Practical exposure to the relevant market practice. 
  • Inventory Accounting.
  • Basic and advanced accounting in Tally Prime.
  • Bank Reconciliation.
  • Accounting for Taxes (Income Tax and GST).
  • Overview of MS Word, Excel, and Powerpoint.


Tax Pro Professional:

Modules covered under Tax Pro are as follows 

  • Relevant Market Practices in Taxation and Accounting 
  • GST concepts and return filing
  • Practical exposure to the relevant market practice
  • Finalization of accounts
  • The on-hand learning experience with Qualified CA faculties
  • Excel and MIS
  • Income Tax return filing for Individuals
  • TDS return filing along with calculation of TDS on various expenses


GST Pro:

Modules covered under GST Pro are as follows

  • Advanced GST knowledge.
  • Practical Exposure to Relevant Market Practices of GST.
  • The on-hand learning experience with a GST expert Chartered Accountant.
  • Deep dive into the GST acts and various essentials of GST.
  • Assessment and replying to notices sent by the GST department.
  • Advanced compliances concerning GST.


Scope of Doing this course with ITAA:

  • They are a growing skill-tech organization & always tries to hunt passionate people polishing their knowledge & bridging the skill gap.
  • They have 15 years of experience in Accounting and Recruitment Solutions with a bunch of dedicated faculties.
  • Certifications by ITAA and Tally Academy.


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6. National Institute of Management and Business Studies:


NIMB is an institute of excellence & was established in the year 2003. This institute provides an advanced Diploma in Business Management, a Higher National Diploma in Business Management for entry in the second year along with a short-term Business Accounting and taxation courses in Patna. The following are the course details of the Business Accounting and Taxation Courses in Patna by the National Institute of Management and Business Studies:


Course Name: BAT- Business Accounting and Taxation Course

Duration: 2 Months

Fee: Not available 


 Modules the course program covers:

  • Accountancy
  • Goods & Services Tax (GST)
  • TDS 
  • Tally ERP 9 with GST
  • Income Tax
  • Auditing


Scope of Doing BAT Courses in Patna with NIMB:

  • They have a flexible schedule of classes even on alternative days & weekend batches, making it easy for those who are already employed in relevant industries.
  • NIMB provides excellent practical training, making you very much familiar with the software along with necessary study materials.
  • They provide 100% placement assistance & career opportunities such as Analyst or senior associate, account Executive, Deputy General Manager, Lecture & so on.


For more details about the courses You may contact on below numbers:

Phone no: 8384048346 or 9213855555

Email Id: [email protected]


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7. Udemy 


Through its online module, Udemy provides a crash course in business accounting and taxation in Patna. The fundamentals of accounting are included in their curriculum. All novices or those who have finished their 11th or 12th from a suitable field and envisage their future in the finance industry should take the course by Udemy. An accomplished corporate trainer with more than six years of expertise in a variety of technologies is the instructor for the course.


Course Name:  Complete accounting & taxation course

Duration:32 hours

Course Fee: ₹ 2699/-


Modules Covered in BAT Courses in Patna: 

  • Tally Prime
  • GST & GST Portal Concepts
  • Income Tax & TDS
  • Double Entry Accounting Systems I Elements I Steps I Structure Explained
  • Tally – Introduction, History, Advantages
  • Golden Rules of Accounts


Scope of Doing BAT Courses in Patna with Udemy:

  • Everything is covered in Classes on Licensed Version Tally.
  • The curriculum includes Case-Studies & brainstorming sessions.
  • They provide a Quiz for Each Individual Chapter for better evaluation & understanding.
  • Reference Questions/Soft copy Materials are also available
  • This course provides students with in-depth knowledge of all the Book of Accounts & GST
  • All GST Classes are Based on Real-Time Data
  • Assignments & Practices Tests to make students competitive.


For more information about the Business accounting & taxation, course connect to  


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8. Henry Harvin


Among the best schools that provide business accounting and taxation courses in Patna is Henry Harvin. They all excel in their fields and provide a variety of courses. Taxation and commercial accounting are two such courses that are available. The UKAF, UK Cert, MSME, and Government of India have recognized the certifications that Henry Harvin Education offers.


The curriculum consists of both projects and online classes. Their business accounting and taxation courses in Patna provide the candidates with in-depth information to maintain them at the forefront of the business.


Course Name: Business Accounting and Taxation Course

Duration: 170 Hours

Fee: ₹ 34500/-


Modules the course program covers:

  1. GST Practitioner Course
  2. Income Tax Course
  3. Financial Statement Analysis
  4. Advanced Tally ERP 9
  5. Advanced Excel
  6. Payroll Management
  7. Soft Skills Development


The BAT courses in Patna at Henry Harvin have the following objectives:

  • Its certified BAT course ranked no, 1 in 2021 by The Tribune for its excellence.
  • This is 9 in 1 course which includes training, projects, internships-learning, certification, boot camps, hackathons & so on.
  • Thorough understanding of Accounting & Taxation basics through the curriculum to keep students mark their presence in the industry.
  • It provides Hands-on training with live projects and assignments
  • Industry-graded curriculum and projects
  • You get access to recorded videos, career services & weekly job support.
  • One-year gold membership.


To know more about the Business accounting and Taxation courses in Patna, you may contact Henry Harvin at:

Phone no: +91-9891953953

Email Id: [email protected]




Q1. What is a BAT course?

Many institutions in India provide the business accounting and certification course, which is a recognized academic program. The primary goal of the program is to give students a comprehensive understanding of accounting, taxation, and company procedures via both theoretical and practical instruction.


Q2. What are the eligibility criteria for the business accounting and taxation courses in Patna?

This course is open to students who have completed grades 11 or 12, as well as BCom students who are seeking employment in the public sector or with multinational corporations. It is also beneficial to workers who are already employed in related fields and who wish to further their knowledge of those fields.


Q3. Do business accounting and taxation courses in Patna worth it?

Yes, this course familiarises you with the three essential facets of the company, namely taxation and business accounting. It gives you access to practical learning of skills, tools, and software that you wouldn’t get through a typical graduating degree. It aids in securing a solid salary and the work of your dreams.




To summarise, In this article, we have covered what are business accounting & taxation, why to choose a BAT course & several institutes that provide Business accounting and taxation courses in Patna in detail. Having said that Patna the capital of Bihar is now on its way to becoming the next academic hub. This city has seen a tremendous rise in the number of educational institutes over the years however to select a course that best suits your requirement.


You should understand the reason for undertaking the course, do proper research, and ask out friends or people you know who have done this course with the mentioned institutes & apply. Hope through this article we could guide you to choose your course with some best instituters. All the best & Happy learning. 

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