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Top 10 Data Analytics Courses in Gurgaon With Placements

In today’s techno world, optimizing business performance and converting raw data into intelligent action in a simple manner to understand the current state of business scenario has become necessary that matches market needs and help them reduce the risk for a business to go forward. As a result, we are entering an era wherein data analysis will become highly significant in this rapidly changing technology. If you are interested in becoming a data analyst, this article will provide you with good career guidance in data analytics courses in Gurgaon.


It is obvious, in order to take advantage of data analysis, you have to go through a series of multiple questions about what and why just happened or predict what might happen that need to be asked and answered. This article will solve all your queries regarding this.


What is Data Analytics?


The core currency of any business going forward is raw data, which they collect. But, that data doesn’t mean anything directly. So, that’s where data analytics comes in. It is the process of evaluating raw data and turning it into valuable information. Data analytics is a way of looking for patterns in the data that can provide information about business operations that is beneficial and essential. As a result, data analytics may be viewed as a component of business intelligence that is used to tackle the problems and challenges that every company faces.


Why Data Analytics as a Career?


Throughout the real world, data is used. Additionally, every business requires analytics services and data knowledge considering the rise of big data. Career advancement and learning are constants for data analysts. So, switching to a career in data analytics could result in a steady job in a well-paying field with the necessary skills and abilities. Data analysts can work for start-up businesses, established organizations, government agencies, and even freelancing.


Scope of Data Analytics in India


Due to the increase in internet users, India has seen significant demand for the data analytics field. In order to make decisions and obtain higher business returns, businesses that wish to stay updated and maintain a competitive advantage must make use of this data. Big data is expanding across technology and spreading in other large fields, such as,


  • Health care
  • Finance
  • Fraud detection
  • Energy
  • Telecommunication
  • Hospitality
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Government civil services
  • Marketing
  • Research and development
  • Strategic management
  • Etc. acquires high professionals to handle large datasets to develop business insights.


Salary Details for / Data Analyst Salary Range in India

One of the professions with the most demand nowadays is data analysis. The annual range of the typical income for a data analyst is up to 10 lakh. The salary will eventually rise as the experience level increases. If you’re a data analyst with five years of experience, your annual salary potential is up to 15 lakhs. As the year per experience increases, the salary compensation also increases.


Top Required Skill Sets for Data Analyst:


  • Analytical Skills
  • Numerical Skills
  • Software Knowledge
  • Querying Language
  • Scripting Language
  • Mathematics & Statistics
  • Domain Knowledge
  • Math & Statistics
  • Problem Solving
  • Machine learning
  • Interpretive skills
  • Visualization
  • Communication and Presentation Skills


Best Tools Used in Data Analytics


To deal with severe data, a data analyst requires many tools to gather insights from the data. Here is a brief introduction of the best useful tools with advantages and disadvantages:



Tableau is data visualization software that helps to arrange data in an understandable manner and is easy to read.



  • Drag and Drop Option
  • Good prep builder interface
  • Smart grouping algorithms
  • Simple data sharing



  • Manual efforts
  • Unaffordable price
  • Implementation issues


Companies Using Tableau:

Amazon, Ferrari, BMW, Bridgestone, Linked In, Adobe, Walmart



It is a versatile tool for cloud-based analysis that provides a comprehensive overview of such information assets of the company. Mostly used for transforming data from different sources into coherent, visual, and interactive insights.



  • Hundreds of Data Sources (Excel, Google Analytics, etc)
  • Regular updates



  • Limited free versions
  • Bulky interface
  • Lack of data preparation and cleaning tools


Companies Using Power BI:

Dell, Nestle, hp, Nokia, Bentley, Carlsberg



QlickView is the classic tool for analytics solutions. It is similar to Tableau in terms of data visualization. It is used to discover connections between data and enables both direct and indirect data searches.



  • Interactive guided analytics
  • Social and mobile data discovery
  • Data visualization
  • Data Sharing
  • Data Compression



  • Bad reporting
  • Less RAM limit
  • Not suitable for nontech staff
  • Require much extra purchase


Companies Using QlickView:

Audi Brussels, Burger King, Canon, Flip kart, Godrej, Honda, Mercedes, Cisco



It is the largest open source that quickly performs processing and distributing tasks on very large data and has been rapidly adopted by a wide range of industries.



  • Fast performance
  • Availability
  • Dynamic in nature
  • User-friendliness
  • Language diversity
  • Resilient data sets



  • No file management system
  • Fewer Algorithms
  • Small files issue
  • Manual configuration tuning
  • Not suitable for a multi-user environment


Companies using Apache Spark:

Netflix, Uber, Yahoo, eBay, Facebook, Pinterest



Python is the most popular programming language, which is used everywhere. It is one of the fastest languages in terms of development speed and has a wide variety of pre-built libraries, flexibility, and multi-functionalities that are useful for analytics and extensive calculations.



  • Easy to learn and understand
  • Very flexible
  • Increase productivity
  • Powerful analytics tool



  • Speed limitations
  • Runtime errors
  • Memory and time consuming


Companies Using Python:

Instagram, Reddit, Quora, Spotify, Dropbox, Google, Instacart


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  • R Programming

To clean, analyze, and graph data in statistical computing and graphics, R is an open-source programming language. Using the R programming language, companies can create statistics engines that can offer more accurate and useful insights during the data collection process.



  • Data handling potential
  • Low entry barrier
  • Quality plotting and graphing
  • Machine learning operations
  • Great data visualization
  • Perfect for statistical analysis



  • Weak origin
  • Memory consumption
  • Interactivity troubles
  • Implementation issues
  • Lesser speed


Companies using R programming:

Microsoft, Snapdeal, Twitter, Ford, IBM, Airbnb, New York Times


  • SAS (Statistical Analysis System)

In order to access, explore, prepare, and analyze data and produce the results of statistical analysis in tables, graphs, and RTF, HTML, and PDF formats, SAS programming is frequently used in business forecasting, quality improvement, operation research, project management, and graphic design. It also enables users to carry out tasks like importing data from various sources.



  • Easy interaction with Microsoft
  • Easy to handle large database
  • Simple comprehension of complex data
  • Proficient data management
  • Ease of debugging
  • Analyzed and tested algorithms



  • Closed source
  • Lack of graphic design
  • Hard text mining
  • Slow speed of response
  • Difficult than R programming


Companies Using SAS Programming:

Honda, Apple, Lenovo, Volvo trucks, WWF



KNIME is an analytical platform that is free and open-source software. It is a low-code data science and data preparation platform that enables anyone to analyze data and create analytical workflows.



  • Visual workflow
  • Free features
  • Easier than R and Python
  • Handling large amounts of data
  • Fast problem solving
  • Multi-threaded in-memory data processing support



  • Complex data wrangling
  • Memory consumption
  • Slow speed


Companies Using Knime:

ASML, LEGO, Cargil, BigBear, Opplane


Data analysts earn much more than other software-related specialists in India as a result.


Check Out Top Data Analytics Courses in Gurgaon With Certification to Get an Edge Over the Competition.


Rank# 1. Data Analytics Courses in Gurgaon


1. SSDN Technologies


One of the leading IT training organizations in Gurgaon, SSDN Technologies provides data analytics courses in Gurgaon with advanced instruction. It also covers a range of subjects with certifications in areas like VMware, Citrix, MCSA, Digital Marketing, Data Science and Analytics, and many others. The SSDN’s course in data analytics is listed below:


Course Name: Data Analytics Using R and Python Programming


This course will guide you through the fundamentals of using Python to analyze, visualize, and present data in a variety of ways. You will understand data frames, how they are used in the programming language and other foundational ideas in the “R” training course. After finishing the course, you’ll be able to perform data analysis, do statistical analysis, generate useful visualizations, and make accurate predictions about the future.


Course Fee: Not mentioned

Course Duration: 40 hrs

Mode of Learning: Online


Course Name: Tableau Training Certification


By taking this course, you’ll learn how to use tableau desktop effectively and create an interactive dashboard that supports business intelligence, reporting, and data visualization tasks. Additionally, it will assist you in developing your skills in R and Big Data public integration.


Course Fee: Not mentioned

Course Duration: 40 hrs

Mode of Learning: Online


Contact Details:

Phone: +91 9999111686

Email: [email protected]


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Rank# 2. Data Analytics Courses in Gurgaon




APTRON in Gurgaon offers comprehensive, industry-leading data analytics training, certification, and job placement. They have set up a laboratory in conformity with the industry’s standards, including the latest tools, programs, and software.


Course Fee: Not Mentioned.

Course Duration: Regular days (45-60 days), Weekend (8 Weekends), and Fast Track (5 days)

Mode of learning: Live Classroom-


Tools Covered in Data Analytics Courses in Gurgaon:

  • Hadoop
  • NoSQL
  • Tableau


Contact Details:

Phone: +91 7291812999

Email: [email protected]


Rank# 3. Data Analytics Courses in Gurgaon


3. Great Learning Career Academy


One of the best ed-tech companies for higher and professional education in Gurgaon, Great Learning Career Academy offers both classroom and online modes with guaranteed job opportunities to upskill you and builds your successful career with the Data Analytics program.


For a newly graduated learner to launch a successful career in data analytics, Great Learning provides all the industry-relevant skills. It also offers free top courses to develop your fundamental understanding of a variety of topics, such as Java Programming, Excel for Beginners, Front and Development-HTML, Python for Machine Learning, and Introduction to R.


Course Fee: 1, 50,000 + GST

Course Duration: 4 months full time

Mode of Learning: Live Classroom


Tools Covered in Data Analytics Courses in Gurgaon:

  • Excel
  • SQL
  • Python
  • Tableau


Contact Details/ Enquire:

Phone: 080-4711-4422

Email: [email protected]


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Rank# 4. Data Analytics Courses in Gurgaon


4. iClass Gyansetu


In India, Gyansetu is a pioneer in the fields of big data, business analytics, and data science training. Additionally, it offers a variety of industry-based training in Gurgaon as well as E-learning programs such as Full Stack Development, Web Development/Languages, Software Training, and many others, that best fit the needs of learners with the minimum amount of time and money invested.


Three months after the initial course ends, Gyansetu also provides a free repeating course. The Data Analytics Certification of iclass Gyansetu focuses a lot on developing your knowledge of data science concepts such as machine learning, Python, and big data analytics using Spark, Power BI, and Tableau that take learners’ skills from a basic to an advanced level and help them to become “Job-Ready” in the workplace. It is also designed for experts who want change in data engineering, data analytics, and data visualization.


Course Fee: Not Mentioned

Course Duration: Not Mentioned

Mode of Learning: Both Live Virtual Classroom and Offline Classroom


Tools Covered:

  • Apache Spark
  • Python
  • Power BI
  • Advanced Excel
  • Machine Learning
  • Tableau
  • VBA
  • SAS


Contact Details:

Phone: +91 9999201478

Email: [email protected]


Rank# 5. Data Analytics Courses in Gurgaon


5. Croma Campus


In Noida, Croma Campus is one of the top private institutions for IT training and development. It offers trending courses in fields like Big Data, Cloud Computing, Microsoft Dynamics, databases, Data Science, and Analytics, all with the best instructors and facilities. Data Analytics Certification Training offers trained professionals a thorough training program that fits the most recent industry standards, 100% placement opportunities, and preparation for mock examinations and data analyst interviews.


Course Fee: 54,000 INR + GST

Course Duration: For Weekdays (40-45 Days), Weekends (7 Weekends), and Fast Track (8 days)

Mode of learning: Classroom, Live Online, and Self Paced


Tools Covered in Data Analytics Courses in Gurgaon:

  • Python
  • SQL
  • Excel
  • Tableau
  • Power BI


Related Master’s course:

Data Analytics with Power BI

Course Fee: 35,000 INR + GST


Course Structure:

  • 6 Months Online Program
  • 80+ Hours of Intensive Learning
  • 8+ Assignments & 3+ Projects
  • 3 Live Projects


Master’s in Data Analytics

Course Fee: 58,000 INR + GST


Course Structure:

  • 8 Months Online Program
  • 120+ Hours of Intensive Learning
  • 10+ Assignments & 4+ Projects
  • 4 Live Projects


Data Analytics With Tableau

Course Fee: 35,000 INR + GST


Course Structure:

  • 6 Months Online Program
  • 80+ Hours of Intensive Learning
  • 8+ Assignments & 3+ Projects
  • 3 Live Projects


Contact Details:

Phone: +91 9711526942, +91 9818014543

Email: [email protected]


Rank# 6. Data Analytics Courses in Gurgaon


6. Coursera


One of the best global online learning platforms is Coursera, which provides top-trending courses with certification, guided projects, specializations, and bachelor’s and master’s degrees from prestigious institutions, and allows students to upgrade their skills in a variety of in-demand fields like business, data science, and technology.


Google offers professional training to get you ready for a new career in data analytics. It will help you to be better prepared for an entry-level career with the introduction of analysis tools and platforms. You will learn skills such as critical thinking, data visualization, problem-solving, and data cleaning with their uniquely created curriculum by Google workers and will get the certification.


Course Name: Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

Course Fee: Enroll for free

Course Duration: 6 Months

Mode of learning: Online


Tools Covered in Data Analysis Courses in Gurgaon:

  • SQL
  • Tableau
  • R Programming


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Rank# 7. Data Analytics Courses in Gurgaon


7. Simplilearn


You can learn how to apply data and analytics principles in your organization by enrolling in Simplilearn’s Data Analytics Master’s Program. It will be more effective in the business world with a quick introduction, methodology, and the newest advanced tools and techniques of data analytics. You can complete each of the 11 courses in this Master’s program in Data Analyst and receive an IBM certification.


Course Fee: 54,000 INR

Course Duration: 11 Months

Mode of Learning: Live Virtual Classroom


Tools Covered in Data Analysis Courses in Gurgaon:

  • Excel
  • Numpy
  • Pandas
  • SciPy
  • Power BI
  • Python
  • R Programming
  • Tableau
  • MySQL


Contact Details:

Phone: 1800-212-7688

Email: [email protected]


Rank# 8. Data Analytics Courses in Gurgaon


8. Palin Analytics


In addition to corporate suite training with excellent resource and operation management, Palin Analytics offers you consultancy services and job placement in the analytics industry. The Data Analytics course will give you the chance to work on real-time projects and provides placement support.


Course Fee: 29,000 INR ONWARDS

Course Duration: 60+ Hours

Mode of Learning: Live Virtual Classroom


Tools Covered in Data Analysis Courses in Gurgaon:

  • SQL
  • Python


Contact Details/ Enquire:

Phone: +91 9810600764

Email: [email protected]


Rank# 9. Data Analytics Courses in Gurgaon


9. ExcelR


For both students and professionals, ExcelR, one of the world’s leading training organizations, offers a broad range of technical and management courses from beginner to advance. The IBM-sponsored Data Analytics certification program offers skills for both market needs and individuals who want to advance their careers in technology with dedicated placement support. ExcelR is the JUMBO pass, which gives you unlimited access to attend any course you choose for at least a year of classroom or online sessions.


Course Fee: 46,999 INR

Course Duration: 6 Months

Mode of Learning: Live Virtual Classroom / Online


Tools Covered in Data Analysis Courses in Gurgaon:

  • MySQL
  • Excel
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • SAS
  • R Programming
  • Python


Contact Details:

Phone: 1800-212-2120

Email: [email protected]


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Rank# 10. Data Analytics Courses in Gurgaon


10. 360DigiTMG


The Data Analytics Certification course from 360DigiTMG helps learners how to represent and manage large amounts of data using a variety of concepts, methodologies, and tools for data processing and visualization. The course offers the benefits of a year’s worth of online classes as well as lifetime access to the learning management system (LMS), which will assist the learner in developing their knowledge of relational or document database management systems.


Course Fee: 29,500 INR

Course Duration: 3 Months


Mode of Learning: Live Virtual Classroom- Weekends & Weekdays


Tools Covered in Data Analysis Courses in Gurgaon:

  • Aws
  • Excel
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • SQL
  • Python
  • R
  • Google Data Studio
  • PySpark


Contact Details:

Phone: +91 9989994319, 1800-212-654321

Email: [email protected]




1. To become a Data Analyst, do I need a degree?

Although a degree is not required to become a data analyst, most employers do expect that you have the requisite skills, which will also help you earn well in the industry.


2. How can I begin a career in data analytics?

You can kick start your career in an institute with a certification program that helps you to upgrade your skill in Data Analytics. If you have a bachelor’s degree, you can also go for professional training programs.


3. Can a fresher work as a data analyst?

Yes, a beginner can choose to become a data analyst if they enjoy dealing with numbers and solving puzzles.


4. How to become Data Analyst with no experience?

Although you don’t need a full degree in data analytics to become a data analyst, you do need to be familiar with statistical calculations. You can become a data analyst by completing the best institutes’ data analysis courses in Gurgaon.


5. What kind of company or industry hires Data Analysts?

A data analyst is frequently hired by data science companies. However, aside from the health industry, the financial industry also needs data analysts, as do the agricultural, banking, entertainment, transportation, retail, and business intelligence industries.




Data analytics has ranked on the list of the top five digital skills preferred by tech companies today. Data analytics is nearly a necessary component of how businesses operate today and how they will operate in the future. Analysts of data describe how a business is currently operated. They must spot trends, keep an eye out for modifications, and assess how a business or organization is doing. Start-ups, SMEs, and major enterprises are using data analytics more and more to reduce expenses, enhance customer experience, improve current processes, and achieve more accurate marketing.


Now, you may be dealing with a quest that how data analytics and data science differ from one another. Most people confuse these two professions because they both deal with understanding and organizing the data. While a data analyst finds the answers to a data scientist’s inquiries, a data scientist mostly concentrates on organizing the data to make sense and developing prediction models.  By taking advantage of a few months’ courses, you can leverage everything you can. Considering the short amount of time provided, mastering Excel, Tableau, R and Python programming, SQL, and Power BI should be prioritized.


Time spent on projects will also help you when you’re searching for jobs. Data analysts have the option of working from home. In their daily work, data analysts primarily use computer-based data analytics software or tools. This shows that the majority of the work is completed on these PCs that you can carry home or you can work on the laptop with a secure connection. It’s true that working as a data analyst may be quite stressful, but it also depends a lot on your employer, the culture of the business, and your own stressors.

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