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Top 10 Data Analytics Courses in Mumbai With Live Training

In recent years, data analytics has become a hot topic and a lucrative career option for young tech enthusiasts. No matter if you are a fresher in the employment world or seeking a change of career, data analytics is a field that has a lot of potentials. So if you are interested and want to learn the topic in depth to be job-ready, here is a list of some of the best data analytics courses in Mumbai that offers you the best guidance and practical training.


The modern world of today is brimming with incredible innovations and cutting-edge technology. Additionally, a great deal of new opportunities has also been brought forth by these new miracles. While some businesses are becoming oversaturated, new opportunities are opening up for youthful job seekers. And one such example is data analytics. It’s a profession that is quickly gaining popularity and earning a spot on the list of the most sought-after jobs.


What is Data Analytics?


Every day, businesses all around the world produce enormous amounts of data in the form of files, views, transactional data, and different customer-related information. Data Analytics is the process of collecting a mass of raw data, structuring them, analyzing them, and, drawing meaningful conclusions that are relevant to the needs of a business. It is a process of discovering certain patterns and trends to understand and predict consumers’ behavior.


What is the Job of a Data Analyst?


The organizations employ data analysts to act as a gatekeeper for their massive amount of data. Their job is to simplify the data to drive powerful insights and to ensure stakeholders understand the information. This valuable information helps them make better strategic business decisions to prevent loss, maximize profit, increase productivity, enhance customer satisfaction and optimize business processes.


Tools Used for Data Analytics:


Data analysts use a lot of modern tools and programming languages to collect data, dig through them, categorize them, interpret them and report them. The most important and popular data analytics tools are –


  • Microsoft Excel
  • SQL
  • Python
  • R
  • Tableau
  • PowerBI
  • SAS
  • Apache Spark


Who Should Consider Doing The Data Analytics Course?


  • Graduates from streams such as Science, Commerce Engineering, etc.
  • Finance & Accounting professionals
  • Management professionals
  • Professionals from the field of BPO and KPO
  • Freshers or professionals who are proficient in mathematics and statistics


If you fall under any of the above categories and are interested to work with data, then the blog is for you. Find below the best data analytics courses in Mumbai.


Why You Should Opt for Data Analytics Field?


  • Huge Demand: Most business organizations nowadays consider data analytics is an integral part of business performance. That’s why the demand for skilled Data Analysts is increasing remarkably day by day and
  • Lucrative Salary Package: Because of high demand and still comparatively low supply, Data Analysts are considered very valuable to companies. Naturally, they are offered a very lucrative salary package and sometimes other perks as well
  • No Coding: Wanting to work in tech industries without the headache of coding non-stop seemed like a dream a few days ago, but not anymore. Data Analytics is a field that offers you just that. You can get a high-paying job in MNCs that doesn’t require you to do coding (or you may have to do very minimal coding).


If you are wondering what books to read to learn and hone your skills as a Data Analyst, then you should go through the article on the best Data Analytics Books Every Analyst Should Read to Upskill


Business Sectors With the Maximum Demand for Data Analysts:


  • Retail
  • Healthcare
  • Manufacturing
  • Logistics
  • Banking sector
  • IT sector


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No matter how little experience you have, you can choose data analytics as your career if you have a natural inclination toward logical and analytical thinking. So explore this new world full of possibilities by enrolling in the ideal course for you. We have compiled a list of the top 10 best Data Analytics Courses in Mumbai, one of the largest metropolises in India.


1. Simplilearn: 


In collaboration with one of the most distinguished tech companies, IBM, Simplilearn offers an all-inclusive data analytics course relevant to the requirements of the current employment market. Along with Masterclasses, acquire experience in working on real-life projects and learn from business case studies. It is deemed one of the top data analytics courses in Mumbai. They also offer courses in Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Cyber Security, and Business Analysis.


Course Duration: Approx. 6 months (120+ hours of live classes)

Mode of Classes: Online



  • Introduction to the concept of Data Analytics
  • powerful Microsoft Excel Skills
  • Training in Business Analytics and Power BI
  • Basics of Python
  • Mastering Tableau
  • Strategies for reporting, data visualization, and mining
  • Website Development with AngularJS
  • R programming
  • Databases and SQL programming


What Are The Perks?

  • Top-notch curriculum with integrated labs specifically designed for fresh graduates and working professionals
  • Live classes from experts of IBM and special doubt-clearing sessions
  • Exclusive hackathon sessions
  • Live interaction in classes with industry experts
  • Hands-On experience on capstone and 20+ other real-life projects from various sectors including E-Commerce, banking, manufacturing, and technology
  • Assistance in resume building and job placement


Course Fees: INR 54000/-

Monthly no-cost EMI: INR 4500/-



  • Simplilearn certificate for course completion
  • IBM certificate


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2. Learnbay:


If you are a working professional and aspiring to upgrade your skills for better job opportunities, then this course might be the perfect fit for you. In collaboration with tech giant IBM, Learnbay offers a smartly designed course module that makes use of your existing knowledge and experience in the field and propels you further toward success. This is considered one of the best data analytics courses in Mumbai.


Course Duration:

Weekday Batch: 5 months (2 hours per day, Monday through Friday)

Weekend Batch: 6.5 months (3.5 hours each day on Saturday and Sunday)

180+ of learning


Mode of classes: Online/ Offline



  • Basic and advanced Python programming
  • Statistics and Machine Learning
  • Mastering important Data Analytics tools such as PowerBI
  • Programming with SQL
  • In-depth learning of Big Data, Spark Analytics, and time series
  • Mastering Microsoft Excel


What Are The Perks?

  • Guidance and special support for non-technical professionals
  • All tools and modules are covered from scratch
  • Live interactive classes with industrial experts and 1:1 doubt-clearing sessions
  • 24*7 technical support for any of your queries
  • 5 years of subscription that gives you limitless access to all the study materials, live sessions, and project sessions
  • Flexibility to switch between weekday or weekend batches according to your preferences
  • 8 Real-time domain-specific industry projects and Capstone project
  • 5 guaranteed interview calls with top MNCs


Course Fee: INR 65000/- + 18% GST

Monthly No-cost EMI: INR 6392/-



  • Certificate from Learnbay after the course completion
  • Internationally recognized certificate from IBM


3. Udacity:


Exclusive course content co-created with some of the biggest tech companies of the world such as Accenture, Microsoft, and Amazon, Udacity provides one of the top-quality data analytics courses in Mumbai. Become job-ready with competent skills that are in demand under the guidance of Udacity’s expert faculty.


Course Duration: Approx. 4 months( or as long as you need)

Mode of classes: Online



  • Introduction to Data Analytics
  • Practical Statistics
  • Data Wrangling
  • Data Visualization with Python
  • SQL programming


What Are The Perks of Data Analysis Courses in Mumbai?

  • Immersive content built in collaboration with the top tech companies
  • Experience working on real-world projects
  • Technical mentor support for thorough guidance and motivation
  • LinkedIn profile optimization
  • GitHub portfolio review
  • A flexible learning program that caters to your schedule and personal goal
  • Timely and detailed feedback on projects from experienced specialists and suggestions for improvement
  • Student community


Course Fee: INR 77676/-

Monthly No-cost EMI: INR 22849/-

Certification: Udacity certificate after course completion


4. Jigsaw Academy:


Jigsaw Academy offers a pocket-friendly data analytics course that works great as a beginner’s guide in the industry and helps you form a good foundation. Considered one of the top data analytics courses in Mumbai, this will be perfect for you if you are curious about the field and want to explore more.


Course Duration: 1 month

Mode of classes: Online (Self-paced)



  • Introduction to Data Analytics
  • Introduction to Analytical Methodology
  • Case Studies
  • Additional content
  • Quiz


What Are The Perks of Data Analysis Courses in Mumbai?

  • Industry-relevant curriculum
  • Case studies
  • Faculty & Technical support
  • Mobile App support


Course Fee: INR 2800/- + Taxes

Certification: Jigsaw Academy certificate


5. ExcelR:


The global headquarter is in the US, ExcelR is an educational institution that is growing rapidly and catering to the tailored needs of students and professionals for a while. With a lot of accolades already to its name, ExcelR is a popular name when it comes to reliable data analytics courses in Mumbai. In collaboration with IBM, they bring forth a comprehensive course to the table.


Course Duration: 6 months

Mode of classes: Online/Offline



  • Business Statistics
  • Basic and Advanced Microsoft Excel
  • SQL programming
  • Mastering Tableau
  • Mastering Power BI
  • SAS
  • Basics of R
  • Basics of Python


What Are The Perks of Data Analysis Courses in Mumbai?

  • Certified and expert trainers who have real-life experience in the field
  • Immersive course content that is periodically adjusted to the changing needs of the market
  • Access to the recordings of the live classes held by instructors on LMS for revisions and such
  • 50+ assignments/case studies spanning 100+ hours to get hands-on experience with theoretical concepts
  • Timely feedback from mentors with valuable suggestions
  • Opportunity to work on live projects relating to various industries and candidates get to choose their project
  • The effective blended training model
  • Extensive post-training support
  • Help with resume building, interview preparation, and job referrals at MNCs
  • Peer support


Course Fee:

  • Classroom – INR 49999/-
  • Live Virtual Classroom – INR 39999/-



  • IBM certificate
  • Steinbeis Certificate (Additional payment is needed)


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6. Imarticus Learning:


Imarticus Learning has made a name for itself as one of the most well-liked providers of data analytics courses in Mumbai, with branches in several cities like Pune, Thane, Coimbatore, and Chennai. The program is named ‘ Post Graduate Program in Data Analytics and Machine Learning’ and is a perfect fit for working professionals with up to three years of experience who have minimal knowledge of Analytics.


Course Duration: 450+ hours of power-packed program

Mode of Classes: Classroom live classes



  • Data Science & Hadoop
  • R programming
  • Basic & advanced Python
  • SAS and Tableau
  • Mock interviews
  • Help with job preparation


What Are The Perks of Data Analysis Courses in Mumbai?

  • Unique real-world case studies for smooth transitioning from the theoretical world to actual practice
  • In-class projects to hone your skills in handling the challenges faced by companies in the real world
  • Opportunity to work on a live Capstone project
  • Thrilling hackathons to impart useful knowledge and experience that boosts your portfolio
  • Access to study materials and recordings of live classes for quick rehash sessions
  • Assistance to build a resume in a lucrative manner to land a job
  • Mock interviews to boost confidence
  • Guaranteed job in famous analytical firms
  • Mentor guidance and 24*7 technical support


Course Fee: INR 215000/-



  • Certificate of post-graduation degree in Data Analytics and Machine Learning, endorsed by Convergytics, Kabbage, Infinite Analytics, and Fino.


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7. Edvancer Eduventures:


In association with IIT Kanpur, 4th best engineering institution in India, Edvancer Eduventures conducts one of the best data analytics courses in Mumbai. They provide a very convenient option for choosing between live online classes and self-paced ones.


Course Duration: 180+ hours of learning, assignments & projects


Mode of Classes:

  • Live online classes
  • Self-paced + Faculty Support



  • Introduction to Data Analytics
  • Data cleaning & visualization in R
  • Basic & Advanced SQL
  • Data manipulation & customization in Tableau
  • Data processing in Python


What Are The Perks of Data Analysis Courses in Mumbai?

  • Expert faculty from IIT Kanpur and leading tech companies like TCS, EY, Deloitte, Fractal, Accenture, etc.
  • 180+ hours of live online classes or the option of choosing self-paced learning
  • Avail Government of India endorsed certificate from IIT Kanpur upon course completion
  • Hands-on experience with 70% of content being practical
  • 7 different industry-approved projects from a variety of domains including healthcare, retail, BFSI, and real estate
  • Lifetime access to all learning materials and online videos anytime and anywhere
  • Interactive classes and special doubt-clearing sessions with mentors
  • Assistance for quality enhancement of a resume
  • Multiple job referrals to chosen companies
  • 100% placement assistance post-certification to land desired jobs


Course Fee:

  • Live online classes: INR 83900/- +18% GST post scholarship
  • Self-paced classes: INR 55900/- +18% GST post scholarship
  • Paying in installments is possible



  • The government of India endorsed the certificate issued by IIT Kanpur
  • Course completion certificate from Edvancer


8. Coursera:


Coursera is an online educational platform that offers a lot of proficient courses for data analytics & data science. There are courses with different names such as the Google Data Analytics certificate program, IBM Data Analyst, Introduction to Data Analytics, and many more. All these courses cover a lot of important topics relevant to today’s job market and thus can be considered some of the top-class data analytics courses in Mumbai.


Course Duration: 3-6 months on an average

Mode of classes: Online


Curriculum: (It can be varied depending on different courses, but most courses cover the below-mentioned topics)


  • Spreadsheet
  • Data Cleansing
  • Data Analysis
  • Data Visualization
  • SQL
  • Metadata
  • Data collection
  • Data ethics
  • Python
  • Decision making
  • Problem-solving


What Are The Perks of Data Analysis Courses in Mumbai?

  • Immersive content that teaches all in-demand skills required to land a job
  • Mastering important tools such as SQL, R programming, and Excel
  • Mentoring by skilled and experienced industry experts
  • Hands-on experience in handling varied assignments


Course Fee: Varied depending on different courses

Certification: Course completion certificate from respective concerns


9. Upgrad:


If you are a graduate with at least 50% marks and have decent logical and analytical skills with an interest in the Analytics field, then Upgrad might be a good fit for you. Approved by the Government of India and in alignment with NASSCOM standards, this course earns you a WES-recognized degree that is equivalent to a 1-year PG diploma from Canada. And thus this course can not be left out of the list of top data analytics courses in Mumbai. This course is named ‘Executive Post Graduate Program in Data Science.


Course Duration: 12 months (400+ learning hours with 57 live classes)

Mode of classes: Blended



  • Data toolkit
  • Machine Learning
  • Deep learning
  • Natural Language processing
  • Business Analytics
  • Business Intelligence/ Data Analytics
  • Data Engineering


What Are The Perks of Data Analytics Courses in Mumbai?

  • Interactive live classes covering both basic and advanced topics led by the industry experts
  • Personalized sessions of a small group
  • 24*7 student support is available
  • Dedicated career mentorship sessions by a career coach after the course completion
  • Assistance with resume building
  • Assistance with interview preparation
  • Career Boot Camp for improvement of skills
  • Peer-to-peer community forum support
  • Experience in working on 60+ real-life industry projects
  • Timely feedback from mentors to facilitate improvements
  • Help with network building and placement


Course Fee: INR 2,99,000/- (Inc. Taxes)

Monthly no-cost EMI: INR 6736/-



  • Get a specialization certificate from the prestigious institution, IIIT Bangalore
  • Course completion certificate from Upgrad and SSC NASSCOM


10. IMS Proschool:


Dubbed one of the top analytical institutes, IMS Proschool provides high-quality courses with an optimum combination of data analytics techniques and tools. Affiliated with AICTE, this institute’s course is one of the most popular data analytics courses in Mumbai and comes with a PGCM diploma.


Course Duration: 300+ hours of live classes

Mode of Classes:

  • Classroom (In select few cities)
  • Online



  • Data Analysis in Excel
  • Business Statistics
  • Visualization with PowerBI
  • Introduction to IT systems
  • Business communications
  • Marketing management
  • Data handling with SQL and Python
  • Data processing and EDA
  • Machine Learning techniques
  • Advanced machine learning
  • Business simulation


What Are The Perks of Data Analytics Courses in Mumbai?

  • Interactive classes with great faculty
  • In-depth learning of Python, SQL, Excel, Tableau
  • Guaranteed placement at the end of the first year
  • You get a one-year MBA exception
  • Practical learning experience
  • You get AICTE approved certificate


Course Fee: INR 180,000/- (Weekend online classes)


  • AICTE approved PG certificate in management
  • NSDC certification


Frequently Asked Questions:


1. Is Excel learning mandatory for a Data Analyst?

Microsoft Excel is one of the key tools in Data Analytics. So mastering Excel is mandatory for Data Analysts and should be one of the first things they learn.


2. Does a Data Analyst need to learn to code?

Sometimes Data Analysts may need to do some coding for special scenarios, but generally, they do not need to have many coding skills to excel in this field.


3. Can I earn a lot with a Data Analyst job?

In India, a Data Analyst’s salary depends on their work experience. At the entry level, with less than three years of experience, they can earn 4.4 Lakhs per annum. The highest salary for Data Analysts can be around 11.5 Lakhs per year.


4. What is the ideal skill set for a Data Analyst?

  • Complete knowledge of basic & advanced SQL
  • Logical and analytical thinking
  • Statistical programming knowledge with R and Python
  • Data Visualization
  • Machine learning
  • Confidence for presentation
  • Domain-specific expertise




The entire modern world is data-driven. People have begun to capitalize on data to improve their business endeavors as a result of their realization of its value. The importance and need for data analysts grow along with the extent to which we are dependent on data. The market still struggles to fill the demand for qualified Data Analysts in numerous service sectors.

To create a future with bright prospects now is the ideal time to take advantage of the opportunity to start a new professional path with data analytics. Find the best among the various data analytics courses in Mumbai and get started toward a prosperous future! All the courses listed are the best, you just have to pick up the one that suits you the best and fulfills all your needs.

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