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6 Best Financial Modeling Courses in Gurgaon

Business success is determined by your critical decision-making power. To run a business organization, you come across a lot of financial data. This data is in a complex form and it is not easy to interpret conclusions. Financial data is properly organized with the help of financial modeling, making it easy to study the data. Numbers play an important role in business. Business decisions, taken with the sound study of financial data, puts you ahead of your competition and thus create larger market shares and profits. The 6 best Financial Modeling Courses in Gurgaon have listed in this article, but before going to them, we will have a glimpse at a few basic features of Financial Modeling.         


What is Financial Modeling?


Entrepreneurs aim for their businesses to grow at regular intervals. Large-scale industries and other corporate sectors have a history of their financial data. Financial Modeling is known as rearranging this financial data and using this arrangement to predict the future aspects of the company.


Financial Modeling is a general term used. It is usually associated with accounting and finance. The various fields where financial modeling is applied are investment banking, credit research, Research Analysts, Portfolio Management, etc. 


Why Do You Need Financial Modeling?


There is always uncertainty in business. Everything is unpredictable in business. You will require logical development of financial analysis and then figuring out the most probable outcomes. To make a financial analysis and to figure out the most probable outcome, you will need financial modeling. There are a lot of options available for Financial Modeling Courses in Gurgaon. 


The Major Key Concepts Dealt with in Financial Modeling


The major key concepts are Advanced Excel Formulations, Research related to equity, Types of Financial Models, Corporate Finance, Investment Banking, Ratio Analysis, Valuation techniques, Risk management, etc. 


Topics Covered in Advanced Excel


Excel covers many things with different applications. Topics covered in advanced excel which are useful in financial modeling are Lookup Functions, Various charts & graphs, Logical formulas & functions, Filters, Pivot tables, reference functions, etc.   


Various Types of Financial Models


There are 10 different types of financial models used commonly in Financial Modeling Courses in Gurgaon. 

  • Integrated Financial Model
  • Discounted Cash Flow Model
  • Budget Model
  • Forecasting Model
  • Consolidation Model
  • IPO Model
  • Leveraged Buyout Model
  • Merger Model
  • Sum of the Parts Model
  • Option Pricing Model 


Some of the Important Financial Models Are Described Below: 


Integrated Financial Model


As the name suggests, an integrated financial model is the integration of 3 financial statements. The 3 financial statements include the income statement, Balance sheet, and cash flow statement. The general approach to preparing this financial model is to start putting historical values in an excel sheet for all three statements. After getting historical values, you find assumptions that are made in history. The assumptions made are used for predicting future values. This is the most widely used model to predict the future revenues of the company.  


Discounted Cash Flow Model


The Discounted Cash Flow Model is a very widely used model. Discount is made on the future cash value. The DCF model is based on the time value of money. According to the time value of money, the present cash value is greater than the future cash value. This is because the present money can be invested to make it grow in the future. Through the DCF model, you can judge the present value of foresighted future cash flows. The present value helps you to make an investment decision.


Budget Model


A budget model is used to prepare an annual budget for funds that will be required to run a company. It utilizes the income statement, revenue generated, Profit and loss, and many other basic accounting factors to set the budget. Amongst the accounting factors, the income statement is the most crucial while preparing a budget. 


Merger Model 


Large scale companies acquire other small industries and merge with them so that they expand their market and increase profitability in their operations. Merger Model is focused on evaluations of merging firms and calculating possible risks. 


Have a look at a few other rewarding courses in Gurgaon


Will Financial Modeling Courses in Gurgaon Be Beneficial for My Career?


Yes. It does not matter from which field you are, whether it is Commerce, Engineering, or any other. The only thing that is required is Basic maths and an understanding of a few accounting concepts and you will learn this course easily through practical exercises. This course will add new skills to you which help you in your career. If you are a working professional, then you can upgrade yourself and take a promotion. If you are working in a different field other than commerce then also you can shift your career in this field by getting a decent job. If you are a student then you can just add on to your portfolio.  


The 6 Best Financial Modeling Courses in Gurgaon Are Provided by Institutes as Below: 


1. IIM Skills 


This institute was started in 2015. It has its presence in 23 cities and is headquartered in New Delhi. They have delivered more than 2500 training and have more than 15000 trained candidates. It was started after reaching 1 million people digitally for career guidance. This is one of the best institutes providing Financial Modeling Courses in Gurgaon.  


Course Name: Financial Modeling Course


Course Details :

1. Total Course Covered in 6 Modules

  • Module 1: Basic and Advanced Excel 
  • Module 2: Accounting Concepts and Financial statements 
  • Module 3: Ratio and KPI analysis
  • Module 4:Basics Of Financial Modeling 
  • Module 5: Types of financial modeling 
  • Module 6: Business Valuation


2. Ebooks are provided to gain prior knowledge

3. They prepare you for a mock interview

4. 100% Job placement assistance is provided

5 . They provide 2 months of assured internship

6. They provide 4 live projects and 5+ case studies 

7. Recorded lectures are available

8. Course duration is of 3 months including 2 months of internship.

9. Experienced faculty with 12+ experience in this field.

10. Email assistance is provided 


Course Fees: 39900/-

Email id: [email protected]

Contact Number: +91 9911839503


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IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


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2. SLA Consultants 


This institute is located in Gurgaon and offers the best Financial Modeling Courses in Gurgaon. It is an IT and Non-IT training and development institute. It provides 100 different types of courses. Financial modeling is one of the courses they provide. It opens all 7 days a week for visitors.


Course Name: Financial modeling in Excel Training Course


Course Details:

1. Detailed study of Integrated Financial Modeling 

2. There are 5 Modules Available

  • Module 1: Advanced Excel 
  • Module 2: Financial Statement Analysis and Corporate Finance
  • Module 3: Financial Modeling 
  • Module 4: Advanced Dashboard & VBA/Macros Programming Objective
  • Module 5: SAP FICO 


3. Experienced faculty with 10+ years of experience.

4.100% placement assistance provided  

5. Real-time Projects Learning and case study

6. Online and classroom sessions are available 

7. There is a facility available that allows you to use combinations of the above modules and can be utilized and customized according to your needs. 

8. Course duration for the combination of three modules is around 70 to 75 hours or 1-2 months 

9. Placement interviews are arranged after 70% completion of the course and placement assistance is given till you get the job.

10. Weekend classes for working professionals are available.


Course Fees: 26500/-

Email id: [email protected]

Contact Number: +918700575874


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3. IMS Pro School 


IMS Pro school is NSDC approved institute for Financial Modeling Courses in Gurgaon, India, focused on skill development. This institute is also associated with NSE academy and Skill India. They have a strong presence in technology, finance, and accounting firms. 


Course Name: Financial Modeling Plus


Course Details: 

1. 75+ hours of live classes over 3 months of duration 

2. Financial Modeling Plus covers 5 Module


3. Recorded lectures are available 

4. Study material is provided

5. Over 15 practical learning cases are provided

6. 100% Job placement assistance is provided 

7. After 3 months of the course, you are eligible to get a Certificate

8. Certification will be from NSDC+ Pro school 

9. To receive the certificate from NSE Academy you will have to give their exam

10. Experience and well-qualified faculty


Course Fees: 

Live classes 32000/-

Distance learning 20000/-


Email Id: [email protected]

Contact Number: +917710044425


4. The Wall Street School


The wall street school is also known as TWSS. It is a respected organization with its domain specifically in finance and accounting. It has trained more than 10000 students all over the globe. They also have customized corporate courses. 


Course Name: Financial Modeling and Valuations 


Course Details:

1. The course is covered in 10 Modules

  • Module 1: Basic to intermediate Excel 
  • Module 2: Advanced Excel and Powerpoint 
  • Module 3: Basic Finance Concepts 
  • Module 4: Feasibility Study/Business Modeling 
  • Module 5: Comparable Company Analysis
  • Module 6: Precedent Transaction Analysis 
  • Module 7: Discounted Cashflow Valuation 
  • Module 8: Merger Model 
  • Module 9: Leveraged Buyout
  • Module 10: Mock Interviews and resume edits 


2. There is an eligibility interview for candidates to take admission for courses.

3. They charge Rs. 1000/- for a refundable interview.

4. Both Live online classes and offline classroom classes are available 

5. They request you to pay 40% payment initially and 60% after placement

6. Contact details of previously placed candidates are provided

7. Practical case studies are conducted 

8. 100% job placement assistance is provided 

9. Course Duration is 6 weeks for the weekdays batch and 10 weeks for the weekend batch. 

10. Once the candidate is placed through TWSS, then he/she has to pay Rs 75000/- as placement success fees.


Course Fees: 40000/-

Email id: [email protected]

Contact Number: +91-9953729651


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5. CFI Education 


CFI stands for Corporate Finance Institute. This institute is focused on training and educating students and working professionals in all sectors related to finance. Courses are available in Financial Modeling and Valuation, Commercial Banking and Credit Analyst, Business Intelligence, Machine Learning, Cryptocurrency, Wealth Management, and many others. 


Course Name: Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst


Course Details :

1. They have given 5 steps to complete the course.

  • Step 1: Prep course
  • Step 2: Core Courses 
  • Step 3: Elective Courses 
  • Step 4: Final Exam 
  • Step 5: Get FMVA Certification


2. In prep courses, they prepare your fundamentals.

3. In Core courses you prepare for Accounting Principles, Budgeting, Forecasting, etc

4. In Elective courses, you have to select 3 out of 12 more specialized topics.

5. The final exam is conducted and you get the certificate after clearing the exam.

6. Exams are conducted online and are MCQs, Fill in the blanks & excel based. 

7. To clear the exam you need an 80% score.

8. Job assistance is provided.

9. Online courses are available.

10. Practical assignments are provided 


Course Fees: $497/year  on a subscription basis   

Email id: [email protected]

Contact Number: 1-(800)-817-7539


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IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


6. Imarticus Learning


Imarticus Learning institute was founded in 2012. It is focused on teachings related to Finance, Analytics, Technology, and Marketing. They have 500+ Multinational Hiring Partners. They have their presence all over India and also in Dubai. This Institute provides Financial Modeling Courses in Gurgaon also. 


Course Details:

1. The course is covered in 3 sections 

  • Accounting and Financial Modeling 
  • Valuation and Corporate Strategy 
  • Equity Research, M&A, Job Readiness 


2. Accounting and Financial Modeling is covered in 5 weeks 

3. Valuation and Corporate Strategy are covered in 4 weeks 

4. Equity Research, M&A, and Job readiness are covered in 3 weeks

5. In this way, the whole course is covered in 12 weeks 

6. Practical experiences along with 6 real-world projects are provided

7. Resume building and Linkedin profile building sessions are conducted 

8. Self-paced content is provided to learn individuals’ pace

9. You get KPMG endorsed Certification

10. Online live classes are provided      


Course Fees: 65000/-

Email id: [email protected]

Contact Number: +917428292896 


Future Scope of Financial Modeling Courses in Gurgaon


As the businesses are growing, the financial transactions will also be growing and so the need to analyze financial data will also grow. The salary for a financial modeler varies from Rs. 3.2 L to Rs 44.6 L with an average salary of Rs 9.5L. Gurgaon has the Third highest per capita income in India. Doing Financial Modeling Courses in Gurgaon provides you with the opportunity for a job very easily as there are major industries’ corporate offices available. All types of Industries are present in Gurgaon such as manufacturing, IT services, etc. 




Q1. Can individuals with an Engineering background do Financial Modeling Courses in Gurgaon?

Yes. There is no prerequisite that the individual should be from an accounting or finance background. Financial Modeling is related to mathematics which is represented in an excel spreadsheet. Engineers who want to pursue their career in the finance field can start from zero and have decent jobs. Engineers can also upgrade their current job profile by doing this course and adding value to their portfolios.


Q2. What is the average duration of financial modeling courses in Gurgaon?

Consider the average course duration to be around 3 to 5 months. However, many institutes provide self-paced courses where you can take your own time to learn.   


Q3. Is Financial Modeling done in Excel?

There is an elaboration to answer this question. You can do financial modeling using software available in the market. Financial modeling done using software is restricted to its use as you cannot customize the software according to your requirement. While financial modeling was done using Excel can be customized according to your needs. There can be some inefficiency while using excel as everything is done manually. So, appropriate knowledge should be there to use excel to maintain accuracy. Softwares available in the market are Quantrix, Maplesoft, etc. Most institutes use excel for teaching so that you customize the assignments and understand each basic concept with clarity.   


Q4. What is the difference between Financial Analysis and Financial Modeling?

Financial Analysis is predicting the future of the company through the financial data available. While Financial Modeling is preparing a financial model from historical data and creating the assumptions through those financial statements. When you want to raise capital or finance a project then Financial Modeling comes into the picture.


Q5. What is Corporate Finance?

Corporate Finance is that branch where all the finance-related decisions are made in large corporations. These decisions are concerned with investments, capital budgeting, capital financing, return of capital, etc. 


Q6. What is the job profile after learning the Financial Modeling courses in Gurgaon?

After learning the Financial Modeling course, one becomes proficient in Basic and advanced Excel, Basic accounting concepts, finding problems in financial statements, and finding ways to solve them. The job profile of a Financial Modeler is similar to the job in investment banking, Research related to equity, Corporate Finance, Credit Analysts, etc. 


Q7. What is Investment Banking? 

Investment Banking has a wide variety of functions. They help in Mergers and acquisitions. They help in large investments of companies, Governments, and other sectors. Through their proper assessments of financial statements and financial analysis, Investment Bankers guide the firms that are buying and selling large companies. They charge a commission for making such decisions and earn from it. Investment Bankers provide various financial services. A few examples of Investment Banks are Goldman Sachs, Barclays, J P Morgan,




The corporate world is growing at a pace we have never seen before. The times have gone when your academics were considered to be the most important factor and you could get a decent job based on that. In earlier days, jobs were secured and people used to do jobs in only one profile during their whole life. The use of advanced technology and software has made a change in the perception of doing jobs and business. All the data related to accounts and finance was saved by handwritten papers and books. But, now, in one excel file, you can see the whole history of the firm and decide on that basis. 


Financial Modeling Courses in Gurgaon provide you with many options to decide which area you want to grow. Based on your interest level and zeal to learn you can explore many fields related to Investment Banking, Credit Research, Financial Analyst, Project Finance, etc. Doing such courses and developing yourself in the finance field can make you unbeatable. 

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