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Best 10 Online Financial Modeling Courses in India

Online financial modeling courses in India ensure that you upgrade your existing skillsets to clinch some of the top jobs in the financial modeling domain. With financial modeling gaining popularity consistently, it has become imperative that finance professionals and students pursuing commerce, accountancy, and finance upskill and learn about financial modeling to increase their chances of exploring different job avenues in the finance discipline.


Today, we look at Online financial modeling courses in India with complete details of their curriculum, fee, duration, faculty experience, and other distinctive features provided by each institute.


Whether it is investment banking, corporate finance, equity, and credit research, these sectors are increasingly relying on financial modeling as a viable means to gauge the situation of the business. That, in turn, helps top officials in an organization to make crucial decisions regarding the course of business for future growth and prosperity. 


Below is a compilation of the top 10 online financial modeling courses in India that helps you to develop a keen understanding of creating efficient financial models by taking into account different financial statements of an organization and analyzing the financial position of a business. 



IIM SKILLS is one of the most reputed ed-tech institutes offering training programs and certifications in diverse professional domains. Their job-oriented, industry-recognized curriculum and certifications are popular with students across the globe. Along with their digital marketing course, business accounting and taxation course, SEO course, and Content writing training, they have one of the finest online financial modeling courses in India. 


Course Name – Financial Modeling Course 

Course Fee – INR 39,900 + GST


The financial modeling master course from IIM skills is three months of live immersive training that includes 50 + hours of lecture, 5 + case studies, and more than 100 hours of practical assignments. 


Additionally, you get internship opportunities and a sincere placement team that helps you with getting coveted interviews for important job designations in the finance sector. 


The course is 100% practical-oriented with authorized master financial modeling certification which is recognized by the MSME Government of India. You get lifetime access to the learning management system that houses resources, learning materials, ebooks, and session recording presentations to help you with educating yourself whenever you want. 


The help desk is supportive and connects you with experts, counselors, and mentors to resolve doubts and queries. The practical projects and live assignments introduce you to the world of financial Modeling and how efficient financial models are created in the real world. 


The syllabus for the financial modeling course is as follows: 

  • Advanced Excel 
  • Basic To Financial Modeling 
  • Financial Statements 
  • Accounting Concepts 
  • Ratio Analysis 
  • Business Valuation 
  • Types Of Financial Models 
  • 3 Statement Projection Model 
  • Merger &cAcquisition Model 
  • Private Equity Return Model 
  • Cash Flow Model 
  • Relative Valuation 
  • Discounted Cash Flow Valuation 
  • NAV Approach Valuation


The course ensures that you have a thorough idea of financial statements and financial modeling by the time the course is over. Whether it is analytical skills, problem-solving skills, critical thinking, or understanding historical data comprehensively, this course covers all these concepts to make you a pro in financial modeling. 


This course is a must for students and professionals who want to gain knowledge of accounts, finance, and financial concepts to create financial models on MS Excel. The course not only teaches you the essentials of the finance domain but helps you to gain expertise in advanced MS – Excel. 

The course is apt for commerce graduates, tax consultants, finance professionals, business administrators, small and medium business owners, business organizations, chartered accountants, and company secretaries. However, people who do not come from these educational backgrounds can also enroll in the course if they want to make a career switch and want to learn financial modeling for a rewarding career. 


Contact : 9911839503, [email protected] 


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2. Preparation Info 

Preparation Info offers classroom training, online courses, and live online training in different disciplines to help students and professionals gain superior knowledge to give their careers a greater boost. They have some of the most comprehensive online financial modeling courses in India. The institute provides top-quality training in Financial Modeling and Valuation.


Some of their online financial modeling courses follow:

  • Financial Modeling for Startups and Small Businesses
  • Financial Modeling and Valuation 
  • Financial Modeling With MS Excel for Newbies and Pros
  • Finance, Accounting, Modeling, and Valuation 


You can choose any of the 4 courses available to you. Today we look at the Financial Modeling Course – Build A Complete DCF Model 

Course Price – INR 32000 (approx)


  • Company Valuation 
  • Industrial Perspective
  • Determinants Of A Firm’s Value
  • Free Cash Flow Calculation 
  • Estimating The Cost Of Debt And Equity 
  • Budgeting And Forecasting 
  • Terminal Value Calculation 
  • Discounting Future Cash Flows 
  • Calculating The Equity Value Of The Firm 
  • Case Study On How To Value A Company 
  • Structure Of A DCF Model
  •  Stages Of A Complete DCF Model 
  • Flexible Financial Models In Excel 
  • Modeling Items Like Revenue, COGS, Operating Expenses, Depreciation, And Amortization 
  • Interest Expenses, Extraordinary Items, Taxes 
  • Forecasting 
  • Balance Sheet Items 
  • Key Concepts For Finance Practitioners
  • Relevance Of Weighted Average Cost Of Capital 
  • Perpetuity Growth Rate And More


The course comprises 41 lectures with comprehensive, immersive training for 48 hours. The mode of communication is online, and the language of communication is English. 


The simple prerequisites to enrolling in the course are fundamental knowledge of MS Excel, generic information on financial statements, and your diligence and focus in completing the course. 


The course is ideally suited to finance professionals, tax consultants, and start-up owners. The meticulously designed course material and step-by-step process of explaining the different components of financial modeling make it one of the finest online financial modeling courses in India. 


You get regular updates relevant to the course and become familiar with different techniques to value a firm and create a consolidated financial model from the financial statements of a business. 


Contact: [email protected], +1-9038415276


3. CFI

Corporate Finance Institute does not need any introduction to the sector of finance-related education and training programs. With a wide range of financial courses, it has one of the top financial modeling courses in India. 


Course Name – Financial Modeling and Valuation analyst

This training program consists of 30 courses with more than 1620 lessons. You get interactive exercises that help you to understand how financial modeling is done through guided simulation. 


The expert mentors provide you with upgraded knowledge and tips on best practices for incorporating your financial modeling career. You have a blockchain certificate from the Corporate Finance Institute as a testament to your skills and abilities as a finance professional adept at creating financial models.


The curriculum includes the step-by-step process of preparation courses, core courses, and electives. 

Topics include the following:

  • Accounting And Financial Statements 
  • Excel Fundamentals 
  • Corporate Finance Fundamentals 
  • Mathematics In Corporate Finance 
  • Business Valuation Modeling 
  • Three Statement Financial Model 
  • Budgeting And Forecasting 
  • Dashboards And Data Visualization
  •  Powerpoint And Pitch Books 
  • Mergers And Acquisition Modeling 
  • Case Studies On Amazon 
  • Financial Information And Many More. 


Contact: Log in to their website to access the courses. 


4. Career Bulls Institute

Career Bulls Institute is another renowned training institute known for designing some of the top online financial modeling courses in India. Their courses are self-paced as well as Interactive learning with mentors in an immersive virtual class set-up. 


Course Name – Financial Modeling and Valuation.

There are three modes of learning:

  • Live interactive Online training – Rs 30,000
  • Self-study – Rs 18000
  • Classroom Training – Rs 35000. 


Live Interactive Online Training

This includes weekend assignments, learning resources, and study materials, soft skills training, free backup classes, placement assurance, class recordings for revisions, and a certificate of training. You also have one and one counseling with mentors for career guidance. 


Curriculum includes 

  • Understanding MS- Excel 
  • Analysis Of Financial Statements 
  • Financial Ratios & Analysis 
  • Mergers And Acquisitions DCF Analysis 
  • Business Valuation 
  • Initial Public Offering 
  • Investment Banking 
  • Corporate Banking 
  • Private Equity 
  • Budget And Forecasting Research 
  • Credit Research And More. 


It is an 80 + hour interactive training program with finance experts providing intensive knowledge and tips on techniques to create efficient financial models. 


Apart from the course, you get LinkedIn profile building, creating a resume, and soft skills training. The batch size is limited giving students the advantage of personalized training and attention. 


Career Bulls provides international certification by FMI Canada. With mentors having worked in the investment banking sector for more than 15 years, they are an asset to the students. the students can glean so much knowledge just by interacting with them and imbibing whatever tips and advice they have to offer. 


The institute offers 100% placements based on your skills and acumen in creating financial models and understanding the process of Financial Modeling and Valuation. 


After completion of the course, you can pursue a career in investment banking, corporate finance, credit rating agency, equity research companies, financial planning, project finance, asset management,t consulting, and advisory services. 


Contact: 91-8700773639


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5. IB Institute

Regarded as one of the most eminent Institutes for professional training, IB Institute offers financial modeling courses in India at affordable prices. 


The online financial modeling course is priced at INR 14499 and covers all fundamental and advanced concepts of financial modeling. It is a self-paced training program that helps you to master financial modeling skills whether you are a beginner or someone with experience in finance. The course consists of video tutorials and a well-crafted process in which you get exhaustive training in financial modeling and business valuation.


Course Curriculum

  • Macro Programming 
  • Financial Statement Analysis 
  • Ratio Analysis 
  • Financial Modules
  •  Case Studies 
  • IPO Valuation 
  • Project Finance 
  • DCF Analysis 
  • Transaction Valuation Technique 
  • Merger And Acquisition Analysis 
  • Company Profiling 
  • PitchBook Benchmarking 
  • Financial Modeling 
  • Case Studies On Kellogg’s, Colgate, And Telecom Sector 
  • Business Valuation 
  • Equity Research Module 
  • Soft Skills Training And Interview Preparation Kit


The course provides comprehensive training on understanding and analyzing financial statements to perform impact analysis. The different case studies including Tata Motors, Netflix, Colgate, Kellogs, and others help you to understand the nitty-gritty of historical data and to create financial models by studying these companies. 


Some of the key features of the institute are as follows: 

You get lifetime validity of course content in the LMS on the mobile application. Upon registration, you get immediate access to the course along with a promise of lifetime updation on the finance industries’ latest demands, and trends. 


The course includes 400 + videos in 100 + video sessions. You get email support as well as three certifications upon completion of the course. The three certifications are as follows:

  • Advanced financial modeling using excel and macros from IBI Institute
  • Company valuation for mergers and acquisitions with pitch book preparation
  • Certification in IPO valuation and equity research


There are downloadable videos and assignments with case studies. You have PowerPoint presentations and PDFs for assignments. Time is allocated for query sessions with faculty members along with resume-making sessions, interview preparation, and career guidance. The mentors will provide you with key concepts and features to expedite your growth in the finance sector. Skilled investment bankers provide training with years of experience of working in the domain. 


The course will enable you to achieve efficiency in MS Excel. You will learn how to create financial statements from historical data presented to you. You will also strengthen your skills in building cash flow statements and financial models, forecasting the revenue of organizations, performing a valuation of companies, projecting finance models, and performing sensitivity analysis among other skills. The soft skill training will enable you to foster confidence in yourself and become interview ready to get the coveted job in financial modeling. 


Contact : 9312222566, 989699 313, [email protected] 


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6. Udemy

Udemy is one of the largest, if not the largest online education platforms that have a variety of courses in different disciplines. Whatever it is that you want to learn whether is Arts, Science, Or Commerce, Udemy has it for you. Keeping up with its reputation of being one of the finest education podiums, the platform has several online financial modeling courses conducted in India. 


Some of their top online financial modeling courses in India are as follows:

  • Financial Modeling and Valuation Beginner to Pro in Excel 
  • Building a Complete DCF Valuation Model
  • Financial Modeling for Business Analysts and Consultants 
  • Introduction to Financial Modeling for Beginners
  • Financial Modeling for Real Estate 
  • Project Finance Modeling for Renewable Energy
  • Financial Modeling and Forecasting Bootcamp
  • Step by Step Three Statement Financial Modeling 


You can check out the details on the platform and enroll in one that suits you the best.


7. Caclub India 

Caclub India is one of the top institutes for chartered accountancy, company secretaryship, commerce, and other finance-related courses. They have introduced a Financial Modeling Certification Course which is certified by Grant Thornton In India. 


Course Name – Advance Financial Modeling And Valuation Certificate

Course Fee – INR 14499 + taxes

The course comprises 40 hours of recorded videos and 8 hours of Advanced Excel course by Grant Thornton. Additionally, you have two hours of assessments and other assignments. 



The course is conducted in English and e-notes are provided to students for clarity. The validity of the course is 1 year with no restrictions on the number of times you access the learning management system during this time. After the course is complete, you get a joint certification from CA club India and Grant Thornton. 


Other than these features, you have quizzes and final assessments, query resolutions from experts, and GT presentations for course materials. 



  • Understanding Finance Model Templates 
  • String Function
  •  Data Table 
  •  Custom Formatting And Referencing 
  • Understanding Business Model 
  • Financial Statements 
  • Financial Model Valuation 
  • Cost Of Equity 
  • Project Valuation Modeling 
  • Interactive Excel Dashboard  
  • Mergers & Acquisition Introduction And Evaluation 
  • Acquisition Valuation 
  • Performing Sensitivity Analysis


The instructors have 12 + years of experience in business modeling strategy, financial planning, analysis, consulting, and financial management. They have conducted corporate training in eminent organizations including business schools, professional institutes and companies. 


The course pedagogy is a judicious mix of theoretical understanding of important elements through examples and case studies. This enables students to understand the scenario better and helps to align with financial modeling job roles. You learn about industry best practices and gain conceptual clarity on financial statements and related components.


After exploring the course, if you still have queries you can always request a call back from the institute to help understand the curriculum better. They also provide provisions to speak to The counselor to understand what the course exactly entails. 


Contact : 011-411, 70713


8. SLA Consultants 

SLA consultant since its inception 10 years back, has been instrumental in helping professionals in IT and non-IT sectors gain job-oriented training in different domains like accounts, finance, taxation, Data Analytics, Excel, business analytics, data science, human resources, digital marketing, tally, software testing, and more. Being an ISO 9001:2015 certified organization, they have been listed among the top training institutes for diverse professional courses. 


Course Name – Advanced Financial Modeling Certification 


  • Advanced Excel 
  • Financial Statement Analysis 
  • Financial Modeling In Excel 
  • Macros And Dashboard 
  • VBA 


The financial modeling course comes with an industry-recognized advanced financial modeling certification upon completion of the course. The course duration is 70 to 75 hours of rigorous learning with skilled corporate trainers as mentors. 


You have a variety of assignment handouts, and real-time exposure to understand how financial modeling is done in the real world. 


The faculty members are top analysts from business colleges with more than a decade of experience in teaching different aspects of finance. 


You have financial morning workshop sessions, state-of-the-art labs facility, placement assistance, administration support, and mentor assistance for doubt clarification and queries. All of these qualities make SLA Consultants one of the top online financial modeling courses in India


Contact : 8700575874, [email protected]


9. IMS Proschool 

IMS Proschool has one of the best online financial modeling courses in India with a high-grade curriculum and diverse significant features. 


The financial modeling certification from IMS Pro School is NSC Academy certified. Here you get a dual certificate of NSDC Certificate and NSE Academy Certificate. You learn Excel, project finance, equity valuation, ratio analysis, by participating in practical projects. You also learn core skills like financial statement analysis, historical data handling, financial mathematics, corporate finance, and more. 


Contact: 7710044425, [email protected]


10. Grant Thornton 

GTA Academy is one of the top institutes for online financial modeling courses in India. The certification in financial Modeling and valuation from Grant Thornton is an in-depth program with 40 hours of instructor lead training through Cisco WebEx and 30 hours of recorded VBA and case studies. You get access to the learning management system for 1 year and get a certificate of completion on passing the final assessment test. 


This online training program is aimed at investment bankers, equity researchers, merger and acquisition analysts, chartered accountants, business administrators, and finance and commerce graduates.


Course Fee – INR 30000 + taxes

Topics covered

  • Advanced Excel 
  • Basic Business Models 
  • Financial Statements Valuation 
  • Project Valuation 
  • Visualization 
  • Merger And Acquisition Introduction Evaluation And Valuation

Contact : 9654190274, 9891395363



1. What are the best online financial modeling courses in India? 

The institutes mentioned above all provide top-grade training in online financial modeling courses. It ultimately depends on your prerogative as to what are your requirements for an online financial modeling course. You should ensure that it ticks the boxes in your checklist and meets all your expectations. 


2. What should I look for in online financial modeling courses? 

The most vital things to look for in an online financial modeling course in India are practical assignments, mentor experience, topics covered, whether advanced Excel is incorporated in the training, and post-course help. With more and more people opting for financial modeling courses, it becomes important that you learn everything exhaustively through practical projects and assignments.If you go through the brochure of these institutions, and still have doubts regarding the efficacy of the course, talk to an expert at the institutes and find out whether the course aligns with your expectations. 


3. What is the course price and duration of online financial modeling courses in India? 

The course price for online financial modeling courses in India varies from INR 15k – to 55K. The duration of such courses is around 3-4 months. However, assessment tests, practical projects, and soft skills training may compel the program to be extended. You have to inquire with the institute you enroll in for the same. 



These 10 top-notch financial modeling courses in India ensure that you have a carefully planned and relevant curriculum that incorporates all the important factors of the financial modeling system. This course not only helps you develop proficiency in creating advanced Excel models with charts and diagrams but also helps to build confidence and create a tailored resume to make a favorable impact on potential employers. They conduct skills training that includes communication skills, presentation skills, and analytical skills to help bolster your chances of getting lucrative jobs in the finance sector.


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