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Top 4 Technical Writing Courses in Varanasi With Placements

A technical writer has some sets of skills that are different from any other forms of writing like content or creative writing. Precisely, they are often involved in bridging the gap between the service provider and the end user. Typically a technical writer’s job starts after a product or a service is released, to communicate the process to use the product or give a product description to the audience. This write-up is an effort to tell you some of the basic factors to becoming a technical writer and some of the best institutes for technical writing courses in Varanasi to learn.


What is Technical Writing & Why is It Important?


Technical writing is a type of writing which makes complex information comprehensible to a different type of audience within their limit. Quite simply, the technical writer works closely with the subject matter experts like the engineers, developers, and specialists to write the direction for the usage of the product or service.


hey usually put the complex information in the simplest way possible. A technical writer does thorough research on the development of a product or service, and therefore the same is communicated more easily to a different group of individuals within its business. Some of the most common examples of technical writing are the user manual guide of a product, SOP (standard operating procedure), and training manuals.


Unlike content writing or creative writing, technical writing does not have to sway the reader. The task of a technical writer is to write objective-based information about the service or the product and educate them. It is one of the most integral parts of the organization, be it software, manufacturing industry, or healthcare.


In the healthcare industry, a technical writer writes scientific documents and drug-related journals, and a lot many more. A technical writer describes the process to carry out a task in a simple and comprehensible way possible. They focus on providing a straightforward direction of usage and specification of products & services in the simplest way possible.


Industries That Will Look for a Technical Writer


With the increase in the number of startups and different technological companies, it is quite evident that there has been a study rise in the demand for technical writers who can communicate the process to the audience, and a technical writer works as a guide and an educator to the user.


The genre of writing is common in every field, but as a technical writer, you have to develop a skill to understand a particular industry and the subject that interests you. This article on the best technical writing courses in Varanasi will help you take the first step.


Some of the Major Industries That Require a Technical Writer Are Below:


  • SaaS (Software as a service)

Software companies are the highest recruiter for technical writers. They are responsible for creating documents that clarify the usage of the software and its services for internal purposes and for other users as and when required. They work closely with the development team and understand the nuances of the product and effectively explain the process to run the program in the simplest way possible. As a quality technical writer, you need to have a higher degree of understanding of software products to quickly understand the dense topics and communicate the same in the simple language possible.


  • Medical

A medical writer is involved in writing a wide range of articles research papers and documents related to health care and medicine. However there are different types of medical writers, some of them write for a professional audience like doctors and scientists and some write for general audiences or a layman per se. Medical writing is a very valued and respected career and the demand for a medical writer is rising each day.


Depending on the job role, these medical writers work closely with a team of scientists who provide them with information to communicate it to the audience through different mediums like digital or print. Companies related to biotechnology, medical research organizations, publishers, pharmaceutical, and medical device manufacturers, hire medical writers who have a good command of medical terminology and English.


  • Insurance

Insurance companies are also among the top recruiter for technical writers. As a technical writer, you should have the ability to understand the complexities of the new policies and guidelines and have the ability to answer queries. You should have the ability to develop original content for the press releases claims and new policies.


You will have to empower yourself to understand the different guidelines of the business and develop the operation information that will help in the growth of the business. Compliance certification and certification in different financial instruments with the technical writing course will be an added advantage to getting your resume shortlisted for an interview in this sector.


  • Manufacturing

A technical writer in a manufacturing unit is responsible for writing manuals for different products for internal purposes. They work towards bringing various information concisely. As a technical writer, you will be responsible to develop documents for instructional purposes for the audience and the new user in a unit.


The technical writing courses in Varanasi will help you deliver it in the right way. A technical writer will work closely with the team of subject matter experts (SME) to give clear information to the vendor and also to the partners of the company.


Manufacturing plants of motor vehicles, healthcare equipment, and other related industries hire a lot of technical writers to convey all the information effectively. Along with the technical writing courses in Varanasi, an additional engineering degree with an understanding of hardware systems will be an added advantage in this field.


  • Government Sectors

The project team from various departments has been improving a lot of systems and services, and thus executing these services by the technical team will require a lot of guidance and information. And the government has started realizing the importance of technical writers. The technical writing courses will help you develop a higher degree of understanding of the products, services, and guidelines and communicate the information to the reader.


For example, as a research officer, you will be responsible for developing a protocol, training manuals, survey reports, and articles on different topics and services. After the completion of the technical writing courses in Varanasi, you will be able to apply in different departments of Information technology, Information technology-enabled sectors, and healthcare.


As a technical writer, you will help in communicating information to government officials, doctors, engineers, and the general public. A degree in Mass Communication and journalism along with a good command of English will be an added advantage during the recruitment process. As a technical writer, you should be willing to travel to different places to understand different ongoing government projects.


  • Banking

Before you start a career as a technical writer in the banking sector after the completion of the technical writing courses in Varanasi, it is mandatory to have a sound knowledge of finance and financial instruments. The banking sector has undergone a huge change, and a lot of developments have been happening in different financial technology (fintech) companies in the ever-changing business model.


As a technical writer in a bank, you will be responsible to develop documents regarding the new guideline and policies, report writing, writing articles, and answering queries regarding the newly built functions and applications. Along with the certification of the technical writing courses in Varanasi, you should be well aware of the current market information and develop a higher degree of understanding of economics to evaluate problems and opportunities and communicate the same to the internal management team and also to the reader.


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4 Key Factors to Becoming a Successful Technical Writers


Understanding of the Product and Its Industry

A writer plays a very important role after product development. On the contrary, a technical writer has to be creative to understand the product and possess all the necessary techniques to deliver the message to the audience. A technical writer needs to have in-depth knowledge about the product he is going to write about, and these nuances will be the best taught in the institutes providing technical writing courses in Varanasi.


Research Skills

You need to have a deeper understanding of the audience you are going to write to. As a technical writer, you need not be a subject matter expert, however, you need to have a thorough knowledge of the product or service you are going to write about. Strong knowledge of data analysis is always an added advantage for a technical writer.


Simplified Language

The delivery of information to the audience has to be easily understood and the reader should be able to act on the same once they read the document. Usage of simplified language will help the reader perceive the information quickly and easily. It will not only avoid unwanted doubts but it will also save a lot of time for the reader.


Troubleshooting Ability

A technical writer should possess the ability to ask questions. It is one of the important skills to learn from the technical writing courses in Varanasi. This will help you to build the answers to the possible questions that would arise. As a technical writer, you need to possess the ability to look deeper into the process and identify the possibilities of problems and provide solutions.


Here are the top-notch Technical Writing Courses in India


Top 4 Institutes for Technical Writing Courses in Varanasi


Some of the best institutes for technical writing are listed below.


1. IIM Skills


One of the leading platforms for e-learning, IIM Skills, is one of the top institutes where you can learn from basic to advanced levels of technical writing. Apart from the 5 weeks of online class, you will be provided with 1 month of guaranteed internship during which you will be able to build your portfolio for a job interview as well as freelancing.


IIM Skills is the globally known platform for the wide range of skill development courses that they offer. One of the most preferred and best courses by them is Technical Writing Course. A properly authorized and approved certification is provided once you finish the course.


The courses will be delivered through live online sessions, and if you miss the session for any obvious reason, you will receive the link to the recorded video of the missed sessions so that you can learn as per your availability without compromising your personal or professional commitments.


So basically, the course with IIM Skills is a perfect choice for those who want to learn and also continue with their studies/ work or personal responsibilities. Also, the mentors are all well experienced and industrially specialized for better practical learning. With IIM Skills, you will gain more practical knowledge which prepares you for the professional world along with learning. Microsoft, Amazon, CISCO, and Oracle are some of the major recruiters of IIM skills.



Course Details

Technical Writing Master Course
Duration – 20 hours of live lecture with 60 hours of practical Exam.
1-month Internship
100% Placement assistance


Course Highlights

  • Basics of Writing
  • Whitepaper & Journals
  • Scientific Research
  • DDLC
  • API documents
  • Medical writing
  • Case Studies


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2. Udemy


Udemy has gained popularity in a very short time for the wide range of courses that they offer through e-learnings. They have courses for beginners as well. So, if you are completely new to technical writing then this would be the best platform to start your journey to learning technical writing courses in Varanasi. This course will teach you the basics of writing at a very reasonable price.


It will not only teach you the basics of technical writing but also help you with recourses that help to write technical documents with more poise. The lectures will come in a pre-recorded video format that can be accessed from anywhere. This is the best course to take if you are a working professional and have a busy schedule. Also if you are a student pursuing your studies can learn as per your flexibility. Along with technical writing courses, Udemy has many other courses.


Course Details

Tech Writers Master Class
Duration – 6 Hours with downloadable reading materials
Assignments during the course

Course Highlights

Basic Technical writing
Analyzing and the reader
Writing Style guideline
Writing Technical documents


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3. Information Developers Foundation


The institute is based out of Bangalore and has been in operation since 2009. The Institute is run by Mr. Rahul Karn who is also a Project Head in an MNC currently. He has an industry experience of over 15+ years. A free webinar is available on the homepage of the website which will give you a basic introduction to the course.


Course Details

Technical Writing Mastery Course
Duration – 100 hrs live class


Course Highlights

Basics of Technical Communication
Business Communication
Cross-Functional Skills
Screen Capturing tools
Resume Development & Interview Tips 


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4. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is another top e-learning platform to learn technical writing courses in Varanasi. The institute has been present for over 15 years now and has a very good placement record. Henry Harvin is the most popular institute for the different types of courses that they offer. The mentors are all highly experienced and talented. So undoubtedly, you will be trained under highly professionally experienced teachers.


The course comes with a 1 year of Gold membership of the writing academy which will give you access to different Master class sessions for soft skill development. There are many perks once you enroll with Henry Harvin throughout and post you complete the course with them. You can check the details on their website.


Course Details

Technical Writing Curse with Gold Membership
Duration – 32 Hours of a live class
Internship Assistance
100% Placement Assistance


Course Highlights

Creating Technical Document Template
Advance Technical Writing Tools
API Documentation



Professional Path of a Technical Writer


Regardless of the specialized niche as a technical writer, you will have to follow a precise path, from entry-level technical writing to a senior-level writer. Below are some of the levels that a technical writer will go through.


  • Entry Level/ Junior Level Writer

As a fresher after the completion of the technical writing courses in Varanasi, your job as an entry-level technical writer will start by assisting in research work and gathering information. You will slowly start with assisting the technical writers and the senior writer in writing and drafting the documents. Your major work will include research and updating the obtainable credentials.


  • Technical Writer/Mid-Level Writer

As a technical writer or a mid-level writer, you will have to start with developing different documents like user manuals, training material, API documents, tutorials, etc for internal and external audiences. You will have to work closely with the technical and the r&d team to understand the process and develop content as and when required. You will have to constantly work on developing internal guidelines to improve different departments. To join directly in a mid-level position, you need to have a relevant experience in the related field.


  • Senior Technical Writer

A writer with experience of 5+years in a relevant field is fit to join the senior technical writer in any organization. They are quick in identifying the problem areas and rectifying them. They are proactive and highly trained professionals. They are responsible to monitor the work of junior-level and mid-level technical writers.


They work closely with the management team and understand complex problems and communicate the same to the management in a simple language. They train the writers on regular basis and manage multiple projects at a time. As a senior-level writer, you need to develop a deeper knowledge of the guideline of the company. A master’s degree and team handling and leadership skills are mandatory to qualify for the role of a senior technical writer.




Q1. What kind of educational background is required for the technical writing courses?

To get hired in an organization as a technical writer, you need to have a good command of the English language. A degree in any discipline and certain knowledge of technical terms and guidelines in the related niche will be an added advantage. A basic understanding of the technology works as icing on the cake for better and fast learning.


Q2. Can a technical writer work remotely?

Yes, post-completion of the technical writing courses in Varanasi, you will have various positions open which will allow you to work conveniently in the comfort of your home, depending on the organization.


Q3. Do I need to know programming languages?

No, it is not mandatory to have any programming language knowledge to become a technical writer. Post completion of the technical writing course, you will be a job-ready individual.


Q4. What is the starting salary for a technical writer once you finish the technical writing courses?

According to, the starting salary for a technical writer would start anywhere between 4.5 to 6.5 lakhs per year in India, and it will progressively increase based on experience.


Q5. Can a technical writer work part-time?

Yes, there are various positions open in the market currently. You will have options to work as a part-time or a full-time employee as well.




With the increase in the number of start-ups and the advancement of science and technology, there has been a rise in the demand for technical writers in India currently. Technical writers will have opportunities in almost all industries rite from engineering, medical science, technology, and manufacturing that being said there is end number of opportunities available for a candidate. This article on the top technical writing courses in Varanasi is an attempt to educate you and give you an overview of the topic. Undoubtedly, this field will have a lot of opportunities with a higher degree of job satisfaction. So, what are you waiting for? Just review the article again and enroll in your favorite course to make a great launch of your career in technical writing.

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