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Top 10 Data Analytics Courses in Vadodara With Placements

Currently, data analytics is a booming sector, and that is why this domain has become popular in the education world. So many students prefer to choose data analytics courses in Vadodara to make sure that they hone their skills to make their career in this particular industry.


You need to know why you should learn data analytics so you can make a big change in this industry. It is a data-driven world and almost 90% of data was created in the last 2 years. So here are a few reasons why you should take up data analytics as your learning module.


What Does a Data Analyst Do?

If you are wondering what exactly a data analysis expert does then here are the basic responsibilities handled by a data analyst. It will help you to know why you should take up date analytics courses in Vadodara.

  • At first, the data analyst collects data from different sources so that it can be used to create a robust insight for the business strategists.
  • The data is organized in such a way that it can give some value to the data analytics expert.
  • Then the data analyst generates a detailed report to present the data qualitatively.
  • After that, a pattern is made from the data and the trend and correlation are detected to strategize the business insights.
  • Lastly, different ideas are implemented to improve the process to enhance the business.


Why You Should Take Up Data Analytics Courses?

A data analyst converts the numerical data to get insights to help the business owners get some benefit and make a profit out of it. The numerical data is all about advertising rates, sales figures, market share, fixed business cost, or customer churn rate. So, all organizations need analysis based on those data to set up their next strategy in the business. Here we have talked about a few reasons why you should learn data analytics as a student in business administration.


  • Growth in the Career

A data analyst can grow a certain limit which you cannot even imagine if you do your courses in the right way. Currently, the digital universe is full of data and if you know how to handle them then you will be in a win-win situation in your career for sure. That is the main reason why data science is a hot topic for students.

According to the survey reports, we will have 163 zettabytes of data by 2025 which is a huge number. So, you can imagine that being a data analyst can be one of the best ways to earn a handsome amount of money and make it big in your career.

In case you want to be a big giant in the data analysis world then you must take up some good data analytics courses so that you can learn the basic concepts of it as a beginner. After that, you can move to the advanced techniques.


  • High Salary Structure

We just talked about the growth opportunity in data analytics and it is quite certain that you will have a high salary structure if you correctly learn data science. If you search online then you will get to see that data analysts are getting huge salaries from big companies.

All people choose their courses to earn well in a particular industry and if you are aiming for that then data analysis is a great module to learn for sure. Sometimes the students think that data analysts have limited responsibilities and that is why the salaries will be limited as well. It is not true.

If you learn data analytics then it will be a stepping stone in your career by which you can get into the international market as an analyst which can be a prestigious job in today’s era. So, we can say that data analysis can give you a high salary if you learn it correctly and implement it in your career.


  • Variety in Specializations

Data analysis is a term that is quite broad and it has a variety of specializations that will blow your mind. There are so many data analytics courses in Vadodara which can give you the option to choose the best specialization as per your interest area. You can select it as per your competency and preference.

You should also think about your future career prospects while choosing the specialization so that you can do whatever will interest you. In case you think that marketing is your thing then you can choose to become a marketing analyst which is a prestigious specialization in this area.

Here you will handle the responsibilities to analyse the data to see whether your company is in a good position in the market for a certain product or not. If you are interested in the financial framework of a company then you can take up the financial analyst course to learn more about this area.

Here you will analyze the previous data related to the financial structure of the company and create a strategy to make the maximum profit in the coming days. Sometimes people prefer to become operations analysts to use the data to create insight to improve the end-to-end operations in a particular company.


  • Healthy Work Environment

If you want to have an exciting environment in your workplace then the data analyst position can interest you. If you work in this profile then you won’t ever feel dull in the office because you will have a lot of things that will be quite new to you. On the other hand, it is a very competitive sector where you need to work on your skills all the time and that is why you cannot miss a moment to learn something new.

After joining the industry, you will be given so much exciting training which will also remove the boredom from your life.  So, if you don’t want to get bored in the office and want to learn something new all the time, this is the perfect course for you.


  • Create a Difference

As a data analyst, you can make a huge difference in the company which can help them in a long run. So, it is an opportunity for you to make it big in this industry by helping out your organization to enhance its profit by using simple data. You can take up data analytics courses to see the actual impact of data in the real world right now.

It will help you to get an idea about the data analytics industry and you also understand how it will help you to make a difference in your organization. Currently, companies are using data to create insight and also forecast their market condition in the coming days. If you can help out them in that job then it will be a good career growth and also you can earn huge out of your skill.


  • Rule the Digital World

This is the digital era we are living in and if you can learn how to use digital data and convert it to something meaningful then you can rule this world. Once you take up the data analytics courses in Vadodara, you can learn a lot of basics and advanced techniques of this technology.

After that, you can use several data to create an overview of the market which will be helpful for the company you are working in. So, if you want to become the leader in the digital world then this technology can be a good thing to learn in your MBA days.


  • The Requirement in All the Sectors

Data analytics is useful in all sectors because it is all about using the data to detect the present condition of the company in the market and strategize for its future. So, you will have a lot of options in the industry to join a company once you become a data analyst.

So, we can say that it will be a great opportunity for you if you learn this course because there won’t be any limit in the industry to work in. That is why nowadays students learn data analytics because they will be able to try different sectors after learning it.


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How To Choose Data Analytics Courses in Vadodara?

In case you want to take up data analytics courses in Vadodara then you have to understand the steps you need to follow before choosing the course perfectly. According to the Harvard Business Review published in 2012, the data analytics job is treated to be the sexiest job in this century. So, you should follow a certain way by which you can make up your mind to take up data analytics courses in Vadodara.


  • Be Clear About Your Specialization

You have to make up your mind about the specialization you want in the data analytics world. It is all about the type of interest and the skillset you have. Once you will decide which specialization will suit best for you, you can take up a good course and learn the basics to move to the advanced techniques of the particular specialization.


  • Understand Your Skillset

You have to understand your skillset to know which part will be the best suited for you if you want to learn data analytics for your career. You can simply analyze your interests and the things you can do already to know about the qualities you have. Then only it will be possible for you to choose the right direction towards a good quality data analytics course.


  • Plan Your Budget

You can search for data analytics courses in Vadodara if you want to take up an offline course for a better understanding. In this case, you will have your mind who will constantly give you insights about the things you need to learn and how you can improve your concept. In case you have a low budget then you can also go to the online courses on platforms.


  • Create a Schedule

You have to set up your schedule in such a way that it does not hamper your regular MBA courses. Data analytics is a thing that you should use as the cherry on the cake and that is why it should not hamper your regular study routine. So, you need to create a useful schedule that you will follow to learn the basics and advanced techniques of data analytics.


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What Are the Best Data Analytics Courses in Vadodara for Your Career?

Most of the time students prefer online courses rather than taking up offline courses. If you want to learn data analytics systematically then online courses can help you out in this situation.


1. Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate – Coursera

This is the data analytics course offered by Google. They provide a professional certificate after the completion of the course successfully. You will come across 222 courses on Coursera related to these topics which are provided by Google. This course is reasonable and it does not need any previous experience related to the data analytics sector.

If you think that you can invest 10 hours a week to learn data analytics then you can complete this course within 6 months. Here, you can get the benefits like having a certificate from a known brand and all the necessary advanced techniques you need to follow to be a data science expert.


2. Data Analytics Boot Camp – Springboard

This course is designed for beginners and has all the tools included to have great exposure in the tech industry. You will get a career coach and a mentor to learn all the skills in such a way that you can implement them in the industry later. If you want to be in the tech industry and can put in the effort of 20 hours of study a week then this course is made for you.

It has 400 hours of lectures and you can set up your pace as per your comfort level. Their data analysis courses in Vadodara have all the basics and advanced techniques included in the structure. You will be able to know all the things you have to use when you will work in this domain.


3. Weltec

If you search online for data analytics courses in Vadodara then you will find this course which is specially made for people who want to make a career in this particular field. They hire working professionals as mentors so that they can prepare you for interviews as well as master the basic concepts.

You can also opt for practical training and an international certificate. This course will provide 100% placement support and flexible batch timings. If you think that you don’t want to invest a lot of money on the first day then you can take up the no-cost EMI facilities for the fees.

As the course highlights, this course has all the project work included which will help you to apply the knowledge to the project to get hands-on experience while learning.


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4. Tops Technologies

Tops Technologies provides hands-on training in the data analytics sector at an affordable price. Here you can choose flexible timings as per your schedule and you will get industry-based training from an expert-level mentor. You will also get some placement opportunities if you do well in the course. In this course, you will get a mentor who will help you to get your interviews going well by arranging mock interviews and giving you insights about the question type.


5. Brain Station

If you search for data analytics courses in Vadodara then you will also get the option of online sites that will provide you with the best training in this particular industry. Brain Station is capable to create a good quality course structure which will take around 10 weeks if you take up weekend classes.

The best part is they have the facility to choose a monthly payment option if you are not able to pay the complete price at the beginning of the course. This platform has designed the course in different modules and created projects in each step so that you can apply whatever you learn. So you will be able to solve real-world problems after completing the data analysis courses in Vadodara.



Rise or Rishabh Integrated Skill Enhancement Centre provides top-class data analytics courses in Vadodara which will help you a lot in your career especially if you are a computer science or IT graduate. It is a 4 months course and after completing it, you will be able to implement the basics and advanced knowledge in data analytics in your career. The coding module is not included here.


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7. Cloudera

It is a very useful data analytics course available online which is best for people who want quick training in this field. You will have to appear for 120 minutes test to get the certificate and once you are done with that, you will be treated as an expert in data analytics. So, if you are searching for data analytics courses in Vadodara for a long time then this online course can help you with that


8. Bright Computer Education

In case you want some high-quality data analytics courses in Vadodara then this one can be a good choice for you. In this course, you will learn data science in a detailed manner and you can also choose your specialization as per your interest area.

So, if you know which specialization will be the best choice for you then you can try out this course. The certification will give you benefits whenever you join any company as a data analyst because it has both basic and advanced modules.


9. Business Analytics Online Certification Program – Wharton

This is the course that includes data science along with complete business analytics. In case you are doing an MBA then you will have less time to learn something else other than your course work. This course will need 8 hours a week of your time and that is the best feature of this course. So, if you think that you can manage that much time from your busy schedule to learn then their data analytics courses in Vadodara will be a great choice.


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10. Udacity

Among all the data analytics courses in Vadodara, the course offered by Udacity can give you all the facilities online very easily. It is designed for a few experienced programmers because here you won’t get to learn the programming basics. This course is for 4 months if you can invest 10 hours a week.

It has flexible timing and you can take up classes whenever you are free. So, you can opt for this course if you don’t have much time on your hand but still wants advanced training in data analytics.




1. How should I choose the best data analysis courses in Vadodara?

If you search online about the data analytics courses in Vadodara then you will get a lot of search results. At first, you need to understand what exactly you want in the course structure, and then only it will be possible for you to select the best course. You also need to think about which specialization will be the best one for your career plan.


2. What is the cost of data analytics courses in Vadodara?

There are different types of cost structures where you just have to make sure that you get all the modules from basics to advanced level so that you can learn it to make a career. You can also go for online courses which charge less but if you want a certificate and special training from a dedicated mentor then offline courses will be the best-suited option for you.


3. Can I expect a good salary after doing data analysis courses in Vadodara?

Yes. You will get a handsome salary package after doing data analysis courses in Vadodara because it is a booming sector right now. So, if you can set your skill sets in such a way that you do a great job in your workplace to enhance their profit then you can earn a lot from this course.


3. Do I have to know programming before getting into data analytics?

If you know the program beforehand then it will be a win-win situation for you in the data science sector. But even if you don’t know to program then you can learn it from scratch while getting into the data analytics course module. So, it is quite certain that you can do this course without even having programming knowledge beforehand.


4. Will I get a job immediately after doing the data analysis courses in Vadodara?

The timing of getting a job depends on your skill and the level of expertise you have on the subject. If you can on your skills in such a way that you immediately get hired then it is your credit. Sometimes you may take some time to get a job in this particular field because of the high competition level. So, it is always best to keep calm while searching for a job and practicing your skills.

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