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Top 5 Data Analytics Courses in Ahmedabad With Placements

The rise of data analysis as a career path is happening in India. The impact and scope of data analytics as a career option are becoming open and widespread. Are you an aspiring professional with a knack for statistics, waiting to mark your foot in the data analytics industry? Do you often find yourself browsing for the ‘Best Data Analytics courses in Ahmedabad’ or ‘Data Analytics courses for beginners? If you are someone interested in data and statistical analysis but unaware of how to make a career path out of it, you must understand how the industry operates.


What Does Data Analytics Mean?

Data Analytics refers to the study of sets of raw data and understanding or developing conclusions about the information intertwined in them. These days Data Analytics employs various tools and software to assist in the processing of data sets. The technology and methodologies involving data analytics are used in commercial businesses to help them make better business choices.

The technology is also used by researchers and scientists for the validation or dismissal of scientific hypotheses, facts, and models. To better understand the term, ‘data analytics can be simply defined as a method of analyzing raw data to process and organize information in them.

It is very similar to business analytics in concept. In simple words, Data Analysis refers to identifying, collecting, cleaning, and analyzing raw data, and finally concluding the analysis that was carried out. The benefits of employing data analytics include higher business revenue returns, enhance operational efficiency, and encourage customer service and engagement.

To be more precise, the main objective of data analytics is to increase business performance. The analytics helps businesses to swiftly recognize emerging trends in the industry and overtake their rivals in the competition. This advanced real-time data analytics technology is far more sophisticated than its traditional counterparts.

Over recent years, technology has sprung up in various hotspots of India. The career path in data analytics has already been paved, which is why one could spot numerous Data Analytics courses in Ahmedabad. The transformation in the industry is huge and is constantly evolving.


Job Responsibilities of a Data Analyst 

Here Are Some of the Job Responsibilities and Duties of a Data Analyst in a Company:

  • Supervise the distribution of client satisfaction surveys and feedback forms using data visualization tools.
  • Collect and arrange data from multiple sources to obtain fresh information to meet client inquiries.
  • Backend code creation, maintenance, development, and testing.
  • Collaborate with teams and data scientists to determine the most suitable product solutions.
  • In partnership with business service owners, create objectives, organize and conduct analytical initiatives, establish success criteria, and analyze outputs.
  • Utilize data quality methodologies, build data processes, and set data quality standards.
  • Create data methods and statistical validation tools to ensure that the data being gathered is correct.
  • Apply analytical techniques and procedures to extract and provide fresh insights to customers via reports or visualizations.
  • Keep tabs on areas for improvement in techniques, procedures, and structures.
  • Take part in interaction and collaboration with business units, sponsors, support staff, and developers to establish concepts, and analyze requests and aspects.
  • Create visuals from complex data and concepts.
  • Transform important questions into usable analytical activities.
  • Create a group to review and analyze critical data that can be used to drive future company plans.


Reasons to Opt for Data Analytics as a Career Path

Data analytics is an excellent career path. Recently, data analytics has seen a boom in various industries, and job opportunities are exploding. In simple terms, this is the right moment to start working with data. Every day, billions of bytes of data are generated, and the rate only keeps increasing.

As businesses’ data collecting develops in extent and complexity, it’s obvious that they’ll want to maximize the use of that data, and Data Analysts are in the limelight of this process. Moreover, the increased demand for Data Analysts corresponds with a rise in salary, which is why many Data Analysts’ incomes are well above around Rs 1.5 Lakhs per annum, even in junior jobs, and in case of senior or highly specialized roles frequently exceeding Rs. 6 Lakhs.

There are mainly three sub-categories of jobs one can get placed in after completing Data Analytics courses in Ahmedabad – Data Analyst, Data Engineer, or Data Scientist. They are similar jobs with slightly varying responsibilities. Although high demand for data analysts and good pay scale are perks of pursuing data analytics, it comes with other advantages too.

Data analysts work together with the hierarchy and also become a part of the primary decision-making in a company. This paves the way for data analysts to rise to higher managerial positions eventually. Other perks of the job include being able to travel frequently and even work remotely for companies internationally. Thus, data analytics as a career is the perfect package with job security, flexibility, salary perks, and other benefits.


Different Types of Data Analytics

There are mainly five different types of data analytics, namely text, diagnostic, statistical, prescriptive, and predictive analytics. All these data analytics have a step-by-step procedure of collecting raw data, organizing and analyzing the data, interpreting the necessary information, and eventually, visualizing them.


Text Analytics

Text analysis, also known as data mining, seeks similarities in huge amounts of textual data, like the outcomes of consumer feedback surveys or social media posts. This type of analysis aids in the extraction of information regarding critical problems hidden within large datasets.


Statistical Analytics

Statistical analysis may examine both the overall properties of quantitative data and relevant samples or subdivisions of the data. Inferential statistics seek significant connections among data points, whereas descriptive statistics provide a summary of the information to indicate prospective patterns (like growth charts).


Diagnostic Analytics

Diagnostic analytics delves further into statistical analytics insights to discover reasons and understand why there are correlations within datasets. If the consumers appear to cancel their orders at almost the same moment in the checkout, for instance, or if disease rates correlate with the other parameters, diagnostic analytics can assist in determining why.


Prescriptive Analytics

Prescriptive analytics employs all of the information gathered to decide the optimal approach to take in a particular circumstance.


Predictive Analytics

Statistics are extended or forecasted beyond the boundaries of the present dataset to assist in estimating future results in predictive analytics.


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What is the Scope of Data Analytics Courses in Ahmedabad?

As mentioned above, numerous established institutions offer authentic data analytics courses in Ahmedabad. Moreover, data analytics is making its way into every major sector of work. This in turn creates endless job openings and research opportunities, which increases students’ chances to get placed after completing Data Analysis courses in Ahmedabad. Although data analysts mostly get placed in IT companies, one can also get a data analyst job in other sectors.


Let Us Look at Some of the Major Sectors Where One Can Find a Job After Completing Data Analytics Courses in Ahmedabad:

  • Manufacturing: Manufacturing industries can identify new cost-cutting possibilities by using data analytics. They are capable of resolving complicated supply chain challenges, personnel shortages, and equipment malfunctions.
  • Retail: Data analytics assists retail businesses in understanding their customers’ requirements and purchasing behaviors to forecast trends, offer new items, and expand their operations. At each stage of the customer journey, they enhance the supply network and franchise operations.
  • Logistics: Data analytics is employed by logistics organizations to establish fresh business models and improve routes. This, as a result, guarantees that the shipment arrives on time and at a low cost.
  • Healthcare: Healthcare firms examine patient information to deliver life-saving diagnoses and treatment alternatives. Data analytics also aids in the development of fresh approaches to unleash improved medical systems.
  • Banking Sector: Banks and financial firms employ data analytics to identify potential default risks and customer attrition rates. The technique also aids in the instant detection of fraudulent transactions.
  • Business Data Security: Many businesses in Ahmedabad are concerned about data security. Many data security challenges may be resolved using Data Analytics. In India, facilities could be used to collect data from sales agents, equipment manufacturers, and insurance companies by examining and safeguarding customer data.


Data is dispersed and disorganized, and it must be carefully separated using Data Analytics to regulate institutional framework. Many new firms in India are utilizing Data Analytics to extract important and relevant data. This has resulted in increased overall productivity and growth for both the company and its personnel.

Some key qualities for a job in Data Analytics include an understanding of machine learning, data management, and processing of natural language technologies, as well as leadership abilities. Data Analytics courses could provide you with a comprehensive grasp of Big Data applications as well as the fundamental ideas underlying predictive analytics.

Students also learn how to create algorithms of statistical Big Data analysis, as well as how to assess and apply relevant ideas, methodologies, and theories to large-scale Data Science challenges. Consider pursuing a professional qualification in Data Analytics to help develop your career.

While enrolling in data analytics courses in Ahmedabad, make sure you look for a program that can provide ample placement opportunities, and is updated and industry-relevant in its curriculum.


Must check out the best Data Analytics Courses in India


Top 5 Data Analytics Courses in Ahmedabad


1. ExcelR


ExcelR joined hands with IBM to offer high-quality skill-improvement opportunities to people who wish to make their way into the world of technology. The comprehensive data analytics courses in Ahmedabad were created to meet market demands and the needs of those wishing to pursue professions in domains of digital vocation, especially where coding is not required.

To become a certified data analyst, use the institute’s world-class data analytics certification program, which IBM endorses. Advanced Excel, Power BI, SQL, Excel, Tableau, and the principles of Python and R are among the advanced technologies taught in the course.

The course is a perfect combination of theory classes, practical sessions, and assignments for students to complete between sessions, to help you become a fully operational data analyst. The above are a few of the reasons why ExcelR offers one of the best data analysis courses in Ahmedabad.


2. Fingertips


Fingertips, as an institution, is known for its success formulas and devotion to improving skills. Most importantly, the firm aims at expanding the technological needs of modern industry. Fingertips started small, equipped with incredibly ambitious technology specialists only a few years ago.

Currently, the firm is one of India’s fastest-growing data science intelligence solutions firms. It has established itself as a reputable data analytics institution in Ahmedabad, particularly in technical training. They have done this by providing high-quality, industry-focused, customized training in emerging technology.


Here Are Some of the Star Features of the Course:

Intimate Teaching

  • Smaller batches for better interaction between students & tutor
  • One-on-one sessions are also available
  • Regular individual student reviews based on performance
  • Frequent online live assignments submission and correction


Assistance with Career

  • Professional help with portfolio and resume building
  • Further assistance with job-seeking and career guidance
  • More than 300 recruiting associates to provide placement opportunities
  • Job-seeking portal available to students after the course completion
  • Preparation tips and tricks to ace job interviews


Meticulous Learning Approach  

  • Specialized training for non-technical students and beginners
  • Offering more than 100 assignments and projects after classes
  • Regular doubt-clearing sessions with experienced faculty
  • Frequent tests and examinations are conducted for students to apply what was learned in classes
  • Live projects and assignments to become familiar with digital data analytics


Faculty and Curriculum 

  • Dedicated technical support team to assist with technical issues
  • Brief course to enable successful learning
  • The entire program will be tutored by skilled instructors
  • Updated curriculum that caters to the current needs of the field


Extensive Industry Knowledge  

  • Experts offer practical experience in real-world projects
  • Extensive investigation of worldwide and domestic topics
  • Interact with executives and industry experts regularly
  • Capstone presentations through an industry focus under the supervision of an instructor


3. Simplilearn


Simplilearn offers one of the best extensive advanced Data Analytics courses in Ahmedabad along with IBM. The specialty of the course offered by Simplilearn is that the students who enroll get to learn in a corporate set-up with data analytics tools such as Python, R, SQL, and other pioneering analytics techniques and tools.

All the mentors employed by the institution are experts and professionals in the industry. This institute’s advanced Data Analysis courses in Ahmedabad will provide you with expertise in the fast-increasing subject of data analytics. As part of the Data Analytics course, students will learn regression analysis, inferential and descriptive statistics, data blending, data extraction, hypothesis testing, and forecasting.

Students will gain knowledge of data visualizing approaches by using Tableau & Power BI, understanding how to arrange the data, and developing dashboards. The program also emphasizes technicalities to enable non-technological staff to grasp them.

In this data science course, students will master the principles of mathematics and how to apply them.n Because of this learning style, students will be certified as Global Data Analysts after finishing this Data Analytics program, which offers a thorough grasp of Data Analytics via demos and projects using CloudLab.


Listed Below Are Some Prominent Features of the Data Analytics Course:

  • Gain Practical Experience – Over 14 industry-specific assignments from IBM, Swiggy, Zomato, Google, and other companies.
  • Participate in live online classes taught by industry professionals.
  • IBM offers a unique ‘Ask Me Anything’ seminar.
  • Professional Help – With tips and guidance from industry experts, create an attractive CV and prepare for interviews


Here are the courses in a few other growing cities you must check:


4. Imarticus Learning


Imarticus Learning’s Data Analytics Courses in Ahmedabad are particularly unique since they were developed in collaboration with the data analytics and scientific industries. It is designed to assist you in developing the specific set of skills necessary for most of the world’s leading recruiters of data scientists.

To help you become a proficient data scientist, the institute’s curriculum offers capstone projects, practical and genuine business tasks, relevant case studies, and coaching from key industry experts. If you wish to become a data analyst, enroll in one of Imarticus Learning’s extensive data analysis courses in Ahmedabad.


Listed Below Are Some of the Unique Features of the Data Analysis Courses in Ahmedabad:

  • Learn Job-Related Skills – Students would be able to obtain the required abilities to thrive in a data analyst job through the institute’s extensive data analytics and machine learning course.
  • Live Online Learning from Faculty – Students will be able to learn quickly and effectively if they use the live online tutor-led sessions.
  • Get Placed – Because the institution offers over 4200 placements, it guarantees jobs for all students who enroll.
  • Challenging Tasks – Learn data science skills with 25 class-based, real-world tasks.


5.  KnowledgeHut


KnowledgeHut recognizes that big data analytics qualification is indeed going to rise and is currently more relevant in the data science industry than the others. The rise of data analytics is a popular topic these days, and there is a significant shortage of qualified and skilled individuals in this industry.

As a consequence, the credibility of big data analytics courses in Ahmedabad provides several opportunities for job advancement for both people and companies in the constantly increasing data science field. Students will learn the fundamentals of data ETL, ingestion, Apache Hadoop, and finally analytics using Hadoop tools in the advanced data analytics course by KnowledgeHut.

Students can learn how to link many data sets and examine different sorts of data using the Pig framework. You will understand how to utilize Hive to simplify complex searches, run transformations, and organize information into tables. Students also learn how to utilize SQL and Impala to perform real-time entertaining analysis on enormous data sets stored in HDFS.

Moreover, the course also covers how to select the appropriate Hadoop tool, achieve interoperability, and manage recurrent workflows. These are just a few of the reasons why KnowledgeHut is recognized as one of the best data analytics courses in Ahmedabad.


Frequently Asked Questions About Data Analysis courses in Ahmedabad


Q1. Why is there a requirement for Data Analytics courses in Ahmedabad?

Data Analytics is fast emerging as a promising career path in the country. Moreover, there is a shortage of experienced and skilled specialists in the field. This is one of the reasons why many big institutions have sprung up in offering the best data analytics courses in Ahmedabad, paving the way for both industries and professionals to explore the field.


Q2. What is the standard pay scale of a Data Analyst in Ahmedabad?

The average salary of a Data Analyst getting placed in Ahmedabad varies from anywhere between Rs. 1.5 Lakhs to Rs. 6.5 Lakhs per annum.


Q3. What are the job responsibilities of a Data Analyst within a company?

The most important duties of a data analyst include analyzing sets of raw data and using a few tools and techniques. A data analyst is also responsible for identifying and gathering data sets from both primary and secondary sources, organizing, and maintaining databases within a company. They may also infer any trends prevalent in the data.


Q4. What kinds of companies hire Data Analysts in Ahmedabad?

A data analyst plays a crucial role in the Finance industry. However, data analytics is also implemented in other types of companies such as healthcare, entertainment, transportation, telecommunications, and retail businesses.

Q5. What are some common tools used by Data Analysts?

Some of the latest and most common tools used by Data Analysts to process data include Microsoft Excel, Power BI, SAS, RapidMiner, Tableau, Apache Spark, and KNIME.



If you enjoy using statistics to solve difficult issues and have great critical thinking abilities, a career in data analysis may be a good fit for you. Moreover, it is evident that if you complete data analysis and through any of the available data analytics courses in Ahmedabad, from a reputable college, you will be placed in an exceptional job.


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