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Top 7 Technical Writing Courses in Vadodara With Placements

Vadodara or Baroda is the second largest city of Gujarat. Situated on the banks of the Vishwamitri river, it is famous for some landmarks, for example, the Laxmi Vilas Palace, Sayaji Baug Zoo, Maharaja Fateh Singh Museum, Kirti Stambh, etc. This article covers some of the important technical writing courses in Vadodara with other important details such as the course structure, fee structure, etc.


It also covers some of the important aspects of technical writing. So, if you are a newbie to technical writing and want to get a gist about the topic and some of the good technical writing courses in Vadodara, then you are at the right place!


Describe Technical Writing

Technical writing simply can be explained as writing technically. It is the method of writing technical information in easy language for the masses. Technical writing is a bit different from other types of writing as it is written about particular topics containing clear and detailed information and explanation on certain things in various fields.

It consists of easy and understandable content on a product or service. Technical writing is being used in numerous fields at present. Some of the common fields where technical writing is used are science and technology, engineering, finance, medicine, etc.

A person involved in technical writing needs to have good knowledge about the topic since the important details require to be converted from complex to simple language. E.g. A person writing a product manual needs to have all the essential information about the product including its functioning, repair, operation, etc. 


Types of Technical Writing

Technical writing’s main purpose is to simplify complex information. There are various types of technical writing giving information about the products, services, etc. Some of the most common types of technical writing are as given below:


1. Case Study:

A case study is a research or investigation method related to a person or various fields. It is used to examine any topic in depth using various types of data and variables. A case study can be used to emphasize any person or a group relating to their social systems, religious practices, etc. E.g., researchers can follow the case study to understand a particular community by making use of data gathered from various references.


2. Project Plan

A project plan is a category of technical writing which includes different stages, execution and further strategies of the project. It can be used for various purposes such as to examine the costs, resources, plans, risk management, etc. It is generally used for the supervision of work breakdown and to keep a track of the progress of the project.


3. User Guide:

A user guide or instruction manual contains detailed information on the product, its functionality, related guidelines, etc. It helps with the instructions to operate a particular system. It generally is used for software or hardware products, electronic goods, etc. A user manual contains an easy to understand information on the operation and usage of the product.

A perfect user guide makes the experience easy for the customers and is very essential to understand the working of the product. It is important for providing the best customer experience and is also helpful in reducing service costs.


4. White Papers:

 A white paper is a document issued by a company or a non-profit organization that contains detailed information on a product or a service. It can also be considered as a sales document which is used to persuade the customers or to give the details about the product or service.

White papers can be classified into various categories such as educational, research, technical, etc. The facts presented in the white papers are well-researched and presented in the form of charts, graphs, etc.


5. API Documentation:

The API documentation contains instructions on how to use and work with API effectively. It consists of the details related to the functions, arguments, etc., which are explained effectively with the help of related examples and tutorials.


6. Standard Operating Procedure:

A standard operating procedure or SOP is a document that explains how things need to be done. It contains the work instructions on how a particular task needs to be performed. SOP helps to provide a standard way to accomplish tasks, improve efficiency and reduce the errors that can happen due to miscommunication.


7. Proposal:

A technical proposal is a type of document which is used to persuade customers to approve the project. It requires a detailed understanding of the project, the important points related to it, and also the audience, which makes it easy to explain things effectively. A person writing a technical proposal is expected to transform the technical information into easy and effective language to convince the audience to approve the project.


Skills Needed for Technical Writing:

With the constant upgradation in technology, a good technical writer needs to be excellent in the core skills as well as constantly upgrade their skills according to the market’s needs and requirements. Some of the important skills a technical writer needs to be proficient in are as follows:


1. Writing Skills:

A technical writer’s most essential skill is of course excellent writing ability. A good writer should be able to convert complicated stuff into easy and understandable language for the common audience. They should be having good knowledge of different writing styles. The information given should be accurate and the content should include short sentences with easy-to-understand words.


2. Knowledge of Technical Writing Tools:

There are various tools that are designed specifically for technical writing. For better and more efficient content, a technical writer should be having good knowledge about various tools such as Microsoft Word, Google Docs, Notepad, various editors, etc. 


3. Research Skills:

Thorough research is very important to write an efficient article on any given topic. There are various sources available, and a good technical writer should be able to make use of the resources in a good manner to write articles containing the proper and essential information.


4. Technical Skills:

A technical writer must have industry-related technical skills to communicate the same easily and understandably to the audience. A strong knowledge of the related field would help them to explain things easily and effectively.


Technical Writing Tools:

Technical writing tools are used for different tasks such as researching, writing, publishing, drawing, etc. Good knowledge about these tools is very essential as it makes the tasks a lot easier and faster. While there are a lot of tools available for the same, some of the most important tools needed for any technical writer to make the work effective are listed below:


1. Microsoft Word:

Microsoft Word is one of the most common tools used by several companies. It is a very simple tool with several features available which makes it one of the most commonly used tools for technical writers. Some of the important features of MS Word are – spelling and grammar checker, find and replace, different formats for saving files, etc.


2. Google Docs:

Google Docs is a tool that is a part of google drive. It is emerging as one of the most commonly used tools by several companies due to the ease of sharing data. It provides three options editing, viewing, and suggesting. 


3. Adobe Photoshop:

It is one of the most common tools used to edit and create images. It can be used for various tasks such as designing web pages, and social media posts, merging and editing pictures, etc.


4. RoboHelp:

Robohelp is a tool that is used to publish documentation online. It is one of the commonly used tools by technical writers to publish information-based documents. Its easy-to-use interface makes it a preferred tool by content writers.


5. Grammarly:

One of the most common and preferred tools by content writers, Grammarly is a very essential tool that can be used to highlight grammatical errors, and also provides suggestions to rectify them. It also provides other facilities such as a plagiarism checker which makes it a go-to tool for technical writers.


Other Best Courses Available in Vadodara:


Jobs Opportunities in Technical Writing

Several fields require a technical writer to pass the technical information to the audience easily and understandably. Some of the common fields which need technical writers are as follows:


1. Medical Writer:

A person working as a technical writer in the medical field needs to be experienced in medicine. They might have previously worked in the field as a practitioner, doctor, or nurse and must have good knowledge of medical terms to be able to convert complex data into simple terms for the audience.


2. Report Writer:

A report writer is responsible for collecting the raw data from the sources and converting it into information in the form of a report which is easier to understand as well as contains all the important details about that particular subject. These reports should be written in a manner that makes them easy to comprehend for other people.


3. Legal Document Writer:

A legal writer writes for legal firms and industries which require intensive knowledge of legal terminologies. They may be required to write stuff such as contracts, legal documentation, agreements, etc., and thus require good subject knowledge and research skills.


4. Writing User Manuals:

User manuals are very important to understand the product and its functioning. A person involved in writing the user manuals should have extensive knowledge about the product, its operations, functionality, etc. The writing should be easy to understand and technical terms should be explained clearly.


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Career and Job Responsibilities in Technical Writing

Technical writing is a great career option if you have got a knack for writing and an interest in the subject you are going for. There are several industries such as manufacturing, hardware, medicine, banking, finance, etc. requiring technical writers in their respective fields. There are various courses available that one can undergo to have an in-depth understanding of the topic and then pursue a career as a technical writer.

A person aspiring to become a technical writer must have intensive knowledge in a particular field. Very few people have the skills to comprehend the technical knowledge to convert it into easy language and thus, it makes technical writing one of the high-paying jobs. If a person has got the necessary skills and good technical knowledge, this can prove to be an excellent career option.

As a technical writer, you would be required to do the research, draft, and write the content in the form of manuals, documentation, white papers, etc. in a way such that it is easily comprehended by the common people. You will be working with experts in various technical fields and providing information that is easily understood by your audience.


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Technical Writing Courses in Vadodara

Given below are some of the best technical writing courses in Vadodara:




One of the very efficient technical writing courses in Vadodara is fit for anyone who wishes to pursue a career in the technical content field. The course consists of various modules which cover all the important aspects of technical writing in a detailed manner to help its students evolve as the best technical writers in the industry.

The course consists of 5 weeks of training in the online mode comprising 20 hours of lecture. Practical assignments would further help to understand things clearly. The institute also provides internship opportunities. 

The various tools that would be used in the course are MS Project, Git, Scribus, MS Visio, etc. The institute also provides opportunities such as publishing the blogs for Times of India, Portfolio Development, etc. The fee structure for the course is ₹ 14,990 exclusive of GST. IIM SKILLS is one of the highly recommended institutes for technical writing courses in Vadodara.


The Various Modules Covered in Technical Writing Course Are:

  • Technical reports
  • White papers and Journals
  • DDLC and versioning
  • Conversational Writing
  • Reviewing and Publishing
  • API documentation using XML
  • Datasheets, user manuals, and application notes
  • Medical writing
  • Case study


2. Udemy 


Udemy provides a variety of technical writing courses in Vadodara at pocket-friendly prices. The courses are divided into several categories from beginner to advance level. The various courses available for this category are Business Writing and Technical Writing Immersion, The Art of API Documentation, Project Management for Technical Writers, etc. You can search among all the available courses and opt for the ones which suit your need the best.

Among all the courses available, the most popular one is – API Technical Writing: JSON and XML for Writers and Business Writing and Technical Writing Immersion.


Business Writing and Technical Writing Immersion

The course consists of 16 sections divided into 40 lectures and focuses on various important aspects such as –

  • Understanding and defining the target audience
  • Applying a systematic writing process
  • Organize the points effectively
  • Increase the productivity of communication
  • The course fee is ₹ 449


API Technical Writing: JSON and XML for Writers

The course consists of 3 sections divided into 21 lectures. The various key points covered in this course are as follows-

  • Understanding the basics of REST
  • Basics of authentication and authorization
  • Creating reference documents for REST requests
  • The course fee is ₹ 449


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3. Technical Writer HQ:


It is one of the top-rated technical writing courses in Vadodara which focuses on the foundations of technical writing and hence is a good choice for those who want to excel in their technical writing career. The course is online and self-paced and has lifetime access to the study material. It consists of 95 video lessons with various assignments and quizzes. Certification after finishing the course. The course fee is $299.


The Various Modules Covered in This Course Are:

  • Conducting research
  • Creating documentation layout
  • Use of various tools for documentation
  • API writing
  • User manuals
  • Case studies
  • Capstone project


4. TechWriter Certification 


TechWriter is an institute among the good technical writing courses in Vadodara which provides a certified course that is completely self-paced and online. The course duration is 4 months. It consists of three courses – Introduction to Technical Writing, Intermediate Technical Writing, and Advanced Technical Writing.

The course also offers the best practice sessions covering writing, editing, and designing documentation. It includes self-quizzes, instructor evaluation on the projects, suggestions, and modifications to your work. The course fee is $975.


Some of the Important Modules Covered in This Course Are as Follows:

  • Technical Communication
  • Reviewing content, design, and purpose of the document
  • Performing audience and task analysis
  • Writing user-centered documentation.
  • Applying technical writing design principles


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5. Society for Technical Communication


This institute provides technical writing courses in Vadodara related for beginners as well as experts in the field of technical writing. Some of the important courses offered are – Technical Editing Foundations, Web writing for technical writers, Introduction to API writing, etc. The course fee varies with the course, and you can select the courses according to your requirements. 





This is an online education institute that provides various kinds of certification courses in different fields. Among the efficient technical writing courses in Vadodara, the course provided by this institute is a self-paced online writing course that covers the basics of technical writing. The various topics covered in this course are – applications of technical writing, theory, technical documents, etc. It also provides a free self-paced grammar course as a bonus. The fee for the course is $49.


The Important Modules Covered in This Course Are as Follows:

  • Technical communication
  • Writing technical documents
  • Writing instructions
  • Understanding the audience
  • Planning and writing the manual
  • Using graphics
  • Reporting and designing documents


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7. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin is among the good technical writing courses in Vadodara which provides a certification course covering the various important aspects necessary to excel in the field. It also provides internship and job opportunities upon completion of the course. The course duration is 32 hours with access to the recorded videos, projects, and case studies.


The Course is Divides Into 10 Modules Which Covers Various Topics Such as- 

  • Technical writing process
  • Documentation process
  • Technical writing software tools
  • Components of a technical document
  • Writing techniques
  • Overview of formats of technical documents
  • Creating technical document template


Frequently Asked Questions About Technical Writing Courses in Vadodara


Q1. How to start with technical writing without any background knowledge?

You do not necessarily need to have a technical background in technical writing. If you have the required skills such as problem-solving, interest in technology, communication skills, writing skills, and eagerness to learn about new things, then you can surely become a good technical writer.


Q2. What are the job responsibilities of a technical writer?

A technical writer is responsible for creating different types of technical documents for various fields in an easy and understandable language for the common audience. They are expected to make use of illustrations, different technical writing tools, flow charts, or diagrams and make complex things easy to understand.


Q3. What are the different types of technical writing tools?

Technical writing tools make it easy for writers to create good content in a way that is easily understood. There are many tools available for the same. Some of the commonly used technical writing tools are Adobe Robohelp, Adobe Illustrator,  Google Docs, MediaWiki, Whatfix, WordPress, etc.


Q4. How to get a job as a technical writer?

Getting a job in the technical writing field requires good knowledge of the field you are applying for. You can work on your technical skills, writing and communication skills, etc. Also, a good portfolio can be of a lot of help in landing a decent job in the technical writing field.


Conclusion on Technical Writing Courses in Vadodara

Technical writing is a vast and in-demand field as technology is growing at a fast pace and new gadgets must be easily understood by users. And nobody can make it easier for the user than technical writers. The technical writing courses in Vadodara listed in this article are of great quality and have gained high ratings from learners. You can definitely trust these institutes for skill development. The courses listed cover a great curriculum including projects and assignments that makes the students equipped with the work of technical writers. Choose your favorite course among the technical writing courses in Vadodara and start developing skills.

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