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Top 9 Data Analytics Courses in Masai With Placements

In the present era, data is considered as “New Oil in the Market”. Data is the way of today’s world. We are living in times when we have enormous data at our fingertips created at blinding speed but all in its raw form, which on its own, can’t tell much or yield any useful information. And hence the job of understanding data known as data analytics is currently one of the most flourishing industries at present. Higher Education in Masai too is in an exciting new phase with the past decade seeing a gradual growth in its popularity as a preferred study destination. To expertise in this job as a data analyst, many institutes are offering data analytics courses in Masai.


Owing to rapid change in market trends, economic uncertainty, shifting political scenarios, finicky consumer attitudes, and global pandemics, businesses today in every part of the world are working with very minimal margins for error. Businesses are ramping up to the utility of leveraging data available to them, and hence every major industry is looking for people who can understand data and help them to grow fast and innovatively.

This strategy is common sense as no business wants to risk important decisions without knowing what is at stake, the benefits and risks, and possible outcomes. This is exactly where data analytics enter the picture.


What Are Data Analytics in Business?

Data Analytics is the new form of Business Intelligence, a process of extracting and analyzing raw data into meaningful, actionable insights. It is a process of cleaning, interpreting, and visualizing data using various techniques and tools that can be used to make informed decisions. 

The World Economic Forum Future of Jobs Report 2020 has listed data analysts and scientists as the top emerging job. In this article, we will learn more about Data analytics and the recommended Data Analytics courses in Masai to help you get started in this exciting field.


Who is a Data Analyst?

Businesses all over the world no longer use the old-trodden ways to prosper and visualize the future market. Instead with the digital world taking over, each and every business can now analyze its data, functioning, sales, methods, etc with the help of software. And the one who does this is called a Data Analyst.


What Do Data Analytics Do?

A data Analyst acts as a “translator” whose role is to collect, process, and perform statistical data analysis to help the company improvise its product, thus connecting clients with the experts & customers with the organization. Let us take a look at the daily duties of a data analyst.


  • Collecting data and streamlining it
  • Creating narratives with the data
  • Producing meaningful reports
  • Spotting patterns in the data
  • Translate important questions into analytical tasks
  • Apply analytical tools to give insights and identify opportunities for improvement.
  • Corroborating with marketers, executives, operations managers, salespeople, data scientists, database developers, support teams, etc


Data Analysis Process


  • Data Collecting

It is a process of gathering data and information to determine what needs to be accomplished in a particular organization. Data is collected through sources, such as social media monitoring, online tracking, surveys, customer feedback, etc. Data can help businesses to enhance the quality of work, draw valuable insights, predict future trends, prevent risks, save time, obtain profits and make better decisions.


Three main categories of data that are collected are:

  • First-Party Data: data collected directly from the consumer, through websites, social media platforms, apps, surveys, etc
  • Second-party data:  data collected from a trusted partner.
  • Third-party data: Data collected from an outside source that has no direct relationship between the business and the customer.


With the help of tools and software, data analysts reformat the data for consistency. Data cleaning is the process of removing incorrect, mislabelled, corrupted, incorrectly formatted, duplicated, or incomplete data. 


  • Data Interpretation/modeling

Here the data is analyzed to identify patterns and trends in the business and interpret their meaning. Data Modeling is an architect’s building plan, a process of converting complex software system design into a diagram that can be easily understood. The diagram is formed using text and symbols. It is also known as the blueprint for designing new software or re-engineering any application


  • Data Visualization

After completing data analysis, the data analyst offers their findings to the organization in a packaged way using data visualization software to create dashboards. Data visualization is the graphical presentation of complex data using charts, graphs, and maps.

Data visualization tools provide a practically easy way to understand trends and patterns in data. In this way, business owners can present data to non-technical audiences without any confusion. It is useful for the easy sharing of information. It’s basically storytelling with a purpose.


Types of Data Analytics

There are different types of data analytics depending on what is supposed to be accomplished.


Descriptive Analytics: It answers “what happened?”

It is a simple type of analysis that looks at what has occurred in the past. Data aggregation and data mining are the two main techniques for it. In data aggregation, the data analyst collects the data and provides a summarized format and in data mining, the data analyst detects anomalies and discovers patterns, and relationships to predict outcomes.

Traffic and engagement reports, financial statement analyses like balance sheets, cash flow statements, total survey results, and trend identification are examples of descriptive analytics.


Diagnostic Analytics: It answers, “why did something happen?”

Also known as root cause analysis. To detect anomalies or to diagnose anything that cannot be explained by anything in the data that is in front of them, data analysts will embark on what’s called the discovery phase, exploring any data sources that might tell them more about why such anomalies arose. It drills deeper to determine causes. Data drilling, data mining, and correlation analysis are techniques for diagnostic analysis.


Predictive Analytics: It answers, “what can possibly happen?”

This analytics uses data to form projections and inferences about future events. A true game changer for business organizations. It is very important as it allows one to anticipate problems and target them before they actually occur. So basically, it forecasts all sorts of outcomes and hence is used to increase the business’s chances of success. Examples of predictive analysis are:

  • Identification of consumers that are likely to abandon a service or product.
  • Sending marketing campaigns to consumers who are most likely to buy a product.
  • Improving customer service 


Prescriptive Analytics: It answers, “what action needs to be taken?”

It advises on data-driven decisions to be taken. It is the most advanced type of data analytics used to get a better understanding of the likelihood of worst-case scenarios in the future and create an effective response plan. For example, if at least 30 percent of consumers in a dataset selected say that they are “extremely unsatisfied” with your customer service team, the algorithm may recommend additional training for the employees.


Why Data Analysis is Crucial?

Success in business is all about looking back to acknowledge the mistakes and correct them and looking forward to making the business grow more. And for this purpose, data analysis is crucial. Below is the list of reasons why data analysis is so imperative in today’s time.

  • For obtaining more accurate data
  • For better customer targeting that helps you see where you need to focus your advertising efforts.
  • For gaining a better idea of your target audience’s income, spending patterns, and area of interest.
  • For reducing operational prices and increasing profits.
  • For better problem-solving methods.
  • For research methods in any field.
  • To predict behavior by sending out customer satisfaction surveys.
  • To enhance the productivity of any business by analyzing customer support tickets.
  • For making data-driven decisions.
  • For gaining a competitive advantage and standing out successfully in an increasingly competitive market.
  • For predicting market trends and assessing risk.
  • For detecting and preventing fraud.


The application and utility of data analytics are thus seemingly endless.


Tools Used in Data Analytics

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Phyton
  • R
  • SQL (Structured Query Language)
  • SAS Software
  • Google Analytics
  • Google Tag Manager
  • Tableau
  • Google Adwords
  • Apache Spark
  • Looker
  • Power BI
  • Qlik
  • QuickSight
  • RapidMiner
  • Talend


Scope for Candidates Opting for Data Analysis Courses in Masai

Data is valuable only when it’s refined and hence the role of a data analyst is pivotal. So, what is the scope of the data analysis courses in Masai in terms of career prospects? There has never been a perfect time as in the times of growing market, businesses face a significant shortage of data analysts. Hence, Data analysts are in high demand having rich opportunities and handsome compensation.

Data analysts are required in almost every business now including IT, banking, healthcare, crime prevention, environmental protection, media, food chains, pharmaceuticals, sports, etc.


Below Are the Popular Job Titles Related to Data Analysts:

  • Analytics Manager
  • Business Analyst
  • Business Analyst, IT
  • Business Intelligence Analyst
  • Data Analyst
  • Market Research Analyst
  • Operations Research Analyst
  • Quantitative Analyst
  • Senior Business Analyst
  • Statistician


Syllabus of Data Analytics Courses in Masai

  • Data collection
  • Data structure
  • Algorithms
  • Data visualization
  • Business fundamentals
  • Optimization
  • Machine learning
  • Probability and statistics
  • Simulation
  • Marketing Analytics
  • Retail analytics
  • Text analytics
  • Supply chain analytics
  • Pricing analytics
  • Customer analytics
  • Forecasting analytics
  • Social network analytics
  • Relational database management
  • Statistical analytics


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Institutes Offering Data Analytics Courses in Masai

With so many data analysis courses in Masai, it is extremely difficult to choose the best option. Let me give you an overview of the best options available and the best features to look for in data analysis courses in Masai.


1. Simplilearn

It’s a data analytics course collaborated with IBM that helps students to become industry ready for the roles of a top data analyst. 


Course Name: Data Analyst Master Program



  • It offers an intergrade blended learning approach due to a joint partnership with IBM.
  • Students will learn
  • latest analytics tools and techniques, 
  • how to work with SQL databases, 
  • language of r and phyton,
  • art of creating data visualizations using tableau and Power BI
  • how to apply statistics 
  • predictive analytics in business.
  • Hypothesis testing
  • Regression analysis
  • Data blending and data extraction
  • You will receive certification on completion
  • You can also avail:
  • Masterclass by IBM
  • Ask me anything sessions
  • Industry-recognized data analyst Master’s certificate form Simplilearn


Mode: Live-online instructor-led classes and self-paced learning videos.

Duration: 120 plus hours

Fees: 44,999 INR


2. Udacity

This course is for experienced programmers in the art of uncovering analytical insights and creating data-driven solutions. It is a perfect course for professionals who are at present working in a different sector of the tech industry and want to move to data analytics. Applicants need to have experience with python and SLQ before applying. Udacity is one of the top-ranked institutes for Data Analytics courses.


Benefits & Modules

  • The modules covered are
  • Statistical analysis
  • Data wrangling
  • Data visualization with python.
  • The course offers hands-on projects based on real-life scenarios by using popular analysis tools
  • Mentors help students with technical guidance when required.
  • They have Udacity’s chat app, wherein you can receive an answer within an hour.


Duration: 4 Months

Eligibility: graduates preferably

Fees: 77676 INR


3. Udemy

Udemy Offers bestselling data analytics courses in Masai online. The courses are beginner-friendly and affordable and for new students, they offer up to 90% off. Udemy offers training from the market’s best and real-world experts.



  • Courses are beginner friendly and affordable
  • Lifetime access to all course materials is available
  • No special eligibility criteria
  • Students can choose their own preferred instructors with the help of ratings and fees.
  • 30 days money back guarantee


Fees: 455 INR to 800 INR



NIIT provides several job-oriented courses from a technical background with a unique curriculum and study material. It offers outstanding data analytics courses in Masai


Course: Data Analysis & Visualization in Excel and Power BI.


Course Module:

  • Data Analysis in Excel
  • Visualization using Power BI


  • There is online plus app-based learning for their courses. 
  • The Courses are taught by the Industry Experienced trainers
  • The faculty guides through the app in online learning. 
  • Hands-on application of tools by the side of the course to make learning better.
  • Students will be able to perform data analysis using advanced Excel functions and user-defined formulas
  • Students will be able to transform and visualize data in Power BI
  • Students will be able to create dashboards in Power BI
  • Students will be able to write advanced Dax calculations in Power BI
  • Students will be able to use Power BI for Digital Storytelling


Duration: 36 Hours (Online-based learning).

Eligibility: Undergraduates and graduates from Math/Statistics backgrounds.

Fees: 30000 – 1,00,000 INR


5. Google

Google offers a data analytics certificate course, a professional training course with no degree of expertise required. This is one of the best online Data analytics courses for beginner-level candidates.


Name: Google Data Analytics Certificate course

Duration: 6 Months



The following topics are covered in depth

  • Spreadsheet
  • Data analysis and data cleaning
  • Data visualization and SQL
  • Questioning, decision problem-solving solving
  • Metadata
  • Data ethics
  • Sample size determination



  • Hands-on projects
  • Google certification
  • Self-paced learning
  • Trainers from top companies and institutes
  • Financial assistance available
  • Graded quizzes and assignments


Fees: INR 1147/Month for 6 months.


6. UpGrad

UpGrad was established by IIT Bangalore and offers one of the best Data Analytics Courses in Masai designed especially for working professionals.


Name: Executive PG Programme in Data Science

Duration: 12 Months

Mode: Online plus Live



  • Data Analysis using Microsoft Excel
  • Basics of Python
  • Data Analysis using SQL
  • Maths for Data Science
  • Inferential Statistics
  • Hypothesis Testing
  • Advanced SQL
  • Credit EDA Case Study



  • Certification from IIT Bangalore
  • IIT Bangalore alumni
  • Offers career support and job assistance
  • Teach program tools and languages
  • Python Boot camp


Fees: 2,99,000/-


7. Analytixlabs

AnalytixLabs is a top-ranked Data Science Institute when it comes to industry-relevant data analytics courses and certifications led by a team of Mckinsey, IIT, and IIM alumni with deep industry experience. It is ranked as one of the best Data Analytics courses in Masai offering a wide array of meticulously curated curriculums for students from various backgrounds.


Duration: 120 hrs

Mode of Study: Online



  • Knowledge of relational database management systems.
  • Firm grip on structured query language.
  • Visualization skills with Tableau and R.
  • Advanced Excel skills.
  • Entry-level data science skills.
  • You start the course as a beginner and end as an all-rounder.



  • One-to-one mentorship and assured placement assistance
  • Industry-driven curriculum designed especially for different levels of candidates
  • Experiential learning for real-life, hands-on projects
  • Extensive post-class sessions for doubts support
  • Profile building


Fees: ₹ 30,000 onwards


8. Imarticus Learning

They are a technology-driven educational institution that offers hands-on and experiential training and focuses on building top-notch careers for its students. They offer a PG Diploma in Data Analytics that is helpful for those looking for a career change. This is one of the top-ranking Data Analytics Courses in Masai.


Duration:  9 months 

Mode of Study: Online 



  • SQL
  • Python
  • R-Programming
  • Machine Learning
  • Artificial Intelligence



  • Job Relevant Skills
  • Live Learning
  • Expert Faculties
  • Industry Projects
  • Extensive Case Studies
  • Placement Preps


 Fees:  2,15,000/-


9. Springboard

Springboard offers a comprehensive learning platform for candidates who want to establish their careers as data analysts. The course has a unique training approach that enables the candidates to improve their business thinking skills with both theoretical and practical projects, making it one of the best data analytics courses in Masai.


Name: Data Analytics Bootcamp

Mode: online

Duration: 6 months



  • Analyzing business problems
  • Capstone project 1
  • Visualizing data using Python
  • Career services
  • Communicating your analysis
  • Framing structured thinking
  • Mentoring
  • Connecting data using SQL
  • Capstone Project 2



  • Lifetime access 
  • Capstone projects for hands-on practical training
  • Mentoring sessions
  • Beginners and professionals both are eligible for the course
  • Self-paced study material

Fees: 8500 $


Average Data Analyst Salary

Beginners make INR 3,42,000 per annum in India. 

After years of expertise in data analytics, professionals can make around INR 10,00,000 per annum.


Eligibility for Data Analytics Courses in Masai

A postgraduation or diploma course in Data Analytics needs a bachelor’s degree in Business, Engineering, or Science. Candidates must know Statistics & Mathematics. Undergraduate Data Analytics courses need students to score more than 50% marks in class 12 and must have either Mathematics, Statistics, or Computer Science as the main subject.




Q1. Why are data analysis courses in Masai so important?

For businesses to prosper, it needs to do thorough research on their data to make future decisions, reduce risk, and collect more revenue. And hence data analysts are needed. To fulfill this increasing demand, data analytics courses in Masai are important.


Q2. Are data analytics courses in Masai in demand?

With the rapid advent of digitalization, businesses all over are in dire need of data analysts. Today and in the coming future, data analytics is going to be the most sought-after course everywhere.


Q3. What are the three chief skills of a data analyst?

SQL, Microsoft Excel, and R or Python are the chief skills of a data analyst


Q4. What is the difference between data analysts and data scientists?

A data analyst analyzes existing data, while data scientists create new ways of analyzing data for the future. Compared to a data analyst, a data scientist is mainly focused on creating new tools and methods to extract the information the organization needs to solve complex problems. 


Q5. What is the main syllabus of the data analytics courses in Masai?

  • Collection, cleaning and analyzing data
  • Data visualization & machine learning.
  • Data science & optimization strategies,
  • probability, and statistics.



The demand for data analysts has become increasingly important in this internet age, with employment opportunities in businesses ranging from finance to marketing to social media. Being a data analyst is perceived to be a lucrative employment avenue that comes with a high pay scale and a multitude of job roles. The industry standards in today’s time offer handsome salary packages to data analysts. Hence data analysis courses in Masai are mushrooming all over the world. All the above-mentioned data analytics courses in Masai are the best in the industry and will definitely help you to become a proficient data analyst.

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