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Top 5 Business Analytics Courses in Chennai With Placements

Today’s business is completely different from what it was a few centuries ago. According to the current scenario, businesses all over the world are growing digitally. Now, the latest technology and upgraded business tactics are used everywhere. People try to expand their businesses daily by adding something new to their existing products or replacing outworn ones. If you develop your business with the current trends, then you will retain an advantage over your competitors. You can learn the skills by enrolling in the business analytics courses in Chennai.


What is Business?

Any business can be referred to as a company, organization, firm, corporation, or institution. A business can be a profitable unit or a non-profitable unit for any social cause. To grow your business, you must search for the latest methodologies every time you want to enter a new market. Today, most businessmen use business analytics tools to run their businesses.


What is Business Analytics?

Business Analytics (BA) refers to pieces of information, facts, and figures on the company’s project management that assist in improving execution and making critical decisions. Business Analysts are in charge of sifting through the details and assisting with the selection. Four types of analytics can clean the background, examine, and consume, making it possible to handle the same situation faced by the organization.


Description Analytics:

It authorized an all-inclusive account of what happened in the past and what is happening now by inspecting past facts, figures, and key performance indicators to observe samples and directions and using detailed collection and processing techniques. Many business analytics use a different approach to handling clients’ concerns and customized promotional activities based on consumer requests.


Diagnostics Analytics:

Concentrating on the highest achievement to find out which factors affect it most. To determine the root cause of specific possibilities, interrogation, revelation, surveying, and high-tech collaboration are used. Innovations for sorting and reversion are enforced when a conclusion has been made regarding the likelihood of the incident occurring and the cause it may have had.


Predictive Analytics:

Using natural language processing and logical regression to anticipate and estimate forthcoming events. A model can be created to forecast the likelihood of future occurrences. A model can be created to forecast the likelihood of future occurrences, and sales and marketing representatives use this anticipation from the perspective of the consumers.


Perspective Analytics:

Instructions on how to handle similar events in the future using information from the previous presentation. This type of corporate analytics achieves a fantastic result by demonstrating both anticipation and the right course of action. The primary goal of these business analytics is to meet the customer’s ongoing needs. The type of analytics used will be determined by the organization. 


Importance of Business Analytics

If you are a beginner, you have to make appropriate decisions about using the machine for business analytics. If you want to use technology, then use it carefully if you want your business to grow. Using business analytics as your weapon will give you the upper hand in your competition with companies. Few companies do not know what to do with all the data they have, this is where business analytics can be useful in properly utilizing data to help the company progress.


Advantages of Business Analytics

Whether your company is small or large, using business analytics always benefits it in a variety of ways. This is one of the key advantages of business analytics, it prepares the business for unpredicted circumstances. While calculating the forecast of the deals, income, and more essential criteria for an organization. This gives organizations the possibility to forecast and make ideas for substitutes that happen regularly, normally, or to any other degree.


Positions in Business Analytics

People who want to build a career in business analytics, as a profession, while appreciating working with numbers. The eligibility criteria for working as a BA are that you have a graduate degree in business analytics, data-driven science, data management, business information, advertising promotion, data, or any associated area.


Some of the famous career directions associated with BA are:

  • Data Specialist / Machine Learning Engineer
  • Data Warehouse Analyst
  • Big Data Engineer
  • Expert guidance / Management Specialist
  • Product Marketing Manager
  • Specialist in Operations Support
  • Market Researcher


Business Analytical Forte:

To succeed in business analytics, you must have a certain mastery of the below points:

  • Fault-finding thinking
  • Finding solution
  • Correspondence
  • Inquisitive
  • Systematic


Business Analytics Best Practices

Any business analytics master plan cannot be accomplished very quickly, it takes time. But on the other side, you have seen all the facts and you obtained assistance for your business to be successful, whenever the best method was used. Some of the ideal techniques to use are:

  • Preceding using Business Analytics, you should outline your use of purpose and specimen
  • Decide on a peculiar standard for achievement and deterioration.
  • Confirming the ideal for your success and decline foundation.
  • Accomplishing a method, concentrating on your facts and figures, and recognizing the subject and object system that goes into producing error-free anticipation.


When you use the above four fundamentals in your business, you will be self-assured that your business will strengthen from the data-managed process. This is a synopsis of business analytics. If you are interested in knowing more about business analytics courses in India, I would be happy to guide you.

Chennai was previously known as Madras. Tamil Nadu is the state capital of Chennai and the most attractive tourist destination in South India. After being famous for its ancient temples, natural wonders, cultures, and educational centers, Chennai is also famous for its IIT, IT, and industrial base.


Also, check the other best courses in Chennai for a rewarding career:


Institutes Offering Business Analytics Courses in Chennai.

We will go step by step and explore new venues for the course.

  • Simplilearn 
  • Skillogic 
  • Excelr 
  • Learnbay 


1. IIM SKILLS – Business Analytics Courses in Chennai 

IIM SKILLS is a top-ranking online academy in India. Their headquarters are in New Delhi. They provide job professionals, beginners, and business entrepreneurs with mastery over growth opportunities that will help them achieve their goals. The IIM SKILLS expedition was started by a blog, which was transformed into an online educational academy.

They were the first to start with their own online marketing educational courses and content writing master courses, which changed the whole perspective of online education. IIM SKILLS developed courses for future in-demand skills that will help professionals with their growth in the financial sector, marketing levels, artificial learning, and venture capital.

Their next project is to collaborate with B-schools and guide and train them with certificates that will help them in their careers. Their course is directed by expert trainers with 12 + years of experience. If any students need help, the mentors are always available to assist.

In today’s world, virtual interactive classes are very important, and IIM SKILLS is the best at providing the same. Students are awarded professional course completion certificates. They have trained many students under its banner over the past few years, and more are yet to come.

Their mission is to deliver excellent education, worldwide at an affordable cost through their online and self-learn classes. They always try to refresh their program and introduce new ones too, which will help students and professionals in their future goals.


What is the Advantage of Learning from IIM SKILLS

The course intention is clear and streamlined. It helps the students grab attention with simple, layperson language. All the classes are interesting and informative too.


Trusted Brand by







HTC global services 


Business Analytics uses facts and figures to make the blueprint for a business conclusion. Business Analytics communicates directly with business necessities and suggests results. 


2. Simplilearn – Business Analytics Courses in Chennai

Simplilearn was launched in 2010 and is located in San Francisco, California, and Bangalore. It is a Blackstone company that is the world’s # 1 online Bootcamp for digital economy skills training. Simplilearn has partnered with IBM to develop and promote your career growth through a comprehensive curriculum of Business Analytics courses in Chennai.

You will acquire knowledge of outstanding business analytics expertise with excellent training from a distinguished course leader for business analytics courses.


Training Track

  • Course 1

By passing the course exam, you will be a bona fide for Business Analytics Professional 

  • Course 2

Tableau Instruction

  • Course 3

You will learn Data Analytics and Visualization with Python functions

  • Course 4

Mathematical boost for Business trouble solutions by IBM

  • Course 5

Business Analyst Zenith

  • Course 6

Harvard Business Publishing chronology for Business Analytics


Tools Covered

  • Microsoft Excel
  • Jira new
  • Power BI
  • ASM
  • MySQL
  • NumPy
  • Python
  • R
  • SciPy
  • Matplotlib


Business Analytics Course Details:

Course Duration: weekend (Sat-Sun)

Course Fees: Rs 54,000 /- inclusive of taxes

Mode of Delivery: Online classes


Sharing Your Certification:

You can share your certification of achievement on LinkedIn, Twitter, and Facebook. Tell your friends and colleagues about it. A certificate stating, “Certification of Completion of the Business Analytics Courses in Chennai by Simplilearn.”


Contact Us:

Toll-free – 1800 212 7688


3. Skillogic – Business Analytics Courses in Chennai

Skillogic was established in 2007 and registered as a private limited company in Amsterdam. Skillogic is an excellent authorization training provider and IT consulting firm providing services worldwide, covering 30+ countries including the Netherlands, UAE, UK, USA, India, etc. 

Business Analytics (BA) is the next big. BA is recognized as the best feature in business, with increasing demand in the past few years. With industry case studies, students will master work experience to use in business analytics jobs. Students will get limitless access to business analytics information, including facts and figures, professional jobs, employment portals, and broadcasting writing.


Business Analytics Instruction Trademark

  • Authentic for the EU global body for Business Analytics by



  • Flexi-pass: Attend sessions anytime within 3 months
  • Earn PDUs: Collect 16 PDUs and 16 IABAC CPDs
  • 100% money back: No-question-asked money back guarantee
  • High Quality: accredited trainers, a case study approach, and high-quality materials.
  • Courses on artificial intelligence for managers are recommended as a supplement.


Business Analytics Syllabus Focus Point

  • Certification will be given by the International Association of Business Analytics Certification
  • Conducted by Industry Certified Instructors through a practical approach
  • Business Analytics resources are the gateway to practice.
  • Case study based on training with Tableau visualization and Python as tools
  • All included: Training IABAC Certification fee hardcopy material


Who is Qualified to Study Business Analytics

Any students who have secured 50% marks in any equivalent field like science or computer science from any recognized university.


Business Analytics Certification Training Courses

  • Business Analytics for the manager’s certification course
  • Business Analytics foundation certification course
  • Business Analytics Agriculture certification course
  • Business Analytics Insurance Certification course
  • Business Analytics Logistic certification courses
  • Business Analytics Retail certificate course 
  • Business Analytics Banking certification course
  • Certified Business Analytics expert
  • Certified Visual Analytics expert
  • Certified Business Analyst
  • Business Analytics Specialist in Healthcare
  • HR Analytics certification course
  • Marketing Analytics certification course


Business Analytics Device Used 

  • Tableau
  • Sisense
  • QlikView
  • Domo
  • Business Objects
  • SAS
  • Dundas BI
  • Splunk
  • MicroStrategy
  • Tibco
  • Heap Analytics
  • Alteryx
  • Mix Panel
  • Google Analytics


Business Analytics Course Details:

Course Duration: Six-day – 2 hrs daily or 2-day full classroom class

Course Fees:

Rs 39,900/- offer price + live online

Rs 28,900/- Self-learning (learn at your own pace) * one year access

Rs 44,900/- Classroom most interactive


Your Certification:

After completion of your course, you will be awarded a certificate from Skillogic by IABAC certificate stating “Certification of Completion of the Business Analytics Courses in Chennai.” The certificate will be recognized globally.


Contact Us:

India – +91 1800-212-5353


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4. Excelr – Business Analytics Courses in Chennai

Established in 2014, Excelr has flourished into a major instruction and advisory company, helping beginners, students with new jobs, and experts all over the world, by providing high-class classroom and online course programs. Their main office is in the USA, and they have a presence in many countries like the UK, the Middle East, Australia, the Netherlands, and India.

Excelr is proud to have allied with the global leader in the IT sector, TATA Consulting Services (TCS).  Excelr is the best training platform in the whole world, with the best teaching gurus, and the best industrial mentors; we provide after-course support too, and we have the best-suited syllabus.


Who Are These Business Analytics Courses for

  • Anyone who has finished their degree from any stream like commerce, science, and engineering.
  • Expertise in KPO and BPO background
  • Any freshmen in any field with strong analytical and logical abilities.
  • The person with a mastery of any field with reasoning and problem-solving skills
  • Planning and reporting experts
  • Operations experts


Subjects Included:

  • Business Statics
  • Advanced Excel
  • My SQL
  • Tableau
  • Basic R
  • Basics of P
  • Power BI
  • Agile


The Blueprint for the Business Analytics Course is as follows:

  • Training
  • Submission of task
  • Industry case studies
  • Post-course service
  • Appointment


Devices Used:

  • My SQL
  • Basic and Advanced Excel
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • SAS
  • R Programming 
  • Python
  • Agile


Business Analytics Course Details:

Course Duration: 30th Dec 2022 (8:30 pm – 10:30 pm)

Mode of Delivery: Live Virtual Classroom

Course Fees: Rs 44,999/-


Your Certification:

In collaboration with IBM, a certificate of completion and receiving a passing grade in the “Certificate program for Business Analytics Courses in Chennai” will be issued by Excelr Solutions.



Tool Free – 18002122121


5. Learnbay – Business Analytics Courses in Chennai

Learnbay was established in 2019. Though their headquarters are in Bangalore, Karnataka, India, they have created their digital presence in cosmopolitan cities like Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Chennai, and Hyderabad. All their trainers are the best industry experts with detailed fields. 

Business Analytics certification program for non-tech professionals. The training is a hands-on activity for working experts, which will help with their careers in the future. Learnbay has a live face-to-face interaction meeting, in which the students meet the expert to clear their doubts.

All the sessions are conducted by industry-trained mentors. Their dedicated technical support team is available around the clock for the students. The unlimited doorway to all the course resources lives in small groups and activity assignments.


Who is This Course Designed for

  • Working with experts with more than 6 months of know-how in non-technical fields.
  • Credentials: BE/B.Tech (from any branch), BBA/MBA, MCA/MTech, B. Com, B.Sc. (in any branch)  


Curriculum Outline

  • Preparatory classes (Programming + Maths)
  • Cohort Orientation + Special Programming classes
  • Fundamentals of Programming
  • Fundamentals of Statistics


 Term 1

  • Python Programming (Basic + Advance)
  • Statistics
  • Data Science tools
  • Essential


Devices Used:

  • GitHub
  • Pandas
  • Spark
  • Aws
  • Matplotlib
  • Jupyter
  • Seaborn
  • MongoDB
  • NumPy
  • TensorFlow
  • Hadoop
  • Statistics
  • PyTorch
  • My SQL
  • Basic and Advanced Excel
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • SAS
  • R Programming 
  • Python
  • Keras


Business Analytics Course Details:

Course Timespan:

Weekday batch: 5 months (Monday to Friday – 2 hours/day)

Weekend batch: 7 Months (Saturday and Sunday – 3.5 hours/day)


Mode of Delivery: Live Virtual Classroom

Course Fees: Rs 70,000 + 18% GST = 82,600/-


Your Certification:

In partnership with IBM, a certificate of completion will be issued by Learnbay stating “Certificate for Business Analytics.”



+ 91 73492 22263


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. What is the scope of Business Analytics in the future?

After you get relevant knowledge in the role of business analytics, you can proceed with higher-level management, which is the position effective for advanced sales fees or project control officers.


Q2. Who can learn business analytics courses in Chennai?

Anyone who has a degree can take Business Analytics courses in Chennai. But students who have, an education in commerce or science will have an additional plus point since they have studied mathematics and statistics. 


Q3. What are the job opportunities for a BA?

A business analytics position is built on data analytics, facts and figures, investigation and examination of business development, perception-giving, and managing instruction to improve conduct.


Q4. Is business analytics a good career?

The modest answer is yes, business analytics is a considerable career choice. You have a chance to develop types of listings and fields to use your expertise.



To conclude, this is all the data about business analytics courses in Chennai. Do pursue Business Analytics courses from the listed institutes if you are keen to learn advanced skills as these are the best institutes for business analytics courses, all the requirements have been provided above.  In today’s digital world, everything is changing and expanding, and so are the benefits and expert demands. Nowadays, all web-based communication and purchases tend to have some financial value.

The use of search engine optimization in every business has increased the amount of information used to capture the business. Business Analytics is in very high demand. If you are a professional expert, it would help you enhance your career; if you are a student, it will add weight to your CV; or if you have a businessman, it will help you understand your clients more accurately. The future of business analytics is a very bright and booming industry. The requirement for business analytics courses in Chennai has increased, and it is in high demand at the moment.

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