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Top 6 Creative Writing Courses in Chennai With Certificates

Creative writing is the form of writing that includes writing narrative stuff, storytelling, poem, and fictional and non-fictional writing. It displays the writer’s imagination of a subject or topic and also depicts the writer’s choice of the topic according to his/her style and mindset. It’s all about adding beauty to your words without changing the core meaning, it’s about adding flowery language and telling the story in the most relevant way. If you want to master the skill, check out the best creative writing courses in Chennai.


Creative writing can include anything from writing poetry, poems, and sonnets, to paragraphs in whichever manner that a writer can express his/her imagination. We need people who can write and express their imagination through their writings and overall work as a valuable addition to their lives.

Here we discuss some of the best Creative Writing Courses in Chennai, which anyone can opt for. These courses in Chennai will help you to give a flight to your imagination, and here is where you can cherish your dreams of becoming a creative writer. Chennai is a nice cultural place in Southern India, located at the banks of the Bay of Bengal.

It’s also a metropolitan buzzing city and the center of trade and commerce of South Indian culture and dresses and cuisines. The capital city of the state of Tamil Nadu in India, and earlier known by British Times as Madras and a core to the trade and commerce through the sea route through Southern India for the British Raj.

The city is home to many Hindu temples, belonging to various deities as its also the religious capital of the South and it has many historical places to visit as well. The city gives you an unending opportunity to thrive in your career in content writing through its various world-class courses in Creative writing.

Creative writing is a recreational activity for you and your readers, you can do it from anywhere and at any age. In this article, we have tried to mention some of the best creative writing courses to choose from which will surely help and guide you to fulfill your dreams and passion.

These will also help you organize your imaginations and ideas more fruitfully, and in a more lucid way so that they can reach the maximum number of readers and relate to your thoughts once they go through your article. These creative writing courses will help you and guide you, and in turn, motivate your thoughts and imagination.

They help you to enhance your writing skills, fuel your passion, and help you to become a good writer or blogger in your field of interest. Hence, we recommend below some of the best institutes providing Creative Writing Courses in Chennai, which probably help you to fulfill your dreams. Hence, we recommend you do some research and then get yourself prepared to go ahead with one of these creative writing Courses.


How to Go Ahead with Content Writing

Everyone has their way of expressing their ideas and emotions. Before going ahead and selecting the course among the available creative writing courses, here is some advice to all to keep and practice these points as mentioned below:


Creating and Maintaining a Diary:

You can start by writing a diary on daily basis. It’s as simple as expressing and writing down how to spend the day. Mention each activity that you have done throughout the day including all the names of the people whom you might have met during the day.


Reading a Habit:

Make reading a daily habit. Read newspapers, articles, magazines, journals, story books, and comics, to get an idea of how authors pen down their ideas with lucidity and simplicity and how they try to capture the mind of the reader to engross him in writing. How they make the writing and how they pen down their imaginations in the most lucid way possible to reach their readers.


Write Down and Pen Down Your Thoughts:

Write down and jot down your imaginations in whatever fluent language as possible and try to express your imaginations. Choose a topic which are comfortable with and then dug into unknown territory.


Keep It Original and Keep It Simple:

Try to pen down your ideas in the most lucid language you like. If you are writing for the first time, kindly don’t use too much complicated and flowery language. Write in a simple in whatever language you are comfortable with and keep it originally, how you want to express your imagination in your word rather than borrowing words from someone else.


Experiment and Edit:

Great works and great imaginations come from experimenting. It may not be correct in the first place, but it’s recommended to keep on writing, whatever comes to your mind. If you feel it’s not right, edit it or delete it and write again because remember that getting that perfect sentence or word to express the true thing is a difficult job. 


Get Yourself a Review and Rate Yourself:

Give a self-review. Read your article and provide a review to yourself based on what you think of your writing. Self-Review is the best review since it creates a clear idea in the mind of the author as to whether he can understand what he is writing.


Creative writing vs Content Writing 

Here we draw a clear comparison as to what exactly is the difference between creative writing and content writing:

  • The key difference is that creative writing is done to express thoughts and imaginations and content writing is done for marketing and selling a product or service and to sell any content in the market
  • The sole of creative writing is entertainment or recreation and the purpose of content writing is to sell any product or service and to make sure that the consumer goes for it to buy that good or service.
  • Creative writing is done from a writer’s imagination, and it allows the writer to choose their writing style to convey the message to the reader, while content writing is done to target the consumer and make him or to buy that product or service. So, the purpose of the latter is commercial and not only recreational.
  • In creative writing, you use the word power, you will use your knowledge of vocabulary to create a visual image in the reader’s mind, and in the case of content writing, you will use lucid and simple language to create a clear picture in the mind of the reader about the product or service you are selling.
  • Creative writing includes free writing pieces like poetry or poem or music sonnet or short stories, while content writing is all about writing on some specific topic to highlight sometime, like the 50 best places in India to visit before you turn 40, or something like that, with a specific message.


Many Different Crucial Elements Which Make Up Creative Writing Are:

  • Imagery: It uses descriptive language to create a picture in the reader’s mind
  • Voice: This is the author’s unique style of expressing his view to the reader. It helps them to express themselves or themselves to the reader.
  • Point of View: This is the perspective from which the story is being told.
  • Tone: This is the overall mood of the piece. 


There are many things to learn about creative writing. If you want to learn more about creative writing, it’s better to do a course in creative writing. Better to do research among the best institutes offering creative writing courses. Just do a quick research and you will get plenty of data from which you can select the best one among institutes teaching creative writing courses.

You can enroll yourself in one of these institutes. They offer a comprehensive program in creative writing, whether you are a beginner or an experienced person, there sure be a course among the best creative writing courses in Chennai from which you can select.


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Here Are Some of the Best Creative Writing Courses in Chennai 




IIM SKILLS was started in 2015 and today it is one of the most successful coaching institutions providing career-building courses in various fields like content writing, digital marketing, financing, accounting, Search engine optimization, etc. They make learning effective in a better and more interactive way to make it easier for all its students, and the interactive live classes with recorded sessions make it easier for everyone to attend the lectures and to gain knowledge from a great range of faculty members.

You can join and complete this Content Writing Course from any place in the world at your convenient time. You will get 24*7 support from mentors and lifetime access to the Learning management system LMS. The course curriculum is designed by industry experts.

The course is among the best creative writing courses, and it also helps in developing the portfolio of its students after completion of the course. They provide an internship opportunity to all its students and a certificate also after completing this course. 


Contact: [email protected]


You can also check out the best Online Creative Writing Courses


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


2. British Council of India


Whatever field of study or work you are into; you will surely find the art of teaching creative writing is unique in the British Council of India, and they are one of the best institutes among the places that provided training in Creative Writing Courses in Chennai.

You will also learn how to compose trip blogs, separate between news reports and articles, and get introduced to screenwriting and memoir writing. In addition to this, you will be exposed to fictional writing for adults as well as kids.

The curriculum is specially designed to guide and support those who wish creatively explore their writing talent to realize their dreams of becoming a writer. You will be provided with feedback on your writing to help you know your prospects as a budding creative writer.


A Few Course Details Areas Below:

  • Course duration: 36 hours, 9 weeks
  • Required English language skill level: Above upper-intermediate level (Level B2)
  • Course fee: INR 10,000 per student
  • Special offer to British Council library members: 10% discount on the course fee


For more information regarding the Creative Writing Courses from the British Council of India, you may contact them at: [email protected]


3. Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning


This autonomous institute provides one of the best Creative Writing Courses in Chennai. They offer a diploma course in creative writing. The program is delivered through an online mode of teaching. Modern teaching methods are used and doubt-clearing sessions are conducted for improvement, all these elements make this program one of the best among other Creative Writing Courses in Chennai.

This helps students to understand and get acquainted with skills required to become good at creative writing, and they use the latest tools which help students from all spheres of life to learn it easily. They help you to create the best imaginative and narrative stories to express your imagination and help to publish them and thus guiding students to become professional creative writers. 

Eligibility to Enrol in This Course:

  • 12th standard pass-out with a minimum of 50% marks in English
  • Anyone who has a diploma or a bachelor’s degree in any discipline from a recognized university with English as a subject (passed with 50%)
  • Students awaiting final year results can also apply for this course


For more information please contact: [email protected]


4. Udemy


Udemy is a platform where you can learn creative writing skills with the latest trends in the market. This place is considered one of the best institutes providing Creative Writing Courses in Chennai. It is a platform where you can learn and share what you know. It’s now a global destination for online learning. Anyone can enroll in these courses because there are no restrictions on eligibility and the courses are available at reasonable prices.


Some of the Best Courses From Udemy:

  • Foundations of fiction
  • Complete creative writing – the full course
  • Write a best-selling novel in 15 steps 


These courses have lifetime access so that you can always refer to them whenever you want. You can complete the course at your own pace and can refer to any material anytime and on the go. Courses from Udemy help you and teaches you how to become an effective creative writer and it is mentored by well-experienced mentors who are having a great reputation and good feedback from students.


Check here the courses in other developing cities:


5. Indira Gandhi National Open University


The Indira Gandhi National Open University was established by an Act of Parliament in 1985 to take education to the doorsteps of many Indians, to those who seek higher education irrespective of age, religion, or irrespective of formal education. The IGNOU is the best institute among those providing Creative Writing Courses in Chennai.  

The IGNOU provides a diploma in Creative Writing. The program is structured as such to impart instruction in progressive stages to ensure that a learner can learn creative writing from the best teachers through online and offline mode and to make each student a creative writer and develops the skills within him so that he can improve personally and professionally after completing this course.

The program includes training in creative writing and imaginative skills concerning feature articles, writing short stories, and scripts for TV/radio, and writing poetry. Students get a ton of opportunities to boost their creativity and can enhance their imaginative thinking skills and use them in writing articles.


Eligibility for this Course:

  • Anyone who has passed 10+2
  • Anyone without 10+2 but 20 years and above will be given admission to this course


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


6. The Open University


The Open University has a degree, diploma, and certification courses in creative writing, and is considered one of the good institutes providing Creative Writing Courses in Chennai. The open university has pioneered distance learning for over 50 years, delivering exceptional learning and excellent assistance to students worldwide. More than 50,000 students have completed their creative writing courses at this university successfully.


The Benefits of Studying Creative Writing Courses at the Open University Are:

  • Aids you to write with finesse: Helps to grow your writing skills in stories, fiction, poem, short stories, novels, and script writing
  • Professional Aspect: Introduces you to the world of publishing and the requirements of professionally writing manuscripts
  • Learn with other writers: Online tutor-group forums enable you to be a part of an interactive group with the writing community.
  • Practice and learn from quality content: Module workbooks are widely praised and used by other universities as a part of their curriculum and have attracted worldwide sales.
  • Credits: All the courses help you earn university credits that can be combined with credits from other courses by a student pursuing his/her career across various fields to earn the “open degree”.




Q1. Are the Creative Writing Courses in Chennai worth enrolling in?

Yes, enrolling for one of the courses among Creative Writing Courses in Chennai is worth enrolling. It will help you to enhance your writing skills, improve your imaginative skills, will help to jot down your ideas, and make them more presentable to the reader. These courses will help you to get exposure and teach you how to become a master of blogging.


Q2. How can I improve my Creative Writing skills?

You can improve your skills using the below techniques:

  • Read, read, and read. The more your read, the better you will get in the world of writing. Reading will help you to get a lot of exposure and inspiration, it will also help you get an idea of how to present your thoughts and imagination.
  • Practice free writing: Follow your impulses, do not think about a structure on an outline while writing and let your thoughts and imaginations make a free flow. 
  • Observe and try to find inspiration from your surroundings
  • Be imaginative, persistent, and brilliant


Q3. What are the career options after completion of one of these Creative Writing Courses?

You can become a blogger, writing teacher, content writer, magazine/newspaper journalist, and social media manager after completing a creative writing course.


Q4. Is completing any one of the Creative Writing Courses in Chennai hard?

It might seem a little tough in the beginning, but gradually as you get accustomed, it will become a cakewalk for you.



Creative writing is like a hobby and a passion. Because it fuels inner thoughts and imaginations. But Creative writing again as compared to any other art requires proper guidance from an expert who could help you to jot your imagination and thoughts in a way that is more acceptable to the end reader. For this reason, it’s better to enroll in one of these courses among the institutes providing Creative Writing Courses in Chennai.

Since all these institutes have expert faculty panels who will give you the proper guidance on how to proceed with your art and how to develop your passion into a living and how to get the maximum exposure in the writing world by writing journals, magazines, books, poems, short stories, sonnets, novels.  All these things require your skill and imagination and proper guidance into how to proceed further with your work and what message or story or the fact you want to convey through your writing.

You can always research, and it is always recommended to do research before selecting a course among all these Creative Writing Courses in Chennai. Since to find an appropriate course, you need to select and read about that course to find its merits and demerits. All these courses are designed to help you to learn Creative writing at your own time and pace. 

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