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5 Best Creative Writing Courses in Kerala for Beginners

In today’s time, creative writing has become one of the most prominent tools of human expression. Everyone can develop a strong foundation in creative writing and make a living. Creative writing unlike content writing is a process of expressing his or her thoughts or emotions to the audience. A creative writer does not have a specific audience as they write for everyone compared to a content writer who writes for a specific set of audiences. This write-up will tell you about the nuances of creative writing and some of Kerala’s top institutes for creative writing courses.


Creative Writing


Let us understand what creative writing is and the biggest tool that drives a creative writer. It is a form of writing where imagination is used in telling a story. A writer creates an emotional impact on a reader’s mind through this story. Any story that comes out of a writer’s thoughts that is unique and expressive is called creative writing.


There is no set definition for creative writing, as the name suggests it is an imaginative process and it goes beyond any professional, academic, and technical forms of writing. Creative writing can be of different genres and styles like Fiction, Nonfiction, Storytelling, Songs, Poetry, and Play/Drama writing.


Unlike content writing, Creative writing does not have a set target audience in mind as it is written for everyone where the writer creates his imaginative world with the story. The biggest tool which drives a writer is imagination. Anything which comes out of the writer’s imagination is related to creativity which need not be always true. This process of imagining and creating a story or a narrative is called creative writing.


The Four Genres of Creative Writing



Fiction is a form of writing where the writer creates a story out of his imagination. In this form of writing, the author creates his imaginary character, and plot situation and builds a story around it. Novels are the form of fiction writing that we often see. Fiction can be of different subgenres like horror, fantasy, romance, thriller, history, and adventure. A fiction story need not be always true as the story is derived from the author’s imagination.



Non-Fiction is based on a real event and real people. There are many forms of nonfiction books like travel guides, self-help books, reference books, and academic and education books. The main goal of a nonfiction book is to inform the reader about something or give a solution to a problem. It can be a message based on a real-life event or a guide. Besides, there is some nonfiction that is written in the form of fiction and the only difference is the factual information that is written in the book.



Poetry is one of the oldest forms of writing. This form of writing has been in existence for a very long time now. It is a form of writing where the writer shares his or her thoughts, feeling, and emotion but in this form of writing the poet tries to create a tempo with words that sounds lyrical to describe the emotions. Poetry is one of the vital parts of art. There are many types of poetry like rhymes, blank verse, narrative poetry, and free verse. All of these can be developed in the institutes for creative writing courses in Kerala



A drama is a genre that is written in the form of a script to perform in the theatre. Dramas are always meant to be performed in front of the audience which is one of the reasons that a drama is different from other modes of writing like poetry, fiction, and nonfiction. Some form of drama is melodrama, comedy tragedy, tragi-comedy, etc. Dramas can include music, poetry, and dance as well.


Tips To Develop The Basic Principles of Creative Writing


Before you join creative writing courses in Kerala, you need to understand the basic qualities that would make you a superior writer. Let’s check some of the important tips and principles before you start your creative writing journey.




Developing the power of imagination is the most important technique, and the bad news is it does not come easily, nevertheless, you can achieve it within no time if you practice. You will have the ability to create a situation and develop your story by looking at the things around you. This process takes time and with regular practice, it will be easy and you will be able to get crazed fans.




After you have imagined, the next step is to write. Writing is one of the best practices to develop the art of creative writing. Building the habit of writing every day will help you be a successful writer. You have to set goals to write anything that you know for 30 minutes every day. The best exercise to become a writer is to develop the habit of writing. 




Every writer is a passionate reader. Reading is one of the most vital tools to develop your vocabulary. You have to be an avid reader to be a fine writer. The more you read the more ways you will find to write your stories and build narratives and you will be able to build your writing style. Reading is the foundation of a writer and you will be able to develop a strong perspective. It will activate your brain and help you to build the power of imagination.


Showing not Telling


One of the most prominent techniques for a creative writer is to show the reader and not to tell the reader. It means you as a creative writer shouldn’t use a plan of informative language to communicate to the reader and summarize a story in the easiest way possible. 


The reason you do this is, by and large, you are adapted to send reports and emails to the receiver, and the receiver gets the information and gets to the direction the receiver needs to go. As a creative writer, you will have to entertain the reader and engage them in the world you have created, through the story you have written touching all the five senses of the receiver.


That said, you as a creative writer, will have to excite the receiver and hold them in the story and mesmerize them by the story you have to tell. This process is also called creating sensory imagery.


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The Growing Market for Creative Writers


A career in creative writing can give you a brilliant monetary benefit. You will be able to launch your career as a scriptwriter, creative content writer, freelance, and blogger. You will be able to launch your books. However, you need to have excellent command over your language, and imagination and give a lot of attention to details.


To develop this set of skills, one needs to follow the steps that were mentioned above. Now that we are talking about the best creative writing courses in Kerala, you need to understand some of the finest institutes that would work as a launch pad for you to jump-start your career as a writer.


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5 Best Creative Writing Courses in Kerala


Creative writing does not come easily to every individual. It would need proper guidance and understanding of the nuances of writing creative content. Let us look at some of the best creative writing courses in Kerala which will help you to test and understand how to start your journey as a Creative Writer and thus create a benchmark for you to launch yourself as a writer on this platform.


You can develop an unyielding foundation in creative writing if you want to make a leaving by creative writing. Let us look at some of the best institutes for creative writing courses in Kerala.


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the top institutes that will help you launch your career as a creative writer. The institute is registered under MSME (Govt. of India). The course not only covers the topic of creative writing, but will also give you complete guidance in content writing, blogging, article writing, social media writing, and video scripts.


At the end of the 140 hours of the training program, you will have a thorough perceptive on writing books of different genres like fiction and non-fiction. You will also be able to get a grip on writing poems, dialogues, and scripts including thirty different types of writing skills.


Course Name – Content Writing Course


Course Description

  • 4 hours of live training
  • Help in publishing e-books
  • Dedicated Placement Cell
  • Lifetime support


Duration – 1 month + 3 months Internship

Course Fee – ₹ 14,900 (excluding taxes)


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


2. British Council India


The British Council of India is a recognized organization running since 1948. They have their presence in three different cities in India. The first center opened in Delhi. The British Council is a cultural center that promotes the English language. British Council of India runs projects in English language, art, and education.


The council provides courses in general and business English and specialized for young aspirants. The ‘Creative Writing for Adults Module 1’ is one such course for individuals who are looking for creative writing courses in Kerala. You will have a thorough understanding of Blogging, Screen Writing, memoirs, etc. You will be able to explore different tools to develop your creativity and write books, and poems which will help you start your career as a writer.


Course Name – Creative Writing for Adults. Highly Interactive


Course Description

  • Evaluation by the faculty member during the course
  • Required English Level – Above upper-intermediate


Duration – 36 hours

Course Fee – ₹ 10,000 (Discount available for library members)


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3. Skill Share


Skill Share is another e-learning platform where you will learn some powerful techniques to shape your story. Some basic knowledge in creative writing will help you understand the course better. The course will teach you how to do research with simple-to-understand examples.


This class is for everyone who wants to have a clearer understanding of writing stories and essays. The best part about this platform is you will be able to share your work in the project gallery to receive feedback on your work progress. So if you are a beginner and looking for creative writing courses in Kerala, this is the course you need to take.


Course Name – Creative Writing: Crafting Personal Essays with Impact


Course Descriptions

  • 11 lessons
  • Unlimited access
  • Project Gallery to upload your work
  • Revision Classes


Course Duration- 1 hour 1 minute

Course Fee – ₹ 1923.60 (with membership)


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4. Domestika


Domestika is an e-learning platform that allows you to master the art of Creative writing. If you are looking for creative writing courses at a reasonable price then this is a platform to be. In Domestika, you will be able to learn at your own pace as it comes in a pre-recorded format. It is available in many different languages. It is best suited for beginners. If you are a working professional and you want to gain some knowledge about the skill, then you can enroll in the course.


Course Name – Creative Writing for Beginners: Bringing Your Story to Life


Course Description

  • Introduction to creative writing
  • How to kick start your story and shape it
  • Final Project


Duration – 2 hours 2 minutes

Course Fee – ₹ 359


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5. Udemy


This course will help you to jump-start your career as a writer. Anyone who is looking for creative writing courses in Kerala and wants to have a deeper understanding of writing can sign up for this course. This course will give you hand on knowledge on different techniques of creative writing that will help you shape your ability to develop your own story.


Course Name – Complete Creative Writing Course Description


Course Description

  • 40+ Video lessons
  • writing assignments
  • Downloadable recourse for future references
  • Lifetime access
  • Learn poetry, playwriting, Creative nonfiction writing, and many more


Course Duration– 12 hours

Course Fee – ₹ 649


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


Prospects After the Course


Published Author

You will have the ability to publish your book and share your story with people and build a huge fan base. This will not only give you a platform to speak in front of an audience but also help you inspire others as well. You will be able to gather a good number of clients who would want you to write for them as well.


Blogger & Influencer

This time when the world has gone digital completely, a blogger and an influencer play a very important role in society today. You can make a fabulous living through blogging. Every product or service will have its information on a blog post. Once you have a good grip over the tips and techniques you can make a superior profession out of it.


Script Writer & Song Writer

Every Production house or an advertising agency needs a scriptwriter to write a script for an advertisement to run on television or the internet medium. As a scriptwriter, you will have a lot of opportunities like video script writer, radio jingle writer, movie and documentary scriptwriter, and many more.


Many such opportunities are available once you take up the creative writing courses in Kerala. A career in creative writing need not be a 9 to 5 job. Delegates who are looking to peruse creative writing courses in Kerala will have flexible working hours based on the organization they work for.




Q1. What is the eligibility to join creative writing courses?

Good command of English is required for anyone to join the creative writing courses in Kerala. But, a bachelor’s degree will help you score high-paying jobs and opportunities in this field of creative writing.


Q2. Can creative writing be taught?

Yes, everyone can’t think creatively, a proper training and development program will help you develop the skill and the opportunities are endless.


Q3. What are the prospects for a Creative Writer?

There is a limitless possibility after completing a creative writing course. You will be able to develop a perspective and build a story around anything around you. You will get a lot of opportunities as a free writer, journal writer, speech writer, and many more.

Q4. Do the institutes offer support after the end of the course?

After the completion of the creative writing courses, some institutes will provide you with placement help and they have a dedicated placement cell available for the candidate, provided the students complete all the assignments and tasks on time which is assigned to them.


Q5. What are the prerequisites of the course?

There are no prerequisites for enrolling in a creative writing course, nonetheless, a basic command of English and literature will always help the student to grasp the lesson.




There has been a rise in demand for creative writers in organizations like advertising agencies and production houses. And this platform for creative writing courses in Kerala is the right place to be if you want to know all about the creative writing institutes and the fine distinction in writing. This course will help you upscale your knowledge and creative skill to launch your career as a writer. This article is for the delegates who want to become creative writers and all you need to do is follow some simple steps of reading and writing every day and enroll in the creative writing course.

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