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Top 5 Content Writing Courses in Trivandrum with Placements

Nowadays, content writing is a popular term. Content writing is nothing but some non-plagiarized creative write-ups on a particular keyword or topic which is meant for the online platform. Content can come out in various forms like articles, blogs, social media content, etc. In today’s digital era, every organization, whether it is a big brand or small prefers to become a digital space for their products and services. Not only that, but those brands also like to enhance the business, reach their target audience and increase traffic on the website. Here arises the need for good content- a fresh marketing strategy that can show the magic on the internet that’s why we have listed the best content writing courses in Trivandrum. It is a fact that engaging and high-quality content can create a great impact on the online exposure of any brand, resulting in the growth of the business in a steady gradual manner.


Different Types of Content Writing


There are several types of content writings in the market. Some of the lots are:


1. SEO Content Writing-


As the name suggests, SEO content writing is writing blogs, articles, etc. for “Search Engine Optimisation”. The role of SEO is very much important in the field of digital marketing. Every single well-researched, informative & 100% unique write-up can help a website to rank on initial pages of search engines when a particular keyword, topic, or image is searched on search engines.


So, to create well-optimized web content, an SEO content writer has to focus on extensive research on the topic & keyword and then compose fresh content in a lucid language, following are some golden rules of web content creation.


2. Technical Writing-


Technical writing is nothing but to express the complex language or meaning of technology or industry-oriented subject in a simpler way to its target audience, non-technical generally. At one end of technical writing, it is a team of skilled professionals who invent or want to campaign the product to a targeted group of people, and at another end, there are the end-users who are going to be benefitted from the product.


So, the writing needs to be very clear at the same time accurate. All those sectors that are associated with technology like chemical & energy, physics, astronomy, biotech, pharmacy, medicines, software, biotechnology, electronics, insurance, supply chain, etc. need technical writing whenever they are going to offer any product to their consumers.


3. Social Media-


Social Media is a potential platform in the time of digital marketing era today. Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube are no more considered as only an entertainment factor, nowadays all brands want their exposure on all of the said social media platforms to fit in the shoe of digital marketing strategy and increase their sales cum business.


A creative, authentic, and engaging post, regarding a product or service on social media, embedded with some interesting caption, brief, hashtag & emojis, can grab the attention of target customers, increase traffic on the website, resulting in a flourishment in business.


4. Blogging


Blogs can be considered the heart of web content. Search engines always appreciate the recurring production of new blogs which help a website to rank well in the web ranking tournament. So, creating quality & frequent blogs for a certain website is a matter of utmost priority though the process is not so much easy. Under a certain niche, blogger has to identify the core customers online, catering service in terms of blogs on the highest searched keyword or topic and meet the queries.


5. Copywriting-


Has the slogan of a few brands like “The taste of India” of Amul or “Boost is the secret of our energy” of Boost captivated your mind at least for a single time? If the answer is “Yes”, certainly the credit goes to the copywriter. The principal job role of a copywriter is to create attractive punchlines and jingles for various brands when they are marketing their products or services on television, newspaper, billboard, banner, or digital platform. So, ultimately it is the creativity of a copywriter which is needed to create some alluring copywriting.


6. Ghost Writing-


Though the name “Ghost Writing” brings some paranormal feeling the reality is, there is no such spooky thing in it and it is a very different type of content writing. Under the process of ghostwriting, the SEO content writer creates the necessary write-ups but by not using his/her name, the content publishes with another name, for whom the content writer is composing the web content. A ghostwriter may also work under the Chief Training Officers, Chief Executive Officers, or other top graded officers of any organization.


7. Press Release Writing-


Under the category of press release writing, a content writer, associated with one organization has to create some informative content whenever any new product or service is going to be launched through an event with the presence of press and media. The ideal press release writing always should have some pointers like product/service details, a brief history of invention, utility, cost, target audience, images, etc. so that the marketing purpose, behind the event, remains successful through the content.


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What are the Skills Required for Content Writing?


A content writing enthusiast who is desperately searching for the best content writing courses in Trivandrum people might be interested to know about the skills that are required to become a content writer. Let’s have a glance at that topic. A successful content writer must have some qualities like-


SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) Knowledge – It is not like a content writer has to be an SEO expert too but the person who is intending to become a star content writer must know the basics of SEO. The content writer should know how to optimize one content on a digital platform for search engines, tactics of keyword usage, the density of keywords, analyzing knowledge of competition, and comprehension of the target audience.


WordPress Knowledge- A SEO content writer must have an understanding of the basics of WordPress and plugins and web analytics.


Research Ability- Extensive research on the topic or keyword is a very important part of content writing. Good content should be informative and full of errorless data which needs great research from resources like books, journals, high domain authority sites, etc to curate
the content.


Originality- The content writing field is for only those people who all can create 100 % original and unique content. A duplicate or plagiarised content may fall under a good category write-ups to a common man’s court but can’t pass the examination of tools like Small SEO Tools or Dupli Checker.


Master of Adaptability- Notwithstanding sticking to one particular writing style or one particular niche, a true content writer should know the art of adaptability towards several types of writing styles with zero grammatical error under any niche.


What is the Prospect and Future of Content Writing?


It is a digital era. The digitalization that started with the invention of the first-ever binary system by Gottfried Wilhelm Leibniz is witnessing the high time under the shadow- service of the internet on various digital platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, and many more. For each of these mediums, content plays a very important role which is known as content marketing.


Like any individual, every brand, big or small, wants to make its presence prominent digitally, and here comes the need for perfect SEO web content. So, regarding job vacancies, content writers certainly possess a dazzling future until and unless the need of a good content writer notices a downfall in job demand.


Top 5 Institutions that Offers the Best Content Writing Courses in Trivandrum


There are several institutions in Trivandrum as well as in India that are offering standard content writing training programs. Let’s have a tour of the top 6 content writing courses in India which will serve the need of those candidates who all are trying to get updated with all the information related to the best content writing courses in Trivandrum.


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is one of the best online educational institutions in India which is known to offer some premium quality professional courses like Technical Writing Course, Digital Marketing Course, Advanced SEO Course, GST Practitioner Course including Content writing courses in Trivandrum. They also provide weekly assignments for writing skill development, free tools worth INR 35000, freelance opportunities, and dedicated placement service to the students. Let’s explore their content writing program for the aspirants who are googling top content writing courses in Trivandrum.


Course Name: Content Writing Course


Course Duration: The content writing course of IIM Skills is of a 1-month duration and is held on the online platform. It also comes with an internship program of 3 months though it is optional.


Course Recognition
MSME Govt. of India & HubSpot


Course Fees
INR 14900 + 18% GST


Course Curriculum

The entire course curriculum of the Content Writing Master Course of IIM is divided into a total of 12 modules which focuses to cover topics like article writing, blog, SOP- statement of purpose, writing and publishing E-Book, E-Listing, Press Release, Product Description, Social Media Post, Web Pages, Mailers, Digital Infographics, etc.




“IIM SKILLS (Co-Offiz )” H B Twin Tower, 8th Floor. Max Hospital Building

Netaji Subhash Place Pitampura New Delhi 110034


Email: [email protected]
Phone: + (91) 99 11 839503


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


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2. Skills Upgrader


Skills Upgrader is one of the standard institutions and a research and career consultancy of Trivandrum, Kerala that intends to serve some best content writing courses in Trivandrum. Skills Upgrader offers a bundle of professional courses to students, professionals, and clients. Let’s have a glance at their content writing course and see whether it could meet all the queries of those individuals who are in search of some good content writing courses in Trivandrum.


Course Name: Content Writing Course


Course Duration: The duration of the content writing course of Skills Upgrader is 1 month with a guaranteed
internship of 3 months.


Course Recognition


Course Fees
INR 2999 + 18% GST


Course Curriculum

Skills Upgrader has divided the content writing courses in Trivandrum into 15 modules. The topics they cover are Introduction of content writing, web hosting, The connection between content marketing & UI/UX, website creation, understanding of writing process, SEO, freelance content marketing, Content Marketing Using Social Media, call to action, content marketing strategy, lead generation using content marketing, etc and some more.



Email: [email protected]
Phone: +91-9034229196


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3. Wordsline


When candidates are trying to figure out the best content writing courses in Trivandrum, they can consider Wordsline of Kochi, Kerala as one of the top hubs, providing quality content writing courses. Wordsline offers the course in 2 formats- online and in-house. Here are the details of the content writing course of Wordsline.


Course Name: Content Writing Courses


Course Duration


Wordsline offers 10 theory classes for their online students and for the in-house students they offer 100 hours training program that is divided into 10 hours theory classes and practical classes on different writing projects.


Course Fees

Online Course Fee- INR 8000
In-House Course Fee- INR 10000


Course Curriculum

The course curriculum is divided into o total of 5 modules/5 classes for both of the online and inhouse batches. The modules highlight the topics like Content Writing, Types of Content Writing, Professional Writings and its Details, applying SEO, proofreading tips, plagiarism checking, a career in content writing, tools to create SEO friendly content, tools used for keyword integration, content marketing, website contents and many more. Their practical course curriculum mainly focuses to train students in the vast field of content writing with hands- experience in the domain.




Address- Wordsline Global Private Limited, Kudilil Building, Near Metro Pillar 450, SBT Jn, Oedipally,
Cochin – 682024, Kerala, India


Email: [email protected] or [email protected]
Phone– +91 9447717625, +91 7012405365


4. NestSoft


NestSoft Technologies, founded in 1997 in Kochi, Kerala is a years-old software development organization that boasts to offer innovative IT solutions and some multi-faceted professional training programs, prominently mentioning the content writing course- one of the top content writing courses in Trivandrum as well as Kerala.


▪Course Name: Content Writing Course

Course Duration: 1 week to 6 months

Course Fees: INR 2500 onwards


Course Curriculum

NestSoft has divided its entire course into 6 sections under some interesting headings. Those are-

• Essentials of Writings
• Before You Write
• Write Right
• After You Write
• Publication- Project Work
• Career Development Skills


Under the above topics in their content writing courses in Trivandrum cover every detail related to effective and engaging writing, referencing and plagiarism, grammar for writers, proofreading, rewriting, editing, communication with graphic artists, professional development skills, etc.



Address: Infopark, Kochi, Ernakulam (District), Kerala, India

Email: [email protected]
Phone: +91 8301010866 / +91 9895490866


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5. ECT- Education and Career Times


If anyone desires to pursue any professional courses, under the recognition of the Government of India, Education and Career Times, ECT is the best choice for them. ECT is a premier training institute in the country which is recognized by Govt. of India. Let’s take a glance at their content writing course for the curious souls from Kerala who need the best content writing courses in Trivandrum.


Course Name: Online Content Writing Course


Course Duration
3 months+ Internship Opportunity

Course Recognition
Govt. of India


Course Curriculum

The 32 hours of Live training and 50 hours of e-learning program of the content writing course of ECT is divided into 13 modules that touch the areas like Introduction of Content writing, Vocabulary Boosting, Grammar rectification in Writing, Fiction Writing Learning, Technical Writing, Monetization of Writing Skill, Publishing Book, etc.



Address: Connaught Place, Delhi: M 138, 3rd Floor, Connaught Place, New Delhi – 110001
Noida: “G 284”, “1st Floor”, “Sector 63, Noida”, UP – 201301


Email: [email protected]
Phone: +91-7827916060


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Is content writing a good career option?

The answer is “Yes”. It is a digital era, everyone and every brand prefer to become visible online which can be obtained by creating good SEO-friendly content. So certainly, content writing can rock as a career.


2. Who all can pursue the content writing courses?

Content writing needs a passion for writings rather than a great degree. The individual can be a student, entrepreneur, digital marketer or housewife, college dropout, blogger- anyone who finds interest in creating original writing, can pursue the course.


3. How much a content writer can earn?

Depending upon the job role and quality of work, a content writer can earn somewhere between INR 8000- 10000 per month, at the beginning of the career which can go higher up to 25000 per month with time and experience.




Kerala, the south-western state of India is known as “God’s Own Country”. On one side Kerala enchants travelers from around the globe with its mesmerizing natural beauty, on another note, the state is known for its highest literacy rate. Keralites have always preferred to synchronize themselves with every societal growth-related factor including digitalization. Data says Kerala is the top state in India in terms of internet usage which is 54% of the population and the number of daily active internet users is around 50 Lakh to 60 Lakh.


Like any other state in India, content writing is a booming career option also in Kerala. There is a huge need for skilled content writers in the state. There is a dominance of contents made in Malayalam, the native language of Kerala, and Manglish (Malyalam+ English) rather than contents made in English. According to data, content made in Malayam is outperforming English content by lagging behind by 85% which indicates that many tactics regarding the content have increased its global reach. So, it can be safely said there is an adequate need for good content writing courses in Trivandrum as well as in Kerala to uplift the field of web contents of God’s own country.

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