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Top 5 Leading Technical Writing Courses in Bangladesh

Bangladesh produces about a million fresh graduates every year. And with the government encouraging the country’s youth population to become self-employed through skill-based training programs, professions such as technical writing have become quite promising among job seekers. You could be a fledgling or a professional looking forward to building a career as a technical writer. It will help if you start by looking for the best technical writing courses in Bangladesh. But having some knowledge about technical writing and its facets can give you an extra edge and help you make the most out of the course you choose.


An Overview of Technical Writing


Technical writing involves preparing text-based instructional or informational documents explaining complicated, technical processes that are otherwise difficult to fathom. Typically, technical writing targets a specific audience section, enabling them to understand and perform a set of actions as part of their job roles and responsibilities.


But with adept content writing skills, you can create technical documents for a general audience, thus catering your technical writing services to a more expansive customer base. On the other hand, the discipline demands technical communication skills if you aspire to excel at business communication. 


The good news is the best technical writing courses in Bangladesh help you with just that, and you can indeed acquire the right skill set to become a professional technical writer.


Different Technical Writing Types


You may think technical writing is all about engineering-based content creation. But, surprisingly, this writing style hems in a broad spectrum of domains. Here are some of the top categories you can explore once you gain technical content writing skills.


  • Scientific Research Papers


Though scientists can research and show ground-breaking results, they may find it hard to explain their findings in writing. So, they work with technical writers to prepare their research papers. When you prepare such documents, you will have to focus on minute details, accuracy, and the content flow. And as these get published in reputed journals and scholars refer them for citation and guidance, the content you create should be highly trustworthy and easy to interpret.


  • Technical Document Development


When technicians use an electrical product or an electronic gadget, they expect clear guidelines on how to handle the item and how it works. The target audience, in this case, is technical professionals, such as engineers and scientists. In every scenario, they should know all the technical facets of the product and how to use it in the right way to avoid adverse effects. 


Technical documents bridge the gap. With your content development and technical communication skills, you will document all possible instructions, including intrinsic details, which will ensure the user does not make any errors while using the machine.


Under this technical writing type, you will write pieces such as instruction manuals and maintenance guidebooks, to name a few. It is vital that your content is unambiguous and the technical document user understands it effortlessly.


  • Instructional Guides for End-users


This technical writing category includes documentation for the general public and product end-users. The content you create will be instructions for using day-to-day devices to simplify the steps for consumers. For instance, you may develop user guides, product manuals, and technical books. The language must be straightforward, ensuring a layperson can comprehend it quickly.


  • Company Policies and Processes


Every organization has pre-defined policies and processes, which ensure sustained productivity while keeping a tab on potential risks and errors. So, companies hire technical writers to prepare these policies and processes. You will have to work with their concerned authorities while preparing the policy and process documents. The content should be clear-cut, as employees across all verticals in the organization will refer to it to ensure its smooth functioning.


  • Business Proposals


It is a relatively new technical writing category, and you might wonder how a technical writer can help create business plans and proposals. Top technical writing courses in Bangladesh cover such aspects, helping you become an expert in business writing. Such technical documents usually encompass pitches, business models, customer research, marketing tactics, and financial forecasts, among others. 


As a technical writer, you need to ensure the business proposals are unique and brilliant, which can help companies outperform their competitors, thus achieving their business goals.


  • White Papers


Typically, renowned companies publish genuinely validated documents, called white papers, to highlight their success. These pieces discuss their vision, mission, and the solutions they offer. You would have to evaluate complex issues and incorporate the company’s products and services while preparing the solution documents.


You may focus on defining a new solution for an existing problem or list out the benefits of the offerings. Your writing should compel the audience to purchase the business’s solutions, thus becoming their loyal customers. And the content should be adept enough to make the brand stand out in the market.


  • Case Studies


case study by a company is a well-curated document that discusses how its product helped a customer meet their requirements successfully. It serves its purpose as an insight. You may write these technical documents for service-based or engineering businesses. But overall, your work should clout the company-provided accurate data. It will ensure the companies can analyze their business patterns in the best way possible to generate maximum profit.


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Skills to Pursue A Career as a Technical Writer


You might be a pro with excellent content writing skills. However, if you wish to make a successful career as a technical writer, you require a specialized skillset. Here’s what you may focus on for the best outcomes.


  • Excellent technical skills
  • Ability to perform detailed research
  • Brilliant writing skills
  • Adept editing and proofreading skills
  • Creative in Designing
  • Expert at using resourceful technical writing tools
  • Outstanding technical communication skills
  • Capable of working with teams


The top-ranking technical writing courses in Bangladesh teach you specialized writing techniques along these lines. It ensures you have clarity and confidence. You will be open to new concepts, able to perform user experience-focused research, gain expertise in various technical writing categories, and excel at designing technicalities such as information architecture, typography, and graphics.


You will develop expertise in team-building, problem-solving, and decision-making, which will enable you to collaborate with different teams more effectively, and create the required rich technical documents.


Career Scope After Completing Technical Writing Courses in Bangladesh


As a technical writer, you can pursue the following career path in this discipline:

  • Intern
  • Associate technical writer
  • Technical writer
  • Senior technical writer
  • Lead technical writer
  • Technical documentation manager
  • Senior manager
  • Director


And depending on the tech company you join, your designation may vary. For instance, you can hold the job titles, such as Technical Content Writer and Documentation Specialist. On the other hand, your technical communication skills will be an excellent value-add and your strength to climb the corporate ladder.


Typically, you can find technical writing jobs in IT, manufacturing, defense, customer support, and service-based industries.  And the top-rated technical writing courses in Bangladesh ensure you land a high-pay job in companies such as Oracle, Microsoft, Amazon, Google, and Caterpillar.


As a technical writer in Bangladesh, you can make, on average, around 269k BDT per annum. On the other hand, once you gain astute technical content writing skills, you earn as high as 428k BDT annually.


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Eligibility Criteria to Enroll for a Technical Writing Courses in Bangladesh


Typically, well-structured technical writing courses aim to make you understand the purpose of technical documents and how to create them efficiently. And to make that happen, they require you to be a graduate with a deep-seated interest in content writing and technology. Also, having good communication skills will be a value add. 


Apart from these conditions, the courses don’t have prerequisites. If you are a fresher, the training can help you create an attractive portfolio. And suppose you already have experience working as a technical writer. In that case, you can polish your writing skills and strengthen your fundamentals so that you can confidently apply for jobs with a better pay scale.


Top 5 Technical Writing Courses in Bangladesh


You may aspire to join reputed companies and earn lucrative salary packages as a professional technical writer. The following listed institutes, offering the top technical writing courses in Bangladesh, can help you achieve your goals. You may compare their course highlights, curriculum, and how effectively they can make you job-ready. It will help you choose your best suitable option.


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is a world-renowned online ed-tech institute that offers a Technical Writing Master Course, curated with industry-validated content, and rewards the participants with international certification. The training ranks among the top technical writing courses in Bangladesh. 


If you are a graduate, content writer, technical documentation engineer, or marketing executive, you may apply for this course. And once you complete the training, you can master the art of creating concise technical documents, such as reports, white papers, scientific research papers, and API documentation, among others.


The highly-experienced faculty will help you learn ways to explain complex technical concepts to a general audience and polish your technical writing skills. They will guide you in preparing well-formatted documents while enhancing your technical communication skills.


Technical Writing Course Salient Features


  • Five weeks of tool-driven training
  • Twenty hours of interactive lectures, with more than 60 hours of practical assignments
  • Access to software tools.
  • Flexible training schedule
  • A fruitful 1-month internship program
  • Course content in line with Google
  • Lifetime technical support
  • Globally accredited, Master Certification
  • Dedicated placement cell


Technical Writing Course Syllabus


  • Introduction
  • Learning how to write
  • Creating technical content
  • Technical reports
  • White papers
  • DDLC and versioning
  • Conversational writing
  • Reviewing and publishing
  • API documentation with XML
  • Datasheets and user manuals
  • Effective writing
  • Medical writing
  • Case study


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


Placement Guidance


During the training, you will have access to relevant technical writing tools, including MS Visio, Git, Scribus, Canva, Robohelp, and DITA, to name a few. It will help you create well-organized technical content. You will build your portfolio, which you can showcase when applying for a job or pursuing a freelance opportunity.


The training will help you publish your first white paper, scholarly article, and even your first technical blog in reputed mainstream print media. Further, IIM Skills offer dedicated placement support, such as job referrals and interview assistance.


They will assist you in connecting with leading MNCs based on your acquired technical content writing skills. They also have a tie-up with top tech giants, including Microsoft, Oracle, and Amazon, thus making your placement prospects pretty promising.


Other Courses


2. Coursera


Coursera offers one of the best online technical writing courses in Bangladesh. It provides world-class training and gets you job-ready as a competent technical writer. The course will help you develop the technical writing skills required to communicate technology-related information in a layman’s language. You will gain the aptitude to understand the technicality level of the language and the concept in question, thus making you proficient in writing technical reports, such as research papers and design reports, among others. 


Course Salient Features


  • Self-paced online learning opportunity
  • About 19 hours to complete the training, with flexible deadlines
  • Engaging course videos and reading
  • Training by experienced faculty from Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology
  • Graded assignments with feedback
  • Assessed programming assignments
  • Shareable certificate


Technical Writing Course Syllabus


  • Introduction
  • Modules covering – issues related to workplace research, audience analysis, purpose, and measuring technical document quality. They also teach you to be a good communicator.
  • Information organization
  • Subject research
  • Project work


Placement Guidance


The course will make you placement-ready. The reason is its syllabus will make you adept at communicating a massive amount of technical information quickly and effectively. While you will not only learn to write brilliantly, you will become an expert at designing visuals to make the technical reports outstanding. The comprehensive curriculum includes all facets of technical writing, thus preparing you to become a confident job applicant.


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3. Udemy


Udemy is one platform where you can find a broad selection of well-organized online courses. You may check out their different technical writing courses in Bangladesh, with their Professional Technical Writing course being their bestseller. It is the best training program for a novice, as it will teach you the fundamentals of technical writing.


However, you can also enroll if you are a web content writer, engineer, product manager, or a person planning to switch your career. You will master writing and editing skills, learn about document components, prepare projects, use images and tables more diligently, and learn about future technical communication trends.


Course Salient Features


  • Over 100 Lectures
  • More than 17 hours of video
  • Over 100 downloadable resources
  • 22 Exercises
  • PDF eBooks and supplementary PDF documents
  • Flexible training program
  • Free weekly writing tips and tutorials
  • Full lifetime access
  • Course completion certificate


Technical Writing Course Syllabus


  • Introduction
  • Technical document components
  • Technical writing techniques
  • Creating technical document template
  • Creating an index
  • Technical writing variables
  • Tables, images, flowcharts
  • Bonus sections- audience analysis, Robohelp 2015, ways to find jobs


Placement Guidance


The course ensures you grasp different technical writing techniques and pitfalls to avoid. You will gain expertise in managing all aspects of technical documentation, from writing to formatting. On the other hand, professional Fortune 100 technical writers with decades of experience will teach you.


And you will become proficient in developing top-notch technical documents, which will enable you to create a highly-resourceful portfolio, thus making it easy for you to apply for jobs as a technical writer.


4. Information Developers Foundation


Information Developers Foundation offers an online training program that transforms content professionals into competent technical writers. Its founder, Rahul Karn, has over 15 years of experience. He ranks as India’s top technical writer mentor and currently serves as a Senior Project Manager in one of the leading Fortune 500 MNCs.


Also considered one of the top-tier technical writing courses in Bangladesh, the secret of its success is its mission to train and motivate students aspiring to become successful technical writers. They also engage you in interactive scientific and business communication training sessions.


Course Salient Features


  • Training focuses on Industries, such as IT, Pharma, Telecom, and Aerospace
  • Highly-experienced Faculty
  • Lifetime access to course material, such as free webinars and industry updates
  • Course completion certificate
  • Placement assistance


Technical Writing Course Syllabus Covers:


  • Introduction
  • Technical writing types
  • What Technical writers do
  • Industry awareness
  • Current market trend for technical writers
  • Technical writer qualification
  • Mastering technical writer tools
  • How to get a high-paying technical writer job


Placement Guidance


While the institution provides a dedicated placement cell to help you find a lucrative job in the telecommunication field, the course primarily focuses on how you can become job-ready. Their technical writing course discusses facets, such as skills the industry demands, the salary prospects, and roles and responsibilities as a professional technical writer. It will give you adequate exposure to the technical writing industry, thus ensuring you are well-informed about your job priorities.


IIM Skills Technical writing Course free demo invite


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5. Technically Write It


Technically Write It or TWi, is an organization of top-notch content creators and strategists working with leading tech companies to achieve the best end-user experiences. They offer training services, with their Technical Writing Training program transcending the top technical writing courses in Bangladesh.


Their online course helps you acquire brilliant technical writing skills. The sessions are highly interactive and enable you to understand technical documentation and content writing practically. 


Course Salient Features


  • Two half-days interactive program
  • Training Options- Life Science, Technology, Business
  • Training even for businesses


Technical Writing Course Syllabus


  • Developing quality technical documents for businesses and industries
  • Creating well-planned SOPs
  • Audience analysis
  • Document structuring


Placement Guidance


You will gain the competence to quickly identify and scrutinize your audience at the end of the course. You will become a pro at managing the entire writing process, from research, content planning, writing, and structuring to editing. Furthermore, you will learn ways to collect and categorize the technical information for using it in the document in the most ingenious way possible. These are aspects that TWi guarantees, thus molding you into a top candidate for lucrative technical writer positions out there in the market.


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Q1. What job profiles can technical writers take up?

Technical writers can become content developers, documentation specialists, information developers, manual writers, technical communication specialists, technical illustrators, and web writers.


Q2. Is being a technical writer challenging?

You might be apprehensive about the profile since technical writers work in a highly complex technical field. But, once you undergo a comprehensive technical writing course, you will ace at creating high-quality technical documents, thus becoming an expert in this discipline.


Q3. For how many hours does a technical writer work in a week?

Usually, a technical writer works for at least 40 hours a week.


Q4. Is the market for technical writers promising?

According to a recent BLS report, technical writers will have around 5,500 job openings each year, with the employment rate going up by 12% in the next ten years. And as companies adapt to remote work culture, you can leverage this trend, even from your home in Bangladesh.


Final Thoughts


Of late, technology and engineering-based companies have realized how critical technical content is for ironing out their operations and maintaining their business as usual. It has paved the way for the surge in demand for highly-qualified technical writers. With access to quality technical training in Bangladesh, you can make the most out of this trend.


Look for the best technical writing courses in Bangladesh and identify the one that fulfills your learning aspirations. With the proper qualification and technical writing certification, rest assured, that your resume will stand apart from your peers, thus helping you get your dream job as a highly-paid technical writer.

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