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Top 8 Content Writing Courses In Vietnam With Placements

Thousands of content writing courses in Vietnam make it harder to pick one useful course that will help you become a content writer in Vietnam. You wouldn’t want to throw your money on every course every time to get zero results. With this article, you won’t feel lost among these content writing courses in Vietnam and blended-writing scams that promise to give you comprehensive knowledge of content writing, where you are likely to lose hope. Hence, this list of the 8 best content writing courses in Vietnam. 


Even if you doubt that content writing is for you or not, or you wonder which course is worthwhile. This article will simplify all your doubts.  


This article will walk you through which content writing course in Vietnam will aid you best in becoming a content writer– that stands out among other newbies. Also, you will learn how to begin your journey either as a freelance content writer or an employee in Vietnam.  


What is Content Writing?


It is a part of online marketing to attract leads and create a positive brand image for the company’s products and services. Content writing comes in the following forms:


  • Website content writing or SEO-content writing
  • Whitepapers
  • Press Releases
  • Copywriting
  • Blogging
  • Technical writing/long-form
  • Social media posts
  • Emails
  • Product descriptions


Check out the Skills Required to Become a Content Writer


Who is a Content Writer?


A content writer is either a generalist or a subject niche expert who writes content on different platforms.  His responsibilities depend upon the company he works in and the amount of experience he has. Fundamentally, a content writer will perform these activities for a company/client:


  • Research the industry to generate fresh content for blog posts, social media.
  • Write different forms of well-researched, plagiarism-free, compelling content.
  • Create search engine optimized content.
  • Proofreading and editing content.
  • Coordinate with the marketing team to illustrate and design online content.


Opportunities for a Content Writer in Vietnam


For every wannabe content writer, it’s good news that the e-commerce industry in Vietnam is booming. It is the best time to be a content writer than ever before. However, you will see plenty of content writers are already dominating the place. Still, there’s always a need for better writers who write crisp content and understand what exactly needs to be done while acting on their responsibilities.


This will set the level of opportunities for you. Your experience, personal brand, and business and marketing skills decide which paying opportunity you get. You have to play smartly, here. Be it Facebook, Linked In, Twitter, Instagram, medium, Fiverr, freelancer, and places near you, you have opportunities to attract clients both online and offline.


Top 8 Content Writing Courses in Vietnam


list of the best content writing courses in Vietnam


I’ll show you how you can get all the resources to jumpstart your learning with these content writing courses in Vietnam:        


  1. IIM Skills Content Writing Course


If you are looking for16 hours instructor-led certification course, then this course is for you. This course with IIM Skills is all about becoming a content writer who knows what he does. This is a comprehensive course that teaches you all types of content on your plate, how to start your blog, the basics of SEO – on and off-page, and content marketing, and much more.


After this course, you will be able to create your blog, write Press Releases, write blog posts, do keyword research for the blog, write SEO-optimized articles, prepare brochures, write social media content, and market your services online.


What makes it different is that it is India’s 1st institute to provide internships and job opportunities to its students. They will guide you through your problems and make your content writing journey easier. This is one of the best content writing courses in Vietnam.


Course curriculum:

  • Web development
  • Blog creation
  • Keyword research
  • Content writing tools
  • Google local page setup
  • Content marketing through social media
  • Social media tools
  • Freelancing


Course fee: 4472883.92 dong


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IIM Skills Trusted Brand Partners

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Reviews and Testimonials

The image shows the IIM Skills reviews and testimonials 


Read a more detailed review of the IIM Skills Content Writing Course Review


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


  1. Udemy’s Writing With Flair: How To Be An Exceptional Writer


This is the most recommended content writing course in Vietnam. Whether you are just a beginner or an intermediate or someone who just loves to see your ideas clear, this course is definitely for you. This is one of the best content writing courses in Vietnam.


In this course, you will learn how to make your writing simple, clear, crisp, and evocative. These elements are the core of writing any type of content. Shani Raja smoothly explains all that you should practice in your writing. Without all these core elements your content is neither punchy nor readable – it is useless.


Course curriculum:

  • Elite writing
  • Elite writer’s mindset
  • Simplicity
  • Clarity
  • Elegance
  • Evocativeness
  • Resources and bonuses

        Course fee: 26,59,779.08 dong


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3. Udemy’s Ninja Writing: The Four Levels Of Writing Mastery


In this course, he shows you all about structuration techniques for writing a focused, rhythmic, and effective narrative, paragraph, and sentence. You will also learn how to choose better words for your narrative and tips for increasing your vocabulary. This is one of the best content writing courses in Vietnam.


All the things you learn with this content writing course in Vietnam will make your blog, book, and business writing sparkle. Again, this course is for everyone trying to create a compelling web copy, blog post, college essay, and academic essay.


Course curriculum:

  • The 4 levels of ninja writing
  • The narrative
  • Paragraphs
  • Sentences
  • Words
  • Ninja writer’s checklist

         Course free: 1,51,639.05 dong


4. Udemy’s Web Content Writing Masterclass + Power Words E-book


If you know the crux of good writing and writing online is your next step, this is the first course I will suggest to you. It has all the basics you need to learn and start blogging for yourself or for businesses you work for.


After learning this course, you will happily create content for website pages, blog posts and be able to use methods for researching and creating content on time, because it will make all the beginner-level stuff easier for you.


Moreover, you will be able to do basic keyword research and write SEO-optimized content, which is essential for an effective digital content writer. This content writing course in Vietnam also includes a few valuable resources to make your learning easier. This is one of the best content writing courses in Vietnam.


Course curriculum:

  • Content writing basics
  • Home page content writing
  • Content Outsourcing
  • Writing About us page content
  • Blog posts writing
  • Product/service page content
  • Offers to use for increasing your sales

Course fee: 1,51,639.05 dong


5. Master Class’ Creative Writing By Margaret Atwood


To write any piece you need to have an artistic touch – a creative flair in your writing. As a writer, you will encounter many opportunities to show your storytelling abilities to create fiction or creative non-fiction in your writings. This is the most basic course recommended for you.


Writing a story that people enjoy reading is not easy. This course teaches you a new approach to creative writing and how to practically implement these techniques. After this course, you will see the storytelling elements writers use in their blog posts, advertisements to attract the target market and convert them into active consumers. This is one of the best content writing courses in Vietnam.


Course curriculum:

  • Getting started as a writer
  • Story and plot
  • Structuring your novel
  • Narrative point of view
  • Point of view case studies
  • Bringing characters to life
  • Creating compelling characters
  • Writing through roadblocks
  • Crafting dialogues
  • Sensory imagery
  • Prose style and texture
  • Working with different timelines
  • The door to your book
  • Writing the middle and ending
  • Revision
  • The novel and sifting strands of the genre
  • Speculative fiction and case study
  • Research and historical accuracy
  • The writer’s path
  • The business of being a writer

        Course free: 3,98,659.02 dong/month membership with Masterclass


6. Udemy’s Writing Tools & Hacks:


This course is for copywriters, bloggers, and content writers, who are still having a hard time with long-winded methods of content creation, research, organization, and keyword research.


Take it as a reference course if you have a bit of prior experience in content writing. This content writing course in Vietnam will teach you almost 20+ hacks with free bonuses to create a powerful web copy.  Moreover, you will also learn how to write a persuasive marketing copy that sells or generate leads. This is one of the best content writing courses in Vietnam.


Course curriculum:

  • Tool for getting new content ideas
  • Hack for keyword research
  • Marketing copy hacks
  • Hacks for writing killer headlines
  • Tools for collaborating with clients and word processing
  • Tools for organizing online content, articles, and videos
  • Tool for getting the right words for your digital content
  • Tool for proofreading

        Course fee: 24,62,758.40 dong


7. Coursera’s The Strategy Of Content Marketing


Just knowing how to write online content is not enough. You must know how to market products and services through your writing. This course will help you in two ways – yourself and the person you work for.


With this course, you will know how content marketers use content to get customers online and you can use these strategies to market your writing services to get clients or jobs. Also, you can use these strategies to help your clients and employers.


For any writer or professional it is important to have a trusted readership.


Course curriculum:

  • The content marketing ecosystem
  • The strategic content
  • Crafting a content strategy
  • The strategic types of content
  • Managing your content

Course fee: Free


8. Henry Harvin’s Digital Content Writing Course


This is another 36 hours of interactive course where you will learn all the different types of online content out there such as academic writing, research writing, technical writing, creative writing, copywriting. With this course, you will see the whole picture of content writing and content marketing.


After this course, you will be able to write in multiple content forms and market yourself. This is the 2nd most course that provides your internship and job opportunities through regular updates.


Course curriculum:

  • Language and internet skills
  • Business and marketing skills
  • Content strategy
  • Technical and research writing
  • Academic writing
  • Creative writing
  • Copywriting
  • Email writing
  • Freelancing and international clients
  • SEO writing
  • Soft skills
  • Resume writing

        Course fee: 46,37,246.29 dong


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


How To Start?


#1 Practice all that you have learned and create a portfolio


It takes courage to showcase what you have got, which is quite important, to begin with. After learning your essentials, it’s time you show your work to the people. Now you need to create a portfolio of your writings where you publish all your best work in the niche(s) you work in. you can create a portfolio with these websites for both free and paid:

  • WordPress
  • Journo Portfolio
  • Medium
  • Create your own writer’s website

Your skills are the only evidence to prove your competency. So, make sure your portfolio is always updated according to the level of your writing.


#2 Set up a professional profile on social media and showcase yourself


Your portfolio alone is not enough for freelancing in Vietnam. Though, offline job seekers can benefit without exposing to social media. For a freelancer, social media is a gold mine to get better freelance projects. And you do it by establishing your personal brand online.


For a freelancer, his online personality matters a lot. That’s why you need to build a network of like-minded people. Personal branding is not about shouting about your services, instead, it is how you express yourself – experiences, beliefs, ideas, and how you provide value through your words online.


Choose any of these platforms for personal branding:

  • LinkedIn
  • Twitter
  • Instagram
  • Facebook
  • YouTube
  • Quora


Any of these platforms will definitely get you freelancing projects only when you know how each platform works and have a plan.


For example, LinkedIn is best suited for jobs ad freelance projects, Instagram is best suited for visual content, etc. you can do a bit of research on which platform will work wonders with the kind of content you provide. Start with mastering one platform in the beginning.


#3 Join internship programs


Don’t sit and wait for job opportunities only through social media. After, setting up a ‘good enough’ personal brand, start looking for internships only if you feel the need to train yourself a bit more about how things work.

For online internships, you can choose LinkedIn, indeed, or other platforms.

Optimize your profiles on any of these platforms to apply for an online internship. Prepare your cover letter and resume/CV before you apply for an internship. Be confident.


For freelancers, join the following portals:


Although these are the most competitive freelancing portals to get you regular work but have a go on these, if it doesn’t work for you there, try pitching targeted clients on Facebook groups, Linked In, or any other platform you find less competitive. Make sure you are confident, modest, and well-acquainted with the job roles and the company while pitching for work.


#5 Way to go! Keep learning and improving


Besides having a handful of clients, you should not stop looking or planning for clients. Because the freelance market is becoming more competitive than ever before. Keep yourself updated with new knowledge like what competitors are doing, what’s new in the industry. You have to keep experimenting while improving yourself.


Frequently Asked Questions:


  1. Is there any course for content writing?

IIM Skills and HubSpot offer courses for content writing. IIM Skills is the most popular institution that offers excellent content writing courses.


  1. What should be studied for content writing?

You have to learn SEO writing, copywriting, blog writing, and technical writing for creating good content.

  1. How many types of writing are there?

There are five types of writing and they are narrative, descriptive, expository, persuasive, and creative.


Wrapping up


Content writing is not easy as it has been portrayed these days. You will make mistakes, learn and keep making mistakes until you never make those mistakes again. Remember, when you are writing for a living, you are writing for people and not to please yourself. Ask yourself, who will care about what I am writing. Keep asking the same unless it’s ingrained in your mind, and you start acting upon it.

If you are ready to turn your passion into a profession, then all my wishes are with you!

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