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Top 10 Online Creative Writing Courses With Placements

The term “Blended Learning” has come into existence in the global village long ago, but it became familiar by a word of mouth quite recently. When the traditional offline and the trending online education method are merged, it is known as Blended Learning. Through this method, individuals are on a way to uninterrupted learning and education as a whole. Blended learning is the 21st-century education system due to its best of both methods of departing education all over the world. Online creative writing courses are trending in the global village due to their high demand in the market. Various digital platforms are efficiently teaching online courses to make people easily skilled and employed.


Importance of Taking Online Courses


Infinite limitations of blended learning can be overcome. The biggest feature of blended learning is that it has improved the quality of education over the years throughout the global village in unison. The dynamic measure of collaborating study resources with flexible timing has expanded the learning scenario. Each individual has their own learning pace and it is highly considered with the blended learning method.


The study material has become more creative for the learners through the presence of digitalization. This aids in smoothening the harsh edges of students remarkably and affably without encouraging the students by peer pressure. Once an innovative teaching consultant and speaker, said, “Technology will never replace great teachers, but technology in the hands of great teachers is transformational for the education field.” Hence this is the reality of this century.


Here Are Some of the Points That Stand by the Term That Blended Learning is a Boon for the Learners as Individuals as well as a Whole.


  • The creative way to impart education through presentations and audio-visuals has brought a 360-degree spin to the education system, bringing in a new spark of attention within the students. Learners are delighted to have a vast variety of LMS on the internet. Blended learning has improved the communication skills of learners. There has been an increased rate of engagement by the learners as reported by the educators.


  • Cost-effective: This is a vital feature of blended learning since the learners do not have to travel to the institutions during different weather conditions. The free educational technologies widely present online are highly appreciated by learners.


  • The Power of Control: This feature has brought self-disciplinary etiquette to learners. Each learner has their pace of learning without feeling anxious about competitive peer pressure. The customized learning journey of each learner is interesting and fruitful in the long run. Time management skill has been polished by this blended method of learning online creative writing courses.


  • Self-Motivation has brought up masses of agile learners through the blended learning method.


  • Career Choices: There is a vast variety of options to choose from such as creative writing, content writing, coding, artificial intelligence, digital art, digital marketing, video editing, gaming, web page designing, etc. Skill learning is trending because it has widened the scope for learners for a brighter future.


  • Pitching for the Job has become easier since freshers are appreciated and warmly welcomed by organizations. With the presence of an online education system, students can easily participate in voluntary activities and part-time jobs on digital platforms like LinkedIn, Fiverr, Freelancer, and Quora. An alumnus of a recognized institute is easily hired by organizations for their brilliance in the work.


A Career in Creative Writing


With the growing times, there has been a wide range of options to choose from and plan a successful career. There were times when writing was considered just a passion or a hobby. Who knew with time creative writing will also be considered a full-time occupation? Creative writing is now the most trending and preferred occupation because with the growing technology there have been many options for a creative writers to showcase their talent and also earn at the same time.


Not only there is scope for creative writers but there are many institutes that help and train these writers to enhance their skills and to use various digital platforms to showcase and earn. These institutes not only guide on how passion can be shaped and planned as an occupation but also offers full support post-training.


So if you are passionate about writing and very hesitant to take it as your full-time occupation then you must give it a thought because now you have a proper course that will help you enhance your skills along with digital support and you can lead a successful career as a creative writer.




Unlike any other career options, such as banking, professor, doctor, etc, there is no eligibility required to enroll in the online creative writing courses. The criteria are very basic, the applicant must know to read, write, and have good communication skills. However, preferably English because it’s the globally known language. This course can be taken by anyone irrespective of whether the applicant is a student, a housewife, or working with any organization.


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Online Creative Writing Courses


If you are highly passionate about writing and want to convert your passion into a full-time occupation, but can’t leave your current job, or you are a student, or a housewife, who is burdened with responsibilities and finding it very difficult to manage your time and availability for offline courses, then creative writing training is the best options as you will not have to compromise your timings and responsibilities and also can learn at the same time.


These courses are beneficial for individuals as it brings out self-expression writing. Creative minds and imaginations are brought to exercise. These courses help as a therapy too in keeping the people happy. According to educators, there’s no age limit to kick start a career in this field as well as the potential to improve is constant. There are numerous kinds of online creative writing courses mentioned below.


Online courses are beneficial as you learn in your own space without compromising your current commitments. Much time is saved since you learn from any corner of the world. Also, the money invested in online courses is pretty less than the offline courses.


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills provides authentic online creative writing courses across the globe for skill development. In this course, along with the different writing types, the aspirant learns to create their website. It teaches about keyword research using various content writing tools. SEO (search engine optimization), the most trending thing on the internet is also taught admirably.


It is a 1-month online course with a 3-month internship opportunity. For the 1st month, there are Live classes weekly at a reasonable fee. The next 3 months provide a guaranteed internship with flexible hours. During this phase, students learn about writing e-books and publishing the same on digital platforms like Kindle and Google Books, and the blog writing lessons help the aspirants to get featured in the renowned web portal- Times of India.


You will also be guided to publish press releases on the online news portal. All of these features are essential for the aspirants when it comes to enabling a hike in the capitalization of the service. You will also be trained for examinations like HubSpot, and TOLES (LEGAL ENGLISH CENTRE GEORGIA).


IIM SKILLS has made its presence in various media channels – Financial Express, Entrepreneur, The Statesman, and The Times Of India. This master writing course provides the below-mentioned lessons to aspiring writers-


  • Launching a content agency
  • Portfolio for job/ freelance
  • Publish e-book on kindle and google books
  • Writing for the renowned platform The Times Of India
  • Publish press release on news portal
  • Free online tools worth INR 35000


There Are 15 Modules to Be Taught and Learned in the Content Writing Course

1- WordPress web development

2- Digital content ( articles, blogging, webpage)

3- Copywriting

4- Marketing collateral

5- Email Writing

6- Social media writing and video scripts

7- Creative writing

8- SOP & business listing

9- Legal Writing

10- Technical writing 101

11- SEO (search engine optimization)

12- Content marketing

13- Affiliate marketing & AdSense

14- Freelance content writing

15- Resume writing


A Collection of Online Tools Will Be Taught Like:

  • WordPress
  • Grammarly
  • Google Trends
  • Canva
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Google keyword planner
  • spy
  • answer the public
  • uber suggest
  • SEMRush
  • Linkedin articles
  • Buffer
  • Emotional marketing value (headline analyzer)
  • Linkedin analytics
  • Hemmingway app
  • SERP rank checker


2. Writer’s Digest University


Beginners who desire to be commendable writers must take up online creative writing courses from Writer’s Digest which is one of the oldest institutions in this field. Creative writing 101 is the course that gives a strong foundation as a stepping stone. Finding a niche is the toughest journey for a budding writer, so taking up this creative writing course is a hit in the bull’s eye since it provides an award-winning instructor for each session. Each assignment is given with detailed feedback. and numerous free writing resources are available.


The Numerous Workshops Are Available to Be Chosen From-

  • Literary Agent Boot Camp: creating winning non-fiction proposals
  • Agent One-On-One First Ten Pages: the Talcott Notch Literary Agency
  • Submission Coaching: Everything you need to know to get published
  • Advanced Novel Writing
  • Copyediting certificate program



IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


3. The Novelty


It is a digital platform for online courses for aspiring writers in the field of children’s books. Young readers are inclined towards picture books in the initial stages. Their online creative writing courses teach about writing structures, forms, genres, proofreading, publishing, and more. The course provides assessment questions in each module which makes learning better.


The valuable lessons include types of writing such as poems, stories, plays fiction as well as non-fiction. Through their online creative writing courses, budding writers can find their genre from a list of genres like fantasy, realistic, historic, adventure, etc. Each writer has their writing tailor-made for a specific age group of children. The elements of writing a story are given key importance such as plot, theme, etc., and each course has a different duration.


Some of the Prominent Courses to Be Chosen Are:

  • The finished novel course
  • The complete book in a year
  • The ninety-day novel
  • Ultimate manuscript assessment
  • From once upon a time to the end
  • The novel Kickstarter


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4. Internshala


When it comes to online creative writing courses, we need to explore thoroughly as it is a vast field. There’s too much to educate oneself with fiction- nonfiction, short story, novel writing, e-book writing, becoming an editor either for formatting a book or being an editor as a career, excelling in the art of proofreading, writing research papers, legal writing, etc.


Landing on the correct online creative writing courses leaves a permanent impression on the aspirants, and one such platform is Internshala. Opting for the correct digital platform from numerous courses as per the need of the learner is essential. Some vital courses to be certified with are:


  • Academic English writing
  • Advanced Grammar and Punctuation course
  • Effectively Learning complex sentences
  • how to write effective openings and closings to emails
  • Interviewing and resume writing in English


5. Coursera


The online creative writing courses at Coursera are for the ones who want to learn about the fundamentals of scriptwriting and explore various genres and formats. The writing of the script is done for the big as well as small screen. The overall plot is developed with characters and their dialogues with a specific tone.


Studying the art of screenwriting includes structure, format, outlines, synopsis, and the pitch to sell it to potential investors. The imaginative idea in the head of a writer needs to be well presented on paper and then on the screen, which is achieved by taking up an online screenwriting course. Names of online courses for screenplay writing are:


  • Write a feature lent screenplay for film or television
  • The craft of plot writing
  • Write a pilot episode for a tv or web series
  • Elements of screenplay format


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6. Udemy


Becoming an author is no more a tough job. Online creative writing courses are the platforms where an individual can learn about character-building techniques and plot formation. Creative ideas can be turned into bestselling novels through guidance from professionals from various genres in the field of writing, and Udemy is the best place for that.


Their online creative writing courses teach the art of editing too. There is a term in the field of creative writing where the writer faces a moment when words blackout from their mind, that is known as “writer’s block“, this course helps to overcome it. The skill of imagination, writing, drafting, and publishing can be polished by taking up this course available on Udemy. A couple of the names of online creative writing courses in the field of writing and publishing a novel/e-book are:


  • Content writing masterclass
  • Become an author in 60 days
  • Comprehensive writing to become a successful writer
  • Write your first novel/e-book
  • How to write mind-blowing fantasy fiction
  • How to turn up the heat in your romance


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The journalism industry is huge and always in dire need of committed aspiring news report writers. Taking up online creative writing courses by AAFT is advantageous for budding journalists as it will polish their skills to meet the industry standards with fundamentals of news writing, creating effective headlines, incorporating quotes into news, and structuring a news story. Although they do not have a proper creative writing course, their related courses help the learners to sharpen their writing skills.


Some of the Related Courses That Can Be Chosen Are :

  • Technical writing course
  • How to write great journalistic copy
  • Journalism skills for beginners
  • The complete guide to journalism
  • Professional journalism techniques
  • Media training & film journalism course
  • Investigative journalism course
  • Writing a feature article story
  • How to interview people in the right way
  • Media training and interview fundamentals
  • Becoming a professional music journalist
  • Fundamentals of TV hosting
  • Video editing for mobile reporters


8. Class Central


Website traffic has to be increased in due course of time, advertisements should be carried out creatively to generate higher quality leads. There should be a hike in the B2B market, and nurture brand awareness if individual and the company desires to stand out with flying colors in the business. All this can be learned from class central.


  • Content writing master class
  • How to get started with sponsored content
  • Learn – Art of campaigning
  • Writing copy that sells in 2022
  • Copywriting masterclass & Coaching


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


9. FrontRow


Performing before a live audience is an art to be learned. The narrative writing style is adapted in a creative way to entertain the live audience present before the stage. Various top universities all over the world have programs for writing for the performance and entertainment industry. This course teaches the aspirants the structure of short-form performance material and polishes the physical and vocal attributes of the performer.


Being in this creative writing course, the aspiring writer needs to constantly keep a flexible thought process, and have expertise in language abilities to diversify the global job market. The constant upcoming events all around the world give a greater horizon to creative writers seeking a job in the entertainment industry.


FrontRow is a digital platform that provides the most affordable courses with different durations respectively as well as free courses too. Under the professional’s guidance, there will be a boost in your learning, techniques used for writing press releases, and autobiographies.


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10. Masterclass by Shonda Rhimes


In this course, the renowned American television producer Shonda Rhimes, who is known for her work like The Princess Diaries, Royal Engagement, Grey’s Anatomy, Inventing Anna, etc teaches about writing for OTT (over-the-top). This course has 30 lessons, ranging from creating characters, structuring the script, and writing effective dialogues with an ideal tone. This creative writing course teaches about editing and finding a place on OTT (over-the-top). It’s a lifetime accessible course.


Frequently Asked Questions


1. Which tools are most essential in the field of content writing?

ANS- Content writing is a creative field with a vast variety of platforms to choose from since each industry needs a specific kind of writer. So every writer must have certain tools in hand such as:

  • Grammarly
  • ProWritingAid
  • Language tool
  • Ginger Software
  • Tectona


2. Is it important to have a laptop to start a career as a content writer?

ANS- No, it is not essential to possess a laptop in the initial stage but certainly in the long run it is a necessity.


3. Name some tools to detect plagiarism.

ANS- Plagiarism is a crime in the field of creative writing. So to check each article if it has been borrowed from any other page, there are various tools such as:

  • Plagiarism checker
  • Quetext
  • Grammarly
  • Duplichecker
  • PlagScan


4. Are there any tools for paraphrasing?

ANS- Paraphrasing of a sentence is accepted only if the writer has given their touch to it and eventually it doesn’t appear as a plagiarized sentence. Some of the paraphrasing tools are:

  • Spinning
  • Spin rewriter
  • Duplichecker
  • Wordtune


5. How do I choose the correct keyword?

ANS- To get a high ranking on Google, choosing the correct long-tail keyword is essential. The tool which helps to choose an ideal long-tail keyword for any topic is The keyword planner.


6. Suggest some digital platform where an aspiring writer can post daily.

ANS- For beginners, writing a minimum of 500 words is essential to bring out their creativity and give them a habit of writing regularly with refreshed ideas and creativity. Aspiring writers can share their blogs and articles on various pages to gain confidence and interact with similar-minded people for an exchange of feedback.

  • Medium
  • WordPress
  • Quora
  • LinkedIn




We hope this article proves helpful and answers most of your queries. In this article, we tried our best to provide full information along with institute details. Before we shortlist the institute’s names and details, we have done proper research and shortlisted the best ones. These institutes are known for the best skill development courses and are the most preferred institutes. Also, the institutes shortlisted are affordable and provide certifications after completing the course. Also, you will get assured guidance and support to shape your career. Creative writing is one of the most trending occupations these days and will help you fetch a decent earning. All you need right guidance support and training. Happy Learning!

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