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Top 5 Creative Writing Courses In Mumbai (Updated)

Looking for creative writing courses in Mumbai? There are many courses and workshops in Mumbai. Read about them here and compare them.


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Mumbai is the destination for any creative person in India. The city is often dubbed as the ‘city of dreams’. Imagination runs wild on the streets of Mumbai. All creative industries in India, be it the film industry, the advertising industry, the TV industry, stand-up comedy, and publishing, find their home here.


The entertainment industry in Mumbai is the largest not only in India but one of the largest in the world. Over a thousand films are released in India in one year, which is the highest for any country. And it provides livelihood to hundreds of thousands of people.


Creative writing courses in Mumbai can be found everywhere. This is because there is a lot of opportunities for writers in the film, and the TV industry.


But how do you separate the good ones from the bad ones? How do you find a course that is really worth the money they charge you?


Great creative writing courses in Mumbai are instructed by accomplished professionals in the field of arts, or an agency or an institution with considerable experience. It really helps to see their track record and how much value they provide in the job market.


Creative writers are always in demand in Mumbai. There are hundreds of projects going on in the city all the time. Show producers are always on the lookout for new and talented writers.


Benefits of creative writing courses


Creative writing or any creative hobby, for that matter, has various benefits for the person practicing it. The benefits go beyond their practice and career and affect all aspects of life.


For working professionals, who may or may not be in a creative profession, creative writing provides an outlet for creativity. The individual learns through organization and articulation. They learn to express themselves and convert their thoughts into words.


This ability has a far-reaching impact on one’s life. It can improve the chances of professional success and enhances personal relationships. It also gives the ability to paraphrase words and sentences for more impact which is a necessary quality for leadership roles.


For professionals who are looking to build a career in the creative field in Mumbai, creative writing courses in Mumbai can make things easier.


With a creative writing course, students can learn many principles and techniques in weeks. This could take them months or even years without a proper mentor.


A mentor is very essential in providing the direction to early efforts for any creative professional. This can save a lot of time as a beginner by avoiding fundamental mistakes.


If a student joins a course that has years of training experience and connections in the industry, it can assist in getting work as a creative professional.


The student can directly start working as a creative writer in the industry. He/she can also collaborate on independent projects with other people.


But creative writing has many benefits for kids too. Learning creative writing at an early age can have many cognitive benefits. Since writing develops linguistic skills, a child can be made more aware of the right usage of words and phrases.


This will ultimately improve their communication skills and develop their personality. Linguistic skills are a precursor to academic success. No matter what a student’s career goal is, he/she will immensely benefit from creative writing training.


It is also great for working professionals who want to write creatively as a hobby or a passion project. Choosing to learn the techniques can save a lot of time before producing work that can be publicly released.


Even if the person only wants to keep their activity to themselves, creative writing has a host of other benefits. It can provide an escape from the daily grind. Professionals who lead busy work lives can really use the dedicated time for pursuing what they love.


Doing poetry, writing prose, or writing stories can help relax and rejuvenate while also providing the joy of creation. It can help de-stress and improve focus and attention, in general. It can have the same benefits as meditation.


Writing daily can benefit professional life too. Communication skills are the single-most-important quality in the workplace. This is especially true for leadership positions. Great communication skills help in explaining ideas to the team in a better way.


This reduces confusion and ambiguity and improves productivity. When people understand the instructions better, they can deliver better results.


Career opportunities in the creative sector


In 2020, creative sectors provide plenty of employment opportunities. Creative fields like film, TV, journalism, advertising, music, and arts are widely followed career paths. This is due to the fulfillment that the work provides along with a decent salary.


There is ample work as the consumption of media and arts in the market grows. Today, India produces a massive number of films and nearly every state has its own local film industry. This provides lots of openings for writers, cinematographers, editors, and so on.


All cities have a decent size advertising industry as per the population of the city. And there are always local media channels and news publications.


There are a plethora of different jobs in creative writing too. Creative writers can work as scriptwriters, copywriters, content writers, journalists, and public relations executives in any number of firms.


Creative scriptwriters can work with big production houses with only a few years of experience. Due to the rising popularity of on-demand entertainment platforms like Netflix, Amazon Prime, MX player, and others, we get a huge variety of shows. This only reflects the huge demand the entertainment industry has for creative professionals.


Even the old-school novel market is seeing a steady rise in readership and annual sales. Lots of old and upcoming writers are seeing market growth and releasing more newer titles.


So if a person dreams of becoming a novelist or a short story writer, there is a bigger potential market today than a decade ago.


And at the very least, a creative writer can always start a blog and gain loyal readers every month. If the blog picks up and gets good monthly traffic, it can be monetized with an ad network to earn income. Plus it will give an added satisfaction of creating content that is being liked.


Writing is for everyone


Learning creative writing is also a great option for people who want to earn a little extra income by dedicating a few more hours every day. Content writers are required in every field since there are businesses of every kind online.


Every business needs a content marketing strategy and only writers who understand the business inside out can do that. A person who is a professional in the industry and also knows how to write content is a great asset to the industry.


Only such a person can create the most effective content strategy for companies in that business.


In our opinion, all professionals in all industries can benefit from learning to write content. Content writers are in great demand in all industries. Take, for example, technical writers. Technical writers often are tech professionals who possess the skill of writing. They are either working professionals who write part-time or have been technical professionals in the past.


When tech companies require content writers, they cannot hire just any writer. Most writers do not have a proper understanding of technical concepts so as to explain them to an audience.


To formulate technical content, only technical professionals are qualified enough. Most technical writers are required to create tech blogs, customer guides and manuals, company literature, product descriptions, client prospecting, corporate communication, and so much more.


Technical writers, due to great demand, are paid very handsomely. Sometimes, their salary can be as much as corporates.


Creative writing courses in Mumbai


All creative professionals need an expert mentor. A person who can guide and direct the efforts of a person. For this reason, it is important to pick a creative writing course that satisfies your requirements and provides you a big head-start.


Here check out the top creative writing courses in Mumbai:




IIM SKILLS is a digital marketing institute that has trained more than 5000 professionals in 35 countries. Its digital marketing and content writing courses are widely recognized among students and in the industry. As a matter of fact, they are ranked as the top content writing and digital marketing courses in Mumbai.

The course puts special emphasis on using elements of creative writing and storytelling for content purposes. This makes it one of the most unique creative writing courses in Mumbai. It combines content marketing and storytelling to generate a strong brand.

IIM SKILLS content writing course deta

The course aims to train students to be content marketers who can deliver more value and break the communication clutter that advertising has become today. The faculty at IIM SKILLS has more than a decade of experience in marketing communication.


  • The course duration is 1 month.
  • Case study and assignment-based approach
  • Free content marketing tools worth INR 35k
  • Internship opportunity and placement assistance


The course is practical-oriented and encourages students to apply the lessons they learn in class immediately. All students are required to start their own blog. They are given an introductory lesson on the importance of finding a profitable niche and how to find one.


The course is divided into 12 modules. Each module deals with one content marketing skill in detail.


The first module teaches students how to start a website or a blog. They are taught how to buy a domain and hosting and how to set up WordPress or any other CMS. In the second module, principles of UI and UX are taught. Together these two modules help in designing an aesthetically pleasing website that is easy to use.

IIM SKILLS content writing course modules

The third module talks about various types of content and differences between them. This includes blogs, ads, promotional content, fiction, short story, non-fiction, press releases, product descriptions, emails, social media, and so on. In this module, students learn about the elements of storytelling and learn to incorporate them into creating brand content.


The fourth module deals with the technical side of content writing ie. SEO. Candidates are taught the importance of visibility on the search engine results page and how it can vastly impact lead generation. Students learn various skills like keyword searches, on-page SEO, off-page SEO, and so on.


The next few modules teach students how to promote their content with email and social media. There are specific rules for each form of communication. There are even differences in the cultures of different social media platforms.


It is important to learn and understand these differences in order to create content that gets engagement. The real power of social media is sharing. If posts are not shared, social media posts will never go viral.


Students also learn to use PPC in search engine ads and SMM or Social media marketing. Organic results may be free but sometimes they may take a long time and not all products can wait for months before people start noticing. PPC provides faster instant results but organizing an ad campaign takes some skill.


Students also learn to create local pages for businesses. In the last module, they are advised on how to secure work opportunities. If a candidate wants to work as a freelance professional, they are trained on how to perform client prospecting and pitching.

Here’s a video for your better understanding about what to expect from the course:

IIM SKILLS content writing course offers a free demo class.


All current batches are online. Any student can attend these classes from home without worrying about distance or means of transportation.


This course is ideal for professionals who are looking for a content writing course where they can learn to incorporate elements of storytelling for brand building.




Bound Writer’s Retreat organizes workshops and creative writing courses in Mumbai. The program is run by the founder Tara Khandelwal and writer Michelle D’ Costa.


Bound offers various programs for writers like courses, workshops, seminars, and retreats at exotic locations. Here, participants can let their thoughts flow freely and have charged discussions with other participants which would help generate quality ideas.


BOUND also provides editorial services like manuscript review, ghostwriting, line edit, structural edit, book marketing, and cultural programming. It can help writers organize cultural events. It also helps writers pitch to various publishers and assists in applying for a grant.


BOUND programs help a writer in various sections of writing such as plot, characterization, structure, dialogue, transition, and narrative flow. They can also provide consultation from a marketing and audience perspective.


BOUND organizes a writers’ retreat every 3-4 months in the most remote and exotic locations. Some of the previous retreat locations were Divar island in Goa and Lake Mulshi near Pune. Participants get to share space and time with editorial professionals and other writers discussing ideas and relaxing.


BOUND also organizes various courses and classes in other aspects of writing. Some of the previous classes have been on the short story, non-fiction writing, critical thinking, story-writing workshop for kids, women poets, how to turn your book into a bestseller, journalism, and many more.


These creative writing courses in Mumbai can be taken online as well as in the classroom.



British Council, Mumbai


The British Council is an acknowledged organization for studying the English language. Basically, it is an institution that encourages culture and dialogue and facilitates information exchange about Britain and India. It is operational in more than 100 countries.


The British Council has several programs related to language and writing. The course range includes a basic course in English language, language for kids, and a language course for adults and corporates.


There are also courses for teachers to become Cambridge certified English language teachers. The program is called the CELTA. It is administered as a 4-week course at the Mumbai campus. It is also offered as a 12-week part-time online course.


The British Council has one of the most popular creative writing courses in Mumbai. The course structure including fiction, poetry, short stories, plays, creative blog writing, and news reporting. All the courses are instructed by expert faculty members. It is offered on weekdays at the Mumbai branch.


The course is also conducted as a summer program for 6 weeks or 8 weeks duration. The total course span is 50 hours. In order to get admission to the course, applicants need to take an assessment test to show the proficiency level.


The British Council also coordinates the well-known IELTS language proficiency test.


Xavier Institute of Communications, Mumbai


This is a workshop in creative writing for anyone who is interested in developing their writing style and technique and understand various aspects of creative writing. This is one of the highest-rated creative writing courses in Mumbai.


The course instructor is Himali Kothari, who has more than 5 years of writing experience in various niches like travel, finance, food, design, and architecture.


The course includes working on writing assignments. These assignments are then analyzed by experts and peers. This feedback and discussions help writing enthusiasts improve their skills.


This creative writing workshop in Mumbai has 6 sessions of a total of 12 hours. Classes are organized in the evening. So students and working professionals can also attend the course.


The course is open to anyone above the age of 18. Participants do not need to qualify for any test because the admission is provided on a first come first serve basis.


Indira Gandhi National Open University


The IGNOU project is one of the world’s most successful projects of its kind, offering courses in various disciplines to students in distant locations. It began operation in the year 1985 with 2 courses. Today, it has over 230 courses offering certificate, diploma, bachelor’s, master’s, and doctorate degrees in these disciplines.


It is providing education to students not just in India but even abroad. Candidates in Mumbai can easily enroll in the courses are learn by correspondence.


The Diploma in creative writing in English is a 1-year program. It is one of the most popular creative writing courses in Mumbai with a diploma in creative writing. Anyone who has graduated from high school is eligible for the course.


The course aims to make the candidates understand the various phases of creative writing. It teaches the technique of writing and how to develop it if they are interested in working as a freelance writer.


The curriculum is formulated by experts and is designed so as to progressively advance students to more complex concepts of fiction.


The curriculum serves students in writing about various subjects and in various positions such as a TV production writer or a radio professional scriptwriter.


The diploma course has 2 compulsory and 4 elective subjects. Students have to complete the minimum credits required to obtain the degree.


Q. Is content writing a good career option?

Ans- Yes, it is. The content writing industry is very closely associated with the digital marketing industry which is expanding and progressing at a rapid pace.

Q. What are the types of content writing?

Ans- There are many types of content writing (over 15 types) and some of them are social media writing, SEO writing, Technical writing, academic writing, and more.

Q. Are there any good certification courses for content writing?

Ans- There are many certification courses for content writing however considering the reviews, ratings, features, and highlights, it appears that IIM SKILLS content writing master course is the best to consider.



Creative writing is a fulfilling and beneficial activity, whether done as a hobby or a profession. The interest in creative professions is increasing with time in India with the rise of the consumption of arts and media.


There is a growing conscience about films and other creative vocations. More and more people recognize the benefits of creative activities in a person’s life.


There have been various studies showing these benefits in the psychology and development of individuals.


Parents also recognize the value of creative writing for their kids. Due to this interest, there are many upcoming creative workshops specially designed for young kids.


Kids can learn better use of language through creative writing courses in Mumbai. They can learn better articulation and have more academic success leading to a better career. Creative writing also kindles the imagination in kids and makes them healthier individuals.


For individuals who want to build a career in a creative profession, training and feedback from a mentor are absolutely essential. Enrolling in one of the mentioned creative writing courses in Mumbai can help an individual learn creative writing skills faster and save months and years.


Learning from an expert and experienced mentor can also help in gaining work opportunities in the field.


There are many reasons for enrolling in a creative writing course. For everyone, from kids to adults, from hobbyists to serious practitioners, it’s great for everyone.


We hope this article helped you in making a better and informed decision about the creative writing courses in Mumbai.


Vaibhav Kakkar

Vaibhav Kakkar is an Indian Entrepreneur and digital marketing expert. He is the founder of IIMSKILLS, Coursedekho, and Advisor Uncle and writes blogs on digital marketing, the content industry, career development, and education. He has been instrumental in helping various brands across different sectors with their marketing initiatives. He is the author of the book Word Castle "Building a content marketing business" and is a mentor to budding digital marketers.

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