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Top 7 Creative Writing Courses In Pune in 2022 (Updated)

Looking for creative writing courses in Pune? Here is a list of various courses and workshops for creative writing. Read about them and compare them.


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Pune is one of the cities in India with a rich traditional and cultural history. It was the seat of one of the biggest empires in modern Indian history. But today, Pune is an education hub, a manufacturing capital, and an IT powerhouse.


Pune has a host of art and film institutions. It is home to the largest university in India as per the number of affiliated colleges. The student population in Pune is one of the highest in the country. Many of them are very interested in the arts.


There are a bunch of creative writing courses in Pune. Many of them are taught by experts. These experts have years of experience in various fields like writing novels, screenplays, poetry, content for blogs, and even advertisements. Choosing the right mentor can make all the difference.


Why creative writing?


Creative writing is one of those pursuits that impact all areas of life. For a writing professional, it develops skills. For a student, it helps in articulation and academic success. For a corporate employee, it helps in better interpersonal communication and increased productivity.


Writing can benefit any kind of person. This is because, through writing, you can get all kinds of benefits such as a better organization of thoughts, better articulation, greater academic and professional success, relaxation for the brain, and providing a creative outlet.


Writing can benefit working professionals a lot too. Even if they are not working in writing-related fields. It can help in better communication between colleagues. It can help in explaining ideas more clearly and save time by avoiding misunderstandings.


But it can also help professionals outside of work. Creative writing can help with relaxation. It can help relieve stress from overworking. Various studies have demonstrated that indulgence in creative pursuits has the same benefits as meditation.


Creative writing also helps young kids learn the usage of language faster. It helps increase vocabulary and helps them learn the rules of grammar. Consequently, writing helps them achieve greater academic success.


Courses from IIM SKILLS

Technical Writing Course

SEO Course

GST Course

Digital Marketing Course

Content Writing Course


Why businesses need creative content?


As we know, an increasing number of businesses are going online. The competition in the online marketplace is increasing rapidly.


If a brand today, wants to capture the market, they need to stand out. But sometimes there are thousands of other brands selling the same stuff. Customers are not bound to choose only the sellers who are in proximity. They can order products from anywhere in India or the world.


People do not like the selfish nature of brands that just want to sell them something. On a regular day, a person comes across hundreds of advertisements every day. In order to break the clutter and reach the audience, today’s marketing communication needs to be creative.


This can break the clutter of marketing communication today and get the message across. Marketers today need to be creative. Boring informative messages cannot create a brand.


For creative professionals, practicing their skills is the only way they can become better at it. These creative fields include novels, short stories, non-fiction, screenplay, scripts for videos, documentaries, podcasts, ad copies, poetry, songwriting, product descriptions, and so on.


History of creative writing


Stories and tales have been an integral part of Indian society since ancient times. Stories have been used in old ages to make people learn complicated subjects that helped them thrive as a civilization.


Even today, mythicism and legends form a prominent component of Indian tradition. They are now even present in the form of films, TV shows, and popular culture. Many of these stories were passed down as word of mouth and only formally written only a few centuries ago.


In all civilizations throughout the world, story writing has been a dedicated profession for entertainment and information dissemination. Writing is still one of the most dominant of arts as it is the principal form of expression.


Writing is the central part of many other disciplines of art. For example, in music, lyrics form an integral part of the piece along with melody and rhythm. Lyrics provide meaning to the song and can be understood by the general audience.


Even advertising, which we think of as a by-product of consumerism, has existed for more centuries than we care to admit. Word of mouth and branding was used since the dawn of civilization when communities needed to sell their products in exchange for money or goods.


As advertising grew, it became more complex. The language was studied and used in the most impactful manner to garner attention. New forms of communicating the same things, were used to sell products like jingles, catchphrases, ad copy, and so on.


Today, creative writing is practiced in many forms. These include novels, short stories, non-fiction, biographies, feature articles, advertisements, blog content, songs, scripts for TV, film, and video streaming services, etc.


All these forms of writing have few differences in form and style. This is due to their difference in purpose and target audience. But there are also many similarities in the approach to learning creative writing.


How to become better at creative writing?


‘Practice’ is the first requirement to learn writing. The more the person writes, the better he/she will become at expression and technicals. Through practice only, people learn their strengths and weaknesses as writers. They learn what kind of writers they want to become. This usually takes months and years to develop.


There is a lot of reading to do. Writing enthusiasts should not only limit themselves to writing what they like but expose themselves to different types and genres. Reading helps us learn about new concepts and new ways to express them.


The books one reads also decide what kind of writer they will become.


There are many other ways to develop creative writing. But one of the most crucial ways is to find a mentor. A mentor can help guide us on a path to self-discovery. They can guide us to resources that help us.


And the easiest way to get a mentor is to join a course or a workshop and meet different people from the sphere of writing. If you live in Pune, you can also join one of the creative writing courses in Pune.


There are also various workshops and retreats organized for writers and publishers who can help them. Here participants can learn about technicalities as well as meet and discuss with other writers.


There is another way and that is to start working in a role that has writing as the main role. These professions include copywriter, journalist, public relations, songwriter, scriptwriter, radio scriptwriter, and so on.


Here are some of the best creative writing courses in Pune that can help aspirants develop writing skills.


Creative writing courses in Pune




IIM SKILLS is one of the most recognized digital marketing institutes in not just Pune but in all of India. They have more than a decade of experience and have trained more than 5000 individuals in more than 35 countries.

IIM SKILLS content writing course deta

IIM SKILLS has one of the most useful creative writing courses that can help candidates develop their writing as well as find meaningful work in the industry. This is primarily a content writing course that uses storytelling to create engaging content.


  • 16-hour course duration. Over 1 month.
  • Practical-oriented
  • Real brand case studies
  • live projects
  • Internship opportunity
  • Placement assistance


The course is divided into 12 modules. Since the course is practical-oriented, all learners are required to commence creating their own blog/website so they can implement the lessons and learn quickly.

IIM SKILLS content writing course modules

It is also important to display the creative work that the candidate is doing. Feedback helps us improve much faster.


The introductory module presents students to the domain, hosting, and managing content management systems. Students are shown how to start their website. In the following module, they are taught different UI and UX theories. This supports them to design a website that looks good and is easily navigated.


The third module teaches learners about different forms of writing. These include content for blogs, ad copy, promotional content, product description, email, social media, press releases, corporate communication, and others.


In this module, students also study the various components of storytelling. They also discover how these components can be used to create better brand communication. This will help in increased user engagement over blogs and even social media.


In the fourth module, candidates study the technical side of content writing. This involves performing SEO and content marketing. Participants learn how to get a piece of content to achieve higher rankings in the search engine results. Ranking high up is important since the traffic from SEO is organic and free of cost.


The fifth and sixth modules guide learners on how to manage social media and email for content promotion. Different social media platforms have different user cultures. It is necessary to distinguish and understand the specific culture of the platform you intend to use so it can be used to post content that gets more engagement.


The next module explains the usage of multiple digital marketing and analytics tools to create better content. Students learn to perform an SEO site audit where professionals examine the performance of the website, find out shortcomings, and fix them. Students get access to free tools worth Rs. 35k.


At the end of this creative writing course in Pune, students learn how to gain employment as professional content writers. Candidates also receive training on client prospecting and client pitching in case they wish to work as a freelancer.


All students get an internship opportunity and placement assistance at one of the IIM SKILLS partner organizations.

The image suggests the trusted brand partners of IIM Skills

All creative writing course batches are currently online. Students living anywhere in Pune can enroll without any trouble traveling.

Here’s a video to give you a glimpse of the content writing course:

This creative writing course is perfect for someone who intends to combine parts of creative storytelling into formulating content for businesses.


The living Bridge


Living Bridge is one of the top creative writing courses in Pune. The course instructor Mr. Chetaan Joshii is an author who has several published works to his credit.


Mr. Joshii started his career as an IT professional but always had an interest in writing. After working for 12 years, he quit his job to pursue writing full-time.


His works have been nominated for various awards including the Best book at Comic-Con 2012 and Jaipur Literature festival 2012. He underwent training for creative writing at the British Council.


Mr. Joshii is the visiting faculty for creative writing and screenwriting at the Symbiosis Institute.


There are other courses such as screenwriting, creative writing for kids, story writing, and content writing, apart from the creative writing course. There are also various courses conducted on Film and photography.


The workshop aims at shedding light on the creative life and value of writing. Then, the participants are introduced to various elements of writing like the idea, characterization, setting, plot, and writing style.


The course teaches how to design the story and how to create a build-up to crucial events. They learn the various parts of a story structure and characterization. They also learn rules for writing drama.


Students are also instructed on the subtle differences between various genres such as mystery and suspense.


The course ends with an assignment that is graded by the course instructor.


The course or the workshop goes on for 2 days on a weekend and a total of 14 hours. The dates are notified well in advance so interested students can check the website. Total seats in one batch are 12 and admission is on a first come first serve basis.


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Symbiosis Center for Distance Learning


The Symbiosis center for distance learning was set up in 2001 to provide quality education to aspirants with time and distance constraints.


The SCDL provides a Diploma in Creative Writing in the English language. The aim of this program is to encourage and develop one’s writing skills with the objective of becoming a professional writer.


The course explains various forms of creative content like novels, plays, screenwriting, storyboarding, poetry, and writing for different genres. It is one of the most popular creative writing courses in Pune.


This is a suitable course for someone opting for a career in journalism, communication, advertising, corporate communication, professional writing, public relations, content writing, and scriptwriting.


Students are given writing assignments in different forms of writing. This develops their skill-set and they understand the intricacies of different forms.


Anyone who has scored more than 50% marks in English in class 12th is eligible for the course.


The course duration is one year. The program is divided into 2 semesters. This is a distant learning course so students get a total of 2 years to complete the course.


Seema R’s creative writing classes


Seema R has been teaching English to everyone including kids as well as adults for over 20 years in India and the US. She has earned her M.A. from Emerson College, Boston, and has been teaching writing for theater, film, and fiction.


She begins by clearing the basics of language depending upon the particular candidate and gradually introduces creative writing and business English.


The classroom course involves great discussion and active participation. Through various processes and careful examination, the course instructor identifies areas of improvement in the candidates and offers solutions.


The small batch size allows for effective one-to-one sessions so equal consideration is provided to all participants. It is one of the top creative writing courses in Pune.


Cedarwood creative writing


Cedarwood is a creative writing and creative arts institute for adults and kids. The ‘Grammar grip and creative writing senior program’ is a program designed for adults where courses first build a solid foundation of grammar before proceeding towards creative writing.


This course is meant for secondary school and high school kids. In the course, students are regularly required to produce written essays on various topics that develop the students’ expressive capabilities. They improve the skill of putting thoughts into words.


The course also puts emphasis on personality development and developing innate creativity inside the student. They learn how to generate ideas and how to organize thoughts and present them in an ordered manner. It is one of the best creative writing courses in Pune for kids.


Cedarwood also conducts a variety of classes for communication and personality development for different age groups as afterschool programs. These courses include a phonics course for effective reading, a course for building awareness and curiosity in kids, acting and drama classes, public speaking for kids, coding camps for kids, and so much more.



Thriveedge Learning


Thriveedge is a creative writing course that combines technology and principles of creativity to ensure success for its participants.


It is particularly a great course for professionals, teachers, and corporate employees, who have an interest in building new skills.


The program intensively focuses on grammar and vocabulary. The students undergo multiple sessions of writing, speaking sessions, and group discussions.


The batch timings are flexible and classes are mostly on weekends.


Readomania creative writing workshop


Readomania is a creative writing program listed on Meetup and provides a platform for the development of creativity of upcoming and promising writers.


The course is one of the top creative writing courses in Pune. It identifies and brings the writers to the fore inside every person. It provides a creative team with fellow writers working in various genres. This variety helps an individual expand their score of writing and understand other genres and styles of writing to enrich their own.


Readomania also organizes creative writing workshops across various cities in several institutions and places like bookstores and cafes.


The workshop lasts for 3 hours and participants need to register early on their official website.


Readomania also supports writers in their projects and helps them get published. They have helped numerous writers get published and realize their dream of becoming authors.


The course director Mr. Dipankar Mukherjee has worked as a consultant for 8 years at companies like IBM and Ernst & Young. He quit the job to pursue his passions and contribute to the literary world.


The editor Indrani Ganguly is the resident editor at Readomania and has edited countless books that have garnered great public attention. Her titles include the Man-Eaters of Kumaon by Jim Corbett.


Q. How much can a content writer earn?

Ans- Well, there’s no such limit to what a content writer can earn, in fact, there are freelance content writers who have scaled 7 figure income solely through content writing. However, for an entry-level job with basic knowledge of content writing, one may expect INR 22,000-25,000 a month.

Q. What are some tools that are very important for content writers?

Ans- Grammarly, UBERSuggest and SEMrush are the tools you must learn if you aspire to become a professional content writer.

Q. Are there any good courses for content writing?

Ans- Yes, there are several courses for content writing and one must pick courses based on features, highlights, reviews and things like that. IIM SKILLS appears to be the best option for learning professional content writing.



Pune is a unique city in India where art and heritage exist side by side with modern-age industries. The city is the manufacturing powerhouse and an IT hub. It also has the highest student population in India.


There is a great interest in creative writing in Pune and as a result, there are numerous creative writing courses in Pune. There are many colleges for film studies, screenwriting, and TV production in Pune. There is also the cultural cinema and theatre scene in Pune.


All these industries provide many opportunities for creative writers to work and learn.


Creative writers in Pune can work on projects alongside film students. In fact, all film institutes have courses on Screenwriting as it is an important part of film-making along with cinematography, editing, and acting. Writers can collaborate with individuals from various disciplines in film-making to create great projects.


After skill acquisition from creative writing courses in Pune, creative writers can also work on independent projects like works of fiction, poetry, or even non-fiction. With independent publishing taking off in India, writers do not have to go through the tedious effort of going through traditional publishing.


Writers can complete their work and directly publish their books without. Direct publishing also provides a bigger share of royalties to the author of the work. It makes writing at least 6-7 times more profitable than publishing books through traditional methods.


To realize their dreams, there are a great many resources for aspiring writers in Pune. To learn creative writing, candidates can choose any of these creative writing courses in Pune.


As there are so many creative writing courses in Pune, it is important to know the details about each one of them. This is important to avoid choosing and enrolling in a course that is not the right one for you.


That is why we have reviewed various creative writing courses in Pune so candidates can know more about them and find out which one is the right course for them.


We hope the information provided here has been helpful to you in your journey of learning.


Vaibhav Kakkar

Vaibhav Kakkar is an Indian Entrepreneur and digital marketing expert. He is the founder of IIMSKILLS, Coursedekho, and Advisor Uncle and writes blogs on digital marketing, the content industry, career development, and education. He has been instrumental in helping various brands across different sectors with their marketing initiatives. He is the author of the book Word Castle "Building a content marketing business" and is a mentor to budding digital marketers.

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