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Top 5 Business Analytics Courses in Bangalore With Placements

Business analytics is a method through which the performance of the business is measured based on the analysis made from statistical information. It gives an insight into the present situation of the organization and helps in making future decisions. Business analysts aim to give a clear and authentic reason behind the conclusions drawn from the data analysis of a particular business performance. This article details some of the top institutes which provide business analytics courses in Bangalore, one of the hi-tech business centers of the country.


Business analytics helps to make the apt changes at the right period in business. In the present scenario of the competitive business world, the need for business analysts and the courses related to that is seen to grow up. In developed cities, skilled professionals are in demand in the business field.


Types of Analytics:

In business analytics, at different stages, different steps are followed to analyze data. Therefore, depending on the need for data analysis, there are four different types of analytics that help to know what is going on and what is the solution to the problem of the company. A short description of each type is furnished below.


  • Descriptive Analysis:

This is the simplest form of analytics, and it helps to summarize a huge amount of data into small chunks which can be understandable by anyone. This analysis identifies the strength and weaknesses of the performance of the company in terms of profit, consumer behavior, and so on. In short, it helps to know what is going on in the business performance of the company.


  • Diagnostic Analysis:

This is a type of analysis that takes into account the past and finds the reason for something that happened. The techniques used in the diagnostic analysis are data mining, data discovery, data down, and correlations. This in brief gives an understanding of whether the sale increased or decreased in a specific year or time.


  • Predictive Analysis

This is a type of analysis that predicts the future of a business. It cannot predict the exact event or occurrence unless it happens still it predicts more closely. There are more popular tools used in business analytics like Python, R, Rapid Miner, etc. which help to forecast a more complex future of sales and Marketing.


  • Prescriptive Analysis

The prescriptive analysis is beyond all three which suggests different courses of action to get a particular outcome. It uses a strong feedback system for problems, forecasts, and solutions because of this, this type of analytics is used more than others in business analytics. 


Importance of Business Analytics

Business analytics is very important in business as it is a big commercial tool to make decisions. It analyses huge chunks of data received for different purposes in a business and makes it understandable to the authorities of the company to make out the stand of their firm in business.

It helps to make profitability in business, sales, marketing, customer satisfaction, and so on by analyzing the data with the help of the latest technological tools. Business analysts can transform the available data into understandable valuable information that can be used in any format required.

The advancement of technology and the internet has made the field of business analytics more prominent in all business sectors as it can give more accurate reasons and decisions to improve the performance of firms in the competitive business world.


Elements of Business Analytics:

Business analytics uses different types of components to make valuable conclusions. Choosing the component depends on the result one decides on before starting the process. A few components are mentioned below.


  • Data Mining: 

Data mining is about dealing with a huge amount of data to find trends, patterns, and other facts about data sets. For example, the popularity of a particular product at a specific time is easily analyzed through this component. This element is used more commonly because it is faster and more efficient.


  • Text mining 

This is about extracting quality information from reliable websites and apps. They use social media content, blog comments, and even from call center scripts. Then the collected data from this is used to make changes, and improvements and make decisions to improve their business.


  • Data Aggregation: 

This is a process of collecting a huge amount of data and which is processed which means cleaning, and filtering by removing irrelevant data. This is one of the important steps because the accuracy of the data depends on the result of the analysis. After the process, it is presented in a summarized format.


  • Forecasting:

Business analytics analyze not only the current trend of sales and marketing but also predicts the future with the data of the present. For example, by analyzing data of a particular season, sale, or period they can forecast how the same sale would be in the future if some improvements are made.


  • Data Visualization:

Data visualization is also an important tool of business analytics. It is the process of collecting information, making insights about it, and representing it through pictures like charts or graphs. This helps to express the more complex relationships of data to easily understand. Data analysts use this component to understand the trends and patterns of particular events, occurrences, products, and so on.   


List of Top Institutes Providing Business Analytics Courses in Bangalore



This is one of the reputed and trusted online course providers globally offering skill-based courses with quality training. It has trained over 15000 learners from 35+ countries across the globe. The classes are led by experienced trainers in the field providing hands-on with live projects. This is one of the best institutes to learn business analytics courses in Bangalore with the key knowledge of business concepts.


Entry Requirements:

  • Any fresh graduates from a commerce background like B.Com/ BBA, LLB, or CMA who would like to make an entry into the business accounting field.
  • Tax experts who would like to try for a high-profile job
  • Finance professionals wishing for job uplifting
  • Entrepreneurs are the ideal people to take up this course
  • Chartered accountants and company professionals to power up their skills and career


Course Duration: The course duration is 5 weeks online 40 hours of the lecture


Course Content:

  • Introduction to Data Analytics
  • Data Analytics using Advanced Excel
  • Data Analytics using Power Pivot
  • Introduction to Power Bi
  • Connecting and transforming data in Power Bi
  • Creating Relations and Measures
  • Visualizing Repots through Power Bi
  • Data Analytics Tableau
  • Data Analytics using Python


Course Highlights:

  • Master Certification which is globally recognized and awarded upon completion of the course
  • Tools-based training 
  • Lifetime access to course material can learn from anywhere without any additional cost
  • Provide instant online support 24/7 with over 2000+experts 
  • Excellent hands-on experience through several case studies, weekly assignments, and tasks


Course Fee

The course fee is ₹14900.


IIM SKILLS, the online course provider guarantees quality training with job assurance and skill development for professionals to master business analytics. This helps to gain knowledge related to business analytics courses in Bangalore at affordable fees.


Other Best Courses in Bangalore:


2. EXcelr

This is one of the leading institutes founded in 2014 which provides high-quality training in business analytics courses in Bangalore. This provides world-class training and consulting to students globally which suit the present industrial needs in the technological advancements.

The headquarter is in the USA and it has spread its branches in the UK, the Middle East, Australia, India, and the Netherlands. It has also partnered with the leading IT firm Tata consulting services (TCS). The description of business analytics courses in Bangalore provided by this center is in detail in the following paragraphs.


Course Aims:

The course aims at developing the skills of business analysts to make insight into tons of data received by business firms during a particular period. The professionals are equipped with excellent knowledge of analysis to help the business to improve its performance and gain more profits.


Entry Requirements:

  • Graduates from science, commerce, and engineering, backgrounds
  • Professionals from BPO or KPO fields
  • Any professionals with analytical and logical skills
  • Individuals with accounting, financial, and management skills


Course Duration: 

The course takes 180+ hours.


Course Content:

  • Different types of statistics 
  • Introduction to excel and commonly used functions in excel
  • My SQL – different types of SQL commands, data types in SQL
  • Basics of R -installation of R studio, data types in R
  • Introduction to Python, data types, and operators
  • Power BI – modeling with Power BI. desktop visualizations
  • Publish the reports to the web


Course Highlights:

  • The curriculum is based on industrial needs
  • Opportunity to work hands-on in multifaceted projects
  • Classes are handled by experts, from IIT, IIM, and ISB
  • Basics of R and python.
  • Job assistance from the dedicated placement cell
  • Support team to assist with studies
  • Free access to class lectures and webinars
  • E-learning access a for lifetime
  • Boot camps and interview preparatory sessions
  • Introduction to agile its methodologies, analysis, and design


Course Fee:

The classroom-led class costs ₹54999 and the live virtual classroom costs ₹44999Excel


EXcelr is one of the trusted learning centers providing global certification for anyone who would like to take up any mode of learning remotely or online to do business analytics courses in Bangalore. Learners studying the course look for more flexible learning since most of them learn while working.


3. 360DigiTMG

This is a leading institute providing business analytics courses in Bangalore which teaches all relevant techniques. This institution trains all levels of learners from beginner to advanced levels.  


Course Aims:

  • It helps to learn new and advanced skills of business analysts 
  • Gain proficiency in business analytics 
  • Understand the role of business analysts in the business
  • Learn to use analytical skills to outline a problem and to find solutions to the problem
  • Understand visualization and build interactive dashboards, reports, maps, stories
  • About various mathematical approaches in data mining


Entry Requirements:

  • Graduates of science, math, and commerce
  • IT professionals interested in business analytics
  • Professionals who want to apply the skills of business analysis in the current business
  • Academic professionals and those working in the research and development field can also learn business analytics


Course Duration:

  • The course duration is 72 hours which will be both online and classroom-led classes.
  • Practice 140 hours of practical work at home


Course Content:

  • An understanding of machine learning, data science, and artificial intelligence
  • Implementation of descriptive and predictive analytics
  • Learning inferential statistics
  • Try various hypothesis tests to solve business problems
  • Learns different regression techniques – logistic regression, and Poisson regression used for discrete data
  • Data mining module
  • Classifier techniques – data mining, supervised, text mining, and Naive Bayes
  • Learn deep techniques based on Black box techniques and time series Analysis
  • Learn the basics of tableau and graphs to visualize data
  • Learn the tableau features to do calculations, the world of maps, dashboards, and stories


Course Highlights:

  • Hands-on experience working on 3 capstone Live projects
  • Certificate from IBM a leading technology leader
  • Certificate from the Malaysian university UTM


Course Fee:

The course fee is ₹28000.


The special feature of this institute is the best industry-specific curriculum which gives an in-depth knowledge of business analytics, and it is very effective for someone doing a business analytics course in this company.


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4. BA Centric

This is a technology consulting company that provides training based on skills for business operations. This company has many branches in major cities of the country like Hyderabad, Chennai, Pune, Kochi, Bangalore, Delhi, and Ahmedabad. Learning with advanced skills and technologies with flexibility has been made possible through business analytics courses in Bangalore provided by BA-centric.


Course Aims:

  • Learn the roles and responsibilities of business analysts
  • An understanding of the IIBA – a guide to the business analysis body (in terms of vocabulary standards, and business analysis practices)
  • Analyze through modeling techniques
  • Learn to draw a use case diagram
  • Development of personal action plan for business analyst skills
  • Learn to plan requirements and activities for projects
  • Enterprise analysis and its steps
  • Competencies and best practices in business
  • Fundamental skills in communication, leadership, problem-solving, business knowledge and It knowledge
  • UML 2.0 training
  • Job placement assistance – resume preparation, interview techniques, and so on
  • Guidance from industry experts for the dos and don’ts in business analytics even after the placement


Entry Requirements:

Anyone with a commerce, IT and business background can apply for this course.


Course Duration:

The course duration is for 6 weeks.


Course Content:

  • Introduction to business analytics which includes effective business analysis, standardization, and adaptability
  • Business plan ideas
  • Requirements and business e modeling
  • Need for analysis -modeling techniques
  • Documentation of formal and informal
  • Management and communication requirements


Course Highlights:

  • Provides practical workshop
  • Learn through working on real projects
  • lifetime access to the learning management system
  • More individual attention in the class
  • Video tutorials included
  • Guaranteed placement assistance
  • Limited students in a class
  • 24/7 support team


Course Fee:

The course fee for the course in all the cities is ₹ 29,800.


The special feature of this institute is that even if the sessions are missed, learners can again resit for the course. This is one of the standard institutes for business analytics courses in Bangalore which aims at bringing out the best in the learners and giving out the best.


5. Intellipat 

This is a learning company that provides courses in collaboration with top IT companies. It started in the year 2011 with a single course and it has become a big company providing a wide variety of courses with the vision of ‘Democratization of the education sector.

The business analytics courses in Bangalore provided by this company are provided in association with EICT, MNIT Jaipur (Malaysia National Institute of technology). The course is an industry-designed online certification which has focus on developing core competencies of business analytics. More details on the course are furnished in the following topics.


Course Aims:

  • Get experience working with live projects
  • Learn the technological tools and techniques
  • Understand the concepts of business analytics in deep
  • Develop project management skills and analytical skills
  • Learn about different data types


Entry Requirements:

  • Anyone can take up this course but should be interested in business
  • Business professionals. solutions architect, developer, and system analyst are the ideal professionals to take up this course


Course Duration:

The course is provided online, and the duration is 130 hours of instructor-led training.


Course Content:

  •   MS Excel – fundamentals of excel, excel for data analytics, data visualization with excel
  • SQL for business analytics -fundamentals of SQL, advanced SQL, SQL optimization, and performance
  • Mastering MS Excel in detail
  • Introduction to business analysis. core concepts and knowledge areas, planning and monitoring, approach and governance, requirement lifecycle management and analysis
  • Techniques of data visualization using tools
  • Project management using agile technologies
  • Learn different types of diagrams using UML 2.0
  • Career skill developments – communication skills, leadership skills. problem-solving, business, and IT knowledge
  • Learn to use machine learning in business analytics
  • Learn python and its fundamentals in business analytics
  • Opportunity to experience working on a practical industry-based capstone project


Course Highlights:

  • Hands-on exercises and case studies done 
  • Instructor-led training for 130 hours
  • Self-paced videos for 120 hours
  • Project and exercise 240 hours
  • Opportunity to get trained by MNIT faculty and industry practitioners
  • 1:1 with industry mentors
  • Interview opportunities of at least 3 guaranteed by Intellipaat,
  • Life support 24/7


Course Fee:

The course fee is ₹ 1, 08 420.


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)


Q1. How about doing business analytics courses?

There are many options to choose from based on levels of qualification, and mode of learning like online and classroom – led and there are many institutes that are very competitive in providing quality training. Further, there is industry-specific training on business analytics, so learners have wide choices to study.


Q2. Who can do business analytics courses in Bangalore?

Any graduate having analytical and logical skills can do business analytics courses in Bangalore. For graduates with mathematical, commerce, and science backgrounds it would be an added advantage. However, Students looking for postgraduate courses should have specializations based on the requirement of the institute offering the course.  


Q3. What is the market demand for business analytics courses in today’s trend?

Bangalore is the main business center for many leading companies and financial institutions and is one of the second-highest zones for business analyst jobs in India. Every year, there are more than 100 openings for business analyst jobs in top organizations in Bangalore. 


Q4. Which field has demand for business analysts?

Any industry can benefit from business analysts but particularly management and IT-related firms are more in demand. In addition to that accounting, finance, investment banking and market research also provide ample opportunities for business analysts. Since Bangalore is one of the business hubs doing business analytics courses in Bangalore would help to get placed immediately after the course.


Q5. What topics are more focused on in the business analytics course?

The core topics covered are statistical analysis, data, data analysis, and reporting through investigation. Further, some technical tools and programming languages are very relevant to business analytics and other analytical skills. The topics that are more important to business analytics are taught in detail.



In short, business analytics courses in Bangalore are in demand because to maintain a rapid pace with data creation and analysis and to make better decisions in business development, skilled analysts are the need of the companies. In today’s scenario, there are many short-term courses to take up even at the undergraduate level with flexible modes of learning and no need to wait like in the past up to a postgraduate level to do these specialized skill development courses in business-centered cities like Bangalore.

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