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Top 6 Creative Writing Courses in Hyderabad With Certificates

Are you looking to convey your message in an embellished and imaginative way using an out-of-the-box approach? Creative writing may be the best way for this. Through creative writing, you can invoke emotions in the reader by effectively communicating a theme using literary devices such as foreshadowing and metaphors. If you want to learn creative writing, the skills required, the types of writing, and the do’s and don’ts, then read along to find the best creative writing courses in Hyderabad.


With the boom in online media, the demand for creative writing has increased rapidly over the last few years. Whether it is email writing, ad copies, or social media posts, creative writing is essential in conveying the message and making your content stand out.


What is Creative Writing?

Creative writing is defined as an original piece of writing that expresses thoughts and ideas in an imaginative manner. Traditionally, creative writing was used in literature, but now it’s being used in different types of writing to keep readers occupied. Creative writing is a powerful tool for storytelling, poems, novels, and copywriting as well.

Creative writing encompasses a variety of different styles and genres outside the more formal fields of academic writing and technical writing. Creative writing generally consists of the following elements that you’ll be learning in the creative writing courses in Hyderabad:


  • Dialogue: In creative writing, good dialogues serve all kinds of purposes. It establishes the characters’ speech patterns, defines their voices, and discloses key information without being needlessly descriptive.


  • Character: Character development in literature is the art of giving a character depth, personality, and motivations that get them moving through a story. Well-written characters are three-dimensional and unique. They should be relatable through their personality, appearance, and backstory. To create a good narrative arc in the story, a character’s motivations should inform their decisions and actions.


  • Action: The actions a character does in a creative writing piece must be based on his/her point of view, motivation, and previous choices. If the character is a protagonist, then their action should always relate to the plot events at hand and propel them towards the main goal. If your narrative requires an action scene you may have to write your character making many significant choices in rapid succession.


  • Conflict: Using the element of conflict you can move your story forward. The audience will begin to lose interest if nothing is at stake as the character’s choices will not matter a lot. Not only this, if the characters get what they want all the time, then the story you are writing will lack tension. To write a conflict in a novel, you have to construct an internal or external obstacle that clashes with the main character’s defining desire. The central conflict in a novel determines the shape of the journey the characters will take.


  • Theme: The theme of a story is a conceptual philosophy that the writer wants to convey. The author develops the book’s theme so that the readers’ will mine for a deeper meaning in the idea. Therefore, the theme is the central meaning that the work will convey.


  • Setting: The setting in literature is the physical environment, location, and time of a narrative. A setting can be a fictional location or world, a historical era, or a specific geographical location. The setting also includes the era in which the story is set such as the modern day, or the future.


  • Plot: The sequence of events that make up a story in the plot. Usually, a plot begins with a gripping incident that compels the main character to embark on a mission it takes an action. To shape the plot in a good flowing narrative tensions and conflicts are created. Every plot is made of the following five elements that are crucial for the story’s structure: description, rising action, climax, falling action, and resolution.


  • Point of View: The narrative voice or the eye through which a story is told is the point of view. The author has to decide before writing who is telling the story, and who is listening to the story. The story can be narrated by a character in the story, or by someone who is not one of the characters but sees and knows all of them. There are three main perspectives in point of view: first person, second person, and third person.


Types of Creative Writing

The creative writing courses in Hyderabad will teach you the following forms of creative writing:

  • Short stories: Fictional writings that consist of 5,000 to 10,000 words are listed as short stories. They tell a complete story with at least one theme, the main character, and have some sort of conflict.


  • Novels: Novels originated a few centuries ago. They are fictional stories generally comprised of 60,000 to 100,000 words. Stories that are too short to be called novels but too long for short stories that are between 10,000 to 40,000 words are called novellas.


  • Poetry: This form of creative writing is slightly hard to define because of its open-ended genre. Poems don’t have to rhyme or be of a specific length. Poems differ with different cultures and are of many kinds such as haikus, blank verse, sonnets, limericks, sestinas, and free verse. Generally, the rules of poetry are flexible. But while a poem does not have to be of a specific length or conform to specific formatting, it does have to come from a specific point of view, express a theme, and invoke emotions in the reader.


  • TV Scripts, Plays, and Screenplays: TV scripts are written for television programs, plays are performed on stage, and screenplays are written to be made into films. Video scripts such as for YouTube and other platforms also fit in this category. TV scripts, plays, and screenplays have a lot in common with short stories and novels as they also express a theme and evoke emotions. The difference is that they aren’t meant to be read but to be performed, therefore, they are more dialogue-oriented rather than lengthy descriptive passages. Writing for plays and screenplays also involves setting the scenes and stage direction.


  • Creative Nonfiction: This category covers all the types of creative writing that aren’t based on fiction. It includes personal essays, memoirs, literary journalism, humor writing, autobiographies, and lyric essays.


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What Creative Writing Skills Can You Learn From Studying Creative Writing Courses in Hyderabad?

While you’ll learn a variety of skills from pursuing creative writing courses in Hyderabad, here are the five main abilities you can gain:



Research is essential to collect accurate and correct information about the topics you are writing about. With proper research, you can have enough knowledge to explain ten topics in an interesting manner to the audience and make your writing credible. Research is the first step to writing a great piece.

During the research, you may have to view the works of your counterparts to understand what readers like and how you can make your writing more memorable. One important point to keep in mind when researching is to give proper credit to any inspiration you take from other sources.



In creative writing, storytelling is used to sustain the interest of the audience and captivate them with your writing. If you have good storytelling abilities, you can communicate information to readers about a brand or company that is easy to understand. You may use figurative language, such as metaphors and imagery to do so. Writers also use strategic keywords to show how the content related to the audience.



If you are a professional writer, you’ll have to make sure that your writing does not have grammatical errors by identifying and correcting your mistakes. While editing you’ll be modifying sentence structures and vocabulary so that your work is easy for the audience to interpret.

If you are working for a brand or company then as a creative writer, you’ll have to ensure that whatever you write is consistent with their style guide. With good editing skills, you can confidently put your work out to readers without worrying about its quality.


Time Management:

Time management is a crucial skill for creative writers who work on multiple projects at once. You’ll have to learn how to organize your writing process so that each day you can accomplish your writing goal. For example, you can allocate a few hours for brainstorming and researching than a few more hours for executing your vision. Proper time management will help you meet your deadlines and submit quality work.



Creative writers should have the skill to complete their work without the need for directions. Since creative writers have their own style of storytelling, they should ensure that they keep themselves accountable for completing the tasks. They should review their work and reflect upon it to find ways to improve their future work. Lastly, they should be able to track their progress and adjust to a fast-paced working environment.


How To Be a Good Creative Writer?

If you want to improve your writing and boost your creativity:

  • Make writing a daily habit: Any ideas that pop into your head have the potential of either becoming a good writing piece or inspiring better ideas. Always keep a notepad or a writing app on your personal device to record and jot down any ideas you have.


  • Practice rewriting: The first draft that you write is rarely going to be your final work. You’ll have to remove what doesn’t work, get rid of the fluff, and sometimes you may even have to start over. To craft the best version of your work you have to practice rewriting diligently as storytelling and work-building require a lot of thought and time.


  • Know your audience: Before writing, determine who you are writing for, your fellow writers, or a wider population. Since it is difficult to make your writing appeal to all demographics, knowing your audience will help you narrow down the scope and tone of your writing so that it appeals to your target audience.


  • Have a perspective: If you are writing fiction then it will usually have a lesson, story, or message to share. To make sure that your audience understands the point of the story and that your narrative has a drive to it you should use your own unique voice to connect with them and tell a story that will leave a lasting impression and resonate well.


  • Read daily: To get ideas and references for your creative writing, feel for where your interests lie, and understand what a well-written creative work looks like, you’ll have to constantly read famous works by prominent authors across different genres.


  • Use literary devices: To create imaginative scenes and write vividly you’ll have to use literary devices such as figures of speech that will aid in creating impactful images, similes, metaphors, and alliterations.


  • Enroll in a creative writing course: Writing classes such as the creative writing courses in Hyderabad mentioned below, will expose you to a community of creative writers who may provide you with constructive criticism and feedback regarding your story, writing, characters, word choice, and setting. With these helpful suggestions and support your writing journey will feel e a lot easier.


Top 6 Creative Writing Courses in Hyderabad

There are many creative writing courses available online but, in this article, we have narrowed it down to a list of the 5 best creative writing courses in Hyderabad keeping in mind the curriculum they offer, fees, mode of teaching, student reviews, and certification.


1. Creative Writing Courses in Hyderabad: IIM SKILLS

Course Overview

IIM SKILLS is a renowned institute providing one of the best creative writing courses in Hyderabad. Creative writing is taught in the globally accredited Content Writing Master Course offered by IIM SKILLS. This course not only teaches you the nuances of creative writing but also educates you on how you can use your creative writing skills for online media and the web.

The course is taught over 4 weeks in a live classroom along with 3 months of guaranteed internship. Through hands-on assignments, you will master various different forms of writing such as articles, blogs, creative content for books both fiction and non-fiction, dialogue placements, scripts, poems, etc.


Content Writing Course Curriculum

  • Creative Writing – Scripts, poems, Non-fiction and fiction books, dialogue placements, and the difference between creative writing audiences.
  • Copywriting
  • Email Writing
  • Video Scripts and Social Media Writing
  • Legal Writing
  • Technical Writing 101
  • Digital Contents – Blogging, Articles, Webpages
  • Introduction to Content Writing, Freelance Content Writing
  • SOP and Business Listing
  • Content Marketing, Affiliate Marketing, AdSense, Marketing Collaterals
  • WordPress Web Development
  • Resume Writing


Course Certificate

Complete all the assignments and pass the online exam to earn the Content Writing Master Certification.


Course Fees

INR 14,900 + 18% GST


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


2. Creative Writing Courses in Hyderabad: British Council India

Course Overview

The British Council of India provides a creative writing course for adults. Students get an opportunity to enhance their creativity and learn a variety of techniques to improve their writing. You will get timely feedback from all the experienced teachers, and learn how to find your unique writer’s voice.

Additionally, the course will help you structure your thoughts, enhance your literature knowledge, and understand the importance of different writing styles. To enroll in this course, you should have an upper-intermediate level of English knowledge. The course is taught over 9 weeks during weekends.


Course Curriculum

  • Fiction writing covering plot, characters, setting, and dialogue
  • Short stories
  • Travel writing and blogging
  • Differentiate between feature articles and news report
  • Writing memoirs and screenwriting
  • Explore tools of poetry and learn how to write poems
  • Children’s Fiction
  • Experimental writing


Course Certification

Complete the assessments during the mid and end of the course to receive a digital certification upon completion of the course.


Course Fees

INR 10,000


3. Creative Writing Courses in Hyderabad: Coursera

Course Overview

Creative writing specialization by Wesleyan University is offered on Coursera and covers three genres of creative writing: narrative essay, short story, and memoir. The course will help students learn how to write memorable characters and compose a bracing story in an interesting setting with a fresh descriptive style.

The specialization has four courses that you can take in any order and a capstone project at the end to apply all the knowledge you have gained throughout the course.


Course Curriculum

  • The craft of plot in creative writing: Learn how to keep a plot moving, how it manipulates a reader’s feelings, desires, and expectations, examine how to make correct and choices to capture the reader’s attention. Discuss narrative arc, reversals, pacing, and structure and outline a plot.
  • The craft of character in creative writing: In this course, you’ll learn how to create and bring to life vivid, complex, and unforgettable characters. Develop a variety of writing techniques through written exercises to create unique characters. Learn how to develop both the inner and outer lives of the characters and understand how they enrich a story.
  • The craft of setting and description in creative writing: Understand the concept of how to ground a story in a concrete world, how the setting can go from being realistic to fantastical, and how you can describe the physical world with sensory details. Learn how to perform research and use credible sources.
  • The craft of style in creative writing: Every writer’s style is distinctive and unique but it can be improved and enhanced if you choose to. This course will teach you how to put pressure on written language. You’ll study how to choose words that demonstrate grace, clarity, and inventiveness to make your story successful. You’ll also learn how to use imagery and metaphors to paint a vivid narrative. Lastly, you’ll learn how to do revisions so that your stories and prose are of the highest quality.
  • Capstone: In the capstone project you’ll draft your own memoir, narrative essay, or a complete story. You’ll get peer reviews on your work and then revise, rewrite, and finalize it. The course will discuss how to bring your work to the public like a professional writer.


Course Certification

Earn the certificate after you finish all the courses and complete the capstone project.


Course Fees

INR 3,699 per month


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4. Creative Writing Courses in Hyderabad: Udemy

Course Overview

Udemy offers many creative writing courses but the best course is COMPLETE Creative Writing – All Genres – THE FULL COURSE! by Trace Crawford. This course will take you through the four genres of creative writing – drama, poetry, fiction, and creative nonfiction.

You’ll get to examine different writing techniques and concepts and literary devices. With 12 hours of video lessons that you can complete at your own pace and 37 reviews, quizzes learn creative writing in a fun and practical way.


Course Curriculum

  • Fiction – How to write every day, creating a writer’s journal, basic elements of fiction, developing characters, creating descriptions and outlines, linear narrative, word choices, reshaping reality, and short story guidelines.
  • Poetry – Poetic concepts, abstract poems, narrative poetry, satirical poetry, using others’ voices, haiku and tanka, sonnets, poetry portfolio, and poetry for podcasts.
  • Drama – Thinking visually, visual story practice, anecdotal comic, developing dialogues, writing dynamic dialogue, writing the monologue, script formatting, building a character in a play, and creating a conflict scene.
  • Creative Nonfiction – Introduction to creative nonfiction, writing the vignette, using sensory language, writing in scenes, using a plot diagram, personal storytelling, and memoir
  • Creating a digital portfolio


Course Certificate

Earn a certificate of completion after covering the course curriculum and the practice quizzes.


Course Fees

INR 449


5. Creative Writing Courses in Hyderabad: IGNOU

Course Overview

IGNOU provides a diploma course in creative writing in English. The course is designed to provide students with professional knowledge about the art of creative writing. The program is divided into 5 courses and a project and can be completed within 1 year or a maximum of 4 years. The minimum age for enrollment is 20 years.


Course Curriculum

  • General principles of writing
  • Project where you can choose to write a novella, short story, feature/article, radio/TV script, or poem.
  • Feature writing
  • Short story
  • Writing for media: Radio and Television
  • Poetry writing


Course Certificate

Complete the two compulsory and four elective courses and the project and pass all exams to earn the diploma degree.


Course Fees

INR 3,800



6. Creative Writing Courses in Hyderabad: Henry Harvin

Course Overview

Henry Harvin provides a creative writing course for writers who want to conceive fresh ideas, expand their vocabulary, and put their imagination in words using enticing vocabulary. The course is designed to cover the four main genres of creative writing: poetry, drama, fiction, and creative nonfiction. This 9-in-1 course does not only include training but also an internship, projects, boot camps, placement assistance, and hackathons.


Course Curriculum

  • Understanding creative writing, tones and styles of writing, and the difference between creative writing and blogging
  • Understanding literary elements and literary devices and developing a literary piece
  • Develop plot and powerful characters for a story and understand the different types of stories
  • Learn the different forms of fiction, how to write prompts, and how to compile a book
  • Get introduced to dialogue writing, playwriting, subtitles, and scriptwriting
  • Understanding rhythm and rhymes while writing poetry, forms of poetry, the difference between prose and poetry, and syllable count.


Course Certification

Earn Certified Creative Writing Specialist certification from Henry Harvin Education, recognized by the American Association of EFL UKAF, UK Cert, Content Writing Association in India, MSME & Govt of India.


Course Fees

INR 12,500


Frequently Asked Questions About Creative Writing Courses in Hyderabad


1. What are the best creative writing courses in Hyderabad?

The creative writing courses mentioned in this article offered by IIM SKILLS, British Council India, and the Creative Writing Specialization on Coursera are some of the best courses for writers and aspiring authors to learn about creative writing.


2. What skills should a creative writer have?

A good creative writer should have great research, storytelling, editing, self-sufficiency, and time management skills.


3. What are the most common forms of creative writing?

The most popular form of creative writing is short stories, novels, poetry, media scripts, and creative nonfiction.



If you are interested in creative writing and aim to make a career in this field then you should enroll in one of the creative writing courses in Hyderabad listed in this article as anyone can become a good writer once they are equipped with the necessary skills. The courses we listed are designed to teach you how to overcome writer’s block and how to use language in an imaginative manner to captivate the readers with your story.

There are several forms of creative writing and various different techniques that you can master but the main focus of creative writing is how to manipulate language in a playful and colorful way so that the message you put across is well received. To conclude, writers and aspiring authors who want to polish and hone their writing skills and get an idea of what creative writing is will benefit greatly from this article and the courses we have mentioned.

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