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Top 10 Content Writing Courses in Ghana With Placements

With so many portals to share information, it’s imperative to have quality content. With this content, your audience can get engaged and relate to every word you use so you can correctly convey your thoughts. The range of content writing is expanding daily. You might consider pursuing a profession in content writing. To help you narrow down your choices of courses, we’ve put a list of 10 content writing courses in Ghana.  


As the technology evolved, we expanded our options for sharing our thoughts. Various social media platforms, websites, messaging apps, and business portals make it easy to communicate with people today. Content writing has become increasingly critical as we have expanded our global reach in this innovative era of the Internet.


What is the Meaning of Content Writing

In the current digital era, the practice of organizing, creating, and publishing web material is referred to as content writing. Content writing is a form of inbound marketing technique to attract customers to a brand, item, or website. The objective of content writing is to share useful knowledge about a brand, and its product to gain customer confidence, increase engagement and create sales prospects.  


What are the Types of Content Writing

Presently, a plethora of types of content is created using content writing techniques such as:  



Blogging is crucial for developing a solid content strategy to highlight your thoughts and ideas about your business and customers. It helps you with SEO, organic traffic, and brand awareness.  


Email Writing:

content for emails can help your company increase engagement, customer loyalty, and chances of converting them to make additional purchases.


Social Media:

Social media channels call for content writers to communicate a variety of ideas through writing and developing a content strategy.



Content writing may help develop highly technical and professional content that calls for a specialty on a particular subject.  This contributes to the strength of a brand’s authority. 


Website Content:

Content writers can effectively write SEO-researched content by targeting focused keywords on selective items, this can help companies to achieve a better ranking on various search engines giving them better visibility than others in a similar field.  


Video Scripts:

If you need scripts to make videos for your business’s branding, a content writer can be of great help.  


Importance of Content Writing 

Since the days of print advertising, content has advanced significantly. With the advent of SEO and digital marketing, content has emerged as the most efficient means of establishing brands online.  Writing top-notch content is a priceless tool for establishing a customer relationship with brands.  

Writing good content also increases audience retention and engagement  To keep customers making repeat purchases, businesses often encourage them to write good content and publish in the form of social media posts, newsletters, emails, and blogs.   Good content should be clear and have an emotionally engaged audience with the use of an SEO framework.   


Advantages of Content Writing  

  • It helps you rank on search engines  
  • Increases sales  
  • Gives a voice to your company 
  • Keeps your customer engaged and informed about your products
  • Helps to build a customer base  


How to Start with Content Writing

It is not as difficult to start writing content as it seems. A specific degree is not required to work as a content writer. The key to launching a career in content writing is often honing your skills and gathering as much experience as you can.  

  • Enrolling in a content writing course  
  • Practicing your writing talents  
  • Develop your research skills
  • Know what’s your Niche? 
  • Developing your portfolio by doing internship projects at reputed institutes.  


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Ranking Top 10 Content Writing Courses in Ghana


1. Content Writing Courses in Ghana- IIM SKILLS


Course Name  Duration Course Fee Certification Rating  
Content Writing Master Course  1 month + 3 months internship  $ 185.00Yes  4.9 


IIM SKILLS is regarded as one of the best online Content Writing Course providers. The mentors are well-educated and conscious of the value of content in the contemporary environment. They, therefore, make every effort to provide you with training that will help you to comprehend content writing and marketing in-depth and apply it to your work.     


What You’ll Learn: 

  • Writing effectively will boost your writing confidence. 
  • Recognize the value of research and how to research any topic. 
  • Create a website and use web development to create a platform for your blog.  
  • Provide content that is SEO- friendly and acknowledge the crucial role of search engines. 


Course Highlights: 

  • Introduction to content creation. 
  • Learn how to set up a WordPress blog.  
  • Learn how to create digital content for websites
  • Learn how to develop effective advertising copy that provides brands with ten times return on spend. 
  • Proofread and publish a press release. 
  • Effective email writing 
  • Write business listings 
  • Legal writing
  • Learn how to write SEO-friendly content to rank on Google,  
  • Affiliate writing for Ad sense  
  • Writing as a Freelancer  
  • Resume writing.  


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IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


2. Content Writing Courses in Ghana- ECT Ltd.


Course Name  Duration Course Fee Certification Ratings  
ECT Content Writing Course   3 Months  $ 184.00Yes 4.7 


The main goal of content writers is to make money from their writing skills. With this objective in mind, ECT is offering a well-designed course that emphasizes a worthwhile educational experience. The course consists of assignments, live projects, and quizzes. So if you are looking for content writing courses in Ghana, then you may want to look at the modules that this course is covering: 

  • Content writing process 
  • Tricks to understand and implement with google tools
  • Studying modifiers  
  • Writing catchy advertisements  
  • Learning how to create content for Newsletter  
  • How to write for businesses  
  • Types of tools to use for writing 
  • How to write and publish a book 
  • Learning the difference between traditional and independent publishing


3. Content Writing Courses in Ghana- Udemy


Course Name  Duration Course Fee Certification Rating  
The Content Writing Course  15 Hours  $ 17.99.00Yes  4.5


This content writing course by Udemy is highly helpful for experienced, but beginners will also be greatly benefitted from its outcomes. The course teaches you to write English fluently with accurate English in a few steps. 


This course is best for: 

  • Website owners
  • Digital Marketers  
  • Content Writers  
  • Freelancers  
  • Bloggers  


Course Topics: 

  • Challenges in SEO-optimized articles  
  • Research on keywords and How to use paid tools 
  • Tips and tricks to avoid plagiarism  
  • Different approaches to writing  and editing  
  • How to generate content ideas and posts.  
  • Website hosting, and managing word press website 


4. Content Writing Courses in Ghana- Digital Academy 360   


Course Name  Duration Course Fee Certification Ratings  
Skill Diploma in  Content Writing    3 months  $475.00Yes 4.7


This advanced-level course from Digital Academy 360 is intended for marketing managers, digital marketing specialists, business owners, entrepreneurs, marketing consultants, marketing sales professionals, and anyone who wants to make a name for themselves in the IT or digital marketing field.  

The course emphasizes the importance of organizing, administering, and carrying out digital marketing tasks, which include monitoring the results of integrated multi-channel web campaigns.  

Students will primarily learn the principles of digital marketing, advertising, social media, consumer behavior, personal development, brand management, and other essentials of online marketing among many other important skills.  


The Course Has the Following Curriculum 

  • Learn how to write, publish and share content  
  • Complete guide to understanding a content writer’s process in writing > concepts of pre-write, drafting, editing, and publishing.  
  • How to produce content for better search results on search engines  
  • Create a website with WordPress, plugins, and maintenance.  


Students earn 20+ global certifications from Skill Diploma in content writing at the end of the course. Certifications include google, Hub spot, and Digital Academy 360. These accreditations are well-known in the field and will certainly enhance resumes.    



Must Check:


5. Content Writing Courses in Ghana- Hub spot Academy  


Course Name  Duration Course Fee Certification Ratings  
Content Writing Master Course      16 hours$145.00 Yes 4.0 


This content writing master course from Hub spot academy is intended for students, working professionals, business executives and entrepreneurs, bloggers, content creators, and housewives.  The course offers smarter content that ranks higher on search engines by selecting appropriate long and short-tail keywords to develop skills and expert skills. 


Modules :  

  • Developing Web  
  • Understanding UI and UX interface 
  • Content Writing  
  • Keyword research 
  • Developing Niche for content writing  
  • Tips to use different tools for writing  
  • Writing plagiarized free content  
  • How to automate emails  
  • Registering your business with Google  
  • Creating social media profiles  
  • How to make money with content writing skills  


6. Content Writing Courses in Ghana- SEMRUSH    


Course Name  Duration Course Fee Certification Ratings  
Content marketing Toolkit Course   3 Hours Free  Yes 4.7 


This free content marketing course from SEMrush is intended to help you develop your content marketing abilities. Experts from the industry will provide you with guidance. It consists of a series of easy video lessons accompanied by materials for further study. Following the lessons, there is evaluation in the form of examinations and quizzes.  


What You’ll Learn:  

  • Creating a solid content strategy with in-depth knowledge of analytical and optimization tools and content optimization to make it search-engine friendly 
  • Utilizing free content creation tools to assist you to come up with topic ideas and research techniques to help you find answers to the problems of your audience.  
  • Techniques and methods to expand the audience for the awareness of your content monitoring
  • Tips for using a content calendar to manage your publishing schedule.  


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7. Content Writing Courses in Ghana- LinkedIn 


Course Name  Duration Course Fee Certification Ratings  
Blogging for Business  1 Hour    Free Yes 4.0


This free content writing course from LinkedIn emphasizes the comprehensive process involved in corporate blogging, developing highly integrated content. It is a thorough course that covers everything from creating, blogging, and ideas to guest blogging and team building.  


Course Content   

  • Concept of online marketing 
  • How to promote content on social media 
  • Understanding the marketing concept of B2b and B2C  
  • How to evaluate metrics  
  • Developing and designing a blog  


The learners earn a certificate of course completion after completing a fun quiz based on course content.  


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


8. Content Writing Courses in Ghana- Coursera  


Course Name  Duration Course Fee Certification Ratings  
The Strategy of Content Marketing 5 weeks $24.52Yes 4.7 


The course is designed by the US-based Massive Open Online Course by the University of California, Davis for learners looking for upskilling. The course material is interesting and informative, and that aims to help its learners gain a unique perspective on the various areas of content marketing.  


The Course Covers the Following Topics: 

  • Meaning and purpose of Content marketing  
  • Understanding the design of an effective content  
  • How to handle your content on the website  
  • What makes a content compelling  
  • Difference between empathy and experience maps 
  • Developing a content marketing approach 
  • Ethics of plagiarism  

The distinctive group assignments make this Coursera course unique.  Group assignments need to be completed by the end of each week’s session. The course will help you in gaining a deeper understanding of content writing and marketing.  


9. Content Writing Courses in Ghana- Skillshare 


Course Name  Duration Course Fee Certification Ratings  
Content Writing Toolkit Course   3 Hours Free  Yes 4.7 


The Skillshare course will be the next in our best online content writing courses. There have been about 1300 students taking this course. This course teaches the foundations of content writing and understands how it differs from copywriting. The course instructors will provide you with some of the best advice and examples on what to concentrate on while writing web content. 


Course Modules: 

  • Auditing content  
  • Use of SEO writing tools  
  • How to use Keyword tools  
  • Researching trending topics  
  • Monitoring your brand with the use of different tools  
  • Posts on Social Media  
  • Developing your content calendar 


10. Content Writing Courses in Ghana – Henry Harvin Writing Academy   


Course Name  Duration Course Fee Certification Ratings  
Content writing course with Gold Membership 36 hours  $450.10 Yes  4.7 


Henry Harvin’s online content writing course comes with a gold membership to the writing academy. The course can be learned at your own pace. Your writing abilities can be improved with the help of their classes. It offers the top content writing course to improve your writing skills and help you become an expert in the field of content writing. So far, Henry Harvin has created a community of more than 300,000 learners, this figure itself explains the course’s legitimacy and the level of influence the institute has in the field of education.  


What’s in their 9-in-1 Course

The 9-in-1 project includes assignments, internships, and projects to help students distinguish themselves from the competition. This course can is also one of the distinguished content writing courses in Ghana.




Language Skills  

  • Basic jargon and Grammatical skills  


Internet Skills  

  • Research Skills
  • Editing
  • Digital skills  


Blogging and Business Writing  

  • SEO writing, 
  • Publishing books, 
  • Social media 
  • Press releases and Newsletters 


Content Strategy  

  • Challenges in developing a creative strategy  
  • Mind mapping 
  • Ninja Writing  
  • Market segmentation  


Writing for Research-based Topics  

  • Thesis  
  • Reports  
  • Manuals 


Academic Writing  

  • Designing Study material 
  • Worksheets  
  • Questionnaires  
  • Tutorials  


Creative Writing  

  • Understanding the concept of writing 
  • Types of writing: Dialogue, fiction, article, and fiction  
  • Copywriting  
  • Emails 
  • Understanding types of legal writing  
  • Techniques to earn online 
  • Ghostwriting  
  • Proposals  
  • Affiliate marketing  
  • How to do Affiliate marketing  
  • AdSense and secrets of blogging  
  • Creating content for various websites.  


Tips Before You Shortlist Any Content Writing Course

  • Always consider a course that comes with practical assignments where genuine feedback is given. 
  • Always consider institutes that provide you with a certificate and internship at the end of the course.   
  • Check the course modules, matches your areas of improvising skill and are relevant to your interests  
  • Try to consider instructor-led live courses rather than courses at your own pace. Doing this can enable you to ask questions about certain topics with the instructor and fasten your learning skill.  
  • Prefer courses that are offering internship programs. Internships are an effective way of obtaining valuable work experience in the writing industry.  Internships can increase a beginner’s prospects of succeeding in the job market. 
  • According to research, HR managers frequently; toward applicants who have a lot of experience interning in the industry. Hence, to increase your earning potential get on-the-job experience by doing a good number of internships with well-known institutes, companies, or famous content writers. 


Suggestions for Beginners on How to Write a Great Content  

  • Avoid Plagiarism: This may be the most crucial advice we can give you, hence placing it first.  There are a few undesirable possibilities.  The client you are writing for won’t hire you again, if you are writing for a website, it may get penalized also.  
  • Avoid writing long paragraphs. If you want to incorporate information divide it into shorter paragraphs with headers.  Keep the length of each paragraph to 4-5 lines only.  
  • Don’t use pictures that have copyright by the owner on the internet.  Chances are that the image owner will learn that you are exploiting their work if your article is widely spread.  
  • Use  Simple words, by this, we don’t mean simplifying your writing after all your readers are intelligent enough to understand complex terms. Keep your language simple and avoid using idioms that many readers may not understand.  
  • Remember to use your Keywords 
  • Make sure your text is readable.  
  • Focus on your target audience 


Recap of all Listed Content Writing Courses

Ranking  Course Name Course Provider  Duration Fee


Content Writing Master Course  IIM Skills  1 month185/- Yes  
Content writing course with Gold MembershipHenry Harvin 36 hours  450.10 Yes  
ECT Content Writing Course   ECT Ltd. 3 Months 184.00 Yes  
The Content Writing Course  Udemy  
5Skill Diploma in  Content Writing    Digital Academy 360 3 Months  475.00 Yes  
6Content Writing Master Course      Hub spot Academy  16 hours 145/- Yes  
7Content Marketing Toolkit Course   SEMrush    3 hours  Free Yes 
8Blogging for Business  LinkedIn Learning  1 hour Free Yes
9The Strategy of Content MarketingCoursera  5 weeks   24.52 Yes  
10Content Writing Tool Kit Course  Skillshare  3 hours  Free Yes 


The Takeaway from Taking Content Writing Courses in Ghana

To improve your writing skills, I would advise anyone who enjoys writing for an audience to enroll in a content writing course, to learn the fundamentals and techniques of content writing, leveraging keyword search and SEO best practices to reach the largest audience.  

The finest course is one that includes an internship and a certificate at the end of the course. And you should always prefer an instructor-led course so that you can ask questions to your queries at different stages of the course.  

Taking an online content writing course can improve your writing and communication abilities and increase your employability. Consider doing an internship before accepting a job to obtain first-hand experience in the role of content writer.  




Q1. What is content writing?

Planning, creating, and revising online content is the process of writing material that is often used for digital marketing.


Q2. Can anyone become a Content writer? 

For many people, content writing can be a very interesting and fulfilling career. It’s a rewarding career with lots of chances to use your creativity and collaborate with many people.  A content writing position can be perfect for you if you have a way with words and understand how to create content that can attract people to read.


Q3. Do internships in Content writing courses have any use?  

When seen as a learning opportunity and a way to enhance your career, internships are incredibly beneficial.

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