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Top 4 Creative Writing Courses in Malaysia With Placements

If writing is your passion, then creative writing can be the right career option for you. Being well-skilled and dedicated to this field can surely get you a high-paying job. All you need is to develop desired skill this field demands from you to have a lucrative career in it. So, if you are someone who lives in the land of Malaysia and wanted to upskill yourself in creative writing, then this article will help you to find a suitable institute for you out of the top 4 creative writing courses in Malaysia.


Let’s Start by Understanding What Creative Writing is!

Creative writing is a type of writing that uses your creativity to express thoughts, emotions, imaginations, and feelings. Creative writing can be both fictional and non-fictional. This type of writing puts an emotional impact on readers as it involves strongly written content in the form of books, poetry, novels, and more. 


Types Of Creative Writing

Let me briefly explain the types of creative writing you will be able to write after completing Creative Writing Courses in Malaysia


Poetry: Poetry can be written on any topic, but it usually deals with emotional states or introspective thoughts that are difficult to put into words. Poetry can be written in many different forms like free verse, sonnets, haiku, limericks, and more. Some are written for entertainment, others are written to convey an idea, emotion, or meaning.


Essays: Creative essays are a type of essay that is written creatively. They are supposed to be different from regular essays and they have to have a certain touch of creativity constrained by traditional essay structure but help us understand well the insights of the author’s feelings or thoughts. 


Character Sketches: Character sketches are the writings that define a character and provide all the possible traits of the character both in creative fiction and creative nonfiction. The details include personality traits, influences, demographic information, physical appearance, physical features, and characteristics, and how the character behaves or enacts different scenarios and different timelines in a story. Character sketches help in creating realistic or real-like character creative work. 


Short-Fiction: Short fiction or short stories are creative works that revolve around a single plot or idea and their length can be anywhere between 5,000 to 10,000 words. Flash fictions are even shorter; they are 500 to 1000 words. 


Anecdotes: Short stories are usually told to explain a point of view or convey a message through a story-like example and provide evidence for an argument. It is the most common form of storytelling often used in business presentations, advertising, and speeches to grab attention, create interest and build rapport with an audience.


Play scripts: They are scripts written for a play (drama). These are written act by act that are further divided scene by scene and includes visual descriptions also. A list of all characters in the play is enlisted in the beginning.  The script includes every aspect of the performance like settings, dialogue, and actions, this forms the foundation of all theatrical performances to modern cinemas and web series with certain important modifications as per the need of the time. 


Songs: A composition of rhythmic words which are musical that can convey an idea or a concept. 


Parodies: Imitations of writing or songs sometimes sarcastically or humorously for entertainment and comic purposes 


Reminiscences: A story or a piece of writing discussing a certain past event or a portion of the past life from the memories of the writer or narrator.  Mostly from the experience of the author and his perspective on the events. 


Historical Fiction: Historical fiction is a combination of fiction and facts, the main facts from history taken as the plot, set in a particular period of history with added fictional characters along with historical characters and some creative exaggerations. 


Blogging: Creative blogging can include blogging about travel, creative nonfiction, or blogging any of the above-discussed types of writing in a blogging platform of your choice but technically essays and travelogues can be taken under this category. 

Skills Required to Be a Successful Creative Writer in Malaysia:


Strong Command Over Language and Grammar:

To be a good creative writer, one must have a strong command over the language chosen to write in. It should be clear and precise. Your words should be accurate and understandable to the client and reader. Because in the end, that is what you will get paid for. Your written content should not have any grammatical errors, one must have good grammar skills. To eradicate grammatical errors writers, use some applications too. 

Communication Skills:

Creative writing is a one-way communication where you communicate with your written content. A good creative writer has good communication skills both written and verbal. Because there might be times when you have to clear your client’s doubts about any project you have been appointed to, or the client may ask you questions. You have to communicate with your colleagues on projects, and for that, you must have good communication skills.


Research Skills:

For good creative writing, good research skill is required. You should know the resources from where you get credible and accurate information that is trustworthy too. In the present time, everyone wants fresh and interesting content that entertains them well. To fulfill this need of the readers and client, a creative writer should research the trending information and content which can make your writing seem more interesting and valuable.

Time Management:

Being a creative writer means you have to meet multiple deadlines at one time. There will be a time when you have to work on different projects assigned to you at the same time. Maintaining a journal and calendar will help you to manage your time while working. Time management is an important skill that is not only required in creative writing but in other professions too.



SEO is one of the important skills required to be a creative writer. Keeping yourself up to date with SEO trends and Google’s algorithm is important here. How to use effective keywords and get your content to reach a large no. of audiences is important. 


Editing Skills:

Editing skills are another important creative writing skill. As per one saying there is no great writing, only rewriting. You have to check your work for grammatical errors, spelling mistakes, and unwanted words. All these require patience and time. But once you learn that your work will shine better. 


Technical Skills:

Creative writing is not about paper and pen only or about writing content only. You must be aware of the software which will help you to write well and easily. There is software for writing that you have to use in your workspace while working. So having technical knowledge and technical skills is also important to be a successful content writer. 


Organization Skills:

Organizing skills doesn’t mean having a clean and tidy workspace here but keeping yourself uncluttered with your work in the job you are doing. You can’t be late while sending your assigned work to the clients. Keeping a journal and calendar can help you with that. Journaling and making a calendar for yourself can help you to organize yourself well.


Other Best Courses in Malaysia:


Professions You Can Choose in The Creative Writing Field

Let us discuss the different professions a student can take up after the completion of creative writing courses in Malaysia

Novelist: Someone who writes novels in one or many genres and makes a living out of it.

Writing Coach: Someone who teaches or coaches how to write, produce works of fiction and nonfiction, adapt different styles and paces, etc. 

Screenwriter: Someone who writes a screenplay (for stage plays, dramas, tv shows, or movies 

BloggerSomeone who writes blogs about different experiences like lifestyle, travel business, etc. in his blog or becomes a blog writer or a guest blogger in other blogs. 

Columnists: Someone who writes a column dedicated to them in newspapers or magazines regularly. 

Travel Writer: Someone who travels to different places and enjoys, observes, and records the culture, history, beauty, and different experiences.

Poet:  Someone who writes poems, verses following rhyme, and poetic meters on various topics and ideas. 

Ghostwriter: Someone who writes for others and sells his rights to the buyers. 

Article Writer: Someone who writes articles on different topics for the web, on different websites.


Creative Writing VS Content Writing

  • Creative writing expresses thoughts and feelings. Content writing is purposive, and the target audience is included as per which the content is written.
  • Creative writing is fictional, non-fictional, and lyrical. Content writing is factual where content is written based on research and facts.
  • Creative writing is entertaining, expressive, and captivating. Content writing is informative, instructional, and persuasive.
  • Creative writing is artistic, figurative, and symbolic. Content writing is clear, precise, and straightforward.
  • Creative writing is for the masses or the general audience. While content writing is for the targeted audience.
  • Freestyle writing is done in creative writing. Content writing follows the marketing strategies of the business. 


Forms of Creative Writing:

  • Poetry
  • Plays
  • Movie scripts
  • Song lyrics
  • Short stories
  • Biographies/ autobiographies 


Forms of Content Writing:

  • Website content
  • Blog posts
  • Product Description
  • Newspaper articles
  • Technical manuals
  • Social media content
  • Ad copies


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


Top 4 Creative Writing Courses in Malaysia



IIM SKILLS is on the list of top leading educational institutes that provide online courses around the world. They offer one of the best creative writing courses in Malaysia that cover an extensive curriculum with a different range of writing types. The institute is best known for its well-designed writing courses.

If you are someone looking for creative writing courses in Malaysia then IIM SKILLS can be the best option for you. Here you learn all the aspects of creative writing from the comfort of your home. IIM SKILLS is dedicated to transforming your career.

Students are trained on a practical basis by industry experts in creative writing where you can master 30 types of writing skills through extensive learning. Along with this, you will get placement assistance as well as an internship opportunity after the completion of the course that will help you build the portfolio.


Content Writing Course Curriculum:

  • Module 1- Introduction to content writing
  • Module 2- WordPress development
  • Module 3- Digital Content (articles, blogging, webpages)
  • Module 4- copywriting
  • Module 5- Marketing collaterals
  • Module 6- Email Writing
  • Module 7- Social media writing and video scripts
  • Module 8- Creative writing
  • Module 9- SOP and business listing
  • Module 10- legal writing
  • Module 11- Technical writing
  • Module 12- SEO (Search engine optimization)
  • Module 13- Content marketing
  • Module 14- Affiliate Marketing and Adsense
  • Module 15- Freelance content writing
  • Module 16- Resume writing


Key Highlights of the Course:

  • 4 weeks of live classroom
  • 30 hrs. of practical training that includes 16hrs lectures plus 14hrs internship sessions
  • 3 months guaranteed internship
  • Freelancing opportunity
  • Placement assistance
  • Free tools that are worth 35k 
  • Course certification from the respective institute


Course Mode: Online

Course Duration:1 Month

Course Fee: 14,900+ 18%GST


2. The University of Nottingham

If you are someone who is seeking to learn creative writing courses in Malaysia by pursuing a master’s degree through a top-notch university, then Nottingham’s M.A in English with Creative Writing will be the perfect choice for you. There are both part-time and full-time options available and the degree can be 1 year to 3 years based on the course you choose.

However, there is a catch! You have to pass tests like IELTS, TOEFL, and MUET, to enroll apart from holding at least a second-class honors degree or an international equivalent. Creative writing, Conventions, and Techniques, and writing fiction and poetry are covered within the curriculum. 

There are optional subjects related to advanced grammar, literary linguistics, etc. The learning mode is on campus with practical workshops and theory classes. 


Key Highlights:

  • Master’s Degree Certificate on Completion 
  • Covers Research Methods in Language and Literature and other linguistic subjects


Course Mode: on-campus

Course Duration:1 Year to 3 Years

Course Fee: MYR 36, 800


Recommended Reads:


3. COMPLETE Creative Writing – All Genres

Udemy offers a complete course on creative writing which covers finding writers’ voices, writing techniques, main genres of creative writing, tips and tactics, etc. The course includes poetry and playwriting in it. The course includes self-paced writing assignments to help you hone your skills.

It also covers professional creative writing portfolios and how to find publishing opportunities. The course contains 43 Video Lessons which is 12 hours of content. The course doesn’t have any prerequisites. Anyone with an interest in learning Creative Writing Courses in Malaysia can get enrolled in the course. The course is offered at the price of Rs.1299. 


Key Highlights of the Course:

  • Self-paced Learning 
  • Both Prose and Poetry covered 
  • Interactive self-assessment through quizzes
  • Real-world writing assignments.


Course Mode: Online

Course Duration:12 Hours

Course Fee: 11299+ 18%GST


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


4. Skillshare 

If you are someone who likes to learn creative writing from different experts, in short, 1-1.5-hour classes from Malaysia or any other place in the world, then Skillshare provides you with the platform for that.

Just by subscribing to their membership for just Rs. 165 per month, you get access to thousands of their classes from different experts regarding topics including creative writing crafting personal essays, the writer’s toolkit, creative writing Bootcamp, creative nonfiction: writing with style, creative personalizing writing, and many other classes.

The advantage of skillshare is that you can learn from teachers and professionals who specialize in that particular topic. The classes are in the form of short videos which can be revisited easily for reference. They provide lifetime access to the videos. 


FAQs About Creative Writing Courses in Malaysia


Q1. Can Creative Writing Be Learned or Is It a Gifted-In-Born Skill?

The answer to this long-debated question can go both ways. Any kind of writing which includes the writer’s imagination partially or wholly can be categorized as creative writing. Sometimes creativity and imagination can be gifts writers earn by birth, at the same time, if one has an interest in creative writing, one can develop creative writing and even creativity by learning and practicing how to think in a certain way. Just like any other art, the art of creative writing can be perfected by practice. There are proven techniques, tactics, and formats that one needs to follow to end up producing good creative writing work lauded by the audience. 


Q2. What Are the Benefits of Learning Creative Writing Courses in Malaysia?

In addition to building a career and financial growth, learning creative writing as an art is proven to be therapeutic, it improves brain function, recall, and retention even when it’s practiced as a hobby in the long run. It also helps in stress reduction and balances your mood. Apart from these health benefits, creative writing improves your vocabulary and communication skills, improves your clarity of thought, and develops emotional intelligence and empathy. 


Q3. What Are the Next Steps to Take After Completing Creative Writing Courses in Malaysia?

As a certified creative writer, you have multiple opportunities to explore, based on your skills, qualifications, and interests, you can apply for internships and jobs, find freelance creative writing projects online to work on, or become a full-time content creator or a creative writer and send your works to magazines and publications. You can also partner with content writing agencies and apply your creative writing skills in combination with other writings. 


Q4. How Much do You Earn as A Creative Writer in Malaysia?

The average salary of a person working as a creative writer in Malaysia ranges from 2,250 MYR to 7,350 MYR per month. However it must also be noted that a creative writer can take projects beyond geographical borders, there are high possibilities of taking up work remotely from the comfort of one’s home. Additional royalties and passive income can be earned from books and articles published by individual writers (which has not been included in the average salary estimation) 


Q5. What Tools Are Available in The Market to Help Creative Writers?

Many tools give creative writers features to organize plots and chapters, organize characters and write in a simple interface. Though all you need is a simple word processor like Microsoft Word or google docs to start with, there are more sophisticated tools like Scrivener and first draft pro. There are free alternatives like available if you need features like version control, comment writing, and collaboration. Some writers also prefer using Evernote for its portability and organizing features. 


Conclusion On Creative Writing Courses in Malaysia

There is a lot of scope for writers if you are truly dedicated and passionate about it. Creative writers are in demand as businesses, advertising agencies, and digital platforms hire skilled creative writers. You too can make a career as a successful creative writer there. And for that, all you have to do is to master your skills by practicing hard. It is advised to upskill yourself in creative writing by adopting one of the best creative writing courses in Malaysia that will provide you with skill-based practical learning.

The world is big and surely there are too many creative writing courses in Malaysia available for you. Above mentioned are the top 4 creative writing courses in Malaysia that will give practical learning and help you to master yourself in creative writing along with placement assistance. So choose the course that fits you well and get the journey to be a successful creative writer started. These courses are highly recommended by the professionals and the students who have completed the training here and now fulfilling their dream lives. If you want to ace this professional, take an action now.

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