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Top 5 Creative Writing Courses in Wales With Certificates

Are you a creative individual, who cherishes writing? A career in the writing industry is a perfect match for you. If you have the right abilities and the right approach, following your creative impulses in your profession can help you to land your dream job. In today’s digital era, the writing industry is not only open to authors, poets, and playwrights. You will find numerous options here if you search for creative writing courses in Wales.


A considerable number of professions for creative writers have emerged. The first step to entering this industry is enrolling in a professional course in creative writing. Here, in my present article, I have researched and shortlisted five courses for you.


What is Creative Writing?

Writing that conveys the author’s thoughts and ideas in an innovative, unique, and original manner is considered creative writing or imaginative writing.


Different Types of Creative Writing


  • Blogs

These days, a variety of blogs have been created to engage audiences, and all such blogs involve creative writing. You are free to write about everyday events, important incidents, your beliefs, opinions, and feelings. In essence, a blog gives you the freedom to write about anything. Blogs that are not based on facts and figures frequently use creative writing.


  • Scripts :

A script is a medium for telling stories and expressing ideas using pictures, sound effects, music, dialogue, stage directions, etc. Writing a script is usually necessary for different artistic mediums like a play, films, television programs, commercials, etc. Nowadays YouTube has become popular everywhere.

It is one of the most engaging marketing mediums. Each and every YouTube video needs a video script. Even when video games are created we need a script. The entire video is divided into scripts of different scenes or “sets” of events. Writing the script requires creative skills because it gives the video structure and presentation.


  • Journals :

A journal, which aids in keeping track of happenings, differs from a diary. Journals are basic platforms to display your creative talent. Journaling not only encourages regular writing but also helps in imaginative thinking. Some journals are useful for managing your idea, others are great for finding solutions or maintaining your motivation to write.


  • Different official and marketing-related contents

It takes imaginative writing skills to convey even a piece of basic information to the media, for example, a press release.  When you write a  product description, a  paragraph for a business listing, or content for brochures and pamphlets, how creatively you draft your article matters most.


  • Poetry/Song lyrics/ Jingles

Poetry is the most artistic form of literature and is widely read. Different types of poetry can be written such as free-form poetry, prose poetry, etc. Writing lyrics for songs or jingles, you need the art of creative writing. Writing song lyrics is almost identical to writing poetry.


  • Letters :

For a very long time, letter writing was an essential aspect of communication. Letters are still used for commercial communications nowadays. Letter writing, whether for personal or professional reasons, often includes creative writing.

Even It takes substantial creative writing skills to write a business letter. Here are various letter forms used in business communication, such as an apology letter, a letter responding to a question, or a letter recording the meeting’s minutes. Writing skills are necessary for each of these letters. Writing an email for an advertising campaign also requires skill in creative writing.


  • Essays:

Essay writing is a crucial part of academic writing. Creative Writing is a must for essays, be it descriptive or narrative.


  • Speeches

Creative writing is the foundation of every speech, whether it is an informative or inspirational speech. Creative authors draft the speeches. Be it a business speech given by an organizational head or a Motivational speech given by a life coach, all need creative writing skills. The authors craft a stunning speech using the ideas or inputs given to him.


  • Novels and Books

Writing any kind of book needs innovative writing. Creative writing is important, whether it is fiction or nonfiction, a biography or a book written for academic purposes. Apart from traditional books, creative writing is an essential part of creating an eBook.


Firms That Employ a Creative Writer

Some people may assume that a creative writing degree won’t open up many employment opportunities for you. But they are not right. After earning your degree in creative writing, you can pursue self-employment as a writer by producing your own works or working as a  staff or freelancer for others.


Here is a List of Firms That Employ Creative Writers.

  • Publishing houses
  • Firms offering technical writing or legal writing  services
  • Advertising and Marketing firms
  • Public relations firms,
  • primary, Secondary, and Higher education institutions
  • Media organizations, including social media firms.
  • General businesses, in an administrative position or public relation management position.


Professions Open for a Creative Writer at Entry Level


A. Ghost Writer

If you are a fresher and looking for a writing job, ghostwriting is the career for you. The procedure is as follows: An Author employs you to assist him in writing his content. It may be because the author doesn’t have the time to meet the high demand for his content. Ghostwriters are occasionally used by fiction authors to assist them in writing sequels.

You have to complete the assignment within the stipulated time and get an upfront payment. The content is published under others’ names. In the beginning, the ghostwriter can start with small projects like writing materials for websites, blogs, etc.


B. Editorial Assistant

A variety of administrative and editing responsibilities are carried out by editorial assistants in a publishing house. You will frequently be involved in projects from start to end. Your job will include getting content from authors, handing it off to production teams, recording minutes, creating invoices, keeping track of diaries, and many more in the editorial process from manuscript to publication.

You must be able to write creatively, communicate well, multitask, and work effectively in a group. You need to be knowledgeable about the publication process.


C. Proofreader

A proofreader is responsible for the final stage of editing an article or a news report. Before the content is submitted for publication, you have to verify that it is error-free.


D. Junior Columnist

Blogs, journals, newspapers, and other periodicals, all have columns. General columnists are able to write about any subject that is on their minds. As a junior columnist, you have to assist your senior in a series of articles for publication, typically with analysis and opinions.


E. Junior Copywriter

In the marketing and advertising sector, a junior copywriter works directly under a senior copywriter or copywriter. It is an entry-level writing position where you need to compose both short- and long-form copy, such as blogs, headlines, articles, scripts, tag lines, and many more.


F. Assistant social media specialist

A social media specialist is entrusted with the responsibility of creating and managing content on all social media platforms, including Twitter, Facebook, and Instagram. As a junior social media specialist, you need to keep track of site statistics, reply to reader feedback, and manage creative development. Your objective is to grow an audience and increase customer interaction.


G. Blogger

A blogger’s main task is to create content in the form of blog posts. The purpose of blog postings is to give readers useful information that is simple to read. It’s the first step in earning readers’ trust so you may eventually convert them into clients. The majority of a blogger’s income comes from advertising.  Google AdSense and other Ad networks pay commission per page viewing.


H. Content Marketer

As an entry-level content marketer, you will be part of the content marketing team. Your responsibility includes developing marketing content, publishing it on the proper platforms, and assessing the success of marketing initiatives with an aim to increase web traffic and enhance brand visibility.


I. Assistant screenwriter or Assistant scriptwriter

Screenplays for cinemas and television are created by screenwriters. You support a lead writer or team of movie writers as a screenplay writer assistant. You’ll be responsible for evaluating scripts, editing paperwork, producing printed materials, and other administrative assistance.


Top 5 Creative Writing Courses in Wales


1. Creative Writing Courses in Wales: IIM SKILLS

IIM SKILLS has been in operation since 2015 and it is regarded as one of the best training academies in India. It has the vision to create a talented workforce in the field of Taxation, Content Creation, Digital Marketing,  and Financial Modelling.


Course Name: Content Writing Course

Course Fees: 151.19 Pound sterling + Taxes

Course Duration 4 weeks Live classroom online +3 Months guaranteed Internship

Mode of Learning:   Instructor-led Live Online classes


Creative Writing courses in Wales: Course Module

  • Module 1 Introduction to content writing.
  • Module 2 WordPress web development.
  • Module 3 Digital content. (Blogging, Articles, Web pages)
  • Module 4 Copywriting.
  • Module 5 Marketing Collaterals
  • Module 6 Email writing.
  • Module 7 Video scripts and Social media writing
  • Module 8 Creative writing.
  • Module 9 SOP and Business listing.
  • Module 10 Legal writing.
  • Module 11 Technical writing.
  • Module 12. Search engine optimization.
  • Module 13 Content Marketing
  • Module 14 Affiliate marketing and Adsense.
  • Module 15 Freelance content writing.
  • Module 16 Resume writing.


Course Highlights

  • Thirty hours of Training. Sixteen hours of Lectures and 14 hours of Internship sessions are included in the course.
  • Sixty hours of assignments provided
  • Three months of internship is guaranteed in this course.
  • After successful completion of the internship, you will be given a letter of recommendation along with a certificate of internship.
  • You get personalized support from your Mentor regarding your existing business, start-up ventures, and jobs as well.
  • IIM SKILLS will guide you with your first blog writing to be published in the Times Of India readers’ Blog.
  • You will be assisted in publishing your first e-book on Google books or kindle.
  • You will be assisted in publishing your first press release on the online news portal.
  • Reading materials, class presentations, and recordings are all accessible on the LMS for future use. You will be assisted in preparation for HubSpot content marketing certification.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


Tools Covered in Digital Marketing Master Course

  • Mailchimp
  • Google Trends.
  • Grammarly
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Google Keyword Planner.
  • Hemmingway App
  • Canva
  • Small SEO tools.


Contact Details:

Phone + +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]


2. Creative Writing Courses in Wales: Swansea University

Swansea University is a research-focused university that has contributed since 1920. They get students from all over the globe. They have two beautiful waterfront campuses in Wales and their multicultural student community offers a global perspective, enabling individuals to develop skills and knowledge that put them in successful and fulfilling careers.


Course Name: English Literature with Creative Writing BA (Hons)

Course Fees: GBP 9000 per year (For students within England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland)

Course Duration: Three Years Full Time

Mode of Learning: In-person classes


Creative Writing Courses in Wales: Course Module


  • Module 1:The Stage Play world.
  • Module 2:Monsters, Theories, Transformations.
  • Module 3:English essentials.
  • Module 4: Creative writing -styles of fiction.
  • Module 5: Creative writing -Fiction Genres

Second Year

  • Module 1 Introduction to writing poetry.
  • Module 2: Introduction to writing drama.
  • Module 3: Introduction to writing fiction.

Third Year

  • Module 1: English literature with creative writing.


Other Related Courses:

  • (Hons) : English with creative writing (with a foundation year. )
  • (Hons): English literature with creative writing (with a year abroad .)


Contact Details:

Tel: +44 (0)1792 205678



Singleton Park Campus Address

Swansea University
Singleton Park
Wales, UK


Bay Campus Address

Swansea University
Bay Campus
Fabian Way
Crymlyn Burrows
Wales, UK


Must check the other best courses


3. Creative Writing Courses in Wales: University Of South Wales

University of South Wales (USW) is one of the most dynamic and aspiring universities in Britain. USW is a career-focused institution that trains students to serve important industries of today and in the future. Employers and USW collaborate to jointly develop curricula that meet the industry demands. Located in Cardiff, Newport, and Pontypridd, they have three campuses.


Course Name: English and  Creative Writing BA (Hons)

Course Fees are GBP 9000 per year (For students within England, Scotland, Wales, and Northern Ireland)

Course Duration Three Years Full Time

Mode of Learning: In-person classes


Creative Writing Courses in Wales: Course Module


  • Module 1: Thinking with texts.
  • Module 2:Reading poetry.
  • Module 3: Writing media.

Second year

  • Module 1: 19th-century literature.
  • Module 2: Creative writing workshop. Including writing nonfiction.
  • Module 3. Writing for audiences.

Third year

  • Module 1 story, fiction, and nonfiction
  • Module to Gothic literature.
  • Module 3 Dissertation.


Other Related courses:

BA. (Hons) English and creative writing, foundation year included


Contact Details:


03455 76 77 78  For UK students

01443 654450 For International student



Cardiff Campus Address

University of South Wales
86-88 Adam St
CF24 2FN

Pontypridd Campus Address

University of South Wales
Llantwit Rd
CF37 1DL

Newport Campus Address

University of South Wales
Usk Way
NP20 2BP


4. Creative Writing Courses in Wales: National Centre for Writing (NCW Academy)

The National Centre for Writing is one of the best writing institutions in the United Kingdom. Their ongoing programs involve authors, readers, and literary translators, online and in-person as well. Their projects train and support budding writers in the continually evolving field of writing.


Course Name: Online Creative Writing Course

Course Fees GBP 475 (For Early Birds GBP 427.50)

Course Duration Two courses: 12 weeks and 18 weeks ( Majority of the course can be completed at your own pace)

Mode of Learning: Live Online on Zoom with tutor assistance


How the Course is Designed

  • The course is primarily presented in text format.
  • The course is broken up into fortnightly modules, each of which explains a different facet of the writing.
  • There are Writing tasks and extensive feedback will be given on your writing assignments. You will hand over an assignment to your tutor every two weeks, who will then provide you with valuable feedback and guidance.
  • You can move through the modules and exercises at your own pace apart from those assignment deadlines.
  • Throughout the course, forum-based student conversations are incorporated to provide students a chance to communicate with one another and with the course tutor.
  • Most students should expect to spend between 3-5 hours on average per week.


Contact Details:

Tel: +44 (0)1603 877177



IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


5. Creative Writing courses in Wales:  UK Writers College

UK Writers College was founded in 2005. Currently, they have a global college, three colleges in three countries—the UK, South Africa, and New Zealand—22 international teachers, 35 writing programs, and thousands of accomplished graduates.


They Offer Two Courses.

Course Name:  Basics of  Creative Writing Course

Course Fees: GBP 400

Course Duration: Maximum 4 months (at your own pace)

Mode of Learning: Online with One to One  tutor assistance


This course has been developed and improved over many years. This course provides a rare opportunity to gain the advantages of their years of writing expertise in just four months.


Entry Requirements for the Basic Creative Writing Courses in Wales:

  • Excellent grammatical skills are required.
  • Internet connectivity, email, and computer skills are essential.
  • No prior tertiary education is necessary.


Course Highlights

  • 200 pages of course material provided.
  • The course consists of five modules and forty assignments.
  • You will get the mentorship of a renowned author for the entire duration.
  • They evaluate your works using conventional techniques, just like editors at publishing companies would.No Automated Marking.


Course Name:  Advanced Creative writing Course

Course Fees: GBP 475

Course Duration: Maximum 6 months  (at your own pace)

Mode of Learning: Online with One to One  tutor assistance


Entry Requirements for the Advanced Creative Writing Course

Only students who completed the Basics of Creative Writing Course with a minimum grade point average of 75% are eligible to enroll in this course.


After Completion of This Advanced Course, You Will Know How to

  • Create strong characters using conversation, action, and description.
  • keep the audience engaged by moving your story ahead.
  • create a suspense atmosphere and mood
  • Write dramatic scenes


Course Highlights

  • Necessary course materials are provided.
  • The course consists of five modules and twenty assignments.
  • You will get the mentorship of a renowned author for the entire duration.
  • They evaluate your works using conventional techniques, just like editors at publishing companies would. No Automated Marking.


Contact Details:

Tel:  +441892710877



Frequently Asked Questions: Creative Writing courses in Wales


1. How much does a creative writer earn after creative writing courses in Wales?

Depending upon the position, a creative writer’s earnings can vary in the United Kingdom. Many important factors, such as education, certifications, additional skills, and experience, can significantly impact salary ranges. Here I penned down the average annual salary for different writing jobs.

  • Copywriter GBP 30159
  • Content writer GBP 25734
  • Editor GBP 31190
  • Technical editor GBP44279
  • Proofreader      GBP22168
  • Social Media Specialist GBP26740
  • Freelance Writer GBP 10.83 per hour


2. What is the educational qualification required for creative writing courses in Wales?

A bachelor’s degree is not compulsory to join creative writing courses in Wales. But a bachelor’s degree in a related field, such as English literature, journalism, marketing, liberal arts, media and communication, etc will give you a head start in the competition once you join the industry. The minimal requirement to enroll in a bachelor’s degree program in creative writing is successful completion of 10+2.


3. Is working from home possible in creative writing jobs?

Many creative writing jobs let you work from home. You can work from home at jobs like content writers, social media specialists, SEO professionals, Proofreaders, and columnists.


4. Can Artificial Intelligence takeover creative writing?

Artificial Intelligence cannot replace creative writing. The human touch – creativity, emotions, and passions can only create a masterpiece in writing. AI serves as a tool to assist and speed up different domains of creative writing.


Conclusions: Creative Writing Courses in Wales

Readers! now you have a better understanding of the online and classroom-based creative writing programs available in Wales. Before choosing a creative writing course, always keep in mind your career objectives and how taking a creative writing course helps you reach them. Look at the modules of the course and find out how it helps in your career goal.

Find out your writing strengths and weaknesses. Select writing classes that focus on particular areas that require improvement. Determine if a certification is necessary for your position. Join courses that offer internships so that it is considered as your work experience. I’m sure that after taking into account everything mentioned above, you’ll be able to identify the most suitable course for yourself.

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