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Top 9 Creative Writing Courses in India With Placements

Creative writing encompasses a different genre and style across a wide range of Fiction and Non-Fiction writing fields, where creativity is kept at the forefront through writers’ imagination, and innovation. Storytelling, Playwriting, Poetry, Prose, Screenplays, etc. are all forms of creative writing. The definition of creative writing is quite vague but in simple terms, it can be defined as the art of expressing oneself through writing. Find here the best creative writing courses in India.


Creative Writing is an imaginative work of art. The key elements of creative writing are character development, narrative, plot, and structure with imagination, invention, and story. This innovative art of writing can also be considered as any contemporary writing with an original composition. Before we continue with the top creative writing courses in India, let’s see what the different styles and genres of creative writing are.


Different Types of Creative Writing

Creative Writing has many forms in different styles and genres. But basically, creative writing can be categorized into Fiction and Non-Fiction. 

Fiction – Novels, Short Stories, etc.

Non-Fiction – Biographies, Self-Development Books, etc. 




Why Learn Creative Writing:


People Love Stories: Stories are something that everyone wants to hear. Whether it’s a superhero trying to save the world or two unlikely people fighting for love: Stories create sympathy as well as empathy, making us think and feel. 

Impact on Mind and Heart: Lessons we learn from others’ lives impact heavily on us. So, if one wants to learn faster than learn from others’ mistakes. 


Top 9 Creative Writing Courses in India



IIM SKILLS is one of the best institutes that offer the best creative writing courses in India. They have been teaching writing courses for many years and it’s still a leading online educational platform. Having its presence in more than 20 cities in Asia, it offers top-skill development courses.

The institute has trained more than 1500+ students all around the globe. The courses offered by IIM SKILLS are taught by industry-level experts who have 10+ years of experience in the field of writing. The institute delivers hands-on experience along with theoretical classes. The certificate provided after the completion of the courses is very valuable all across the world.

The world-class courses taught by them are at affordable prices. They also work on developing necessary skill-development programs that are in demand by the industries. The institute promises to upskill students, working professionals, and entrepreneurs professionally in just a few weeks.


The Content Writing Course Offers: 

  • All the complicated concepts of creative writing have been simplified. The concepts are broken down into bite-sized and learn them practically. The course is so simplified that even laymen can understand this course and become an expert.
  • Pay Once and enjoy the benefits of the course for a lifetime. 
  • Get Practical training for 15+ hours of online training and 14+ hours of Internship. Along with live sessions, receive weekly assignments and get feedback from expert writers. 


2. British Council India

British Council is the United Kingdom’s International Organisation that offers Education Opportunities and Cultural Relations. The Council provides international opportunities to the people living in the United Kingdom as well as other countries and builds trust among them.

The Institute was established in 1993, by a renowned architect named Charles Correa. The building displays a unique mural which was done by Howard Hodgkin on the facade. It symbolizes the banana tree-an enduring Image of India. Along with this, it is a sculpture sculpted by Stephen Cox in the Charbagh called the Descent of the Ganga.

The British Council is recognized as a network of three libraries and cultural centers. Most people looking for creative writing courses in India, visit BCI. They offer a wide range of specialized programs in Arts, English Language, and Education. They offer the world’s best English Language training and learning for Students and Teachers enabling them an opportunity to study and work in the UK.

This Educational Institute offers prestigious scholarships, worldwide accepted and reputed certificates, and training awards such as The Great Scholarship, Charles Wallace India Trust, The Hornby Scholarship, and The Commonwealth Scholarship and Fellowship. The Creative Writing Course:

  • The Course is for scribblers, secret diarists, and students who want to become journalists. And find your unique style in the respective field with this course. 
  • The Course helps you to develop a unique writer’s voice and perspective, develop your creativity and find expressions, expand your knowledge of literature, structure your messed thoughts and imagination, and develop an appreciation of different writing styles. 
  • The Course also teaches of variety of tools and techniques to improve your writing process and enhance your creativity. The Content Covered is How to structure Plots, develop characters, Write Dialogues, and set up Writing Fiction. 
  • Learn to write travel blogs, news reports, feature articles, screenwriting, and memoirs. And also explore a poet’s tools and learn poetry writing with experimental writing and children’s fiction writing. 
  • The Course curriculum is designed in a way to guide you to write creatively and explore your writing talent and achieve your dream of becoming a professional writer. 
  • The Course is taught by experienced mentors and they are willing to help you to find your unique voice through fun and enjoyable classes. They also offer necessary and honest feedback on your writing and help every individual to achieve his goal as a writer. Once you enroll in the course you will provide with videos and interactive sessions. 


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


3. Sri Aurobindo Centre for Arts and Communication (SACAC)

SACAC was founded in the year 2003 and was built with a desire to develop a generation of creative writers, and media professionals. The Institute trains you to think creatively, communicate powerfully, and work consciously. It offers the best creative writing courses in India and is the center of creative learning and focuses majorly on a unique set of strengths and weaknesses of every individual.

The curriculum is specifically designed to sharpen the artist’s artistic expression and help them to understand and absorb technical and conceptual skill sets. The curriculum is a mixture of theoretical as well as practical practice. The Institute promises to begin every student’s journey with excellence and integrity.

Many enrolled students have paved their way to successful careers in the fields such as filmmaking, public relations, photography, poetry, storytelling, sound design, etc. The Institute creates creative freedom, offers positivity and constant support, and helps its students to be fearless in the media professional world, and be there with a desire to excel and achieve inner peace and inner purpose.


The Course Offers:

  • Discover the joy of writing, build a writer’s mindset and tap into your potential creative writing, and learn essential creative writing skills, such as styles and strategies. Develop ideas and build an engaging story from them,  
  • Learn and explore different types of writing and different genres, develop characters, deal with your creativity, learn the art of interviewing, and structure your writing. 
  • The Course will help you to develop essential skills such as Better Writing, Construction Plots, building characters, Getting Interesting Ideas, Developing Imagination, Thinking Creatively, building character, Improving Communication Skills, etc. 
  • Get an explore to meet other experienced and successful writers and interact with a team of industry members and academics. 


Other highly recommended courses in India:


4. is an online platform that is passionate about teaching art and the craft of storytelling. was the first writing school on the internet which was founded in 1995. Known for offering the best creative writing courses in India, the platform has helped many writers to practice their writing, with clear communication, personal fulfillment, and heart-breaking works that will connect with a mass audience.

The classes are taught by successfully published authors, and they have taught students living in remote locations such as cruise ships or even in the high arctic. They have built an international community of vibrant writers which has helped many beginners to discover their way to seasoned professional writers.

This school offers regular feedback with personalized attention based on their skill level with online workshops, private classes, and independent study. As said practice makes a man perfect, but if done with proper guidance, edits, and advice. They provide constant assignments to make you practice regularly, build momentum and discipline, and good habits.

The school helps you to deepen your writing skills and brings renowned trainers in from your screen. The trainers critique your assignments weekly and provide the necessary feedback to boost your work.


The Creative Writing Course Offers: 

  • Learn the concept of storytelling 101, 102, and 103 and apply them in your work. Plum your own life story and wade through your memories and imagination and develop the best story to share with the audience. 
  • Grab the attention of the audience by learning the skill of a strong opening hook and leaving the audience with fascination. And learn to end your story in a way that resonates with them long after you have stopped telling it.  
  • Receive extensive comments on weekly writing assignments submission and make your story more enticing with the provided feedback and edits. Also, get a chance to give your comments on others’ works as well. 


5. Writer’s Digest University 

Writer’s Digest University is one of the sources for aspiring authors to keep writing and build an inspiring career. The University offers a wide variety of online creative writing workshops for writers for every writer at every experience level and offers the best creative writing courses in India.

The elements that make Writer’s Digest University different and best among other writing schools and universities are that it offers in-person face-face interactive classes, quality and informative lectures, weekly assignments and exercises, regular feedback from high-class instructors, no limitations to the scheduled meetings, and the workshops are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, so one can enroll as per his/her convenience from anywhere in the world.

The courses and workshops help you to open yourself and express your thoughts confidently, allowing your ideas to flow and structure them. It also helps you capture those ideas and shape them.

They also provide lots of tools and a plethora of techniques and methods to improve your writing. The course is massively bought creative writing courses in India. The Creative Writing Workshops offer: 

  • Learn to establish and develop your lead character, set an achievable goal for the protagonist, define the problems faced by him, and create empathy and sympathy among the audience. 
  • Develop an antagonist, create obstacles for the protagonist, and define what your story is really about. Choose a point of view and write engaging dialogues. 
  • The Course teaches the key elements of good storytelling. 


6. The Writer’s Bureau 

The Institute was formed to offer a course that anyone of any age and educational background can enroll in. And the course would help everyone through their writing apprentice. The school is a member of the National Association of Writers in Education and is on top of the UK Register of Learning Providers.

Since January 1989, the institute has expanded its course range and offers a wide variety of high-class specialist writing courses as well as comprehensive writing courses. Being part of a group of home-study colleges also includes Business training and STT. Originally established in 1931, the school has trained thousands of students worldwide and helped them achieve their goal as a writer.

The Institute is a specialist in open and distance learning along with substantial knowledge and experience. The institute is one of the best institutes that offer creative writing courses in India.

The objective of the education institute is to assist and makes sure you acquire effective training in the respective subject, providing overall training and personal training services that will offer excellent value, and satisfy every enrolled individual taking them to a level with reputed name and fame.


The Creative Writing Course offers: 

  • The creative writing course helps you to become a successful and established freelance writer. 
  • The course teaches how to earn a good income by writing engaging stories, books, and scripts that publishers and editors want to buy. It prepares you to earn money with fun, profit, and fulfillment. 
  • It offers expert personal guidance, advice on writing style, presentation, and copyright, and guidance on how to sell your work in the market.
  • Access to online study materials so you can study at your convenience and 15 days trial with a full refund guarantee.


7. Internshala

Internshala is a technology company, whose mission is to equip students with the skills necessary to have successful careers. The platform helps students to discover their passion and turn their passion into a bright career and offers the best creative writing courses in India.

It offers new-age skills with short-term and long-term pieces of online training, job-oriented specializations that will prepare you to become an industry-level expert, and jobs to fresher of minimum CTC of 2LPA. The founder of Internshala started it as a blog to bring the best internships in India.

After two years, a small team of virtual interns worked together to launch a website to provide job opportunities to students. Then an Android App was launched to bring the Internshala in hands of students.

And then they started providing training programs at an affordable rate, with the motive to upskill students with the necessary skills and work comfortably and confidently in national-level companies. Known for offering the best creative writing courses in India. The Creative Course offers: 

  • Learn to write short stories, novels, blogs, screenplays, and ad scripts with 100% placement assistance, a flexible schedule, and a 1 hour/day 6 weeks duration course. 
  • Learn at your convenience and on devices such as mobile and laptops. Also, get placement assistance to build a successful career. 
  • Get a certificate after successful completion of the training which will be recognized worldwide. 
  • Receive weekly assignments and get feedback from the experts. Doubt-clearing classes are conducted to clear your doubts and also a Q&A forum. 


Recommended Reads:


8. Coursera

Coursera is an online platform that has transformed the lives of many through teaching. It has collaborated with more than 275 leading universities and companies to offer flexible, cheap, job-level online teaching to students worldwide. It is one of the platforms that offer the best creative writing courses in India.

They believe that learning is the source of human advancement, and it can transform the world from conflict to peace, poverty to prosperity, and illness to health. It can also transform the lives of every individual, their families, and their societies. With Coursera, more than 110+ million learners have enrolled all around the world and building new skills.

It is a worldwide online training platform that offers quality courses in every language. The Creative Course offered by Wesleyan University offers: 

  • Specialize in three major creative writing genres: short story, narrative essay, and memoir. 
  • Master the tools and techniques used by professional writers to compose an engaging story, with memorable characters, and written in stylish descriptions. 
  • Learn to analyze and constructively evaluate your own as well as your peer’s writings. Also learn to draft, rewrite and re-edit, and complete an original story in your chosen genres. 
  • The Courses are specifically designed for an aspiring short writer who wants to become an established writer. 
  • It offers 4 courses that are majorly focused on key elements of writing and will develop a stronger ability to critique and refine your writing. 



9. Henry Harvin  

Henry Harvin’s Creative writing courses are ranked #1 by The Statesman! Creative Writing. This is one of the finest institutes in India, offering one of the best creative writing courses in India and also a wide variety of other skill development courses. The course helps you to master the skills and write engaging Fiction, Non-Fiction, Drama, Poetry, etc., and snap the audience’s attention.

The course helps you find your unique voice and style of storytelling and become the successful writer you might have dreamed of becoming. The course helps the writer to bring their imagination into words using a wide range of vocabulary. The course helps expand the boundaries of your language & speech, make way for fresh ideas, imagine beyond any obligation, and live like a writer. It also teaches you to design your endeavors.


The Course Offers – 

  • 24 hours live training with one-on-one interaction with professionals having many years of experience. 
  • Assignments and Projects on Writing Stories, Scripts, Poems, etc., that will help in finding your unique writer’s voice and necessary feedback will be provided.
  • Internship Assistance to master various writing styles and techniques, and prepare you to become an Industry level expert. 
  • Become a Certified Creative Writer from Henry Harvin, Govt of India Recognized Institute. 
  • 100% Placement Support and Receive lots of job opportunities. 
  • Access to eLearning Tools and Techniques, Videos, PDFs, etc. 
  • Apply the learned principles of creative writing in Regular Bootcamps and Creative Writing Competitions and win exciting prizes. 
  • The course develops in you good Language Skills (Listening, Speaking, and Reading), Boundless Imagination, sound vocabulary, and the skill of promoting and marketing yourself.  


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ) About Creative Writing Courses in India


1. Who should take a Creative Writing Course? 

Anyone who is interested in writing short stories, novels, or poetries, or wants to improve their writing craft can take the course. Maybe you want to become a bestseller or write a fancy article in the newspaper. Or perhaps want to write short stories for your children or grandchildren to read. If you want to earn through writing and your work or if you want to write for pleasure, both ways you can take the course. Anyone who is looking for the best creative writing courses in India can enroll. 


2. What Qualities do I need to become a published writer? 

Becoming a published writer is all about mastering the craft of writing. It’s not like you sit at the window looking at the moon till the inspiration hits you. Published writers write every day and many times their writing fails them but that doesn’t stop them from writing. It takes practice and patience to become a renowned publisher. So, the qualities are to write every day, take criticism and learn from it and keep writing. 


3. What equipment do I need to start writing? 

Luckily, writing doesn’t need any costly equipment as compared to other art forms such as musicians and painters. In writing, all you need is a pen, paper, and a typewriter. And a cheap typewriter will work fine. 


4. Do I Need a Proper English Language Major? 

No need to have an English Language Major. All you need is a basic understanding of English and the ability to read and write English without difficulty.  Your language control will improve along the way once you enroll in the course and start writing. 


5. I am a complete beginner. How do I start?

The courses mentioned above are for all writers. Whether you are a complete beginner or a seasoned writer, the courses are designed in a such that will teach you from scratch and take you to the highest level. The courses mentioned above are the best creative writing courses in India. 



Anyone can become a creative writer. Creative Writing is a skill, and anyone can master it through proper practice and guidance. Creative writing is all about imagination and the creative use of language to elicit emotions in the audience. To do so, there are necessary tools, that are already being used by many writers, which one should learn. The activity of creative writing allows you to enjoy yourself and per research, it also decreases stress levels in the body by releasing endorphins. The skill can also transform your life and build a promising career.

The Reviews are on basis of personal experience and customer feedback. The schools and institutes mentioned above offer the best creative writing courses in India and along with the schools and institutes mentioned above, there are numerous other courses available to learn this creative art. But in the end, what matters the most is what you want. Becoming a well-known writer in the field of creative writing takes time. It’s not like you will become the best writer after enrolling and completing the course. It takes years of years of practice. So, always focus on your passion. 

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