Top 5 SEO Courses in Delhi With Placement Assistance

Search Engine Optimization, briefly known as SEO is easily the most powerful and influential medium of marketing there. In very direct terms, it is the strategy that optimizes your website for search engines to rank in top positions and lure higher traffic. Why is it a prized profession? Because if done correctly, it is conveniently the backbone of any business today considering the role the internet plays in connecting organizations with audiences. Therefore, acquiring SEO proficiency from one of the SEO courses in Delhi is what will equip you for the booming digital market industry.


SEO has emerged as a game changer in today’s day and age. SEO search queries being highly intent-driven, it is crucial in improving the visibility of a website on search engines primarily Google, Yahoo, YouTube, Amazon, and Bing. Increased visibility means increased traffic on the website, which in turn leads to increased potential leads that are directly proportional to increased business.

Search giant Google’s algorithm is such that it reviews web pages to decide which page will best serve the purpose of an online search. If you are on the second page of Google searches, you are considered trivial and you end up losing out on a major chunk of prospects.

Especially post-pandemic, there has been an ecstatic rise in businesses going online which has led to an evident surge in demand for SEO professionals around the globe.


Before Delving Into The SEO Courses in Delhi, Let Us First Understand The Four Common Types Of SEO That You May Encounter In The Industry: 


1) On-page SEO: Also referred to as on-site SEO, on-page SEO includes the following components that you can directly change on your website,

  • URL
  • Keywords
  • Image optimization
  • Title tags
  • Page Content
  • Internal linking
  • Mobile responsiveness
  • Site speed


On-page does not end with a perfect page, it has to be reviewed and worked upon constantly to remain relevant and up to date. It is responsible for optimizing various front-end and back-end components of the web pages to rank higher in searches. The changes that you make on your website for better optimization can be seen by the visitors on your page, hence the term “on-page” SEO.


2) Off-page SEO: Off page, SEO refers to the alterations that take place outside of your page that contribute to the site’s ranking such as

  • Social media marketing
  • Guest blogging
  • Link building
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Managing customer reviews and testimonials


In general, off-page SEO (like the term suggests) has to do with promotional initiatives beyond the website page. Although you may not have a direct connection with what happens outside of your website, off-page efforts build your site’s reputation and show the search engines that your site is worthy of its stance.


3) Technical SEO: Technical SEO is all the work that occurs backstage. The process ensures your website meets all technical requirements and parameters of modern search engines including crawling, indexing, rendering, and website architecture. A website, to hold presence and authority, must have sound technical health. To improve your site’s technical optimization, the following factors are indispensable.


4) Local SEO: Local SEO is the process of optimizing the site’s online presence to increase local traffic, visibility, and brand awareness. The two main pillars of Local SEO are

  • Google Business Profile
  • Local Citations
  • Finding Local Keywords


Local SEO will benefit any business that serves a geographic area or at least has a physical location. Google’s algorithm uses Relevance, Distance, and Prominence as three key factors to help the searchers with their best match.


Having understood the types of SEOs, let us further break down the importance of SEO into 3 dividends for crystal clarity before we take you through a concise list of the SEO courses in Delhi.


1) Organic Search Results: The search results that we see on the internet are either organic or paid. Organic search results refer to natural or unpaid searches and the results are derived based purely on the content’s relevance and value to the keyword query.


2) Quality Of Organic Traffic: High-quality traffic comprises audiences that are genuinely interested in a product or service, and are likely to stay because answers to their queries were based on quality intent.


3) Quantity Of Organic Traffic: Quantity refers to the number of users who reach your site via organic search results. It is important to use your SEO strategy to rank relevant pages as high as possible, to attract maximum authentic traffic to the website.


For the said reasons, it is imperative to enroll in one of the listed SEO Courses in Delhi and upskill yourself with SEO practices that have taken the globe by storm.


Simply put, when a user initiates a query in the search box, the search engine uses complex algorithms to pull out all the information that it finds most suitable and relevant to the particular query. This information could be in the form of web content, images, videos, news articles, business listings, or any other shape or form of content.

But the endeavor remains to provide the user with the most accurate and beneficial information. Needless to say, a lot of crucial factors go into the search algorithms and these factors are continually evolving to keep up with ever-changing user behavior and advances in technologies like machine learning.


What is An SEO Specialist:

Precisely, an SEO specialist is hired to optimize content based on analytics and keyword research.

  • First and foremost, an SEO specialist is someone who is abreast with the industry’s trends and innovations and observes a good blend of quality content and technical insight.
  • This profile demands excellent communication skills, including verbal presentation skills
  • The SEO specialist will spend a lot of time researching keyword trends and updating existing content to include more keywords.
  • Must present enough knowledge of popular SEO tools, Google tools, and CMS (Content Management Software). Also, basic HTML and CSS skills.
  • Will need to develop SEO recommendations based on data-driven analysis
  • Since the whole purpose of SEO is to drive more and better traffic, multitasking content with analyzing site analytics will come in handy.


Let Us Look At The Spectrum Of Job Opportunities For An SEO Specialist:

  • Search Engine Marketer: Marketing Pay-Per-Click (PPC) and advertising
  • Digital Marketer: Creating and marketing content across social media platforms
  • Business Marketing Consultant: planning and implementing marketing initiatives
  • Content Marketer: Creating web content, designing infographics, videos, and blogs
  • SEO Manager: Administrating Search Engine Marketing, and strategizing with sales and marketing
  • Marketing Analyst: Responsible for analyzing market trends and tracking an organization’s performance,
  • Entrepreneur: Flourish in self-launched business.


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After A Fair Understanding Of How SEO Works, Let Us Now Familiarize You With The Best SEO Courses In Delhi



The leading recommendation amongst all SEO courses in Delhi is the SEO Master Certification at IIM SKILLS, considering their all-encompassing course enables you to launch your career as a certified SEO specialist. For any specialization, it is paramount to first understand the nuances of the field and equip oneself with practical knowledge of industry standards.

This 4-week home learning further extends to an 8-week paid internship. IIM SKILLS additionally guarantees 100% placement and wholesome interview support. Their comprehensive SEO Course curriculum is bifurcated into 8 detailed modules and an additional bonus module:


Module 1: Introduction to SEO – Aspirants get to understand SEO basics in detail, along with the types of SEO and their purpose in digital marketing.

Module 2: Setting Up The Right Niche- They are taught how to figure out the perfect niche for their website and to create their own website structure, alongside learning how to use different SEO tools

Module 3: On-page SEO – A very detailed module, it covers an in-depth understanding of keyword research and competition analysis, and imparts a strong grip on all on-page SEO practices.

Module 4: Off-page SEO- This module will strengthen the basics of off-page SEO strategy and the candidates will then build long-term SEO strategies and multiple domain strategies

Module 5: Technical SEO- Aspirants will get familiar with all technical nuances of search engine optimization including content delivery network, speed optimization, servers, internal and external links, and others.


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Module 6: Search Console- Starting from how to register onto the search console to technical implementation, benefits, search results, and discovering your site performance, this module will cover everything including experience, enhancements, security, and more

Module 7: Google Analytics The whole SEO process largely revolves around Google analytics and this important module will engulf everything right from the introduction, real-time traffic analysis, and audience overview to acquisition and traffic behavior.

Module 8: Reporting in SEO- Candidates will be taught to design SEO reports, their weekly and monthly progress reports, and freelance SEO reporting

Module 9: Bonus- As the name suggests, this is a complimentary top-up module that directs the aspirants toward career planning and resumes preparation. This module has been crafted mainly to introduce the candidates to paid internships and equip them for upcoming interviews.


The curriculum assures all landmarks that are essential in shaping any aspirant for their future endeavors. IIM SKILLS must be a definite selection when it comes to promising SEO Courses in Delhi.


2) IIDE:

The Indian School Of Digital Education, also known as IIDE was founded by Karan Shah in 2016 and is one of the largest digital marketing colleges providing both online and offline education. Apart from the many other courses in their spectrum, IIDE offers a short-term course specifically on SEO.

This course follows an advanced teaching methodology and is a good choice for candidates who are looking at clearing their SEO basics in a short period. Both beginners and already working professionals can benefit from their self-paced video lectures followed by live online sessions, that are fabricated to comfortably equip the aspirants with the character and shades of SEO.

IIDE has a team of competent trainers who are experts from the industry and enjoy hands-on experience in the subject they undertake. Students get to learn corporate insights from these business leaders and are subsequently able to prepare themselves for the real business world.

IIDE honors the aspirants with an industry-recognized certificate that serves as a testament to their journey with them, the college is a remarkable alternative in the list of SEO Courses in Delhi.


3) Udemy:

Udemy does not need much thought when it comes to deciding the best SEO Courses in Delhi. Udemy offers a mega SEO course called “SEO Training 2022: Beginner to Advanced SEO” that covers every important aspect from the foundation to the advanced learning of SEO including the most recent updates.

With the only requirement of basic computer skills, an aspirant can divulge into their detailed journey of keyword research, link building, technical SEO, WordPress, multiple tools, and more. Given their practical coaching, candidates are made to simultaneously write their blogs and posts that rank high on Google.


Below is a summary of any candidate’s takeaway from one of the most promising SEO Courses in Delhi:

  • Understand how to rank websites
  • Understand how to increase traffic from search engines
  • Learn the use of premium SEO tools
  • Get to know about the Google algorithm, Panda Penguin, and more
  • Learn about keyword research and about generating more leads by targeting keywords
  • Learn step-by-step optimization of websites
  • Submit your website to search engines
  • Begin working as a freelancer
  • Start your SEO agency


Udemy offers multiple SEO courses in Delhi depending on the requirement of an aspirant, some have an edge in copywriting mastery or digital marketing, while others are smaller branches of the topic. We have recommended their all-encompassing course which gives the students a complete insight into SEO basics and functionality.


A few other highly recommended courses:


4) Aptron:

Aptron is recognized among the top 10 IT training institutes in Delhi. Having successfully conducted over 215 technology courses comprising application development, website designing, hardware, software, database, and networking, Aptron remains a definite choice amongst the top SEO Courses in Delhi.

The institute focuses on imparting skill-based SEO training to prepare the students for facing real-time on-the-job challenges. The objective of the course is to deliver expertise in developing complex websites and web designs for a range of different projects.

During the training at Aptron, the candidates are coached by veteran SEO trainers who are subject specialists and follow a flexible module of delivering both home learning and classroom learning, on weekdays and weekends. Aspirants from all spheres and every age group are trained at Aptron with assured placement assistance to help them in securing their jobs.


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5) Expert Training Institute:

Expert Training Institute, popularly known as ETI is essentially a digital marketing school in Delhi, and also a Google partner organization. ETI is a multi-faceted platform that delivers different training and services to beginners and established candidates. The institute was founded by Udit Khanna in 2012 with the idea to employ the latest tools and technologies and create a global trademark.

Udit is himself a trainer in his institute and comes with years of experience in digital marketing, which ensures quality training and efficient implementation. Their four-month “Advance SEO Masterclass Course Content” is spread across the following 15 advanced modules with different lessons under each module.


  • Introduction (6 lessons)
  • Website Requirements (3 lessons)
  • Introduction To Keywords And Meta Tags (18 lessons)
  • On-Page SEO (7 lessons)
  • Page Speed (15 lessons)
  • Scheme: Structured Data Markup (16 lessons)
  • Google Search Console (25 lessons)
  • Recover Website Penalty (5 lessons)
  • Off Page SEO (15 lessons)
  • Google Local Listing (1 lesson)
  • SEO Plug-ins (6 lessons)
  • SEO Algorithms (5 lessons)
  • Google Ranking factors (30 lessons)
  • Black Hat SEO (20 lessons)
  • SEO Terms (15 lessons)
  • Bonus Videos (2 lessons)


ETI proposes a large bouquet of SEO benefits for diverse learners covering the mandatory SEO techniques and responsive modules that help the students understand complex topics with ease.

As per recent data by Glassdoor, which is a reliable recruiting website, candidates who have pursued SEO learning from ETI have been placed at good salaries depending upon their efficiency and experience. ETI has been a constant in the market for a substantial period, and there is no reason that it is not your choice in the menu of SEO Courses in Delhi.


Frequently Asked Questions:


1) In what duration of time can I expect to start getting results from SEO?

It is always exciting to build your website but what fun is it if your website is not trending, right? Indexing your site on Google should be your first and foremost step after launching your website. Anyone who thinks otherwise is in for a serious mistake. A foolproof SEO strategy should bear fruits within six months if you ensure to not prioritize speed over sustainability.

Search giant Google thinks steps ahead of us and is automatically suspicious of any sudden increase in rankings. Sadly there is no concrete answer to this question because SEO is an investment that gives results in due time based on careful planning and frequent readjustments.

Therefore, anything ranging from a couple of months to upwards of a year is what you should be expecting. Leading SEO courses in Delhi teach you SEO strategies that are not only smart but also proper – implying acceptable standards.


2) Should I continue with SEO after achieving my rankings?

Let us forget that SEO is a constant process and discontinuing SEO after having achieved your rankings will lead to a fall in your ranking very quickly. Search engines are continually evolving and updating their algorithms and therefore it is rather a game of maintaining those rankings, not just earning them. It will need persistent research, testing, and updating to remain in top positions.


3) Can SEO guarantee my rankings?

As stated earlier, SEO is definitely result-oriented but not tangible given the constantly evolving nature of search engine algorithms. Hence it cannot be controlled and anyone or any organization claiming to guarantee rankings is fraudulent. SEO is a result of constant effort, and though the results are surely promising, it won’t be correct or ethical to promise guaranteed rankings.


4) How beneficial is self-learned SEO?

While there is enough material available online in terms of SEO blogs and videos, as a matter of fact, such DIY strategies are at risk of fizzling out pretty quickly. Since SEO is a serious business and is an output-driven investment of time, it requires accurate knowledge which will be better provided through one of the promising SEO courses in Delhi.


5) How does following SEO protocols help search engines?

SEO is the only marketing strategy that continues to pay dividends in time, if planned and processed correctly. Basically, it is a two-way street if followed properly. Search engines thrive on substantial content. If you have an SEO-integrated website, it will help deliver better information to search engines and assure them that your content can be indexed and displayed within search results.



SEO changes all the time and the learning never really stops. While SEO is not tangible, it is certainly quantifiable. It may have its challenges and will certainly not feel like your best friend if you lack the necessary patience, but it is still that friend you need to keep close and cannot do without. SEO will always find ways of leveraging new opportunities that are critical for any brand’s presence, potency, and survival in the web environment. We are all building a brand and in our endeavor to do so, it will always be crucial to outshine any competition and stay worthwhile in the global business community.

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