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Top 3 Data Analytics Courses in Agra With Placements

“Data”. It’s a term we hear everywhere. We hear about data being stolen, used without consent, and data being analyzed. Data analytics is a field that is buzzing with high-paying jobs all over the world. And India is no exception. With India being in line with the early adopters of new technologies and processes, data analytics has become a lucrative field for finding a career. In this article, we will discuss the best data analytics courses in Agra.


With remote work being in trend, you can easily find a high-paying job in any company abroad also while working from your home. To get a good opportunity, choosing the right course is important. But before getting into courses and institutions, let’s first take a look at what Data Analytics is.


What is Data Analytics?

Simply put, Data Analytics is used to find trends from large chunks of data. These trends are then used to make some conclusions from the information contained in those data sets. These conclusions help organizations make good decisions that accelerate their growth and help with user satisfaction.

Companies and organizations generate enormous data sets regularly. The data can be generated in form of transactions, website log files, web servers, and other user or consumer-related data. These days social media websites are also generating large chunks of data that helps people and brands grow on the platform.

When these large data sets are processed to explore and analyze hidden trends and patterns, draw out correlations, to churn out valuable insights, the process is called Data Analytics. These insights help people, companies, and organizations make predictions and in turn help improve efficiency. To do Data Analytics, many modern tools and tech are available. To learn all these tools effectively, you need to pursue data analysis courses in Agra.


Why Data Analytics is So Important?

Data Analytics has now been a tool that most companies want to implement efficiently to derive business and make profitable business decisions. Data Analytics can drastically improve many aspects of an organization’s basic workflow and improve efficiency.


Let’s See at the Four Aspects in Which Data Analytics Can Help Your Business:


Decision Making:

As Data Analytics provides a lot of insights it helps us eliminate many manual tasks and guesswork. Organizations that implement Data Analytics in their workflow can use these insights to make many decisions. These decisions include strategizing content, innovating market campaigns, product development, and so on.

All of this combined can lead to building great products and implementing best practices to achieve perfection in service providing, which ultimately makes up for customer satisfaction. Increased customer satisfaction leads up to a growing customer base and more profits.

Data Analytics helps with risk mitigation as it provides sufficient information that helps make the final decision. It also helps in analyzing and altering the organization’s workflow to drive performance and efficiency.


Customer Service:

Using insights and trends derived from analyzing huge sets of data, an organization can make customized customer service workflows for itself. Data helps an organization build personalized customer experiences for its users. It helps the company in understanding its customers.

It can show them how and when they shop, what products attract them, how they wish to be contacted, etc. This information is used to build better products, technology, and tools to cater to existing customers and make new relationships. A company can use pointers like their website, app, campaign interaction, customer support chats, social media insights, in-store behavior, etc. to develop a customer service experience that is personalized at scale.

Hidden trends help an organization build a more convenient and responsive customer support framework. Data can uncover interest trends and help build retention models while providing quality support over multiple channels of communication.



Any business or organization can function the way it is meant to be when a framework to aid efficient operations is in place. Data can help build that streamlined process framework. With a streamlined process framework, a company can save money and increase the rate of production or service execution.

Data aids improved understanding of the end consumers’ needs and want. Data Analytics also saves time that is spent on creating marketing campaigns and ads. Analyzed data helps produce content and products that are in line with the consumer’s behavior and choice. It also helps in identifying manpower gaps and excesses. It can also detect fraud by analyzing patterns and process flow.



Marketing campaigns play a vital role in any product or organization’s success. Data Analytics can give you detailed insights about those campaigns and help fine-tune the current ones or build future campaigns that succeed. It is obvious now that data can help identify user/consumer behavior.

It helps a company to build the best form of content and advertisement for the client. It helps us understand what the client resonates with and what values they want the brand to reflect. It helps to build better brand awareness and multiply your reach to current and potential clients.


Basic Process of Data Analytics:

To decide on making a career in any field we first need to understand the underlying process of it. Data Analytics is a vast field with tons of processes and tools. As more and more businesses are starting to use it to aid them in many aspects. There is an ever-growing catalog of use cases and workflows, but the basic process remains the same. Let us look at that.


Problem Identification: The first step to data analytics is to identify a problem that needs to be solved. The problem identification phase also has a goal-setting process. This defines the problem and the steps needed to achieve the organizational goal.

Data Collection: In this step data collection takes place. This includes identifying and optimizing different streams of data. Data collection can be real-time or historical data as per need. This is called raw data.

Data Cleaning: The data we collected in the previous step is often unclean and raw data. This data needs to be cleaned to be used for our goal. Data cleaning is the process of readying the data for analysis by removing unwanted or missing values. This process also eliminated redundant data that is not relevant to that particular case.

Data Analysis: After gathering and cleaning the required data, this step explores and analyzes data. Different tools and processes are used for this process based on the goal we want to achieve. This process can use multiple data mining or modeling techniques to build models of data that are relevant to our case. This step can help you build many conclusions and processes to asses the business or a product’s performance. It can also be used to build future products, predict revenue, innovation, customer satisfaction, etc.

Interpretation: This is the final step of Data Analytics. In this step, we interpret the results we got in the previous process and use that to draw some conclusions. This process helps us understand the hidden patterns and trends, both past and future. These insights aid the decision-making process.


Career Options After Pursuing a Data Analytics Courses in Agra

People choose a career in a field that offers lucrative monetary benefits. Data Analytics is one such field that offers high-paying jobs. Let’s see some of the career options that you can pursue after doing one of the data analytics courses in Agra.


Data Analyst

Data Analyst, as the name suggests, is a job in which one is required to analyze data to extract insights and trends to gain value from a raw dataset. Data Analysts are suited for every industry. This job role is somewhat basic and doesn’t require proficiency in machine learning.


Business Intelligence Analyst

This job requires you to extract value from datasets they get from the company they are working for. A Business Intelligence Analyst needs a good hand in SQL and data analysis. A BI Analyst is also required to build data models and visualizations.


Data Scientist

A technical step above Data Analysts is Data Scientists. Data Scientists are required to analyze data and churn out workable insights. Data Scientists are people with a deeper understanding and a more informed perspective that aids in making accurate predictions. Unlike Data Analysts, Data Scientists are required to have a strong hold on programming languages such as Python or R.


Other Courses in Agra:


Data Engineer

Data Engineers work on larger datasets and infrastructure. They work mostly on the part of capturing data and improving data acquisition efficiency. Data Engineers are also required to work with database infrastructure and may be responsible for upgrades in the same.


Quantitative Analyst

These professionals work especially in financial firms. They use their capabilities to make workflows for risk management and predict potential financial investment opportunities. These professionals can also start their consultancy firm that works with data and predict pricing for shares, commodities, etc.


Data Analytics Consultant

Unlike Data Scientists and Data Analysts, Data Analytics Consultants may work for different companies providing their services for making better decisions. A DA Consultant may also work for a single company with a special focus on a single project with clear goals. Most of the time DA Consultants work for a particular industry or area of research.

Project Manager

This is a position that many big corporations have. A Project Manager is responsible for their team’s performance and efficiency. Using Data Analytics one can make models to measure and manage all these aspects and excel at being a Project Manager.


Operations Analyst

Operation Analysts may be hired full-time for a company, or they can also work as consultants for multiple companies. People working as Operations Analysts are responsible to analyze internal business processes. These processes can include reporting systems, manufacturing and distribution of a product, and other business operations.

People considered for this job role are required to have a thorough understanding of business and the technical infrastructure they will be working with.


Marketing Analyst

This is also a very good career option when you are starting. Marketing Analysts work with Digital Marketing professionals to give insights about their marketing campaigns and online/social media advertisements. Marketing professionals often rely on Analysts to draw conclusions and churn out specific insights from marketing data sets.


IT Systems Analyst

This is another lucrative career field if you are well-versed in Information technology. IT Systems Analysts are required to test software or third-party tools. They may also be required to build a new software for the company’s internal usage to track specific data. These were some of the career options one can choose after joining one of the below-listed institutes providing data analytics courses in Agra.


List Of Institutions Providing Data Analytics Courses in Agra


Rank #1. Data Analysis Courses in Agra


You cannot go wrong when choosing IIM SKILLS as the best institute providing Data Analytics courses in Agra. IIM SKILLS is not a new name in the ed-tech industry. They are global leaders in the space providing various courses in multiple fields. IIM SKILLS has transformed the lives of many students who are enjoying high-paying jobs in big corporations such as Google, IBM, Samsung, Amazon, Meta, TCS, KPMG, Infosys, LinkedIn, Deloitte, etc.

They have trained more than 35,000 people to work at their dream companies or start their businesses. They have expert faculties with more than 12 years of experience in related fields. IIM SKILLS aspires to provide quality education to all at affordable prices.

IIM SKILLS has been ranked number one multiple times by top education blogs. Their virtual interactive classrooms provide students with one of a kind experience with practical assignments and case studies. The IIM SKILLS learning curve provides the best possible experience from the comfort of your home.

They provide industry-validated certificates that can help you land lucrative job offers. These certifications are recognized globally by top companies. They provide lifetime access to their course material and every new live session recording on their innovative Learning Management System.

It means that once you have paid for your course you can watch all previous and future recordings of your purchased course. It is one of the best options for data analysis courses in Agra.


Contact IIM SKILLS at:

Phone: +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]


Other highly recommended courses


Rank #2. Data Analysis Courses in Agra


NIIT is a big brand in the education industry. With highly experienced faculty and years of experience in the industry, you can trust NIIT with your career. NIIT has education centers in over 30 countries making it one of the leaders in the talent development industry. NIIT trains thousands of people every year to become job ready.

NIIT has bagged multiple awards and acknowledgments. NIIT provides training programs in a vast array of fields. NIIT Agra Center can be your choice when selecting the best institution for data analytics courses in Agra. NIIT has both in-class and online learning platforms. NIIT Digital is a platform developed by the company to cater to people digitally and remotely.

NIIT Digital help learners to stay connected on an intuitive dashboard that they can access on their smartphones, laptops, or tablet computers. NIIT Agra provides various data analytics courses in Agra to choose from. You can choose one of the courses to best suit your needs and budget.

NIIT designs its courses based on years of experience in the field and some of the best faculties in the field. NIIT students get placed with good job offers. It has also been named among the top 20 training outsourcing companies for 12 consecutive years. NIIT can prepare you for your future with hands-on training.

NIIT Agra center provides world-class infrastructure paired with more than 20 years of experience. This center also provides courses in Digital Marketing, Machine Learning, Banking and Finance, web development, hardware, networking, etc. NIIT provides placement assistance for its students.

The course curriculum follows an outcome-oriented approach where a learner becomes project ready on day one. The institute provides experiential apprenticeship with hands-on learning with targeted intervention. NIIT provides personalized assistance to its learners where every student receives constructive feedback.


Contact NIIT Agra at:

Address: S – 2, Block 38-4B, Friends Centre, 2nd floor, Above Kotak Mahindra Bank Sanjay Place, Agra, Uttar Pradesh, 282002

Phone: 0562-4041155, 9267777755


Rank #3. Data Analysis Courses in Agra

3. Technostress Technologies OPC Pvt. Ltd.

Technosters provides one of the best Data Analytics courses in Agra. Technosters is growing fast in the IT training field. It caters to multiple domains with its professional mentors. The institution is developed by either IT experts or highly experienced people from the IT field. Technosters aims to fill the gap between academic curriculum and real-world training.

Technosters also provide training in Web Development, Digital Marketing, Programming languages like C/C++, Java, Python, PHP, and technologies like Android, MYSQL, Bootstrap, WordPress, etc.

Technosters provides hands-on training programs with real-world projects and industry-oriented course curricula. The institute’s courses are designed in such a way that both job seekers and freelancers can do and learn. Their data science course is extensive with many case studies and projects.


Contact Technosters at

Address: 8/195, Engineer’s Colony, Bypass Rd, opp. Omaxe SRK Mall, Agra, Uttar Pradesh 282005

Phone: 8445022510


These were the top three institutions providing Data Analytics Courses in Agra.


Frequently Asked Questions About Data Analytics Courses in Agra


Q1. Which is the best institute providing data analytics courses in Agra?

As discussed above, IIM SKILLS is the best institute providing data analytics courses in Agra. With years of industry experience and thousands of trained students and hand on internships, you are guaranteed to upskill yourself and earn good money in the future. Lifetime access to the Learning Management System (LMS) is the cherry on the cake and you are sure to be ahead of others with updated knowledge always at a click away.


Q2. Is Data Analytics a good field to make a career in?

Data Analytics is just starting up. The field has many use cases and more companies are adopting it every day. Data analytics is used to streamline processes and improve efficiency in production units. It is also used by marketers and advertisers to predict what will the audience like. It is also used by product developers to assess people’s needs and build a product that is best for the consumer. So you can see that Data Analytics is being used in every aspect of businesses that increase profits for the company. This makes Data Analytics a lucrative career with multiple career options.


Q3. Is Online Course By IIM SKILLS Good for me?

IIM SKILLS is a company that is a global leader in education. They know how to craft the best possible study material and timeline to make you job-ready at course completion. The interactive approach adopted by IIM SKILLS makes its live sessions stand above others. The courses provided by IIM SKILLS are student-friendly and are crafted to give you the best possible experience with live interactive training.


Q4. There are too many career options in data analytics. How to choose the best one?

Before joining any of the above-listed institutions for Data Analytics courses in Agra, contact the institution and tell them about your educational qualifications and career goals. Based on your inputs the career consultants can better help- you in making this decision.


Conclusion On Data Analytics Courses in Agra

As we discussed extensively that data analytics has good scope and future potential that can make you earn a handsome income. Data analytics is helping big corporations and new-age startups alike. The demand for data analysis-related jobs is at an all-time high and this trend will continue for years to come. It is better to be ready and get on the bandwagon than to be late and regret it.

The field of data science is very lucrative and people are only increasing their awareness about the field. Companies are also looking at ways to implement data analysis in their workflows. If the field excites you and you think that it will be a good career opportunity for you then you should join a course from our list of best institutes to pursue data analytics courses in Agra.

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