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Top 5 Data Analytics Courses in Lucknow With Placements

Every business in today’s world relies on data analytics in its decision-making processes. Thus the demand for data analysts is growing day by day. Almost all the top institutes and organizations provide various live and practical training in the field of data analytics. The following article provides a complete detailed compilation of the top 5 data analytics courses in Lucknow which provides practical and live training.


For the company to run effectively, every decision made by the business has to be efficient and precise. The demand for candidates with data analytics skills and abilities is growing due to the demand for data processing, data mining, data visualizing, and other areas of data analytics. So, let’s start with the very basic question that wanders our minds.


What is Data Analytics?

In simple terms, data analytics is the evaluation and analysis of raw data and bringing out insights, trends, correlations, and solutions that help in the process of decision-making for the business. The importance of data analytics is that it optimizes the performance of the business.

It is the most in-demand employment path in today’s technological world. The core aim of data analytics is to find trends, insights, and problem-solving by applying various statistical analyses and technologies to the data. Thus, this article gives you a detailed overview of the top institutes that provides data analytics courses in Lucknow.


Significant Benefits of Data Analytics

Data analytics helps the business in so many ways, where it ensures that the operations of the business are effectively carried on by providing various strategies and solutions through analyzing the data. It also optimizes the business operations and functions which helps the business to deliver an effective customer experience and also to achieve the business objectives by excelling in their operations. 

One of the significant benefits of data analytics is that it helps the business optimize its relationship with its customers by giving them what they expect when they provide data to the business. It also ensures that the data provided by the customers are well safeguarded by the business and also the business understands the customers by providing a smooth experience to the customers.

This ensures that the business and the customers have a long-standing bond between them. Since there are a lot of benefits and scope for data analytics in the current scenario, the article is compiled with the top institutes that offer data analytics courses in Lucknow with the best practical training. 


Having Said That, the Following is the List of Top Data Analytics Courses in Lucknow.


The First on the List of Top Data Analytics Courses in Lucknow: 

1. Imarticus Learning Lucknow 

The course offered by Imarticus Learning is the Post Graduate Program in Data Analytics and Machine Learning. They ensure the development of challenging programs that are experiential, meaningful, and progressive and deliver top-notch education from the most renowned colleges.

It is one of the top institutes that offers the best data analytics courses in Lucknow. The institute emphasizes largely the hands-on practices and experienced knowledge to balance classroom learning and practical experiences.

To be prepared for employment, the candidate has to master the principles of data analytics and machine learning as well as the ultimate in-demand data science tools and methodologies. To master the skills of various tools in data analytics, one should learn how to use Spectacle.


Course Details and Module:

This course is entirely created in association with the Data Science and Analytics industry, which is made to assist you in acquiring the precise set of skills required by the maximum of the world’s high high-levelers of Data Analytics. Their curriculum includes Capstone Projects, real-business projects, pertinent case studies, and mentoring from relevant industry professionals to help you develop into an accomplished Data Scientist.


Data Analysis Courses in Lucknow Highlights:

Upon finishing this course, the students are provided with lots and lots of training for placements like resume building, interview preparation, and lots more to make their students excel in the interview process and get placed in the top companies. They also provide expanded career guidance to the students where they organize a lot of places meant preparation workshops and mock interviews along with intensive personalized mentoring to ease the interview like a pro.

They also ensure guaranteed job opportunities by arranging a lot of interviews for the candidates. With over 400 placement partners and continuous placement drives, they have placed over 1000+ students successfully during the pandemic. They also offer career services like arranging more than 20,000 interviews, a lot of free premium job listings, etc.

During the data analysis courses in Lucknow, they provide hands-on practical training to the students to build a portfolio of their own. With live training, in-class practical sessions, and a capstone project, the students get to know a more in-depth understanding of Data Analytics and how it works. 

They also provide custom learning where the student can pick out flexible hours and days to attend the classes and finish the course at their own pace. They also have weekday and weekend classes. 



The student will receive a proficiency certification upon completing the program on The Post Graduate Program on Data Analytics and Machine Learning. This certificate adds a lot of professional accreditations to the Candidate’s Resume in the field of Data Analytics. 


Other best courses in Lucknow:


The Second on the List of Top Data Analytics Courses in Lucknow:

2. Escalera Technologies

Escalera Technologies works as one of the best research projects and training consultants in the field of Information technology, Analytics, Robotics, and others, aims in delivering the best training services to students in various fields in IT, Electric, and Electronics, through their best programs on Data Analytics. It is one of the top institutes that offers the best data analytics courses in Lucknow.


Course Details and Module:

The Data Analytics courses offered by Escalera are in three categories – short-term Data Analytics training, medium-term Data Analytics training, and Business Analytics Program for Experienced Professionals. These Data Analytics Training courses are classified according to the levels and the depth of the student’s understanding of Data Analytics. 

The short-term Data Analytics Training course is mainly for starters who want to apply Data Analytics in their current job. It focuses on delivering a basic understanding of data science and data analytics.  This course is for both students and professionals who want to apply Data Analytics as a part of their careers, where these basics are essential to have a complete understanding of data analytics and the employment path that will lead.

This course also introduces many tools, techniques, and methodologies of Data Analytics where the student will learn the basics of the most in-demand skills. The Medium-term Data Analytics Training course also provides the same tools, techniques, and methodologies in data analytics but at a little intermediate level. This course is for students or professionals who are looking for a career switch where they learn about data analytics in detail. 

The Business Analytics training for experienced professionals is the advanced training provided by Escalera Technologies where the candidate who applies for this course must hold a minimum of 2 years of job experience irrespective of any field. They will be able to carry out their existing tasks more effectively and discover better chances, thanks to their data analysis courses in Lucknow. Also included in this course is a session on the modern startup ecosystem.


Data Analytics Courses in Lucknow Highlights:

As this course is divided into three categories, the candidates can acquire knowledge at their preferred levels about Data Analytics. Every level of this course is designed in detail about the tools, techniques, and mythologies in Data Analysis.

The candidates get an opportunity to have hands-on practice with lots of case studies and in-class projects which helps to acquire practical knowledge about Data Analytics. Case studies practices provided in the course help the candidates to inspire and learn more about the field and the employment path in Data Analytics.

They also get to master the latest and advanced tools and techniques in the field of data analytics, which they get to implement in their jobs and have a practical understanding of how everything works. There is also placement guidance by the institute where they do provide various placement training and workshops to enhance and ace the interview. 



On completing the data analysis courses in Lucknow, the students are provided with the certification of completion which adds a lot of weight to the candidate’s resume. One can apply for jobs in the field of data analytics as a certified person in the field of data analytics. 


The Third on the List of Top Data Analytics Courses in Lucknow:

3. Slide Scope 

Slide Scope is one of the best organizations that provide various programs in software development. They provide various training programs in various fields that are currently in demand in today’s scenario. It is one of the top institutes that offers the best data analytics courses in Lucknow. One of the fields they expertise in is Data Analytics and Machine Learning, where they provide intensive training with industry experts in Data Analytics. 


Course Details and Module: 

The Data Analytics course offered by the institute provides various programming languages, tools, and techniques to enhance the skills of the candidates who opt for this course. The course mainly focuses on job-oriented teaching mythologies where the candidates can up-skill themselves in data analytics. 

The course also covers various other important tools and techniques which are specifically required by the students as well. The course also ensures a lot of practical knowledge about the tools and techniques by providing the students with a lot of practical assignments and live interactive mentoring to enhance the candidate’s skills. 


Data Analytics Courses in Lucknow Highlights:

  • The course focuses on providing the various important key elements of data analytics where the students learn in depth about data analytics.
  • They also ensure various training methods to lead the candidates to successful job placement. 
  • The course is curated with the help of various industry experts who came together in forming the entire course modules to provide quality education to the students.
  • While doing this course, the students also get to work on live projects and practical assessments where they get to experience the practical application and knowledge of the various important techniques and methodologies used in big businesses. 
  • They also conduct free demo classes where the candidates can enroll and have a small experience of how the course is going to benefit them when they enroll.
  • They conduct the course in only small batches where the mentors can focus fully on the small number to give more efficient training to the students which is an added advantage for those who are considering enrolling.
  • They also provide job opportunities and interview training to the candidates where they can excel in their career path. 



The completion certificate is provided to the candidates who finish the course within the given guidelines by the institute. This certificate helps the candidates in the job search as a major advantage. 


The Fourth on the List of Top Data Analytics Courses in Lucknow:

4. DigiPodium

DigiPodium has expertise in the field of IT training where the focus is on delivering the best training to the candidates who walk into their platform. They ensure professional training with hands-on practices for the students who enroll in their courses. They also ensure to assist their students with arising trends in Data Analytics through their courses. 


Course Details and Module:

The course offered by DigiPodium is Data Analytics and Big Data Analytics Training with Hadoop. Apart from these two courses, they also offer various other courses that are related to the various tools of Data Analytics. But to start with the data analytics training program is recommended by the institute.

They also recommend that this is a must program to start with for the candidates who are analytics minded and who want to excel in this field. They also recommend this course for management qualifications and IT qualifications.

This course is designed by top industry professionals in collaboration with top organizations who are experts in the field of data analytics. This course is specifically designed for candidates who are interested in this fast-growing in-demand platform of Data Analytics.


Data Analytics Courses in Lucknow Highlights:

  • The course is specifically designed to deceive the practical knowledge of data analysis and its techniques and methodology that are used by the experts in this field by big organizations. 
  • The course ensures that they provide many types of training in collaboration with the top companies who are experts in this field.
  • They also train the candidates for job interviews and also provide various job opportunities through their job portals and their career prospects. 
  • They also have tie-ups with most of the top-ranking companies in the field of Data Analytics, where they make it easy for the candidates in their career path. 



They provide certificates of completion along with various certifications of the latest tools that are used by experts in the data analytics industry.


A few other courses you should consider


The Fifth on the List of Top Data Analytics Courses in Lucknow: 

5. Simplilearn 

Simplilearn is one of the biggest e-learning platforms where it provides a lot of professional courses in various fields in collaboration with top-ranking universities in the country. One of the courses that Simplilearn provides in association with Purdue University is their Professional certificate program in Data Analytics which is in Lucknow. 


Course Details and Module:

The course focuses on delivering a professional quality education where they train the candidates through experts from IBM. The course is also designed by the experts of IBM to deliver a top-notch education to the candidates. The program offers a technical understanding of the latest tools and techniques that are emerging in the field of data analytics. 

The key focus is to offer an extreme understanding of critical data analytics and also to offer an undemanding of the technologies in data science. With a lot of opportunities in the competitive market, there are a lot of several training practices that are offered in this course.


Data Analytics Courses in Lucknow Highlights:

  • The course provides a higher level of live training which is more than 8 times by the experts from the industry. They also provide a lot of interactive sessions to the candidates. 
  • They provide lots of case study assignments and hands-on practice of the tools, technologies, and methodologies of data analytics to deliver practical learning.
  • They also provide a lot of job opportunities upon completing the courses. They have a separate job assistant program where they provide intensive training and a lot of job opportunities through their portal.
  • They also offer several master classes taught by the Purdue faculties where they provide in-depth learning about data analytics.
  • Their job assistance program helps you in your career path by getting recognized by the industry’s high-level companies who are looking to hire candidates for data analytics roles.
  • They also offer capstone projects and other data analytics projects in several domains which helps the candidates to know more about the practical exposure of data analytics. 



The certificate provided by Simplilearn in collaboration with Purdue University is the certification of completion which will be a great added advantage to the candidate’s resume. They also provide IBM certification of completion when the candidate completes the mentoring sessions, workshops, training, etc., conducted by IBM.


FAQs About Data Analysis Courses in Lucknow:


Q1. What is the scope of Data Analytics?

The scope of data analytics is very huge in today’s scenario. Job opportunities are expanding in the field of data analytics. To understand the scope, one must know the role played by data analytics in a business. The core aim of data analytics is to provide solutions to the business to perform better in the competitive market. Thus, the demand is high for data analytics. Many roles are increasing in the business’s career prospects. Upon learning the tools, techniques, and methodologies of data analytics one can become a qualified professional in the field. 


Q2. Who can study the data analysis courses in Lucknow?

The Data Analytics course is basically for almost anyone with a basic degree provided they have some knowledge in the field. But anyone who wants to take a career switch can very well opt for data analytics as their career path. Any candidate who is interested in analytics can study this most in-demand course and excel in their careers in data analytics. Individuals who are management qualified and technology qualified can very much opt for this course to enhance their skills and excel in their careers. 


Q3. What are the various roles and job opportunities in Data Analytics?

There are so many job opportunities in the field of Data Analytics. As the demand for this field is increasing day by day so many different positions are introduced and becoming available in Data Analytics. Many roles like data analyst, data engineer, machine learning engineer, statistician, business analyst, and lots more are the most in-demand roles and job opportunities in the current scenario.

According to various surveys and sources, job opportunities in data analytics are increasing and this will have a great impact on one’s career path. With a lot of emerging trends, tools, and technologies that are used by the industry’s biggest organizations, qualified professionals will always be in demand. 



Data analytics is a very vast field where it involves a whole set of process which helps the business in its core decision-making process. It involves a lot of technical knowledge and expertise to yield proactive results. While the job opportunities in the data analytics field are increasing, there are very few professionals who are qualified for the job.

Enrolling yourself in any one of the Data Analytic courses in Lucknow will make your career path a stronger and a meaningful one. Also, take time to research more about the field, the courses, and the institute to have a basic understanding, and then enroll yourself in the data analytics courses in Lucknow. It helps the individual in their career growth and with so many skills that are in demand for data analytics, it is the right move.

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