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Top 9 Financial Modeling Courses in Lucknow With Placement

As more companies realize the potential that finance modelers can bring to the table, there is a rise in demand for financial specialists. As a result, financial modeling is now a highly sought-after career for finance professionals, both domestically and internationally. The candidate does not need to come from a commerce background to apply to the financial Modeling courses in Lucknow. As long as the applicant wishes to comprehend decision-making, whether it is about project finance, equity research, or any other area where it is relevant, they should do so.


What is Financial Modeling?


The technique of estimating the financial performance of a project or corporation using all pertinent variables, growth and risk assumptions, and analyzing their effects is known as financial Modeling. It makes it possible for the user to quickly get knowledgeable about all the factors involved in financial forecasting.


Building a model from scratch or updating an existing model with newly accessible data are the two options for financial Modeling. Even if it seems difficult, financial Modeling can be learned with consistent effort and the right guidance.


Types of Financial Models


There are many different types of financial models available. Below there is a brief explanation of some of the widely used models.


1. Three Statement Model


The most basic configuration for Financial Modeling is the three-statement model. As suggested by the name, this model uses Excel formulas to dynamically link the three statements namely income statement, balance sheet, and cash flow. The goal is to put it up so that all the accounts are interconnected and that changes in one assumption can affect the entire model.


2. Discounted Cash Flow Model (DCF Model)


Equity research and other segments of the capital markets employ these kinds of financial models. The DCF model employs Excel’s XNPV function to discount the future cash flows to the present at the company’s weighted average cost of capital after making any necessary adjustments to the three-statement model’s cash flows.


3. Merger Model (M&A Model)


The most typical applications of this paradigm are in business development and/or investment banking. A merger is the “combination” of two businesses into a single entity by mutual consent. A merger model is a study that shows how two businesses combined through a merger and acquisition procedure.


4. Budget Model


To create the budget for the upcoming year, this is utilized as a financial Modeling tool by specialists in financial planning and analysis. 


5. Initial Public Offering Model (IPO Model)


These models assume how much investors would be prepared to pay for the company under consideration while also analyzing similar companies.


6. Leveraged Buyout Model (LBO Model)


Outside of investment banking or private equity, these approaches are not particularly frequent. Given the numerous layers of financing creating circular references and the need for cash flow waterfalls, LBO financial model is frequently one of the most intricate and difficult of all types of financial models.


Benefits of Financial Modeling Courses in Lucknow


  • Improved Business Grasp


 Building a financial model necessitates a thorough understanding of the company. The process of developing the model forces the company to consider and make a list of the factors that have an impact on the many business characteristics. The procedure also makes the company consider the numerous changes that could take place both within and externally. This improves our comprehension of the company. Therefore, developing financial models and learning about them has a knock-on impact that improves understanding of the underlying business.


  • Aids in Reaching the Correct Valuation


Financial Modeling enables businesses to recognize their genuine value. It is feasible to calculate the precise amount of free cash flow that will accrue to the company at various periods in time using financial models. When selling their stakes to outside investors like investment bankers and private equity groups, it enables businesses to know their exact market value.


  • Aids in Selecting a Funding Strategy


Companies can comprehend their cash flow status better when they use financial models. It is simple to determine the company’s cash flow needs as well as its borrowing capacity and ability to pay interest. This aids the business in selecting the best finance approach.


Career Options after Financial Modeling Courses in Lucknow


Financial Modeling students get employment in businesses that are in charge of maintaining financial equilibrium across all sectors. Because every firm needs financial intelligence and security to grow, people with financial backgrounds are highly sought after in this area. Students studying financial Modeling have several career options, and the scope of this field is constantly expanding. Below we have listed some positions offered to Financial Modeling students


Finance Manager

A company’s finance manager is in charge of monitoring all cash inflows and outflows. They create cash flow statements, profit and loss estimates, and financial reports.


Financial Planner

Financial planners are licensed experts in money management who are typically employed by businesses or individuals. The planner determines which investments to place the client’s money in by analyzing each person’s goals and risk tolerance.


Financial Modeling Analyst

Financial models are created in a chart, typically an excel spreadsheet, by a financial Modeling analyst using their knowledge of financial management. To determine how a financial decision would affect the company’s future projections, they must understand accounting principles.


Financial Advisors

Financial advisors perform many of the same tasks as financial planners, but they also offer their clients assistance with saving, budgeting, insurance, and tax-saving strategies. Additionally, financial advisors stay in touch with their clients to review and revise goals and strategies.


Financial Consultant

Financial consultants assist clients to develop their wealth by offering financial planning and guidance. They are independent workers who are recruited by huge organizations through word-of-mouth to accomplish particular objectives.


Top 9 Institutes providing Financial Modeling Courses in Lucknow


1. IIM Skills


IIM SKILLS is a top-notch institution that stays true to its aim of offering worthwhile, valuable courses at reasonable costs. You may learn, develop, and rule the professional world with ground-breaking knowledge and acquisitions with IIM Skills. Since 2015, they have worked diligently to provide more than 35000 individuals with the training to succeed in the job market.


Course Offered- Online Financial Modeling Course

Duration– 3 Months

Fees– 39,900/- plus 18% GST


Course Curriculum

  • Basic and Advanced Excel
  • Accounting Concepts and Financial Statement
  • Ratio/KPI Analysis
  • Basis of Financial Modeling
  • Different types of Financial Models
  • Business Valuation


Why Should you Choose IIM Skills for Financial Modeling Courses in Lucknow?

  • Entirely practical course
  • 2 Months of Internship Guarantee
  • Placement Partners: 150+
  • Preparation for Mock Interviews
  • User-friendly LMS to gain unrestricted access to all of the resources, eBooks, and session recordings.
  • Work on a variety of tasks, case studies, and projects to make the most of your learning experience.
  • Obtain a Master Financial Modeling Certification from IIM SKILLS that has been approved by the Indian MSME Government.
  • Take advantage of their hardworking and dedicated team of professionals with more than 2000 specialists’ 24-hour online assistance and care.
  • The courseware, created and produced by industry specialists, covers every aspect of the discipline of finance and valuation. The program stands out from the competition since it prioritizes both academic and practical learning equally.
  • With their FREE trial session, they provide you with the option to try their product before you buy it.
  • You can stay in touch with your mentors for support and direction throughout your life, regardless of whether you finish your course.


Highlights of Financial Modeling Courses in Lucknow

  • Learn to create efficient, streamlined, robust financial models to organize and analyze historical data, project future projections, and provide assimilate financial statements, key ratios, and outputs.
  • Become an expert in conducting research, drawing conclusions, and making suggestions.
  • Obtain a firm understanding of the differences between financial Modeling and financial statements after completion of the course.
  • To prosper in this lucrative business, you can develop a variety of skill sets through this course, including those in communication and presentation, critical and analytical thinking, required abilities and methodologies for appraisal, and many others.


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IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


2. Magnum Educorporates


The best managerial skills certificates in financial research are offered by this institute, which also exposes students to the fundamentals of investment banking, private equity, corporate finance techniques, corporate valuations, and other related topics.


The training is provided in a variety of formats, including self-paced, web-based (e-Learning), and instructor-led, and are strictly supervised by the staff and management team of Magnum Educorporates. By putting a priority on real industry abilities that set them apart from others, they help students prepare for the real world of work rather than the institutional world.


Why Choose Magnum Edu Corporates for Financial Modeling Courses in Lucknow?


  • They include every type of analytics and product utilized in the financial analytics sector.
  • They make sure that each lesson is supported by pertinent and accurate case studies that provide the concept with a thorough comprehension.
  • They guarantee an equal playing field for students from various backgrounds and educational streams.
  • They are one of the few institutions that cover financial model audits.
  • Instead of tedious instructions, they put more emphasis on real-world business issues.
  • They have incorporated soft-skills training for students to improve their interpersonal and behavioral skills, putting them on pace with the industry.
  • They offer various certifications and long-term courses.


To enroll-


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3. Imarticus


Their objective is to prepare the global learning community for a futuristic, tech-driven world by arranging knowledge with cutting-edge technology and making learning accessible. Their main goal is to create rigorous programs that are experiential, meaningful, and innovative while bringing top-notch education from renowned universities throughout the world. They seek to strike a balance between in-class learning and real-world experiences, focusing on experiential and practical knowledge.


Course offered– Financial Analysis Prodegree Course

Fees- 65000/-


Course Curriculum

  • Financial Analysis
  • Financial statement Preparation
  • MS Excel
  • Accounting Basics
  • Ratio Analysis
  • Financial Modeling


Why Choose Imarticus for Financial Modeling Courses in Lucknow?

  • Practical curriculum that is industry-focused, with six real-world projects to supplement it.
  • You may access all of the course materials and self-paced videos on their LMS, which is a convenient platform.
  • Mock interviews led by industry experts are combined with lessons on resume and LinkedIn profile building.
  • Self-paced materials and simulations guarantee your learning is adaptable and practical.
  • You have access to a large number of employment leads and references from top finance organizations through the Imarticus Placement Portal.
  • You are mentored as you progress through the course and also as you enter into the working world.
  • Imarticus financial planning and analysis course will be supported by a specialized Program Mentor who will be assigned to you.


For more information-


4. Ernst and Young


Course offered– Certification Course in Financial Modeling and Valuation

Fees– 10000/- plus taxes


Course Curriculum

  • Best practices of Financial Modeling
  • Structuring and designing models
  • Sector-specific working of revenue and expense
  • understanding the numerous methods that can be used to calculate the various line items that make up financial statements
  • Tax calculation
  • Combining financial information to provide a unified result
  • Building macros
  • Presentation of results in a pleasing and insightful way
  • Various valuation techniques and when to use them


Highlights of Financial Modeling Courses in Lucknow

  • Candidates will gain knowledge of how to develop effective, reliable, and adaptable financial models for reporting and analyzing historical data, creating future projections, and effectively presenting integrated financial statements, important financial ratios, and outputs. 
  • With the aid of examples created especially to show different approaches to computing key financial parameters, candidates will comprehend and apply these skills. 
  • The course also covers the fundamentals of business valuation, a variety of valuation techniques, and how to understand the valuation’s findings. 
  • An all-encompassing case study that will cover all the taught modules will further supplement the lessons learned from these demonstrations and examples. 
  • After completing the course, applicants should be able to create powerful, dynamic, well-structured financial models for independent commercial use.


To enroll-


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5. IIM Kozhikode


Course offered- Financial Analysis and Financial Management

Duration– 10 months

Fees– 1,56,000/- plus GST


Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to Financial Management and Analysis
  • Managerial Accounting
  • Foundations of Finance
  • Corporate Finance
  • Investment Management
  • Corporate Valuation
  • Risk Management and Fintech
  • Capstone Project


Why choose IIM Kozhikode for Financial Modeling Courses in Lucknow?

  • Learn from prominent industry professionals and illustrious IIM Kozhikode faculty.
  • Being eligible for Executive Alumni status and increasing your professional network.
  • Gain knowledge through practical business applications, HBS case studies, and tools to become industry-ready.
  • Make better financial decisions.
  • Talents in decision-making and problem-solving to increase business profitability.
  • Receive a well-recognized certification.


To enroll-




They are a private vocational training institute that offers offline and online courses for both long and short-term skill development. They choose to specialize in this field since they place a strong emphasis on quality education. They employ a group of highly competent and driven professionals.


Course offered– NIFM Certified Financial Modeling

Duration– 2 months


Course Curriculum

  • Overview of Financial Jargons
  • Excel Shortcut
  • Economics of Excel
  • Discounted Cash Flow Approach
  • Risk and Return Models


Highlights of Financial Modeling Courses in Lucknow

  • Leading banks, financial organizations, and stock brokers support the program.
  • Educators from reputable financial institutions, stock brokers, and banks with at least ten years of expertise.
  • Case studies for live assignments on valuing companies using actual examples
  • In 2-3 months, with classroom instruction, you will become an expert in financial Modeling.
  • You will Obtain NIFM certification.
  • Desk & Live Cases on Businesses
  • You will learn how to Interpret Analyst Presentations.


To enroll-


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7. Grant Thornton


They offer professional and student training programs that are focused on results. You may customize their powerful programs to get the most out of them. They firmly believe in the benefits of a classroom setting in the modern digital age of machine learning, maximizing group learning while concentrating on resolving individual concerns. Their instructors are seasoned professionals who will offer their knowledge of the industry’s best practices as well as their own experiences.


Course Offered– Certification in Financial Modeling and Valuation


Course Curriculum

  • Basic Business Model
  • Financial Statements
  • Valuation
  • Financial Model – Data
  • Modeling
  • Valuation
  • Project Valuation 
  • Visualization – Interactive Excel Dashboard
  • M&A – Introduction
  • M&A – Evaluation
  • M&A – Valuation


Fees– 27,500/- plus taxes


IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


Why Choose Grant Thorton Learning and Development Academy for Financial Modeling Courses in Lucknow?

  • They assist participants in connecting the scenarios to their employment tasks, their methodology focuses on concepts through case studies.
  • By helping you create clear and user-friendly financial models, you will be better able to comprehend the opportunities and risks that organizations are currently experiencing.
  • The performance of a financial asset, portfolio, business endeavor, or any other investment can be evaluated with the use of this program.
  • Five days of in-person instruction.
  •  GT course materials.
  • Access to the Grant Thornton LMS.
  • Completion Certificate.


To enroll-


8. BSE Training Institute


BSE Training Institute, often known as BT, has distinguished itself among stock exchanges globally in terms of knowledge development and management.  At the moment, it provides more than 40 courses with over 200 programs, and more than 8500 participants attend each year. For several top corporations, financial organizations, and educational institutions, BTI also provides tailored programs


Course Offered- Equity Research 

Offered in collaboration with Corporate Bridge Academy (CBA)


Course Curriculum

  • Mastering Excel
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Macroeconomics
  • Valuations
  • Other Valuations Approaches
  • Financial Modeling


Why should you choose BSE Training Institute for Financial Modeling Courses in Lucknow?

  • Experienced teachers with years of directly relevant real-world knowledge.
  • Learn how to use Excel’s robust built-in functions, which may help you work faster and more effectively.
  • The participants receive placement assistance from Corporate Bridge Academy.
  • Courses based on case studies, spreadsheets, and actual examples from everyday life.
  • A hands-on, intuitive training style that is extremely successful.
  • Certificate of joint participation from the CBA and BSE Training Institute.


To enroll-


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9. Internshala


They are on a mission to give students experience and relevant skills so they can have the greatest possible start in their careers.


Course Offered- Financial Modeling Course

Duration– 6 weeks


Course Curriculum

  • Understanding Excel
  • Investment Decision Techniques
  • Application of Decision Techniques
  • Financial Statement Analysis
  • Valuation


Why Choose Internshala for Financial Modeling Courses in Lucknow?

  • Because the course is mobile-friendly, it is not a problem if you don’t have a laptop.
  • Aid with placement to advance your career
  • Instruction through projects for hands-on training.
  •  There is no prerequisite because the course is suitable for beginners.
  • The teachers will respond to your questions on the Q&A forum within24 hours.
  • Downloadable materials with permanent access
  • Industry-recognized certification in Financial Modeling


To enroll-




Q1. Who is eligible for Financial Modeling Courses in Lucknow?

This course is a great fit for those who are determined to succeed in the booming financial profession. Graduates with degrees in commerce-related fields or in disciplines related to finance will find it incredibly satisfying to lay the groundwork for a successful career. This training can enhance the skill set of those in the financial sector, improving their chances of landing a job.


Q2. Why are Financial Models created?

Financial models are employed when attempting to value a company or when contrasting it with others in the same sector. They are also employed in strategic planning to evaluate potential outcomes, determine project costs, establish budgets, and distribute resources across the organization.


Q3. Are online Financial Modeling Courses in Lucknow available?

Yes. Numerous institutes offer courses in finance Modeling in a variety of formats, such as a complete classroom setting, a live virtual setting, and distance learning. You should find out if the institute from where you wish to pursue the course has an online training program available or not.


Q4. Is Financial Modeling Course useful?

If you understand financial modeling, you have several job alternatives because the majority of corporate finance professions demand these skills. It helps in the development of a quick-paced career path that is rewarding financially and professionally. Finding a job in investment banking, equity research, real estate, credit rating, fixed income research, and risk management is made possible by learning finance Modeling. Therefore financial Modeling is a very useful skill to learn.

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