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Top 10 Financial Modeling Courses in Pune

Pune has a long history of serving as a hub for higher education and has been designated India’s educational capital. It is regarded as the second largest IT hub. Higher education, management science, and advanced training research institutes in Pune draw students and professionals from India and outside. It has also become a new center for software startups. Under its 10,000 startups initiative, NASSCOM and MIDC have launched a co-working space for startups in the city. All these major initiatives have led to a major surge in the demand for trained Financial Modeling professionals in Pune. This is because Financial Modeling is essential for anyone trying to start a business as it plays a crucial role in executing duties like project bidding, campaign payback analysis, and other things. So in this article today, we are going to explore the top 10 Financial Modeling courses in Pune. 


Let us first begin by briefly discussing the basics of Financial Modeling


Financial Modeling – An Overview

Financial modeling can serve as a numerical representation of a business’s operations in the past, present, and estimated future. Such financial modeling is meant to be a tool for making decisions. They can be used by company leaders to project the earnings and project prices for a planned new project.

Anyone who wants to work in finance may find that financial modeling is a core skill that is mostly required. The process of creating an abstract representation of a real-world financial situation is known as financial modeling. To describe the performance of a money quality or portfolio of a business, project, or other investment, mathematical modeling may be used.


Uses of Financial Modeling

1. Decision Making – These models are designed to be used as tools for making decisions. Executives of the company may use them to forecast the costs and earnings of a proposed new project.


2. Future estimation – They are used by financial analysts to explain or foresee the effects of events on a company’s stock, from internal variables like changing a strategy or business model to external factors like changing a policy or law. Financial modeling is a common method for estimating a company’s value or comparing companies to others in the same industry.


3. Effective Planning – They are also used in strategic planning to assess a variety of circumstances, determine the value of recent earnings, choose budgets, and allocate corporate resources. A financial modeling course is created when a thorough understanding of the industry is attained. The analysts have a perception of how the firm functions and how numerous external things might affect it.


4. Anticipating and averting future crises – Companies are also required to understand developments that are anticipated and call for a position in a situation. Because the causes affecting them are larger than those affecting their competitors and they are prepared for any uncertain state of affairs, businesses that create money modeling will therefore regard their operations similarly.


5. Analyzing Company’s Performance – It is essential to attempt a variance analysis to comprehend how a business is performing. By comparing specific business results to budgets, money modeling helps to complete the variance analysis. The performance evaluation will be conducted on an irregular basis to seek feedback on the company’s activities.


6. Assists in major Operational Decisions – Companies are also required to understand developments that are anticipated and call for a position in a situation. Because the causes affecting them are larger than those affecting their competitors and they are prepared for any uncertain state of affairs, businesses that create money modeling will therefore regard their operations similarly. Advanced money modeling helps businesses implement operational changes while supporting variance analysis to increase overall profits.


Benefits of a Certified Financial Modeling course

  • Learn to build Financial Models from scratch
  • Learn about Financial Models and Financial Statements
  • Learn various methods of evaluation
  • Case Studies on Financial Modeling
  • Analysis and Forecasts of Financial Statements
  • Basic Concepts – Comparables and Transaction Comparables


Career Scope 

You become eligible for several job opportunities, once you complete the Financial Modeling course. Some of them are –

  • Research Analyst
  • Business Analyst
  • Equity Research Analyst
  • Financial Sector Research Analyst
  • Merger and Acquisition Associate
  • Junior Manager for Planning and Analysis
  • Investment Banking Associate
  • Company Profiling
  • Accountant
  • Junior Executive – Debt Syndication
  • Portfolio Managers

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Let us now focus on the top 10 Financial Modeling courses in Pune.


With highly skilled courses that expand your competence, enhance your presentation abilities, and help you succeed in your professional life, IM SKILLS helps you to achieve your goals. Both professions and industries can benefit from these courses.


You might know that taking professional programs helps you discover your passions. You’ll work to improve your skill set so you can turn your passion into a successful and fulfilling career. You have the option to create a business or apply for a job after completing the course. To help you achieve your entrepreneurial ambitions, you can start your own freelance business. For all these manifold advantages, their course features first on our top 10 Financial Modeling Courses in Pune. 


Course: Financial Modeling Course


About the Course:

You can be motivated to use your financial modeling abilities to the utmost extent by taking this in-depth course. It focuses on developing your Excel skills from the most basic to the most complicated ones, financial statements, accounting, KPI analysis, equity modeling, and project finance. It also teaches you how to start creating financial models from scratch.


Course Modules: 

This specially-curated course covers all the fundamental aspects of Financial Modeling –

  1. Excel – Basics and Advanced
  2. Accounting Concepts and Financial Statements
  3. Ratio Analysis
  4. Basic Concepts of Financial Modeling
  5. Types of Financial Modeling
  6. Business Valuation

Course Features:

  • 100% live interactive sessions
  • practical assignments 
  • 150+ placement partners
  • Master certification by IIM Skills
  • Internship opportunities
  • Lifetime access to LMS
  • 24*7 Support 
  • Skills development
  • 100% placement assistance


Course Duration – 3 months

Course Fees – 39,900 + GST


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IIM SKILLS FM Pune Course Invite


2. Corporate Finance Institute (CFI)

The next institute that we focus on, in this article on the top 10 Financial Modeling courses in Pune, is the Corporate Finance Institute (CFI).  CFI, which was established in 2016, is the world’s biggest and best-known platform for finance training, certification, and skill development. CFI offers the top resource for finance professionals worldwide, including certification, productivity tools, and online training for financial modeling, valuation, securities, lending, data science, capital markets, cryptocurrencies, business intelligence, and more.

Course: Financial Modeling and Valuation Analyst (FMVA)

About the course:

The Financial Modeling & Valuation Analyst FMVA® certification can assist you in developing your financial modeling abilities, streamlining the budgeting and forecasting process, or raising your competency levels in all areas of accounting and finance. The FMVA® certification offers all the knowledge, abilities, and methods necessary to develop into a top-tier financial expert.

Course Modules:

The course modules have been divided into 5 steps –

Step 1 – Review the basics

Step 2 – Core topics to build a solid foundation in Financial Modeling

Step 3 – Explore advanced topics

Step 4 – Final exam 

Step 5 – Get FMVA Certification

Course Features:

  • Personalized Training
  • Case Study based training
  • Experienced and Expert Educators
  • Personalized Attention
  • Hands-on Projects
  • Soft Skill Development and Resume building
  • Business and Financial Modeling
  • Preparing for interviews
  • Free access to over 120 downloadable templates
  • 100% Placement Assistance
  • Financial Statements Analysis
  • DCF Valuation

Course Duration – 2 months (on weekends)

Course Fee – [email protected]


3. IMS Proschool

The third institute that we must mention in this list of top 10 Financial Modeling courses in Pune is IMS Proschool. Since 1977, IMS has endeavored to establish for its learners a long-term effective career. They pinpoint potential career paths, develop cutting-edge skill-building programs, experiment with innovative ways to engage young people, and coach, inspire, and direct them as they forge their future. They provide skill-building programs in analytics, marketing, finance, and accounting, mostly to graduate students. Additionally, they provide PPP-mode programs in the fields of retail, healthcare, electrical, and mechanical engineering.

Course: Financial Modeling Course

About the Course:

It focuses on fundamental financial knowledge and skills and uses active learning techniques to make sure students can use Excel to address real business challenges.

Course Modules:

  1. Using Excel to solve problems
  2. Analysis of Financial Statement
  3. Corporate Finance
  4. Project Finance
  5. Equity Modeling

Course Features: 

  • Application-based learning
  • Training by experts and industry veterans
  • Financial Modeling Projects 
  • Making the candidates market-ready 
  • Acclaimed Certification
  • Guaranteed placement of candidates
  • Workshops on Financial Modeling 
  • Soft skills development
  • Case Study
  • Resume-building sessions

Course Duration: 55 hrs training program

Course Fee: ₹ 32,000


4. NSE

At NSE, they are motivated to foster investment possibilities, facilitate access, and empower stakeholders. They hope to fuel India’s growth story. To deliver influence across the investing ecosystem, they believe in working longer, smarter, and more quickly. They strive to constantly reinvent themselves to reimagine the future in a world that is changing shape by the second.

Course: Certification in Online Financial Modeling

About the Course:

A must-mention course in our list of top 10 Financial Modeling courses in Pune is this one. It was created with the idea of providing people who support the concept of long-term investment and value creation. Building models to represent financial statements and investments is a science.

Course Modules:

  1. Understanding Financial Modeling and Financial statement
  2. Building a Financial model
  3. Basic Case Study-Building Financial Model
  4. Financial Statement Analysis
  5. Methods of Valuation
  6. Financial Modeling Case Study

Course Features

  • Experienced Faculty
  • Comprehensive courseware consisting of 59 videos
  • 30+ additional Study Materials

Course Duration: 10+ hrs

Course Fees: INR 9000


5. EduPristine

Real-world challenges from EduPristine and BSE Institute encourage children to apply what they learn in class into practice and get ready for the realities of the workplace. By providing you with hands-on learning opportunities, soft skill training, and placement assistance, EduPristine is dedicated to assisting you at every stage.

Course: Financial Modeling Course

About the Course:

This discussion on the top 10 Financial Modeling courses in Pune is incomplete without including the Financial Modeling Course by EduPristine. This course is crisp, compact, and cost-effective. 

Course Modules:

  1. Excel Tips
  2. Case Study on Financial Modeling
  3. Merger & Acquisition I & II
  4. Macros, Charting & Project Finance
  5. Accenture Case Study 

Course Features:

  • Industry-relevant Content
  • Excel-Based Training
  • Expert Faculty
  • Certification by BSE
  • Case Studies
  • Soft skills training
  • Placement Assistance

Course Duration: 14 days (70 Hours)

Course Fees: [email protected]


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IIM SKILLS FM Pune Course Invite


One of Pune’s best training facilities, Finxl, offers courses one of the top 10 financial modeling courses in Pune. Beginners without a background in finance can enroll in this globally renowned certification program. All experienced candidates from a variety of professions can learn and start a career in finance thanks to the course’s design, which ranges from fundamental ideas in finance to advanced topics. 

The assessments and presentation evaluations used in the practical learning are adequately designed to resemble those used by leading investment banks and equity research firms. Learners develop a genuine understanding of how a financial organization operates and what a financial modeling expert’s regular day is like.


Course: Financial Modeling 

About the Course:

FINXL claims to offer the best training in financial modeling and equity research in Pune, Maharashtra, India. Due to the minimal practical experience required for employment, investment banks and research organizations do not consider hiring recent graduates. This is where this course assists to make you industry-ready.

Course Modules: 

1. Advance MS Excel

2. Data Collection and Modeling

3. Finance Fundamentals

4. Equity Research

5. Financial Modeling & Valuations


Course Features:

  • Expert Support
  • Certification
  • Real-time Case Studies
  • Resume Preparation
  • Lifetime Access
  • Career Square Forum

Course Duration: 4 months

Course Fees: INR 20,000


7. The Wall Street School

The Wall Street School also referred to as TWSS, provides instructor-led online courses in financial modeling.

Course: Financial Modeling and Valuation

About the Course:

TWSS’s training, led by investment banking professionals, aims to prepare participants for the workforce. The course material is organized using case studies and discussions and is relevant. It is specially made to give you a thorough understanding of equities research, capital markets, and investment banking and this is why it is on this list of top 10 Financial Modeling courses in Pune.

The course covers topics like Excel, finances, discounted cash flow, mergers, and interview preparation throughout its ten complete lessons. The success-based placement model is their program’s USP. They begin the placement process in the fifth workshop week.

Course Modules: 

1. Basic to Intermediate Excel

2. Advanced Excel & Powerpoint

3. Basic Finance Concepts

4. Business Modeling

5. Comparable Company Analysis

6. Precedent Transaction Analysis

7. Discounted Cashflow Valuation

8. Merger Model

9. Leveraged Buyout

10. Mock Interviews 

Course Features:

  • Success Based fees
  • Placement Assistance
  • Experiential Learning
  • Certification 

Course Duration: 6 weeks/2.5 months

Course Fees: INR 40,000


8. Udemy 

A global e-learning site called Udemy offers low-cost, self-paced courses. Udemy is the go-to institution for both students and working professionals around the world because of its excellent reputation and global standing. You may learn everything you want to know at any time and from anywhere with Udemy’s countless options and specialties. The distinguishing feature that sets it apart from the others is its inherent adaptability. People can choose to learn at their own pace using Udemy if they are unable to afford a dedicated study time or period.

Udemy offers several Financial Modeling courses. Depending on your proficiency and requirement you may choose one. All these courses, by their success rate, are included in this list of top 10 Financial Modeling courses in Pune. These courses are –

  • Beginner to Pro in Excel:
  • Financial Modeling: Build a Complete DCF Model
  • Real estate Pro Forma Modeling Class

About the courses:

Whether you want to learn about valuations, Excel, investment banking, or finance banking, pick and choose the courses that will give you an advantage over your competitors. As was already indicated, you have a plethora of options. Signing up and adding the courses to your cart are the only remaining steps before you are ready to proceed.

You get Udemy certified after seeing all the classes and finishing the course curriculum. To connect with potential employers, post your Udemy shareable certificate on LinkedIn and other social media platforms.

Course Features:

  • Downloadable Resources and Videos
  • Lifetime access to resources
  • Access via Mobile and TV
  • Certificate of Completion

Course Duration: Depends on the course

Course Fees: Depends on the course


9. Coursera

The well-known online learning platform Coursera provides courses in finance in collaboration with prestigious universities across the world. Their course is an obvious mention in this list of top 10 Financial Modeling courses in Pune. 

Course: Business and Financial Modeling Specialization Course

About the Course:

The Wharton Online Business and Financial Modeling Specialized Course is quite extensive in and of itself. Students in the course know how to build financial models using spreadsheets. Other outputs of the course include risk management, decision structure, data prediction, and the development of quantitative models. Candidates are therefore more equipped to make wiser financial and business decisions following the course.

Course Modules:

1. Elements of Quantitative Modeling

2. Spreadsheets and Models

3. Using Models to understand risk and realities

4. Decision Making

5. Capstone project

Course Features

  • Reputed Wharton professors are the instructors for the course. 
  • Learners learn to offer superior financial and business solutions.
  • The final capstone project requires students to develop a commercial solution using their model while using data from Wharton Research Data Services. 

Course Fees & Duration:

INR 12,482 for 3 months

INR 17,832 for 6 months


10. Imarticus Learning

The last Institute in this list of top 10 Financial Modeling courses in Pune is Imarticus Learning. Imarticus Learning has developed since its founding in 2012 into a training and upskilling company serving the needs of the trained human capital of over 120 enterprises. In conjunction with industry heavyweights like KPMG, IBM, Genpact, and others, Imarticus has developed the professional degree concept known as Prodegree with its acknowledged evolution. It offers several programs aimed at changing vocations.

Course: Financial Analysis Prodegree 

About the Course:

The 180+ hour Financial Analysis Prodegree program aids in the development of your mastery of core financial concepts. It was creatively created in collaboration with KPMG in India and unwinds more than 25 hours of practical training from KPMG professionals. 

Course Features:

  • Gain industry-relevant skills
  • 360-degree learning program
  • Additional exercises in Excel and Powerpoint
  • Industry-endorsed certification

Course Duration: 3 months

Course Fees: INR 65,000/-



1. Are financial modeling and financial forecasting synonymous terms?

A- No. There is a difference. Companies prepare for potential future scenarios through forecasting. The anticipation of future outcomes is called forecasting. Forecasts are based on documented historical trends. When earlier data isn’t available, data produced by other companies in the same industry can be utilized. Financial modeling, on the other hand, uses the company’s financial statements to take these forecasted future expectations and give them logically through calculations. Forecasting is research- and analysis-based, whereas financial modeling, is more quantitative or statistical.


Similar to financial modeling, there are many different approaches to conducting forecasting. Some forecasts are data-driven, or they base their predictions on sales.


2. What are a financial analyst’s top 3 skills?

A competent financial analyst must possess strong quantitative abilities, excellent problem-solving abilities, and the ability to employ reasoning to arrive at clever solutions. A financial analyst needs a variety of skills, but good communication skills are a bonus.


3. Please provide me with details about the internship opportunity provided by IIM SKILLS.

Every student in the IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course will undergo a two-month unpaid internship with one of their partner companies to gain practical business experience. The company where you will intern will provide you with a Certificate of Completion. This attribute makes this course very unique in our list of top 10 Financial Modeling courses in Pune.


Conclusion on the best financial modeling courses in Pune

Although it might not seem like it, financial modeling is a very broad field. You might as well succeed in this field if you have a sincere interest in it. However, it’s not a good idea to stop yourself just because you don’t know much.


If you’ve read this far, hopefully, this article on the top 10 Financial Modeling courses in Pune, answers all of your inquiries, and worries concerning financial modeling. In Pune, many institutions provide courses in financial modeling. It doesn’t matter if you don’t have a background in finance; you can still enroll in any of these courses. To fully understand the material, finish all of the assignments and work on as many case studies as you can.


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