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IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course Review

One of the most challenging tasks in life can be the decision to choose the right career path for yourself! If you have already decided and want to enter the finance sector, you should go for the IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course. You might be wondering what this course is all about, how good it is for you, etc. It’s obvious to have such doubts, so here is an article ready to answer all your doubts which is nothing but IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course Review. Let’s start.



Before directly getting to the review part, it is very important to have proper knowledge about the field itself, right! A review will make sense only when you have a piece of complete knowledge of financial modeling and the associate prerequisites necessary for this field. 


What is Financial Modeling?


One of the most basic doubts always begins with ‘what’. Financial modeling is a term that has been used in the department of finance and accounts for a very long time. It is a technical term and is used in the professional field. But most young students are unfamiliar with this term because the conventional courses hardly provide any kind of practical exposure.


Financial modeling refers to the process of recording data- monetary and financial, which is basically the most important function in the accounts department. In today’s digitized world, there are multiple kinds of transactions and monetary exchanges that are taking place. With the concept of E-payment, the load on the accounts section has also increased.


To ease that load new techniques and tools have been introduced in this field. There is entirely new software that will is being used in the industry. The data used in financial modeling includes the profits earned by a firm, losses incurred, the total revenue collected, new forms of investment, added expenditures, payments received from different sources, payments awaited, etc.


The process of financial modeling plays a vital role in the overall development of a company. It is through these data that the analysis and forecasting happen. Wrong data input can lead to a hazardous forecast. Thus financial modeling is a critical process in the finance department.


Benefits Of Doing A Financial Modeling Course


You might question the need to do a course to get a job! Since there are several job openings for freshers, why would you do an additional course! Well, let’s find out some of the benefits of doing a financial modeling course.


  1. Professional Course: A financial modeling course is a professional skill-based course. This course will get you acquainted with the market and its requirements. Any company will always look for some skills and techniques that you have in spite of being new to the field. A professional course will provide you with all the latest techniques and professional outlook that will help you get a good job.


  1. Course Completion Certificate: We are always striving to make our resumes appealing. A financial modeling course is a skill-oriented course that comes with a certificate post-course completion. This certificate has a very high weightage in the professional market since it makes your recruiter aware of your skills.


  1. Latest Tools: One of the biggest lacks of the traditional educational degree course is the limited exposure to practical functions. A skill-based course will not only make you knowledgeable but will also provide you with tools that are used in the market today. The efficiency in using the latest tools is bound to increase your desirability as a candidate.


  1. Internship: An internship is nothing but a professional space where you can gain the maximum practical and technical knowledge-based skills. One of the most fruitful periods of the IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course is the guaranteed internship that is provided. This period will give you a feel of how the professional world functions and how you can increase your efficiency as an employee.


  1. Better Salary Package: One of the most important benefits of doing this course is the salary package that you might be getting. While generally, it ranges between 5-8lac p.a. Professional courses provide you with a better salary scale due to the skill you have already acquired during the course and internship. After doing a professional course, you can expect your salary package to be somewhere between 8-12lac per annum. 


  1. Skill Enhancement: An additional course is always meant for skill enhancement and up-gradation. Besides the theoretical knowledge, you need to know about the tools, techniques, and methodologies that are followed in the market. During the tenure of this course, you will not only learn about the skills but will apply them daily in the assignments that will be provided to you. Case studies are also given that you will need to analyze through the skills you have been able to acquire.


About IIM SKILLS As An Institute


IIM Skills started its journey in the year 2015. The institute was founded by Mr. Vaibhav Kakkar. The journey began with an educational blog and its success led to the launch of this skill-enhancing institute. The first course launched was the Content Writing Course which transformed the outlook of a lot of students toward a career in content writing.


One of the major crises faced by young students and freshers is the gap that arises between conceptual knowledge and practical applications. The institute understands this crisis and has hence created these skill-enhancement courses that focus on the practical aspect. The major aim of this institution is to bridge the gap between theory and practice.


All the courses are provided through virtual interactive sessions that help you to interact and learn at the same time. The live interactive format helps students to garner more knowledge with the benefit of a flexible time schedule. While the traditional classroom sessions would require you to personally come for the classes, in an online class, you have the benefit of doing the course from anywhere.


The programs and courses provided by this institute are ranked as one of the best in top educational blogs like AdvisorUncle, CourseDekho, and Career360. With a limited number of students per batch, a better teaching-learning process takes place. The trainers are able to give individual attention to each student due to the small classes.


The assignments and projects provided are at par with the industrial standards. The classes are exciting and conducted in a way that becomes engaging and something students look forward to. 


Different Courses Provided By IIM SKILLS


Content Writing Course was the first course introduced in this institute. With time, courses in Digital Marketing, Technical Writing, and SEO Courses were introduced. These four courses are interconnected in a way because the content is always about rankings based on SEO standards. Digital Marketers use a number of strategies in which the role of the content is very important. In today’s world, these courses can help you immensely because of the scope you have in these fields.


Other than the top-grade IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course, the institute also provides finance courses like Business Accounting and Taxation Course and GST Certification course. These courses are related to the field of finance and accounting. The major motive behind these courses is to make you professionally well-equipped and industry-ready. 


Each and every course provided is practical-oriented making you efficient and desirable at your workplace. The IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course is one of the latest addition to the courses provided.


IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course – Features And Main Points 


The IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course is a comprehensive and training-based program prepared to help students get an in-depth knowledge of the professional world. Since each industry has a specific way of functioning, it is important to know how the department you are willing to work in functions and what skills are henceforth required on your part.


The course is for just 3 months with an additional 2 months of guaranteed internship.  These 5 months will not only be fruitful but will also be an interesting experience of virtual training. Several students from different places and doubts will interact with the trainer. Do you think it will be a boring exchange of mere information! Absolutely not! Enroll in this course and you will get the answers to your question. You can avail the facility of the free demo class. 


The course fee is INR 39,900 plus 18% GST. Students will be exposed to 4 live projects and 5 case studies along with 50+ hours of theoretical training and 100+ hours of practical training. You will thus get a wholesome experience and knowledge about financial modeling from this course.



Course Curriculum Overview of IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course


  1. Basic and Advanced Excel


  • Introduction and understanding of the Ribbon
  • Keyboard shortcuts
  • Regular use functions- Vlookup, Index, etc
  • Rules of Conditional Formatting
  • Data Validation
  • Table functions
  • Pivot tables, Pivot Charts, and Slicers
  • Different types of charts and graphs
  • Sensitivity analysis
  • Delimit and Flash Fill
  • Return functions
  • What-If analysis


  1. Accounting Concepts and Financial Statements


  • Key Accounting Fundamental concepts
  • Concepts of keyline items
  • Concept of comprehensive Income
  • Relevance of Notes 
  • Preparing common size financial statements
  • Reading of Annual Report
  1. Ratio/KPI Analysis


  • Types of Ratios
  • Activity Ratios
  • Liquidity Ratios
  • Solvency Ratios
  • Profitability Ratios
  • DuPont formula
  • Valuation Ratios
  • Basic and diluted EPS
  • Financial Summary


  1. Basics of Financial Modeling


  • Structure for a financial model
  • Creating Scenarios
  • Building Revenue
  • Preparing different schedules
  • Projecting financial statements
  • Error tracking skills
  • Formatting tips
  • Addition of cover page


  1. Types of Financial Models


  • LBO Model
  • Three-Statement Projection Model
  • M&A Model
  • Private Equity Return Model
  • 13-Week Cash Flow Model


  1. Business Valuation


  • Relative Valuation
  • DCF Valuation
  • NAV Approach
  • Football field analysis
  • Valuation Output
  • Valuation Report
  • Pre-money and Post-money valuation


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Professional Fields You Can Enter After Doing IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course


Even if the name mention financial modeling, the topics covered in the course are not isolated from other concepts. The course is designed in order to cater to the needs of young students about to enter the professional field of finance. The concepts and tools taught to you can be applied and used in the related areas. Some of the fields you can enter are:


  • Financial Analyst
  • Equity Research Analyst
  • Financial Modeler
  • Forecaster
  • Investment Banker
  • Accountant
  • Portfolio Management


Skills That You Will Acquire During The IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course


  • Critical and analytical skills
  • Problem-solving skills
  • Communication and presentation skills
  • Keen attention to detail
  • Substantial finance and accounting skills
  • Prowess to define high-end strategies
  • Requisite skills and methods for valuation
  • Integrating Financial Statements
  • Successful Building of Financial Models



For Whom Is The Financial Modeling Course Meant?

This is a very genuine question, right! The first thing we wonder about is the need to do this course and then who should do this course. Well, this course is meant for:


  • Fresh Graduate: Graduates with a degree within the commerce-related field or finance-related discipline can notice this course extremely rewarding to line the bottom for a prosperous career. Associate in nursing early-stage proficiency within the finance field can take you places as you stride ahead in your career. 


  • CA (pursuing or professional): As you’re following or operating as a Chartered Accountant, you’ll be able to expand your horizons by investing in this financial modeling course to the simplest of your interest. 


  • MBA/FRM/CFA (pursuing or professional): Those running for Master in Business, FRM, and CFA or having already cleared the discipline will use this course to upskill themselves. Financial modeling can add wings to your career, amplifying your probabilities for wage increment and profitable job prospects. 


  • Finance department professionals: Folks interested and invested in the finance department like business planners, strategy decision-makers, analysis analysts, equity researchers, project managers, portfolio managers, risk managers, investment bankers, etc will absolutely like this course. Having an honest hold over the finance domain, you’ll be able to apparently use this in-demand financial modeling ability to feature badges to your resume and change of magnitude your probabilities of healthier job prospects.


  • or Engineers: A lot of students eyeing a career turnover in the finance field will leverage this course for the right vantage. You can be from any field to do this course. The only thing needed is your interest and dedication.


Anyone other than the above-mentioned categories who desire to grasp it all regarding financial modeling out of passion or curiosity may also boost their skillset using this course. A course is not always about professional enhancement only. Sometimes it is about learning without any profit motive. 


IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course Review

Why should I do a course from IIM SKILLS? Is the IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling helpful for freshers? Well, in my opinion, you should definitely take this opportunity and do this course. The fee at which you are getting the course along with the wide range of skills and techniques is going to be extremely beneficial and fruitful.


MS Excel plays a key role in the finance and accounting sector. All data is recorded on excel sheets and even the calculations are conducted on the sheets themselves. In such a situation, you can very well understand the efficiency and speed that you must have to use excel. Don’t worry since the course provided by this institute will make you a top contender for a desirable job. Your assignments will require you to use excel and work on those skills regularly.


IIM SKILLS provides you with lifetime support through access to its LMS. The LMS is basically the place where you will find your class lecture videos, updates about your assignments, study materials, e-learning videos, etc. But even after passing out, the institute is not going to leave your hand. Whenever and wherever you need to come back and refer the LMS you can do so by logging in using your ID. 


There are no rigid eligibility criteria that are required to enroll in this course. You can be from any field to get yourself enrolled. And if you are a graduate or someone who is pursuing a degree course in Commerce or Finance related field then this is a plus point. Just a basic computer understanding is needed, that’s it! If you have some knowledge of excel then this course will be even more comprehensible.


Newbies, graduates, and freshers can all enroll and get benefitted from this course. If you are about to start your career, or someone looking to give a boost to your profession, this course is beneficial for both. The structure and pattern maintained in the course curriculum will help anyone to understand the concepts.



Frequently Asked Questions on IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course 


Q1. What is the duration of the financial modeling course?


The financial modeling course is usually of 3 to 4 months duration. The course is a short-term course that comes with a long-term benefit. The internship provided after the course is completed has a separate duration of maybe 2 to 3 months.


Q2. What is the benefit of doing a financial modeling course?


Skills are the most rewarded assets in today’s professional world. And as a fresher, this is something most newbies lack. A professional course like financial modeling will provide you with a theoretical understanding of the various terms and concepts used in the professional field along with the skills that you need to excel here.


So along with a proper understanding of the skills, you will also get to use them and apply those skills and techniques in your practical assignments. The daily assignments that will be done and submitted by you will henceforth increase your skill efficiency. Tools like MS Excel will be easily understood and applied by you whenever needed.


Q3. Will I get placement assistance after doing the course?


Yes. The main motive behind doing a professional course is to get a good job. Hence, the completion of this course will be followed by the placement assistance that you will receive. Mock interview questions are prepared so that you can be well-prepared before an approaching interview. Softskills development classes are also provided to improve your interpersonal skills.


More than anything else, an interviewer always looks for a confident candidate who has the required knowledge. The constant mock interview rounds will help you to develop that confidence in yourself. You will also be constantly and frequently notified about the new jobs and companies that are currently hiring. 


Q4. What are the timings of the IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling Course?


The course timings are flexible in nature to be more accommodative and student-friendly. The institute provides both weekdays and weekend classes for you. The weekday classes are held on Tuesday and Thursday from 8 PM to 10 PM in the evening. The weekend classes are held on Saturday and Sunday from 10 AM to 12 PM in the morning.


In case you miss a class on the weekend, you can either check your LMS and view the recorded session of that class or request the institute to attend the class on a weekday. There is absolutely no problem. 


Q5. What will I do if I don’t like the financial modeling classes conducted by the institute?


It is quite possible that you do not like the classes. You can avail the free demo class to get an idea of the course curriculum that will be followed during the course. This will also give you an insight into the tools and techniques you will learn along with the trainers who will teach you.


If you have already enrolled for the class but do not like how it is proceeding, you have the option of requesting 100% money-back after the first session. You see there are quite some options available for you.


Ending Note for IIM SKILLS Financial Modeling course 


By now you must be satisfied with the overall structure of the financial modeling course, right! The review and a detailed analysis of the curriculum and the benefits of doing this course were listed to help you make an informed decision.


Take my words and go for this course and there will be no looking back! I hope you liked this article and found it of some help. Feel free to reach out to the institute regarding any queries and do let us know how much you liked the course in the comments section. You are always the first priority for IIM SKILLS. 

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