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Top 8 Data Analytics Courses in Patna With Placements

The study of analyzing unprocessed data to gain insights about certain information is called data analytics. Data analytics courses in Patna will help a company to increase productivity and profits as well as to make more strategically sound decisions. In addition, a company can use data analytics to develop innovative, enhanced products and services by improving business decisions and tracking consumer preferences and trends.


Being a booming and in-demand field, learners need to know how to become a data analyst and what courses to look for. This article lists the top 8 institutes providing data analytics courses in Patna.



One of the jobs with the highest demand right now is a data analyst. Big data analysts and visualizers give their firms insight into customer behavior, purchase trends, staff happiness, and other variables that support decision-making. Data analytics is a broad phrase that refers to the different methods used to analyze unprocessed, raw data to identify important trends and insights.

The information is then used by organizations to inform their data-driven decisions. Data collection, organization, and statistical analysis are all steps in the data analytics process. After the analysis is finished, the data analyst makes recommendations that can help the business decide what to do next. 


Data Science VS Data Analytics:

Data analytics, data mining, machine learning, and several more closely related fields are all included under the general phrase “data science.” Data scientists are expected to predict the future using past trends, but data analysts provide valuable conclusions from a variety of data sources.

A data analyst searches for solutions to the questions that have already been posed, but a data scientist creates new questions. As a data scientist, it’s more important to find the right question to ask than to get exact answers. Posing queries and identifying potential research areas is their main goal.

Experts accomplish this by anticipating future patterns, examining a wide range of fragmented data sources, and creating more potent information analysis techniques. While data science produces more comprehensive insights that concentrate on which issues should be addressed, big data analytics focuses on finding answers to queries that have already been submitted.

The two fields of study carry out many of the same tasks and can be thought of as two sides of the same coin. After gaining quite some experience and by developing their programming and mathematical skills, and also by earning an advanced degree, many data analysts go on to become data scientists.

It’s imperative to stop contrasting these two disciplines as data science and data analytics when thinking about them. Instead, we should think of them as parts of a whole that are crucial to understanding both the information we already have and how to better evaluate and analyze it.


Why Data Analytics is Important?

Data analytics is important because it helps in the performance optimization of enterprises. Companies can assist cut costs by locating more effective ways to do business by incorporating it into their business strategy. Additionally, a corporation can use data analytics to improve business decisions and track consumer preferences and trends to develop innovative, enhanced products and services.

Companies need data analysts to help them understand their customers. Data analysts gather data from consumer databases or online platforms, evaluate it, and conduct analyses to assist a firm in truly understanding its target market. Large data volumes are processed by analysts into useful information, which helps organizations in making educated and effective decisions.

The organization is kept up to speed on the state of the market by analysts who research the most recent trends and practices in the sector. This aids the business in adjusting to shifting demands and gaining an advantage over rivals.

Big data analysts keep track of all previously collected data and provide solutions using both past and present data. This aids businesses in understanding their sales results, the effects of various decisions on the company, etc. and to create strategies for future businesses based on the data collected previously.


How to Become a Data Analyst?

Data analytics can be found in all sorts of industries. Become a data analyst, there is more than one path. The first step to becoming a data analyst is to get foundational knowledge in the field. An overview of this field will let you know whether this course is the right choice or not.

To start a career as an entry-level data analyst, one needs to have a bachelor’s degree in math, computer science, statistics, engineering, or relevant fields. If one lacks the foundation, it’s necessary to gain knowledge in any of these fields to become a data analyst. A specific set of technical skills is required to be an analyst.

Some of the tools to be learned are Python, R, Microsoft Excel, Tableau, RapidMiner, KNIME, Microsoft Power BI, Apache Spark, QlikView, Talend, Splunk, etc. The next step is to pick a topic and work with real data. Finding a program with hands-on projects using real data sets is the best way to learn how to find value in data.

Building a portfolio is a must, and one should keep it in mind to add their best work to their portfolio. A good portfolio demonstrates your skill, and it goes a long way in getting a job. The next step is to get a job as an entry-level analyst. One should keep in mind not to be afraid to apply for positions where they might not check all the required boxes.

Skills and enthusiasm for a role matter more than a few ticks on the bullet points. The final step is to keep updating your profile. One should always see ways to improve their knowledge to advance in their career. It’s best to get a certification or an advanced degree in the long run.


Top 8 Institutes Providing Data Analytics Courses in Patna

  • ExcelR – Data Analyst Certification Course 
  • DataMites – Certified Data Analyst Training Course
  • Imarticus Learning – Post-Graduate Program In Data Analytics & Machine Learning
  • Digital Vidya – Data Analytics Certification Course
  • Simplilearn – Data Analyst Master’s Program
  • 360DigiTMG – Certificate Program on Data Analytics
  • IntelliPaat – Advanced Certification in Data Analytics 
  • Coursera – Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate


Now, let us see the 8 valuable data analytics courses in Patna in detail.


Rank# 1. Data Analysis Courses in Patna

1. ExcelR – Data Analyst Certification Course

The first one on the list providing data analytics courses in Patna is ExcelR, founded by IIM and ISB alumni. ExcelR is regarded as one of the top providers of management and technical training. By providing excellent, top-notch classroom and online training, ExcelR has developed into a leading behemoth in the training and consulting industry, assisting students and professionals all over the world.

The data analyst certification course has been designed to meet the needs of the market as well as individuals who want to develop a career in a tech field where coding is not the norm.

The scheduled duration of the course is 160 hours. Topics including Excel, Advanced Excel, Tableau, SQL, Power BI, Basics of R & Python, and much more are covered in the Data Analyst Certification Course. In addition to the theory sessions, there are hands-on assignments and projects to assist the students by putting the concepts they learned to use.


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Rank# 2. Data Analysis Courses in Patna

2. DataMites – Certified Data Analyst

Being one of the leading training institutions, DataMites offers affordable, high-quality, and practical training programs in various areas related to the increasing analytics industry. The following specializations are available through DataMites: Data Science, Machine Learning, Data Mining, Tableau Associate, Text Mining, Python Programming, Deep Learning, and Minitab.

The Certified Data Analyst is one of the top data analytics courses in Patna. The duration of the course is 4 months with 200+ learning hours. This course is a no-code course, and people who dislike coding can choose and benefit from this data analytics course. This course has compulsory 10 capstone projects and 1 client project.

DataMites provides internship as well as job assistance after the completion of this course. There are three ways to take the course: instructor-led live virtual learning, blended learning (self-learning and live mentoring), and in-person classroom training. The final project has an end-to-end case study with real-life data, requiring advanced data analytics to provide insights from the data and decisions.


Rank# 3. Data Analysis Courses in Patna

3. Imarticus Learning – Post-Graduate Program in Data Analytics & Machine Learning

To help students succeed in their professions, Imarticus Learning offers a variety of certification courses in finance, analytics, technology, fintech, and business analysis. These courses also include placement assistance. Imarticus Learning is the next best place to offer one of the best data analytics courses in Patna.

The Post-Graduate Program in Data Analytics & Machine Learning course aims to assist learners in acquiring a specific set of abilities that is necessary for the vast majority of the best data scientists in the world. This curriculum includes capstone projects, real-world initiatives, current case studies, and mentoring from key business leaders to help the learners develop as proficient data analysts.

For students who complete this program, interviews are assured. Over the years, more than 400 placement partners have held recruitment drives and conducted interviews. For fresh graduates and working professionals, respectively, this program offers two personalized learning pathways.

Both curricula have been created to give their respective students the finest learning results possible. The 6-month full-time program for recent graduates is offered during the week (4 days a week with 4 hours of sessions each day). The 9-month part-time working professional program is offered on weekends (Saturday and Sunday with 4 hours sessions each day).


Other best courses available in Patna:


Rank# 4. Data Analysis Courses in Patna

4. Digital Vidya – Data Analytics Certification Course

The next on the list of institutes providing data analytics courses in Patna is Digital Vidya. Asia’s top professional training company, Digital Vidya, specializes in transferring cutting-edge skills to people and businesses.

Since 2009, more than 3,800 training sessions led by Digital Vidya have attracted more than 61,000 professionals (including CXOs) from 16,000+ businesses, including Nokia, Google, eBay, Reliance, Star TV, Cisco, MakeMyTrip, Naukri, SAP, Citibank, Toyota, Intel, ITC, CNBC, Madison & CII, and more.

In addition to having partnerships with global social media juggernauts like Facebook, LinkedIn, NASSCOM, and Vskills, Digital Vidya is the official training partner of Google and Microsoft India. The data analytics course from Digital Vidya is thoughtfully integrated with advanced Excel training.

Professionals in Sales, Marketing, Customer Satisfaction, Operations, Supply-Chain, Logistics, Finance, and Trading are directed to improve their efforts through this course. A newcomer or analytics aspirant can get a head start in the data science and analytics sector by taking the advanced excel course in conjunction with an introduction to data science and visualization.


Rank# 5. Data Analysis Courses in Patna

5. Simplilearn – Data Analyst Master’s Program

Simplilearn is the most globally popular online Bootcamp & course that offers the Industry’s best PGPs, Master’s, and Live Training. Simplilearn offers people and companies all around the world access to top-notch, job-ready training.

The Bootcamps are created and delivered in collaboration with prestigious universities, prominent businesses, and influential trade associations through live online classes with leading professionals, in-demand instructors, and world leaders.

The Data Analyst Master’s program by Simplilearn is next on the list of institutes providing data analytics courses in Patna. It is developed in conjunction with IBM, which will turn a beginner into a data analytics specialist. Students can learn how to use SQL databases, R and Python programming languages, the art of producing data visualizations, and how to apply statistics and predictive analytics in a corporate setting in this course.

You will also become familiar with the most recent data analytics tools and approaches. The duration of the course is 12 months. Students will learn an integrated Blended Learning approach through this collaboration between Simplilearn and IBM, preparing them to be data analysis professionals.

Students can prepare for top data analyst positions by taking this Master’s program on data analysis, which IBM and Simplilearn are offering together.


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Rank# 6. Data Analysis Courses in Patna

6. 360DigiTMG – Certificate Program on Data Analytics

Founded in 2013, 360DigiTMG is a prestigious educational institution that aims to close the knowledge gap between academics and industry. It is a well-known company that is committed to meeting the individual needs of students and offering training in cutting-edge fields including Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, Big Data, Digital Marketing, the Internet of Things, etc.

By placing them in some of the best organizations, 360DigiTMG has trained thousands of students and working professionals to achieve their career goals. 360DigiTMG is the leading institute in Patna that offers the best data analytics courses in Patna.

Students gain a thorough understanding of data processing tools like Excel, SQL/NoSQL, and data visualization tools like Tableau and Power BI through the training program. Tableau and Power BI is used to analyze the data and offer visual storytelling to end users, while SQL/NoSQL is utilized to work with the data contained in the Database Management software.

The course lasts for three months. The course includes a variety of applicable case studies that help the participants resolve challenging business issues and boost firm profitability.


Rank# 7. Data Analytics Courses in Patna

7. IntelliPaat – Advanced Certification in Data Analytics for Business

With courses in Big Data, Data Science, Artificial Intelligence, and 150 other top emerging technologies, IntelliPaat is a leading global provider of online professional training. It offers some of the most recent, industry-designed certification training programs.

With its substantial hands-on projects, industry-recognized certificates, selection of trainers with more than ten years of relevant expertise, extensive hands-on projects, and rigorous evaluation of learner progress, IntelliPaat assists professionals in making the best career options.

Additionally, IntelliPaat helps its corporate clients to upskill their personnel and maintain them updated with the rapidly evolving digital and technological environment. IntelliPaat offers the program Advanced Certification in Data Analytics for Business, which is one of the best data analytics courses in Patna.

The program, directed by academics from IIT Madras, intends to assist students to develop a solid skill set that includes descriptive statistics, probability distributions, predictive modeling, Time Series Forecasting, Data Architecture techniques, Business Analytics, and other abilities needed to flourish in this sector.

The course is designed for working professionals as well as for fresher. The duration of the course is 7 months with 218 hours of self-paced learning.


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Rank# 8. Data Analytics Courses in Patna

8. Coursera – Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate

Andrew Ng and Daphne Koller, professors of computer science at Stanford University, launched Coursera Inc., a US-based provider of massive open online courses, in 2012. In cooperation with colleges and other organizations, Coursera offers online courses, certificates, and degrees in a variety of subjects. 

The last one on the list of data analytics courses in Patna is the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate from Coursera. Though the program is online, one can learn from anywhere and take advantage of the chance to interact with top employers while receiving professional training created by Google.

Through the 8 modules in the Google Data Analytics Professional Certificate course, students can gain in-demand skills that are necessary for job applications. Students will gain knowledge from Google employees whose backgrounds in data analytics acted as launching pads for their careers.

The certificate can be earned in less than six months by working fewer than ten hours each week. Students will be equipped to work as database administrators, junior or associate data analysts, and more.




Q1. What are the prerequisites to studying data analytics courses in Patna?

Anyone who has graduated in disciplines like computer science, information technology, mathematics, statistics, engineering, or any other related field, already fulfills the minimum educational requirement to pursue a career in data. 


Q2. Is coding required for data analytics?

Some Data Analysts do have to code in their daily routine at work, but it is not necessary to know coding skills for jobs as a data analyst.


Q3. What are the career opportunities available for the data analyst? 

A data analyst has become the spine around which crucial company decisions are made. Organizations are paying a lot to recruit Data Analyst professionals, and the demand is only going to increase with the influx of data from new sources. Some of the common job titles are Junior Data Analyst, Associate Data Analyst, Junior Data Scientist, Finance Analyst, Operations Analyst, Data Technician, Business Performance Analyst, Marketing Analyst, Healthcare Analyst, Research Analyst, PMO, etc.


Q4. What kind of salary can I expect as a data analyst professional?

Experience plays an important factor in determining the package that you will be offered

Entry level – 3.5 to 4.5 lakhs PA

Intermediate level – 4.5 to 8.5 lakhs PA

Experienced level – 10 to 16 lakhs PA

Advanced level – 17 to 25 lakhs PA


Q5. Who should take the data analytics course? 

Fresh graduates looking to begin their careers in the Data Analytics industry; employees that work with data from the financial, sales, supply chain, and customer satisfaction departments; and professionals in the fields of analytics, data visualization, and data science, as well as those who desire to start a career in these fields, such as those in logistics, accounting, marketing, trade, administration, manufacturing, and research and development can pick data analytics.



This article lists the top valuable data analytics courses in Patna in detail. It’s to be noted that a degree is not always required to work as a data analyst. Data analysts are in high demand because companies hire data analysts to help them take better-informed decisions, to keep up with the industry demands, and help them to manage their business. Companies want to know that you possess the necessary abilities.

If you don’t have a degree, concentrate on shining with the most outstanding work in your portfolio. If you are transitioning from another field to data analysis, start to work with real-time data because it will help you gain experience. Real data sets are widely used in degree programs, online schools, and certificate programs. To practice gathering, cleaning, analyzing, and visualizing actual data, you can also locate free data sets online (or create your own via scraping).

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