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Top 5 Content Writing Courses in Patna With Placements

If you are good at grammar and love doing deep research, you may be on the path to becoming a super successful content writer. However, it doesn’t require a professional degree, you need to learn some basics before starting your content writing career. So, in this article, we introduce you to the content writing field and a list of the top content writing courses in Patna that provide placement assistance.


Everything you see on the internet, whether it is an advertisement, a social media post, or a video, is connected to a content writer. You need someone to write all those copies and scripts. This is where a content writer is needed. While there are plenty of content writers online, the thing that distinguishes a top-class content writer from others is their knowledge of the topics, wit, writing style, acumen, and knowledge of SEO.


What is Content Writing?

Content writing is the process of writing content on the web to achieve a particular business goal. This could be generating inbound leads, driving organic traffic to a website, or establishing leadership.  Content writing is important in so many ways. Content is vital in setting up a company’s online presence and achieving its communication and marketing goals. It has the power to help you attract and retain your target customers. 


The Content Writing Process Can Be Better Explained in 3 Simple Steps: 

  • Creative thinking before you generate the content: To produce quality content you need to think creatively and have a flair for writing. It’s not just about putting out information but about presenting in it an interesting and engaging manner.
  • Careful research and proper planning, proofreading, and editing where required are the key elements that will help you create informative and well-written content.
  • Writing to retain, attract and engage readers through content that resonates with the target audience. 


Content can be written in many formats such as case studies, blog posts, landing pages, cheat sheets, checklists, e-books, and white papers; that is any form of content that requires planning, research, writing, and editing. To learn all about these formats, enroll in one of the content writing courses in Patna that we have listed.


8 Types of Content Writing

Content writing spans a wide range of categories. Here we have listed some of the most commonly written content forms on the web. To learn more about these content writing types, register for one of the content writing courses in Patna mentioned in this article.


  • Article Writing Articles are written to provide detailed information on a specific topic. They are usually longer pieces that are published on niche-oriented websites or digital publications. When writing an article, the writer must know how to incorporate SEO strategy to ensure that the article ranks higher on SERP.


  • Technical Writing Technical writing is written on topics such as robotics, engineering, or finance.  Writing on a technical topic requires well-researched in-depth technical instructions and descriptions. As a technical writer, you may be writing for beginners as well as expert audiences.


  • Copywriting – Copywriting is writing to fulfill a marketing goal or sell a product by telling its story in a way that increases customer interest. It’s usually persuasive, short, and to the point. Through emotional triggers, call-to-actions, and powerful headlines, the reader is guided to take the desired action. Content pieces that are a part of copywriting include infographics, press releases for new products, short texts for landing pages and ads, and social media marketing content.


  • Email Marketing – This type of content creation is for a specific target audience. It’s written to keep the customers informed about the company’s products or services. As a part of email marketing, you may be writing newsletters with company updates or promoting exclusive deals and sales for subscribers. You may be expected to have a good understanding of lead generation psychology and strategy.


  • Social Media Marketing – Writing content for a business’s social media platforms requires producing copies that resonate with the audience. You need to create pieces on trending topics that are interesting to your audience, written in simple language, concise, and have a clear call to action.


  • Video Script Writing – A video script is a document written to outline how a marketing video will run. It conveys the message of the video and how it will be narrated using the following elements: dialogues, scene descriptions, camera cues, descriptions, and post-production notes. Content writers usually produce scripts for advertisements, podcasts, and instructional videos. 


  • Long-form Content – Case studies, white papers, e-books, and research papers are some of the examples that fall under this category. These pieces are meant to be highly informative and are usually written in a formal tone. These are mostly used by businesses as gated content or lead magnets to capture leads.


  • SEO Writing – SEO writing is one of the most common web content and is an important part of most digital marketing strategies. Content writers produce texts that are based on specific keywords. These keywords are selected based on how well they help the web pages to rank higher in the search engine results.


8 Must-Have Skills for a Content Writer

Any of the content writing courses in Patna that you’ll enroll in will teach you these important skills required to be a successful content writer.

  • Empathy – To connect with your audience, you have to think like them and feel like them when you are writing. This will help you personalize your message and communicate it more effectively.
  • Research – In the content writing world, research is the foundation of all content. While writing, not only do you have to research for authentic information, but you have to ascertain the authenticity and reliability of the source, and organize the findings of the research. 
  • Writing – Typos, bad grammar, difficult words, and complex sentences — all these should be avoided when writing content for the web. You want to put the message out there in the simplest yet accurate form.
  • Curiosity – To produce unique content, you need to be creative. Creativity comes from being curious and asking questions to yourself and the clients. This will help you in striking some remarkable ideas.
  • Adaptability – As a content writer, you must know about the different forms of content and how they differ in their approaches and writing styles. To succeed, being adaptable to new writing styles and new trends in the industry is a must.
  • Managing and Organizing – A content writer should know how to manage and organize their time, deadlines, research-related resources, ideas, and clients. Any blog or article writing needs to be organized as well in a proper structure that will keep the readers hooked. 
  • Active Listening – As part of your content writing career, you may have to interview many people or talk to people such as your clients, industry experts, other team members, etc. To understand, what these people are saying, it’s vital that you have an active listening skill that is listening while understanding. 
  • Criticism Handling – During your content writing journey, you’ll face both constructive and destructive criticism. You should develop your criticism-handling skills so that you understand the type of criticism you are receiving, do appropriate reasoning, and take full benefit of the same.


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How to Start Content Writing as a Freelancer?

  • Set up your blog – Start writing daily on your blog. It’s a great learning platform. You’ll get an idea of what people like to read and how search engines perform. You’ll improve your writing skills, get samples ready for your portfolio, and have the opportunity to connect with a lot of people.


  • Start writing on Social Media and Quora – To create your social media presence as a content writer, you can start writing on Quora. Quora will help you showcase your content writing skills as well as give you an idea of how people are consuming your content and responding to it. People will start recognizing you and you will get the required social validation if you do this social media marketing for yourself correctly. Not only this, but through Quora, you may land your first client, and be well on your way to becoming a professional.


  • Pick your niche – While it may sound tedious to write in just one domain, but when you are just starting, it’s best to pick a specific area of interest and build your portfolio in that niche. For example, if you have studied digital marketing, you already have half the knowledge of how to start writing content so you can write about that or if you have a degree in science or technology you may start writing on those topics and once you have built a solid base you may expand to other areas of interest.


  • Start freelancing – Set up your LinkedIn profile, and join social media communities and groups for content writers. Set up your website where you can add what writing services you provide as well as your portfolio, and contact page for your potential clients to get in touch with you. You may also consider writing as a guest blogger on others websites and gain credibility. 


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Top 5 Content Writing Courses in Patna

Content writing has become one of the most sought-after skills in the digital marketing world. With most businesses having an online presence, content is playing an important role in attracting customers and telling the brand’s story. To acquire all the skills of becoming a content writer such as ranking on the first page of Google, writing press releases, blog posts, and many more content formats, we have compiled a list of content writing courses in Patna that you can enroll in. These courses are for freelancers, working professionals, bloggers, digital marketers, or even beginner students.


1. Content Writing Courses in Patna – IIM SKILLS


Course Overview

IIM SKILLS is one of the most prestigious online institutes in India. The content writing course provided by IIM SKILLS is known to be the best among all the content writing courses in Patna. The course is designed to be completed in 4 months with 1 month of live training and 3 months of optional internship.

The course is certified by the ISME government of India and provides 3 certificates, IIM SKILLS, HubSpot, and TOLES. The classes are interactive and taught by top industry experts. There is an option for backup classes if you miss the live training so you can learn with flexibility. By the time you complete the course, you will have developed a job-ready portfolio and will have learned how to publish your e-book. 


Content Writing Course Curriculum

  • Introduction to content writing – understand content for different types of businesses and the different content distribution channels.
  • WordPress web development – how to set up a WordPress blog, web hosting, domain name best practices, and setting up plugins.
  • Digital content – learn the different forms of content writing such as articles, blogs, landing pages, and product pages.
  • Copywriting – how to write effective ad copies, different types of ad placements, and ad platforms.
  • Marketing collaterals – writing a press release, creating brochures, infographics, flyers, and product descriptions.
  • Email writing – how to create email campaigns
  • Video scripts and social media writing 
  • Creative writing – creative content for non-fiction and fiction books, dialogue placements, scripts, and poems.
  • Business listing and SOP – how to write a statement of purpose for college applications and how to create digital business listings.
  • Legal writing – common legal documents and preparing for the TOLES exam. 
  • Technical writing 101 – writing white papers and research papers.
  • SEO – how to write content that will rank on search engines. On-page, off-page, and technical SEO. 
  • Content marketing – how to reach out to clients and sell your content writing services. 
  • AdSense and affiliate marketing – how to monetize your content.
  • Freelance content writing – how to find clients and price your services.
  • Resume writing – design your portfolio and resume.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


Tools Covered

  • WordPress
  • Hemingway Editor
  • Mailchimp
  • Accord Project
  • GitHub
  • Grammarly
  • Google Trends
  • Canva
  • Google Analytics
  • Amazon Kindle
  • Google Keyword Planner
  • Ubersuggest


Course Certification

Sit for a timed exam after you finish the course curriculum. Upon successfully passing the exam, you will be given the content writing master certification (CWMC).

Course Fees: ₹ 14,900 + 18% GST


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2. Content Writing Courses in Patna – ECT


Course Overview

The second on the list of content writing courses in Patna is provided by the Education& Career Times institute. The course is taught over 3 months with 10 classes and four live projects. ECT Content Writing course covers all modules like technical writing, vocabulary building, basics of English grammar, business writing, SEO writing, creative writing, copywriting, academic writing, fiction writing, and specific writing modules. You also get 100% placement support from the organization and freelance writing projects.


Course Curriculum

  • Content writing introduction
  • Vocabulary improvement
  • Avoiding common grammar errors
  • Writing tools such as Grammarly, Hemingway App, writing hacks, and internet research skills.
  • Non-fiction writing such as copywriting, digital ads, sales proposals, and blogging basics.
  • Fiction writing such as novellas, short stories, plots, themes, characters, and settings.
  • Business writing skills
  • Technical writing
  • Academic writing
  • Resume writing, personal statement, SOP for University/Visa application, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile.
  • Content marketing
  • Monetize your content writing skills
  • Publish your book


Course Certification 

Complete 7 assignments and do 5 live projects to become a certified writer.

Course Fees: ₹ 12,712 + GST (18%)


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3. Content Writing Courses in Patna -Digital Academy 360


Course Overview

The 4th course in this list is provided by Digital Academy 360. It is a Skill Diploma in Content Writing. The course is taught over 3 months covering 19 content writing modules and 1 specialization module. Students will learn through live online sessions through project-centric learning.

Use premium industry tools and attend webinars with industry experts to gain industry exposure. The key skills you learn here are fundamentals of digital marketing, social media, advertising, persona building, consumer behavior, brand management, and online marketing essentials.


Course Curriculum

  • The essentials of writing, what is content writing & introducing other terms, the different types of content, and content marketing vs content writing.
  • What are pre-write, research, writing, publishing, strategy for content creation, and the drafting process.? 
  • How to use keywords in content, SEO key points for content, how many keywords to use, choosing the right keyword, and the importance of the meta description.
  • How to install WordPress, build a functional, responsive website with WordPress, understand plugins & themes, and website maintenance.
  • Creative writing, article writing, blogging, scientific writing, copywriting, research paper writing, social media content writing, and email writing. 


Course Certification

All students should complete the certification test with a minimum of 70% to gain the certification.


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4. Content Writing Courses in Patna – IIDE


Course Overview

IIDE provides an online copywriting course with certification. This course teaches content writing, digital copywriting, and social media content writing. It is a combination of live classes and video lectures over 1 month. By the end of this copywriting course, you will be able to use copywriting tips to attract customers to buy from you and write great copies for various digital platforms.


Course Curriculum

  • Different types of copies and essential components of copywriting.
  • Communication in the digital world.
  • Copywriting and content creation principles.
  • Digital copywriting – elements and formulas.
  • Marketing techniques that help with digital copywriting.
  • Copywriting tips and processes to follow.
  • Importance of art in digital copywriting.
  • Content creation for social media.
  • Copywriting tools & copy presentation techniques.


Course Certification

Complete the assessments to earn the certificate. 

Course Fees: ₹ 4,945


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IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite


5. Content Writing Courses in Patna – Henry Harvin


Course Overview

Henry Harvin provides a content writing course with gold membership which is a 9-in-1 course taught over 40 hours. You will learn to write 30+ types of content, develop important language skills, learn how to launch a blog, how identify the potential target audience, and build an effective content strategy. You will also get an internship opportunity and e-learning access to complimentary modules.


Course Curriculum

  • Language Skills
  • Internet Skills
  • Blog, Business, and Marketing Writing
  • Content Strategy
  • Technical and Research Writing
  • Academic Writing
  • Creative Writing
  • Copywriting
  • Email writing
  • Legal Writing
  • Earn online and get International Projects
  • Simulated Content Writing Projects


Course Certificate

Complete projects and give the assessment exam to get the certification from Henry Harvin.

Course Fees: ₹ 17,500


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. Why should I join a content writing course?

If you want to start a career in content writing and become an expert writer, these courses will teach you all the required skills for blogging, article writing, copywriting, working as a freelance writer, and SEO techniques to succeed.


Q2. What is unique about the content writing courses mentioned in this article?

All the content writing courses in Patna that we have listed are online so you can learn from anywhere and they provide industry-recognized certifications that will help you in placements.


Q3. What are some of the most important skills for a content writer?

As a content writer, you will have a varied skill set including research, editing, and proofreading, a flair for writing, curiosity, adaptability, and managing and organizing abilities.


Q4. Why is IIM SKILLS the best content writing institute?

IIM SKILLS is the best of the content writing courses in Patna due to its extensive curriculum, live projects during the internship, dedicated placement cells, and lifetime assistance.



In this era of digital marketing, content is the pillar on which all websites are built. Content writers are in high demand across all industries to build their online presence. As a content writer, you will be expected to know various content formats, and SEO techniques, as well as editing and proofreading.  All these skills can be acquired by registering in one of the content writing courses in Patna that we have listed.

Whether you want to work as a freelancer or find a permanent position at a company, a career in content writing comes with many opportunities. So, if you love learning and researching new topics and have strong written communication abilities, what are you waiting for? You can start your content writing career right away!

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