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Top 10 Financial Modeling Courses in Indore With Placements

There is a high demand for financial modeling skills. Financial modeling can help you forecast future business performance and compare how different factors will affect your revenue, whether you are considering a career switch, seeking a promotion, or starting your own business. There are many financial modeling classes available at Indore, where you can take finance-related courses on your schedule. This article provides an in-depth overview of 10 leading financial modeling courses in Indore to help you find the proper technique. Also, we evaluated them based on content, price, and the organization’s reputation behind them. Read on to learn more about it.


What is Financial Modeling?

  • Financial modeling uses a spreadsheet to calculate the impact of future events or decisions based on a company’s expenses and earnings summary. 
  • For company executives, an economic model can be of great use. 
  • Analysts often use it to analyze and anticipate how future events or executive decisions may affect a company’s stock performance.
  • Financial Modeling is one of the essential skills in Investment Banking, Equity Research, Portfolio Management, Project Finance, Credit Research, Financial Planning & Analysis, etc.
  • An organization’s financial modeling represents its past, present, and forecasted future in numbers. 
  • The purpose of these models is to aid in decision-making.
  • A proposed new project could be estimated and projected by company executives.
  • Depending on the circumstances of an event, financial analysts can use them to explain or predict the impact on a company’s stock, from internal factors like a change in strategy or business model to external factors like a change in economic policy or regulation.
  • Financial models value a business or compare it to its competitors. 
  • In addition to testing various scenarios, calculating the cost of new projects, and allocating resources, strategic planning also uses financial Modeling techniques.
  • In-depth appraisals discounted cash flow analyses, and sensitivity analyses are examples of financial models.


Applications of Financial Modeling in Companies

Executives use financial Models to Make Choices on: 

  • The capitalization of the company (debt and equity)
  • Business and asset purchases and sales
  • Help add new stores, enter new markets, etc., to grow the company organically.
  • The sale of assets units
  • Budgeting for the next few years
  • Capital allocation
  • Valuation of the company
  • Analyzing financial statements and ratios
  • Management accounts


Is Financial Modeling a Good Career?

Undoubtedly, yes. Today’s competitive job market in finance makes it one of the best career choices. Indeed, financial Modeling courses are among the most sought-after training programs in the finance industry. A career in financial modeling offers a vast opportunity.

Financial Modeling programs cover topics related to this changing landscape, as the financial world is evolving daily. After completing the course, you will have plenty of career options since the course covers a wide variety of topics, such as 

A Financial Modeling job description involves gathering raw data, organizing it, analyzing it, and generating valuation recommendations using financial techniques. Additionally, financial modelers help investment bankers develop pitchbooks and profiles and analyze mergers and acquisitions. Equity research analysts rely on financial modelers to create equity reports and earnings summaries. There are many career paths available to you after completing this course.


Jobs After Financial Modeling Course

Every finance job requires a financial Modeling course. In Indore, you can find the following financial modeling jobs.


Investment Banking

You can pursue a career in investment banking since investment has become an integral part of our lives. In addition, these financial modeling jobs pay higher salaries than general financial careers. Furthermore, this position allows you to build complex Excel models for large corporations, governments, and governments. By utilizing Excel models for valuations of companies for Mergers & Acquisitions and advisory work, this financial modeling job paves the way for mergers & acquisitions and advisory work.


Equity Research Analyst

You will surely notice equity research and analyst positions in the job openings for financial modeling. Since the job involves preparing financial models for companies, it is a demanding career option. Banks use it to assess whether or not they should invest in a particular sector.


Financial Planning and Analysis

Today, there is an escalating demand for Financial Modeling Fresher Jobs. FP&A is a department that exists in every operating company. You will also need to monitor cash flow with your team if you choose this career path. A candidate for this highly demanding Financial Modeling Job will have the opportunity to assist a company in growing through performance analysis.


Corporate Finance

The Corporate Finance team usually makes mergers, acquisitions, and capital raising. Investment bankers advise the Corporate Finance team on transactions such as mergers and acquisitions, restructuring, divestments, project finance, and asset purchases.


Credit Analyst

Working as a credit analyst in a credit rating agency is also a part of Financial Modeling Jobs. It involves restructuring a company’s department and establishing credibility, liquidity, and debt service. A credit analyst can specialize in a particular industry or domain as a credit analyst and become highly rewarded.


Financial Analyst

Analysts and managers often feature career opportunities in Financial Modeling Job Descriptions. Who are these people? Have you ever wondered who they are? What factors are accountable for the increasing demand for financial Modeling careers today?

First, a financial analyst is a general term that does not refer to a particular field or application. You can apply the generated analysis in all areas without limitations and use it for equity, credit, investment, corporate finance, and security training and investment.


Stock Market & Personal Finance

Today, people are more interested in making informed decisions than following the advice of their friends and family. If you commit to long-term investing and desire to acquire the necessary fundamental analysis skills, the Financial Modeling & Valuation Program could change your life. It allows candidates to identify financially healthy companies and set aside money in the most effective way.


Business Analyst

As the name suggests, the project finance model is a unique finance model designed to assess a project’s economic feasibility. It is also possible to create a project finance contract based on the model’s output.


Finance Project Manager:

In project finance, the aim is to determine whether the project is economically feasible. It is also possible to build or “sculpt” a project finance contract based on the model’s output.


Fund Manager:

The fund manager manages a wealthy individual’s investment portfolio. The majority of investment banks offer this service. Most investors do not access all wealth management services, including traditional and alternative ones. The manager is responsible for making or avoiding investments in asset management.


Commercial Banker:

The financial Modeling of commercial banks is entirely different from that of banks. Money is the source of income for banks, and money goes out and comes in both directions. A bank accepts deposits from customers and lends the same funds to borrowers. As a result, the company makes money because there is a difference between the interest rate they charge the borrower and the interest rate they pay the customer.


Future Scope of Financial Modeling 

  • As the financial Modeling scope expands daily, companies increasingly use economic models to predict their financial futures. 
  • Financial Modeling does not require a degree to get a job. 
  • Enrolling in a financial Modeling course, you will understand how economic models and the market work. 
  • Choosing a financial Modeling course will help you stand out from the competition because it provides relevant and precise information about the industry.
  • The purpose of financial Modeling services helps businesses analyze and interpret data effectively, allowing them to make more informed decisions. 
  • Researchers, banks & financial institutions, credit rating agencies, insurance companies, and research firms hire financial Modeling professionals. 
  • Nowadays, most companies need financial Modeling experts because data plays an increasingly important role in the business landscape.
  • You can boost your career prospects by learning financial Modeling if you are already in finance or a related field. 
  • Financial Modeling professionals are in high demand, so employers prefer those who possess these skills over those without them.
  • Investment banking, equity research, corporate finance, real estate, commercial banking, venture capital, and other financial careers require a strong knowledge of financial Modeling.


Financial Modeler Salary in India

Glassdoor provides the salary information below.

  • Financial Modelers in India earn an average salary of Rs.12,40,722 per Annum.
  • The average salary for financial analysts in India is 4.0 lakhs per year, ranging from 2.1 lakhs to 10.2 lakhs.
  • The average credit analyst salary in India is around INR 4.4 Lakhs, with a salary range of INR 2.2 Lakhs to INR 11.4 Lakhs.
  • An Equity Research Analyst can earn $23.8 lakhs yearly ($2.0 lakhs monthly).
  • Indian Corporate Finance Analysts earn an average salary of $4,30333 per year.


A few other in-demand courses in Indore

Listed Below Are Some of the Modules Covered in Financial Modeling Courses in Indore.

  • Data Gathering and Analysis
  • Microsoft Excel
  • Financial Analysis Concepts and Techniques
  • Forecasting
  • Macro Economics for financial markets and Analyses
  • Derivative Analyses
  • Forex and Commodities
  • Personal finance management
  • Fixed Income and Future Interest Rates
  • Currency Market Trading Strategy
  • Word Processing
  • Report Writing
  • Valuation Methodologies
  • Finance for Non-finance Managers

Top 10 Financial Modeling Courses in Indore

Any business relies heavily on financial Modeling, and it is beneficial for the company to hire candidates with experience in Financial Modeling. Below are the top 10 Financial Modeling Courses in Indore.




A well-known institution for skill development, IIM SKILLS offers a wide range of courses. IIM SKILLS courses are open to students, professionals, homemakers, beginners, and small businesses so that they can enhance their comprehension no matter what their niches are. 

At the end of this course, you might have opened up your minds and handled real-life assignments equally; this course will change you as a professional in finance Modeling. Finance is a full-fledged course that covers all the essential and must-learn topics. 

In addition to MS Excel, you’ll also learn about Accounting, Ratios, KPI analysis, and several types of financial Modeling and valuation. Additionally, they will help you develop skills essential for the corporate sector, including communication, accounting, critical thinking, and problem-solving skills. For these reasons, it is considered one of the top financial modeling courses in Indore.


Course Eligibility:

Students interested in learning and advancing their careers are welcome to enroll in this course. The concepts will be easier to understand if you have a background in commerce.


Financial Modeling Course Syllabus:

  • Basic and Advanced Excel
  • Financial Modeling
  • Accounting Concepts
  • Ratio/ KPI Analysis
  • Basics and Types of Financial Modeling
  • Business Valuation


Course Duration: 3 Months

Course Fees: 39,900 + GST


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2. Maheshwari Institute of Careers & Research


MACR (Maheshwari Organized of Careers and Investigate) offers one of the best financial modeling courses in Indore. A team of certified and skilled specialists (CFAs, MBAs, and CAs) manages the organization with experience from top-notch companies or investment banks. Their sessions provide students with expert knowledge.

Furthermore, this institution possesses global abilities like CFA (US), FRM, and others. Additionally, they offer short-term courses related to knowledge, competence, and development.


Course Eligibility:

All can join, and there are no specific criteria. Better to have basic knowledge of commerce.


Course Syllabus

  • Financial Model Introduction
  • News Articles Reading and Analysis
  • Trading in Stock Market
  • Advanced MS Excel
  • Fundamental Analysis & Equity Valuation Using Financial Modeling
  • Macro Economy Analysis
  • Derivative Pricing & Strategies
  • Introduction to Fixed Income
  • Introduction to Currencies
  • Agri and Non-Agri Commodities
  • Technical Analysis


Course Duration: 60+ Hours


IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite


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3. Fin Options Institute of Financial Studies, Indore


Among the top institutions for Financial Modeling Courses in Indore is the Finoptions Institute of Financial Studies. Moreover, they provide certifications in financial Modeling, project financing, and CFA International. The institution awards certificates such as the NISM and NCFM through a partnership with the NSE.

In addition, they offer tailored Financial Modeling Courses in Indore based on the needs of the industry.  Professionals from the finance industry assist students in achieving their goals. The company also offers a Monetary Modeling Certification course to help one start or advance their career in value analysis, venture capital, corporate finance, project management, and credit ratings.

Several industries require budgetary Modeling skills, including the banking and finance sector and large corporations. Financial Modeling professionals can work in venture capital, equity research and trading, monetary KPOs that assist venture investors and value research firms, budgetary advisory firms, venture funds, and tracking and MIS firms.  


Course Eligibility:

Basic or professional programs are open to any graduate or student. The learning process for entering the world of finance requires two years of experience and practical knowledge.


Course Duration: 400 Hours


4. Coursera


Coursera offers top Financial Modeling courses in Indore. The site generates approaches from a wide range of academic institutions worldwide. Most classes are free to participate in, and you can complete assignments and tests while learning from self-paced lecture videos and presentations.

Depending on your needs, they offer different levels of Financial Modeling Courses in Indore. To start, you need to register directly in your area of expertise or browse through the techniques to choose your preferred method. By subscribing to a course within a specialization, you automatically subscribe to all systems within that domain.

You can withdraw your subscription or learn at your own pace—track course enrolment and progress on the student’s Dashboard. Hands-on experience is available for each candidate. The student can receive a certificate after completing the project successfully. 


Course Syllabus:

  • Quantitative Modeling Fundamentals
  • The Basics of Spreadsheets and Models
  • Modeling risk and reality
  • Scenarios and Decision-Making
  • Modeling discounted cash flows
  • Valuation and strategy at the advanced level


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5. Udemy


Udemy has one of the best Financial Modeling Courses in Indore. Excel’s beginners to professional courses are some of the bests in Indore for Financial Modeling. It covers both educational and practical aspects of financial Modeling. You can accomplish the task more efficiently and effectively this way. To use Microsoft Excel 2010, Microsoft Excel 2013, Microsoft Excel 2016, or Microsoft Excel 2020, you only need access to Microsoft Excel 2010.


Course Eligibility:

There are no specific requirements for eligibility. Anyone can enroll in this course and learn from it.


Course Duration: 30+hours

Course Fee: Rs 3000 plus GST or Rs 455 at a discount.


6. CFI Financial Modeling Courses in Indore


Students learn all the different types of financial models through CFI’s Financial Modeling Courses in Indore. There is a possibility that a future employer may require you to have this certification. Doing this course can make your expertise in accounting, MS Excel, Finance, forecasting, presentation, and strategy. Over 120 downloadable templates are available to students for two years to develop better, more self-explanatory, and more attractive models and charts. 


Course Eligibility:

All are eligible.


Course Duration: The course lasts six months.  

Course Fees: Rs 13000.


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7. BSE 


BSE offers Financial Modeling Courses in Indore to enhance performance in related areas through a practical management approach. Students don’t need extensive knowledge of spreadsheets or Excel to take this two-day course, which begins with the basics of spreadsheet Modeling. A renowned institution will issue you a certificate.


Course Eligibility:

All Students are eligible. You can understand better if you have some basic understanding of commerce.


Course Fees: Rs. 6000


8. Proschool


In India, Proschool offers the most comprehensive Financial Modeling courses in Indore. This institute is famous in Indore and provides training on weekends and weekdays, making it accessible for students and professionals. It provides students with industry guidance as well as a certificate from NSE. They offer live projects to give students real-life industry experience.


Course Eligibility:

Any finance aspirants can take this course without specific requirements.


Course Duration: It takes around 70 hours to complete the training.

Course Fees: Rs. 40,000


IIM Skills Financial Modeling Course free demo invite




The Financial Modeling Course is one of many top-ranked professional courses offered by EDUCBA, resulting in a massive turnover for graduates.  There are both basic and advanced topics covered in the syllabus of a financial Modeling course. Students benefit from the faculty’s experience and cooperation.


Course Eligibility: No specific requirements as mentioned above in other institutes.

Course Fees: Rs. 10000


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10. Henry Harvin


Henry Harvin Finance Academy employs an action-oriented learning system to provide professional skills. Experience real-life situations in an environment with hands-on projects. And you can obtain valuable financial Modeling experience through an internship.

The institution will offer you placement assistance for a year if you do not find a job after completing the course. You will get an internationally recognized certification in Financial Modeling. The students can attend regular boot camps for a year. Students have the privilege to access advanced tools, assignments, video material, techniques, etc., via the internet.

You’ll receive weekly job alerts with Henry Harvin Finance Academy’s gold membership. You can enhance your employability through soft skills courses. Participation in hackathons is free. Also, you can improve practical skills in financial Modeling through live projects.

They follow an action-oriented pedagogy that involves various activities such as presentations, projects, brainstorming sessions, team activities, and more.  Many international brands have appointed them, including Delloite, TCS, Google, and Amazon. In addition, you will improve your LinkedIn profile and CV.


Course Duration:40 Hours

Course Fees: Rs. 29500


FAQs About Financial Modeling Courses in Indore


Q1. Is financial Modeling a skill-analyzing session?

Accounting skills, Excel skills, knowledge of how to link financial statements, forecasting skills, problem-solving skills, and specific presentation skills are all required for Financial Modeling. Beginner courses help improve these skills. 


Q2. What is the importance of financial modeling?

A financial model is essential to analyzing business ideas and risks cost-effectively. An economic model presents a company’s financial position attractively.


Q3. What is the difference between financial Modeling and investment banking?

Investment banks include the costs of IPOs or purchases in their deals. Financial models take into account several factors in making decisions. The Modeling of financial data involves editing historical data to determine past trends.


Q4. How does financial Modeling work? What are its four major components?

A financial model consists of four major components:

  • An income statements
  • A balance sheets
  • A cash flow statement.
  • A debt schedule to keep track of debt repayments or borrowing if money is needed.


Q5. What are the steps involved in creating a financial model?

Building a financial model involves six basic steps:

  • Obtain historical data. The company’s financial data should go back at least three years.
  • Identify and calculate ratios and metrics.
  • Consider your assumptions carefully. 
  • Identify your forecasting needs. 
  • Assess the company’s value.
  • The review.



A financial model is needed to handle complex situations and transactions; simultaneously, it should be simple and detailed. You should follow some standards when creating an economic model. A well-structured, easy-to-follow layout is essential, and it is necessary to explain the factors driving the project and the report in detail. Being roughly correct is always preferable to being precisely wrong. Therefore, accuracy is crucial, and the whole calculation must be accurate. 

It is a vast field of study to learn financial Modeling. If you are interested, starting your career in this field is possible. This article about Financial Modeling Courses in Indore helped you better understand the topic. Join a financial Modeling course now from any of the above-mentioned top institutes to achieve your dreams in the finance domain. Happy Learning.

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