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Top 10 Content Writing Courses In Indore With Placements

“Content is King” sounds familiar, right? Well, it’s also one of the reasons behind you reading this piece on Content Writing Courses in Indore. Where roots of content writing stretch long back to history, now, it’s one of the well-known career options for students and professionals from varied fields. Unlike traditional courses, a career in the content industry doesn’t ask for extensive university degrees. Instead, it’s a skill-based career anyone can pursue with practice. Today, as the content market has grown immensely, more and more people like you want to take up various courses to hone their skills.


Hence, I am here to help you search for some of the best Content Writing Courses in Indore. But, before this, I want you to know that today’s content industry is not just about writing. The myth that only a good writer can excel in this field collapses when even the best writers fail to yield their desired outcome on the internet. There’s a lot more than just writing here. From improving traffic and seizing the right audience to Google rankings, content writing is a vast territory in itself. All these bring you here, making it essential to take up professional help to learn the skill to kick start your content creation journey.


So, if you are someone from Indore and looking for professional courses to start a career in content writing, this article is for you. Below I am sharing the best Content Writing Courses in Indore based on alumni and industry expert reviews. Also, keep on reading till the end to get answers to the most common question asked by new bees in the field.


IIM Skills


If you have explored the net for India’s best content writing courses, you would have undoubtedly come across IIM Skill’s Content Writing Master Course. Provided by IIM Skills, a well-renowned internet marketing institute in the country, this four-month course has it all to begin your content marketing career. This course is for you if you are looking for Content Writing Courses in Indore with practical experience alongside classroom learning!


With its 16 hours of live online training, industry case studies, this course grants three months of guaranteed internship. In the internship, IIM Skills assists in getting real-time implementation of skills such as Search Engine Optimization and Affiliate marketing.


One of the perks of joining this course is the nexus of IIM Skills with different organizations in the industry, giving an edge to its student for placement right after the content writing course.


Key Features of Content Writing Course


  • The course will introduce you to more than 25+ types of writing formats, including blogs, e-books, press releases, commercial pages, ad copies, product descriptions, web pages, and many more.
  • The course provides access to INR 35000 worth of free tools and lifetime access to all the latest content of its learning management system.
  • IIM Skills assists its students in content writing portfolio development to get a job or start a business in the content industry.
  • This course consists of 16 hours of live one-to-one online lectures and 60+ hours of practical assignments.
  • The entire curriculum is designed and presented so that, once completed, you will be ready to monetize your skills and take content writing as a trained professional and not just as a hobby.


Other Courses:

Digital Marketing Course

Technical Writing Course

GST Certification Course

CAT Coaching



Read the IIM Skills Content Writing Course Review to get more insights.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite




Based out of the education hub of the state, Techforest is the best choice for anyone looking for a Content Writing Course in Indore. This course centers on equipping you with all the essentials for web content writing. This training by Techforest is created to help you master your writing skills alongside the technicalities required to grow your content on online platforms. Also, this course is a good choice for someone looking for employment opportunities in the field. This Techforest’s Content Writing Training comes with interview assistance as various organizations approach the brand for hiring purposes due to its high reputation.


In this course, Techforest teaches 30+ various types of content writing, including research, digital marketing, and language skills. This course is a good choice for you if you are looking to learn the overall insight of the content industry and not just writing skills. With its lectures on SEO-friendly content, Keyword research, Business writing, etc., this course is a solid choice for learning the knacks of content writing on the internet today.


Key Features


  • This course module covers more than 30+ content types and formats, including academic and business writing.
  • Alongside the theoretical classes, you will get the hang of practical experience through their assignments.
  • Techforest provides interview assistance to its interested students after completing its course through its vast connection in the industry.
  • The course also covers Internet aspects, language specialization, and content strategy separately.
  • The course teaches various methods to monetize one’s content writing skills on the web within the training period.


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The image is about content writing courses in Indore


Skill Upgrader


Skill Upgrader is one of the leading institutes in 2021 providing Content Writing Courses in Indore. Its highly expert faculty from the industry and its student-oriented module help the institute stand out in the market. This course has the right mix for learning content writing and marketing for newbies to ground a lucrative career in the content industry.


Skill Upgrader is one of the few institutes which enroll a limited number of students per class to keep up with its standards, concentrating on each learner. Alongside its focus on conceptual knowledge, this course is also an excellent choice to gain practical experience in content writing. This course is highly recommended for someone who is just beginning their content writing avenue.


Key Features 


  • The up-to-date content writing course module of Skill Upgrader helps its students pace up with the current market demands.
  • This course provides lifelong support to its students. One can relearn or access any of the Skill Upgrader’s resources even long after completing the course.
  • The course also offers lifetime access to INR 40000 worth of digital marketing and content writing tools for free.
  • This content writing course consists of 16 hours of live online classroom training stretching over a month.
  • This course comes with 70+ hours of hands-on practical assignments to help students apply conceptual learning from the live classes in real life.


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This platform is one of the most engaging online learning and teaching marketplace with 155000+ courses and 40+ million students. For anyone looking for Content Writing Courses in Indore, taking up a course from Udemy is an excellent option to learn from industry professionals directly.


Currently, Ninja Writing: The Four Levels Of Writing Mastery presented by Udemy is getting fantastic feedback from the learners taking up the course. This content writing course module will surely help you turn your blogs, columns, social media posts, and other content into a masterpiece. The course instructor has taught all the necessary tools and techniques to excel in the art of content creation. From killing headlines, content ideas to creating marketing copy that sells, this course covers it all for freshers interested in starting a career in content writing.


Key Features


  • You will learn the four-level expertise of writing any content narrative, paragraphs, sentences, and words.
  • You will learn to use the content-related tools efficiently to earn the most of them.
  • You will learn to monetize your content.
  • Provides you with a list of tools and software to eliminate any writing glitches.
  • You will learn to develop distinctive headlines and explore all the possible alternatives for writing the titles.
  • The course provides you with over thirty lectures and four resources available to download.


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Futurelearn is Britain’s most refined digital education platform since 2012. If you want to take world-class Content Writing Courses in Indore from the warmth of your couch, then courses by Futurelearn are your place. While Futurelearn’s online courses are winning the sport of content writing, its best-in-class micro-credential programs, certificates, and online degrees are no less of gems.


Courses such as “How to become a freelance writer,” “Content Marketing,” “Writing for Audience,” and “Research Writing” are some of its highly reviewed content writing courses today. Further, these courses are offered and accredited by world-class universities instead of individuals, assuring their authenticity. The platform’s excellent learning methods comprise multiple techniques like reading, writing, watching, communicating, and listening.


Key Features


  • Learn together with a distinct group of students through group chatting and discussion options provided by Futurelearn.
  • The Certification for Futurelearn courses is issued by the universities granting the course directly.
  • These courses are an invaluable way to learn from the experiences of educators from the world’s top universities and cultural institutions.
  • Easy to navigate course plan with weekly assignments for best outcomes.
  • It has a beautiful community with a profoundly active forum to ask and answer the queries of fellow mates and students.
  • Most Futurelearn courses are available for free, though the free account does not offer certification, varying from INR 3000 to INR 6000 extra.




It is one leading Internet Marketing Institute in the city of Indore. Starting in 2010, Crazyonweb has been awarded the best digital marketing certification brand in Madhya Pradesh. With highly experienced faculty and industry experts, Crazyonweb’s Content Writing Course in Indore concentrates more on practical training besides live case studies and examples. The vast range of technical programs in content writing like Content Marketing, On-page, and Off-Page SEO, Social Media Optimization makes it stand apart in the market.


One of the best things about Crazyonweb is that freshers and professionals can customize the course module according to their needs. Students can pick specific courses such as Blog Marketing, Search Engine Optimization, and so on. Students also get to operate on live projects to get hands-on experience in ranking one’s content on various search engines. Post-course completion Crazyonweb also extends full job assurance for its content writing students.


Key Features


  • Weekend and Weekday classes are available according to one’s preferences.
  • It is the only digital marketing institute in Indore certified by CCERT and Niesbud.
  • It provides convenient offline classes with training labs to the students.
  • Crazyonweb focuses on quality while maintaining the course fee economical for its students, including reasonable installments.
  • The courses provide INR 32000 worth of internet marketing tools besides free domain and hosting.




Coursera is yet another multi-lingual and multi-subject online education floor. Being the best in the online course market, Coursera offers multiple professional courses on Content Writing. From freshers to professionals, if you are looking for trustworthy Content Writing Courses in Indore, this could be the right place for you. Taught by the best educators from the finest Universities globally, Coursera’s content writing courses are among the highest-reviewed courses on the internet.


To take the course from Coursera, all you need is a laptop and internet in hand, and you can learn content writing sitting at your home in Indore. Currently, Coursera furnishes more than 100 courses under the subheading of content writing. You get a vast range of learning modules trusted by different corporations such as Google, Yale, Duke, IBM, PWC, etc.


Apart from the available courses, some of the best-reviewed content writing courses by Coursera are:


  • Technical Writing
  • Content strategy for professionals
  • Writing Professional Email and Memos
  • The strategy of Content Marketing
  • Script Writing


Key Features 


  • The course offers auto-graded and peer-reviewed projects, video lectures, and professional certification.
  • Assignment completion is necessary to complete the course.
  • The course is very affordable and flexible for students to learn at their own pace.
  • Coursera provides language filters for students to grasp the concept well in their language alongside the learning level such as beginner, intermediate, and advanced.
  • Where the course is self-paced, it includes practical projects mastering the art of writing and marketing.


IIM Skills Content Writing Course free demo invite




A recognized education start-up by the Government of India, Education and Career Times has offered its online Content Writing Courses in Indore since 2010. Based out in Delhi, ECT is one of the highly evaluated institutes in digital marketing by students. This course covers a vast range of content writing subjects, including Creative Writing, Sharpening Vocabulary, Social Media Writing, Grammatical errors, Copywriting, Business Writing, Technical Writing, Academic Writing, and much more.


ECT’s content writing course comes with eight practical assignments and live projects to hone students’ writing skills. This course also deals with monetizing one’s content writing skills and building a profit-making career out of it with various internship opportunities. This course is a sound choice for people looking to learn through multiple quizzes, tests, and industry experts.


Key Features 


  • This course comes at a reasonable price of INR 15000.
  • 100% placement is assured by ECT post-course completion.
  • It has 32 hours of live/classroom training with 50 hours of e-learning through valuable videos and assignments.
  • In this three-month course, the institute assures work-from-home opportunities with lifetime support to its students.
  • ECT assists its students in developing their content writing portfolios by publishing their content on various platforms.


Henry Harvin 


Being one of the well-recognized institutes in India, Henry Harvin’s Content Writing Course in Indore is undoubtedly a top choice for people. With Henry Harvin’s online classes, one can take the course from the comfort of their homes without the hassles of going to classrooms. This course module is entirely research-based and is an attractive choice for one looking to hone their writing skills. This course’s specialty is such that it is suitable for every group, from bloggers and freshers to digital marketers. It is one of the most recommended Content Writing Courses on the internet today.


Started by Mr. Kounal Gupta in the year 2013, Henry Harvin leads the content writing course industry in the country. Teaching to give rhythm and fluid flow in your writing to the physics of ranking on Google this course stands out in many ways. Henry Harvin offers both offline and online classes; however, netizens are fond of its online style.


Key Features


  • This course offers 30 hours of interactive classroom training, including assignments.
  • With Monthly Bootcamp sessions, this course provides one-year gold membership of Henry Harvin Writing Academy to its students.
  • Henry Harvin claims 100% placement and project support to its students for one year post-course completion.
  • Students get to work on real-life projects such as technical writing, academic writing, social media writing, and many more.
  • Henry Harvin provides content writing certification and a guaranteed internship to its students in this course.
  • Students get access to Henry Harvin’s Learning Management System with recorded sessions of all the lectures to revise the concepts anytime required.



Q1. What qualifications do I need to become a content writer? 

A. Most preferable you should have acquired a Bachelor’s degree in Literature, Journalism, or Mass Communication. Apart from that, holding specializations is also beneficial. Furthermore, both written and spoken communication skills must be fantastic.


Q2. Is content writing a good career? 

A. Content writing is definitely a good career with surging demand for content writers all over the globe. Moreover, the pay for the role is attractive too.


Q3. How do I start content writing?

A. Enroll in a good content writing course, find a niche, build a portfolio followed by creating your blog authority, pitching clients, joining Facebook groups and communities, and working on your LinkedIn profile.


Bottom line:


Content Writing as an industry is flourishing and will remain in demand for a long time to come. The actual challenge is to deliver quality content combining the elements of marketing. So, before choosing, make sure you go over all the salient features of each institute carefully. The courses mentioned worked for people as they did their research well and had pulled on their basics before planning to pay for any available course. And after taking any of the above training, one needs to put in sincere and strenuous efforts to get the desired results.


So here the bottom line is whether you go for these courses or any other top-rated ones, in the end, it’s you who has put in the efforts don’t just depend solely on any one-course provider. All these institutes are there to show you the path, but it’s you who has to walk over it.

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