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Top 5 SEO Training in Agra With Placement Assistance

In today’s world, digital knowledge is the key to surviving and growing your business among a huge number of competitors. The rise in influence of the internet on businesses has made SEO (Search Engine Optimisation) the most important and pivotal element in bringing your business/ product/ service into the light at large and steering potential customers towards your business. SEO has become crucial for businesses as digital identity, and today businesses need a digital identity to survive in the market. Therefore, SEO has become a trending topic in which one can think of starting their career as it has a great scope for establishing a fulfilling career. In this article, we bring to you the top 5 SEO training in Agra if you are searching for a good SEO course.


What is Search Engine Optimisation?


The main work of search engine optimization is that it raises the position of a page and increases visibility on search engines. It makes adjustments to the website and helps in creating higher visibility, and because of that higher visibility when a customer looks for a related product or service that you offer through your website, they land on your page.


This helps in drawing potential customers to your website. The more noticeable your pages are in search results; the more likely people will notice you and choose to do business with you. Ranking higher in search engines can enhance a website’s traffic because search is one of the primary ways users find content online.


It helps in growing the organic ranking of a website. Most businesses have a digital identity and SEO helps in bringing that digital identity into visibility. Search engines like Google use a set of algorithms that help in determining results to show when a query is put for search. These algorithms have a complex way of working and it considers various factors for ranking the results.


The evaluation of search results is mainly based on content that helps if a webpage would be important for showcasing a certain query search. One of the main functions of SEO is in increasing the visibility of content that is concentrated on keywords that a user is looking for on the search engine. 


Another factor considered while evaluating search engine results is that of links because it gets influenced by links of other websites. Links are interpreted as an endorsement of the quality of the website that is linked. While ranking a page, consideration is given to websites that receive connections from other websites and it is seen as the website has greater authority. 


SEO also runs on page structure which is based on HTML coding. The way an HTML code has been organized has a great influence on how well a search engine understands a page and ranks it.


The Benefit of Search Engine Optimisation


People access the internet through search engines and therefore SEO is crucial to online marketing. Generally, the pages or the top results for any given query receive the maximum traffic. Very few people go past the first page of results and that is the reason why an increase in search engine ranking can land more visitors on a website, thereby making room for more business. It is a core essential in creating a digital identity for businesses that want to flourish in online marketing.


Why is SEO Important and What is The Concept of SEO?


There are multiple elements of SEO. Once you understand how SEO works, you will know why is SEO the most important key for any business to run successfully. SEO is very important as it helps your website be visible and your business gets more views and more opportunities to gain business out of it. In short, SEO is the platform where your business marketing is done due to which you get customers.


It helps increase the number of views of your website. The main purpose of SEO is to generate business through organic traffic. The more powerful is your SEO, the higher will be your chances of success in your business. So it is very important to have a powerful SEO for any business to gain popularity and success which will convert the viewers into customers.


There are 5 Main Concepts of SEO:


  • Core Web Vitals

It helps in knowing how is your website page performing based on the real usage of the data. This report is very important in SEO.


  • E-A-T

The full form for E-A-T stands for E- Expertise, A-Authoritativeness, and T-Trustworthiness. E-A-T is not related to the ranking factor which can in an any-way decrease or increase your page rankings but it indicates the main purposes of ranking on which google evaluates the ranking.


  • Mobile First Indexing

Since mobiles are the most often used gadgets for Google searches, Google uses the contents on the mobile version which helps in calculating the indexing and the ranking of the SEOs.


  • Knowledge GAP

As the word says so, the Knowledge Gap is the set of information that is displayed on the SEO pages of the website. This information helps in ranking the SEO. It’s like the information that the customer wants to know and what the information is displayed. If the information is exactly what the customers are looking for, then the chances are higher to convert the viewer into your customer.


It is the time used to display the information after the google search, which means the time required to display the information after a particular search on google which also helps in ranking the SEO. The faster the response, the higher chances of raking the SEO.


Scope of SEO Training in Agra for Creating a Career


In the digital marketing world, businesses and companies must attain a digital identity because the internet is a great influencer and has a critical role to play in how well businesses would do. This has created a demand for job roles as SEO specialists. Every business/ company is looking to hire someone who is trained in working with SEO and can efficiently guide them in the arena of SEO which is the core of digital marketing today.


So, knowledge of SEO will help them grab a great deal. It is also a ripe time for someone who is from the background of digital marketing to establish and expand themself in the field of SEO as there is great demand and the job of SEO is lucrative.  A person who knows SEO can start their career by applying for job roles such as SEO executives, managers, analysts, and specialists.


These jobs include responsibilities of creating reports, and strategies, helping and assisting in the organic research of the company, keyword research, and creating content for SEO. It also includes responsibilities for working with HTML programming, attracting visitors to the website, keeping track of rules regarding search engines, managing and monitoring traffic to the website, analysis of social media, and keeping track of new SEO tools and new digital marketing trends.


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Eligibility for Enrolling in SEO Training in Agra


As far as eligibility for enrolling in an SEO course is concerned, most institutes do not have eligibility criteria apart from the fact that the student must have passed their 10+2. You can be from any stream and enter the world of SEO.  So, anyone can enroll in these courses. Apart from basic education, the person must possess some knowledge about the digital world. Having the basics of digital knowledge will help in faster learning. To enroll in any skill development course, it is very important to have basic knowledge about it. Only then can you enjoy the learning process and gain some benefit. 


Pre-Requisites For SEO Training in Agra


To become a successful SEO expert, one has to be a proficient writer as well as someone who can write on various topics effectively. One of the job requirements of an SEO writer is to be able to produce many types of writing. SEO writers need to hone their writing skills for them to be successful in their careers.


They must be able to produce readable content for readers that they would be interested in reading. SEO experts are required to have a crucial ability to focus on keyword research as it helps in gaining insights into market trends and traffic growth is aided by keyword research. To excel in SEO, knowing programming goes a long way.


If you are fluent in programming languages like HTML, it will aid you in working with web developers as it is also a part of the job to communicate with web developers and offer them advice and for that reason, a good comprehension of coding language is extremely beneficial. Critical thinking and logical reasoning abilities are a must-have for you to be successful in your SEO career. By enrolling in SEO training in Agra, you may improve your critical thinking skills.


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TOP 5 SEO Training in Agra To Boost Your Career-


1. IIM Skills


IIM Skills is perhaps the best institute if you are looking for SEO training in Agra as it is a  global brand for professional courses that provides top-notch advanced SEO training. This institute should be taken into account if you need SEO training because it is committed to empowering students through a hands-on learning environment.


IIM Skills is a very reputed institute that helps students to get a respectable job post-completion of the course. It is also the best institute that provides top-class training in content and digital marketing. The SEO course structure includes 16-hour live lectures for 1 month. It also includes practical assignments and periodic evolution. 


There are many benefits of taking up the course with IIM Skills as it provides you with lifetime access to study material and recorded lectures, online assistance is available 24/7, and every student is provided with a user-friendly LMS. After the completion of the course, every student is provided with paid internship, support for placement, assistance for interviews, access to tools, and a completion certificate.


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


What more? Students can do this course from anywhere because the course is an online course so it is convenient. The course curriculum includes topics such as types and meaning of SEO, keyword research and types of research, local SEO, domestic and international pages, structuring permalinks, internal and external linking, content structure, user interface and user experience, backlinks, and their types, quality, thin and duplicate content, speed optimization, URL inspection, site coverage and much more that are required to be learned by the student for getting a solid grasp on SEO.


This course will help anyone who is looking forward to establishing their career in SEO as this course covers everything that is needed to gain knowledge in the field of SEO from the perspective of getting SEO jobs. 


Course NameAdvanced SEO Course

Course Fees– Rs. 14,900 + 18% GST


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2. Udemy


Udemy is an online learning platform that offers many courses on various topics. There are several courses on SEO training as well. The top bestseller course on SEO training is The Ultimate SEO Training 2022 + SEO for WordPress Websites. This course has been created by Joshua George to equip students to learn about SEO and its workings.


Students will learn SEO in-depth with knowledge on topics like fundamentals of SEO, the operation of SEO, organizing and improving websites, SEO techniques, keyword research, finding blog post ideas, creation of effective SEO backlinks, technical SEO, and learning to respond to malicious SEO attacks. Students can complete this course at their convenience as it is a self-paced course. 


Course Name – The Ultimate SEO Training 2022 + SEO for WordPress Websites

Course Fees –    Rs. 3,499/-


3. Coursera


Coursera is a famous online learning platform that we all know about. What makes Coursera different from other online learning platforms is that top universities of the world come in partnership with Coursera to impart knowledge on various topics. Coursera has a best seller course on SEO in collaboration with UC Davis University of California which can be opted as a great option for SEO training in Agra.


The specialization in SEO helps you have a firm grasp on optimizing website content for the highest potential search engine ranking, the theory of google search algorithms, you’ll be able to develop useful SEO skills that you can use to pursue a career in digital marketing or online content creation, such as on-page and off-page optimization, optimizing for both domestic and foreign markets, conducting website audits with a search-focused focus, and integrating SEO with overarching business strategies. 


This specialization involves 5 courses that can be taken up at the convenience of the student. The courses include an introduction to SEO, SEO fundamentals, website optimization for google search, and tactics to optimize SEO. Anyone who takes up this specialization and covers all the courses will have an in-depth knowledge of SEO by the end of completing the specialization. 


Course Name– Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) Specialisation

Course Duration– 5 months


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4. Indian Institute of Digital Education (IIDE)


Indian Institute of Digital Education has garnered a good reputation for providing digital marketing courses and is a good choice for opting for SEO training in Agra. IIDE offers an online course on SEO that includes all aspects of SEO. This IIDE course involves 10+ hours of live classes and 2+ hours of video lectures.


The course is designed and mentored by expert trainers. The curriculum of this course is at par with the industry. Students are given adequate practice tests and assignments, and placement-related assistance and support are provided to the students at all times. Students have access to study material and video lectures at any point in time for 30 days.


They can complete this course from anywhere as the course is designed online. By the end of completing the course, students will be well equipped to become SEO experts. They are also provided with an IIDE course completion certificate. The curriculum of this course involves keyword research, On-Page SEO tutorial, Off-page SEO tutorial, Google proofing a website, Blackhat techniques, and Google search console.


The tools that are used in this course are Google Keyword Planner, Yoast, Uber suggest, Keywords everywhere, and many other tools. They strictly keep up with the recent trends of SEO tools that are effective in learning about SEO in depth. 


Course Name – Online SEO Course with Certification

Course Duration – 12 Hours

Course Fees– Rs. 6355/- + taxes


IIM Skills SEO Course free demo invite


5. Digital Vidya


Digital Vidya has garnered a good reputation by offering digital marketing courses and content marketing courses. This institute offers an SEO certification course which is quite popular among those who want to build their SEO Skills. If you’re looking for SEO training in Agra, this is a really good option to consider.


The course is designed in a way that combines instructor-led and self-study courses. Additionally, it offers a research-based internship that is quite helpful for students from the perspective of job placements.  If you want to hone your practical knowledge of SEO, you can give this institute a try as it will not fail to fulfill your expectations.


This course provided by Digital Vidya includes live instructor-led sessions and lifetime access to study materials and videos. Students are given real-time projects and assignments for gaining practical knowledge on SEO and there is 24/7 support for the students.


The course curriculum includes topics such as the evolution of search engines, URL length, basics of HTML, keyword planner tool, competitive analysis, fundamentals of Google SEO, the importance of HTTPS, designing an SEO-friendly website, mapping keywords, site scheme, page speed analysis, on-page and off-page audit strategies, tracking algorithm updates and many more that are needed to be learned by someone who wants a good job role as an SEO specialist.


Tools used in this course are Google search console, Bing Webmaster, and Google Analytics setup.


Course Name – SEO Certification Course Training Online

Course Duration– 4 weeks

Course Fees– Rs. 11,900 + GST


Frequently Asked Questions


Q1. What is the qualification needed to enroll in SEO training in Agra?

There is no qualification required to enroll in SEO training in Agra apart from passing 10+2. Students, Housewives, Freelancers, Digital marketing professionals, and owners of small businesses can all enroll in SEO training in Agra. Anyone interested in digital marketing can pursue an SEO course. For digital marketing professionals, freelance content writers, and owners of small businesses, it is crucial to gain knowledge of SEO to survive the market today with cutthroat competition. 


Q2. How much is the expected salary of SEO experts?  

The average salary of an SEO expert is Rs. 4.1 Lakhs per annum. It can vary between Rs.1.9 Lakhs to Rs.8.5 Lakhs. Although, the salary factor mainly depends on the experience level of a person. A great experience will lead you to a great income with updated trends. 


Q3. Is SEO a good option to pursue as a long–term career? 

SEO is one of the best career choices you can make if you are from the digital marketing field or someone interested in digital marketing and content marketing. In today’s world where the internet has so much influence over us and businesses, SEO is going to stay here for a long time and probably will remain till the end as there is no looking back from the digitization that the world has been going through. Hence, SEO is a great option for a long-term career that you can begin with SEO training in Agra. 




SEO has become a very important aspect and gaining knowledge has become mandatory if you want to succeed in digital marketing and draw the attention of people to your business on the internet. Internet is the ruler of marketing and knowing how to ace the game of digital marketing is crucial which is incomplete without SEO. SEO training in Agra allows everyone to pursue a great and lucrative career in SEO as this career decision will only get better with the digital times. Pursuing SEO training in Agra will never be a waste of energy and resources as it is the need of the hour.

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