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Top 5 Data Analytics Courses in Guwahati With Placements

Today’s world is the era of digitalization. You can get everything online on digital platforms like jobs, businesses, etc. Even online education has also molded its capacious place in digital mediums. People search for courses on Google and get into them with ease. If you are one of those who are looking for Data Analytics courses in Guwahati but need help knowing where to go. Do not worry, this article is written particularity to help you in the context of the best data analytics courses in Guwahati. Let’s take a view of them.


Guwahati is the biggest city in the Northeast state of Assam in India. It is situated on the south coast of Brahmaputra with hills, temples, and rivers. It is famous as the “Getaway of North East India”. Guwahati has an average literacy rate of 91.47%. According to Macrotrends, it is estimated that by 2025, the population of Guwahati will be 2.8 million.

Guwahati is known as a central education hub of North India, which houses the Indian Institute of Technology Guwahati (IIT). Various renowned universities, colleges, and institutes are available here. People used to come here for sightseeing and study.

With a pleasant climate, developed social infrastructure, modern apartments, beautiful landscapes, etc. the quality of life in Guwahati city is comparatively high in the residential and working environments. This would be a good option to pursue data analytics courses in Guwahati.


What is Data Analytics?

Data analytics is a mechanism for processing raw data to optimize the outcome of a business. Through data analytics, businesses can perform more effectively, profitably, and strategically and its techniques and algorithms help in improved decision-making, better customer service, effective marketing, and efficient operations.


What do Data Analytics Do?

Running a business is a challenging task that requires various departments to work on the business fundamentals to run its performance smoothly and profitably along with data analytics. Data analytics studies the unstructured and raw data of a business, eject the information from it and set them into various data-based factors such as products, customers, feedback, etc.

In simple words, we can say that data analytics understand the problems, collect the data, work on cleaning it, then explore the data and analyze it, and finalize the interpreting results.


What are Data Analytics Courses?

As the digital revolution is spreading across the world, everything is turning into digital like businesses, organizations, education, and even jobs. Organizations are functioning online to increase their reach to the audience with emerging opportunities in the market for individuals.

The Data Analytics course is one of the most popular and sought-after programs in India. Companies employ professionals who can analyze the data of a business and make it more effective and profitable. We have done the research and brought you the top 5 Data Analytics courses in Guwahati.


Data Analytics vs Data Science?

People are generally confused between Data Analytics and Data Science courses. They consider both to be the same thing, but in fact, both are different from each other.


Data Analytics: Data Analytics reviews the raw data of a business to identify the keys to solving problems including equipment, technology, and process.


Data Science: On the other hand, Data science is a specialized approach to studying business data and extracting meaningful insights from it that combine artificial intelligence, machine learning, computer engineering, mathematics, and statistics to analyze big numbers of data. It is helpful in decision-making and statics planning.


There are many institutes available offering Data Science courses in Guwahati. If you are looking for a Data Science course in Guwahati then you can consider enrolling in top institutes such as IIM Skills, IIT Guwahati, Intellipaat, and The Digital School.


Types of Data Analytics:

Data analytics is divided into four following types:

  1. Descriptive Analytics
  2. Diagnostic Analytics
  3. Predictive Analytics
  4. Prescriptive Analytics


Descriptive Analytics: A business use descriptive analytics to determine which months have generated more sales and traffic for the business by tracking the number of views and sales by month or within a certain time frame, what has happened or has not happened?


Diagnostic Analytics: This analytics majorly focuses on the term “why” and tries to find out the root cause of that thing. The business analyzes multiple data inputs to diagnose what is affecting sales in a month. Did the weather affect it or did the marketing strategy affect the sales?


Predictive Analytics: This analysis predicts the upcoming period of a business and what is likely to happen. This predictive analysis expresses the probabilities considering the previous year or period that is going to be similar to the last time. An organization examines last year’s sales during the hot summer season. Now they will predict how many weather models are likely to be in hot summer.


Prescriptive Analytics: This analysis helps in taking action. Suppose an organization is measuring the probability of a hot summer in the average of five weather models. In that case, a strategy should be planned accordingly and the organization will increase its additional outputs by adding one more change.


Benefits of Data Analytics Courses in Guwahati

Data analytics is a very demanding course in Guwahati. It offers several benefits to help the government organization and industrial companies in collecting the data and making sufficient use of it to boost the performance of the organization. We have mentioned these benefits below:


Data Collection and Analysis: It collects big data and helps the government organization for solving the several issues faced by them.


Discover the Untapped Markets and Potential: Data analytics can help in analyzing and identifying the various large untapped sectors in India. For example, BharatPe and fintech companies.


Resource Distribution with Efficiency: Government organizations and major companies can distribute their resources by data collection or data analytics. It also helps in monitoring their resources with the distribution.


High Pace of Efficiency: Data analytics can help the organization to boost its efficiency. For example, Cowin platforms were created to distribute the covid vaccine efficiently to several vaccine centers by governments. Extensive data analysis proved to be very helpful here.


Scope of Data Analytics in Guwahati

Data analytics’s scope is in high demand in the future of the industry and it is used in various sectors. The major sectors where data analytics perform tremendously are the following:

  1. IT Sector
  2. Financial, Banking, and Insurance Sectors
  3. E-Commerce and Retail


IT Sector: IT industry has a major share of data analytics in the market. There are a few biggest IT in India are Tata Consultancy Service, Infosys, Accenture, Wipro, Capgemini, and Cognizant.


Financial, Banking & Insurance Sectors: It is second to none in this large market segment where many companies perform using data analytics. India’s fintech is the third largest fintech market in the world. Many players in this market grow their businesses using data analytics like PhonePe, Policybazaar, Paytm, and Mobikwik.


E-Commerece and Retail: This sector also owns the most extensive approach in the market. E-commerce companies such as Amazon, Flipkart, Meesho, Ajio, and many more use data analytics to predict interests and trends, better customer service, and boost warehouse operations.


After the above consequences, we can estimate that the scope of data analytics in Guwahati is huge and you may decide to enroll in the IIT Guwahati data analytics course from here.


Data Analytics Jobs in Guwahati

After completing the certification program in data analytics, you can start your career as the following data analysis job in Guwahati:

  • Data Analysis
  • Market Research
  • Customer Service
  • Process Design
  • M/S Word
  • Front Office Executive
  • Linguistics
  • Commerce
  • Executive H.R
  • Executive Assistant
  • Data Visualization
  • Cost Analyst
  • IT Executive
  • Data Management Executive
  • Advanced Math
  • Product Analyst
  • Data Quality Analytics
  • MIS Executive
  • Web Research


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Top Data Analytics Courses in Guwahati

Throughout this article, you will find the top data analytics course training in Guwahati mentioned in detail below. Let’s take a closer look one by one:


1. 360DigiTMG

Found in 2013, 360DigiTMG is the most recognized academy in the world industry. It is the most preferred institute for its world-class training with a global presence. It is established in India, Malaysia, the UK, the USA, Australia, and Asia. Its certification programs are designed by the industry expert as per the business trends. 360DigiTMG offers a range of courses that are high in demand including a Data Analytic certificate training course in Guwahati.


Course Name: Data Analytics Course Training in Guwahati


Course Highlight: 360DigiTMG highlights the following in its data analytics training program:

  • Live Classes – Available in the option of weekends or weekdays.
  • One-year access grant for the online classes.
  • EMI option is available.
  • Get access to LMS for a lifetime
  • Career support services


Program Fee: This course’s fee is INR 40,000 +GST. EMI option is also available at zero interest rate.


Class Mode: Online

Duration: This course contains 3 months to complete; you will spend 132 +hours on classroom sessions, 80 +hours on assignments, and the rest 80 +hours on the projects led by the institute.

Syllabus: This course’s curriculum is developed in the following forms:



  • Introduction of Data Visualization, Tableau Introduction & Architecture, and Exploring Data
  • Data using Tableau, Various Charts (basic to advanced), and Hierarchies
  • Sorting, Filtering, Groups, Sets, Reference lines, Bands, and Distribution
  • Parameters, Forecasting, Clustering, Quick Table Calculation
  • Mapping Features, R Integration, Dashboard, and Certificate Orientation



  • Concept Power BI and Transforming Data using Power BI Desktop
  • Data Cardinality and Data Modeling in Power BI Desktop
  • Introduction to DAX, Visualizing Data, and Advance Visualization
  • Power BI Dashboards and Organization Packs and Security



  • Statistical Analysis, Business Moments, Graphical Techniques, and Inferential Statistics
  • Hypothesis Testing, Entering and Editing Text and Formulas, Working with Excel Functions
  • Formatting Data, Creating Basic Charts, Excel Functions, and Working on Excel List
  • List Functions, Data Validation, Pivot Tables, Conditional Functions, and Lookup Functions
  • Text-based Functions, What-IF Tools, and Understanding Why and How Behind Excel Macros
  • VBA Variables and Operations, Automate Excel Formulas, and Working with VBA Forms



  • Concept of Database, Types of Database, DBMS vs RDBMS, and DBMS Architecture
  • Three Shema Architecture, Install PostgreSQL, Install MySQL and Data Models
  • DBMS Language, ACID PRogerties in DBMS, What is SQL and SQL Data Types
  • SQL Operators, SQL Keys, SQL Joins, and GROUP & ORDER BY
  • Subqueries, Views in SQL, SQL Set Operations, and SQL Triggers
  • Introduction to NoSQL, SQL vs NoSQL, and Varieties of NoSQL Data Models


Best for: This program is specially designed for IT Engineers, Data and Analytics Managers, Business Analytics, Data Engineers, Banking and Finance Analysts, Marketing Managers, HR Managers, and Supply Chain Professionals.


Why Choose 360DigiTMG: There are the following reasons that one should consider enrolling in this data analytic institute:

  • You get additional assignments.
  • Live free webinars
  • LMS Access for Lifetime
  • 24/7 Support
  • Resume Building and Linkedin Review
  • Job Placement
  • Mock Interviews and Quiz Sessions
  • Live Projects for Hands-on Experience
  • Offline Hiring Events



Mob: +91 69012024931 /32 /33

Email: [email protected]


2. Datamites

Datamines is one of the top leading institutes worldwide. They train professionals and freshers with several courses to build a solid career in the industry with their industry-developed curriculum of programs. Datamites offers data analytics courses with placement cells in Guwahati.


Course Name: Data Analytics Training in Guwahati


Course Features: This course features the following stages of the program:

  • Self-Study Books and Videos
  • Live Online Classes
  • This is advanced certification in data analytics course based on the IABAC certification exam.
  • Internship Project Mentoring
  • Client Project: You will deliver the live project to a client
  • Job Assitance: Resume, Job Preparation, and Interviews


Class Mode: This course is available in Live Virtual, Blended Learning, and Classroom options.


Program Fee: The fee of the course is based on training schedules:


Live Virtual

  • The instructor will lead the live online class.
  • The course duration would be 4 months.
  • It will conduct 20 hours of learning in a week and 200 +hours for completing the course.
  • 1 Client Project and 10 Capstone
  • 1 year of access + Cloud lab
  • IABAC & JAINx Certification
  • Internship with Job Assitance
  • The fee for this course is INR 47,900/-


Blended Learning

  • Self Learning with Live Mentoring.
  • IABAC & JAINx Certified Course
  • E-learning Access for 1 Year
  • 1 Client Project and 10 Capstone
  • Job Assistance
  • 24*7 Support
  • The fee for this program is INR 28,900/-



  • Offline Training Program
  • The course duration would be 4 months.
  • It will conduct 20 hours of learning in a week.
  • 1 Client Project and 10 Capstone
  • Cloud Lab Access
  • Internship with Job Assitance
  • IABAC & JAINx Certified
  • The fee for this course is INR 54,900/-


Syllabus: This course contains the 6 modules in the syllabus:

Module 1: Data Analysis Foundation

Module 2: Classification of Analytics

Module 3: CRIP-DM Model

Module 4: Univariate Data Analysis

Module 5: Data Analysis with Visual Charts

Module 6: BI-Variate Data Analysis


Why Choose Datamites: This Course contains the following benefits for individuals:

  • Global Recognition Certificate
  • Expert Trainers
  • Specialized Syllabus
  • Career Guidance
  • 5 Case Studies


Contact: 1800-313-3434


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EXCELR is an educational institute providing intensive training programs with multi-facilities. EXCELR believes in raising excellence and offers programs in the best possible manner in sync with the market trends and the course curriculum has been developed by industry experts. EXCELR offers Data Analytics courses in Guwahati that are best for professionals who want to enhance their career growth.


Course Name: Data Analyst Courses in Guwahati


Course Highlight:

  • Best Instructors from various MNCs
  • Hands-on practice with 60+ case studies and assignments.
  • Real Data Projects – Six projects in three phases
  • Dedicated Placement Cell
  • Network Connection with 350+ Corporate Companies
  • 1-year access to live online classes
  • Certification


Program Fee: This course cost INR 44,999 for a virtual class. EXCELR is also available in a combo offer where you will learn two programs together and the price will be reduced. Please visit the website to see the offers.


Class Mode: Live Virtual Classroom

Duration: This course is available for 6 months and contains 150 +hours of study.


Skill Covered: This program covers the skills mentioned below:

  • Database Concepts
  • Data Analysis Concepts
  • Functions Charts & Slicers
  • Data visualization


Syllabus: Throughout this program, you will cover the following topics:

  • Excel
  • SQL
  • Tableau
  • Power BI
  • Business Statistics
  • Python Fundamentals
  • R Fundamentals
  • SAS (self-paced)
  • LLM and ChatGPT


Best for – This program is in collaboration with IBM and is best for the following candidates to get in:

  • Any graduates from commerce, engineering, and science streams
  • Professionals from KPO and BPO domains
  • Freshers and Professionals who have analytical skills from any domain
  • Accounting and Finance Professionals
  • Management Professionals


Why Choose EXCELR: There are a few benefits that make EXCELR different from other data analytics centers in Guwahati:

  • Industry Best Trainer
  • Tailored Course Curriculum
  • Access to E-learning
  • Assignments
  • Work on Live Projects
  • Blended Training Module
  • Placement Assistance
  • Post Training Support
  • Peer Support


Contact: +91 96321 56744


4. Simplilearn

Simplilearn is a renowned educational learning platform that offers various courses with an advanced curriculum developed by experts which helps you to build a strong portfolio and start a determined career. Simplilearn offers data analytics courses in Guwahati in collaboration with IBM.


Course Name: Data Analytics in Guwahati

Program Fee: This course fee is INR 54,000 inclusive of all taxes.

Class Mode: Online

Duration: This program contains 11 months.


Syllabus: This course’s curriculum is based on the 7 module concepts:

  • Business Analytics with Excel
  • SQL
  • Programming and Data Analytics with Python
  • R Programming & Data Science
  • Data Analytics with R
  • Tableau Training
  • Data Analyst Masters Capstone
  • Get a Master’s Certificate


Why Choose Simplilearn: Here are the following reasons for pursuing the data analytics courses in Guwahati by Simplilearn:

  • Develop your skills and get growth in your career.
  • Learn from active industry experts.
  • Get a live project for work
  • 24*7 Support
  • Recognized Certification


Contact: 1800-212-7688


5. Intellipaat

Intellipaat is a partner with E&ICT Academy IIT Guwahati that offers several programs in collaboration with Govt. of India to provide high-quality education courses. Intellipaat is offering data analytics courses in Guwahati with industry exposure and top faculties.


Course Name: Certification Course in Big Data Analytics

Course Mode: Online Live Classes

Duration: 9 months


Course Fee: This program fee is INR 99,009 +GST. No-cost EMI option is also available at INR 8,000/-.


Curriculum: This program contains the following topics in the syllabus:

  • Python – Preparatory Sessions
  • Data Programming Prerequisites
  • Python in Data Analytics
  • Hadoop and Its Ecosystems
  • Apache Spark and Scala
  • PySpark and Python Spark
  • RDDs and Apache Spark Framework
  • PySpark Machine Learning Introduction
  • Big Data Real-time Messaging and Streaming Systems
  • AWS Big Data
  • Power BI in Data Visualization
  • Case Studies
  • Job Readiness


Why Choose Intellipaat:

  • Instructor Led Training by Industry Experts with Self-paced Videos
  • Hands-on Practice on Projects & Assignments
  • Advanced Certification
  • Placement Assistance
  • Resume Building and Interview Preparation
  • No-cost EMI Option
  • 24*7 Support


Contact: +91 7022374614


FAQs: Data Analytics Courses in Guwahati


I want to switch my career to Data Analytics. Can I pursue Data Analytics Courses in Guwahati easily? What is the eligibility to learn Data Analytics?

Yes, you can easily learn the data analytics courses in Guwahati. Before pursuing this program, you must be eligible for it which requires educational background in commerce, engineering, or science streams or you must be a graduate in Finance, Mathematics, Statistics, Computer Science, and Data Science.


Which Data Analytics courses in Guhawati are best?

There are so many institutes and academies available that offer Data Analytics courses in Guwahati. A few of them are Simplilearn, EXCELR, 360DigiTMG, Intellipaat, and Datamites.


I want to pursue a certification course in Data Analytics. Do I have to pay extra for the certificate?

No, the cost of the certification is already included in the course fee. Some institutes may charge you extra for additional certificates in their course. The Data Analytics courses mentioned in this article in Guwahati do not charge for certification which is included in the program fee.


I want to pursue Data Analytics courses in Guwahati. How long is the Data Analytics course?

Data Analytics can be a program of 3 months to 1-year duration.


What is the salary package of a Data Analytics?

Data Analytics can earn 3.5 lakhs to 12 lakhs annually. The average salary of data analytics in India is 4.1 lakhs per annum.



We have mentioned all the details about Data Analytics and the top institutes regarding Data Analytics courses in Guwahati in the article. In the end, we hope you have liked this instructive article, stay connected with us for more informative articles.

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