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Top 11 Data Analytics Courses in New York With Placements

In Today’s fast-paced world, most businesses and organizations are driven by data analysis, making the skills in Data Analytics high in demand. This pushes organizations across industries to seek professionals who can analyze and interpret data to drive outcomes. Data analysts serve as gatekeepers for business and organisation data; to enable them to understand data in order to make strategic business decisions. But if you are thinking about data analytics courses in New York, you may want to know how beneficial they will be to you.


What certification programs are available; how to go about obtaining the certification and which is suitable for you? Primarily, it is important to do research on the course program the institution offering it, and whether or not the certificate is recognized.

In this article, we will talk about the pros of becoming a certified data analyst as well as providing you with the top 10 data analytics courses in New York City and things to think about when looking at Data Analytics courses in New York before registering.

This article looks at and compares the data analytics courses in New York that will help you make the perfect choice of deciding what course to enroll in. Let’s look at the importance of Data Analysis.


Why is it Important?

Presently, most businesses and organizations cannot function without data analytics. Undertaking how it operates and how to use data in decision-making is crucial for the success of business across all industrial spectrums. It is key to making strategic decisions. Data analysis can enable businesses to better understand customers’ behaviors, identify risks, and gain insights on how to improve strategies to increase growth, reduce risks, and lead to a better outcome.

It provides organizations with valuable insights and information they need to make the next right move. Data analytics enable companies to customize their services allowing them to improve customers’ experiences and help services to better meet customers’ demands. Data is transforming a wide range of sectors, including healthcare, education, transportation, the economy, and globalization.

Data analysts in New York are highly respected for they use data to shape the future of businesses and industries. Taking data analytics courses in New York will empower you with the most surreal skills in today’s modern businesses. However, not all certification programs are the same. Research and select the course tailored to your budget skills, goals, and objectives.


Points to Consider Before Enrolling in Data Analytics Courses in New York:


        The Course Cost:

Compare the amount required for the course before choosing one. Some schools require online study while others may require in-person or both. For people with jobs, part-time study mode is most likely the ideal option. Those with time on their hands to study have more options to help them decide.



Before selecting a course, it is vital that the choice aligns with your goals, and learning preferences and most importantly do some research on the industry and potential future employers. Look for courses that fit in with industry standards and provide up-to-date knowledge and skills. Some organizations may only accept certification from specific institutions which might limit your options. Research and check feed reviews and testimonials to gauge the experiences of past participants and their successes in applying the skills learned from the course. Look for courses that offer access to resources and support.


Top 10  Schools Offering Data Analytics Courses In New York City:



IIM SKILLS is one of the leading institutions that offers Data Analytics Courses in New York and globally. This institution offers a well-crafted and balanced curriculum in data analytics in 6 month live lessons with a two-month unpaid internship. The internship provides a platform for real-life practice that will prepare and enable you to gain real-life experiences needed to strive in the world of data.

IIM SKILLS will guide you to achieve any chosen skill that is needed in the digital world today. In these well-crafted and structured online live lessons, you will learn Excel, Python, R  Tableau, Data Visualization, SoL, and Alteryx.

The school provides a wide range of options in the live lessons from experienced expert professionals in the field. Their hands-on approach will enable students to quickly grasp and develop the skills needed to analyze, visualize, and manipulate any given data using various tools and technology.

Students are also allowed to practice and work on real-life projects via internships where they can apply and reinforce the skills learned. Through this, they can gain experience, while advancing their skills in data analytics and building a portfolio that prepares them for a future career in the industry.

IIM SKILLS data analytics master course gives you an insight into the world of data analysis and empowers you with excellent skills to contribute to the digital world. Their experienced professionals are available and ready to meticulously guide you every step of the way to success. Learning from these professionals will arm you with the required knowledge that will exemplify and enable you to stand out in any competitive job market.

IIM SKILLS prides itself as an institution that believes in equal educational opportunities for all. Anyone interested in learning and captivated by the world of data analytics can enroll with them. The course is crafted to suit any busy schedule, especially as its 100% online with comprehensive, interactive, and goal-oriented live lessons to meet any learning needs or interests.

More so, the flexibility in scheduling and study mode allows students the opportunity to study either on weekdays or weekends. Recordings are also available via the school link for those who happened to miss a session as well as lifetime access to lessons. Courses are offered at an affordable cost with exams inclusive. Anyone from any background can enroll,  although prior knowledge in computers, maths, and statistics could be an advantage.

As a renowned and trusted name in the industry, IIM SKILLS offers a Master Certificate upon completing the Data Analytics master course that’s shareable. Learn from experts with years of experience and in-depth knowledge in the industry to teach you all you need to strive in the world of data. They Will provide you with all the tools and confidence needed to face real-life industry problems as well as tips on how to navigate work-related complex issues that may arise.


2. Noble Desktop

Noble Desktop is one leading school that provides data analytics courses in New York and other digital skills both live and in-person. Founded in 1990, it prides itself on offering dynamic courses including boot camps with hands-on activities, a fantastic curriculum, and training education from experts in the field. Noble Desktop will assist you in developing any chosen skills that are required in today’s digital world.

You will learn in-demand skills in data analytics and visualizations, business intelligence, and database management. Their project-based approach prepares students to explore, exploit, and develop skills needed to analyze and visualize data using a variety of tools and technologies.

Students are also given the opportunity to work on real-life projects, enabling them to advance their skills in analytics. With this, you can build a real-world portfolio that prepares you for a career in the field. The price range for courses offered by Noble Desktop is between $500 – $5000 depending on what you choose to study.


3. NYIM Training

NYIM is another institution that provides data analytics courses in New York City and corporate training programs online to accommodate any schedule. Their hands-on approach to teaching and certification in data analytics is result-oriented and task-driven. Other courses include programming, office productivity, finance, and design.

NYIM stands out in its extensive offering of training solutions to professionals and businesses in a flexible manner. With its affordable training courses, you will produce a comprehensive real-world project in Excel, SQL, and Tableau. With them, you will learn how to use Excel and Tableau for data analytics and visualizations, as well as work with SQL to store data in databases.

Through the Excel Bootcamp, you will develop from a beginner to advanced in Excel, learn SQL skills for databases with their SQL bootcamp, and become a professional Tableau user in the Tableau bootcamp as well. The advantage of NYIM is, anyone interested and comfortable with computers can enroll.

No prerequisites are required, although previous experience with database tools can come in handy. It also includes flexible payment plans, small classes, live online training, and certificate of completion that’s verified, and a free retake within one year.


4. NYC Career Centers

NYC Career Centers provides courses in data analytics in New York which focus on top analysis tools like Excel, SQL, and Tableau through their 8-day in dept bootcamp. You will learn everything you need to know about analyzing, summarising, and charting data to gain practical insights. After completion, you will be provided with the tools required for a modern data analysis role. The boot camp uses hands-on experience and real-world projects to train and expand your skills in Excel, SQL, and Tableau. More so, it enables you to transfer knowledge learned so as to provide clever data analysis on any job.


5. General Assembly

It provides a series of Boot Camps in digital marketing, software engineering, and data analytics courses in New York. Students are given the options of online or in-person classes; full or part-time with the flexibility to fit in with any busy schedule. General Assembly courses are carefully crafted to meet the interest of students from a wide variety of backgrounds experiences or levels.

Whether you are a beginner or experienced, their curriculum will give you hands-on training in Excel, SQL, and Tableau and the ability to transform raw data into vital decision-making tools. General Assembly equips you with self-paced preparatory lessons that set you up for success from the get-go. You will explore the capstone project, using intensive data analysis techniques to solve real-world problems that will enable you to gain and share insights in a compelling way.

You will be provided with dedicated experts ready to support your learning and career goals. A plus as a General Assembly aluminum is you’ll gain access to networking events and workshops to help build your career. There are also teachers on standby during working hours offering technical support where needed that will enable you to get your ideas into results.


6. Brainstation

Brainstation is another leading rigorous training provider specialized in teaching digital skills and offering data analytics courses in New York. They offer both full or part-time certifications/diplomas including several others in the course of a 12-week period. They provide different styles of learning that can suit any learning option or choice.

Brainstation collaborates with experienced data professionals to create cutting-edge and real-world digital training education that will guide you to learn data analytics, teach you how to use industry tools, and navigate complex data sets. In addition, helps you develop essential data skills and knowledge. On completion of the Data Analytics course in New York, you will receive a polished Data Analysis Portfolio of real-world data projects.

With a Data Analysis portfolio, you can showcase what you have learned. Each week in your training course, you will be given a clear procedure that will guide you in crafting your final data analysis project.

By the end of the course, you will have performed each step of the data analysis process; used MySQL and data visualization tools, and developed a polished presentation to display your work and explain procedures while highlighting the various insights found through your data analysis.

At Brianstation, you will learn from expert professionals with years of Data industry experience, with the knowledge of the most up-to-date and practical data skills that are highly sought after around the world. After completion of the Brainstation Data Analytics course, you’ll receive an industry-recognized professional certificate to share with your network and display all that you’ve learned. The certificates are designed to be shared on LinkedIn.


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7. Columbia Engineering Boot Camp

Columbia Engineering Boot Camp offers a flexible option, including both full and part-time lessons/training in digital courses as well as in Data Analytics courses in New York. The boot camps are offered through Columbia Engineering in partnership with Trilogy Education Services. Columbia Engineering offers a 24-week comprehensive data analytics course online and is committed to the success of its learners.

Lessons in Columbia Engineering focus on teaching the students both the practical and technical skills needed to solve and analyze complex data problems through an innovative online learning format. Columbia data analytics courses in New York offers flexibility in learning as well as a structure that supports success in achieving goals.

Instructors in Colombia Engineering Boot Camp are experts providing engaging hands-on projects and interactive live lessons online that are task-driven and result-orientated. You will learn the most in-demand data skills through real-world examples/contexts. You can immediately apply everything you learn in a professional setting.

The boot camp courses are dynamically crafted to cover specialized skills in the lucrative field of data including SQL, Tableau, intermediate  Excel, Python, machine learning, and data visualization.

You will learn from experienced instructors, gaining real-world experience while collaborating with your peers on complex projects. Along the way, you will also build a portfolio that will give you the confidence needed to get into the industry. Upon completion, you will be given an Award of Completion from Colombia Engineering and up to 3 months of career service support after completing the boot camp.


8. NYC Data Science Academy

The NYC Data Science Academy provides thorough courses, boot camps, and job training both online and in person. The Academy provides data science and data engineering with a comprehensive curriculum in Python, Hadoop, and R. In data sciences, the data analytics courses in New York are created to provide a well-balanced and informative introduction to R where you will learn how to lead, save and transform data, and write functions, including generating graphs that fit the statistical data models.

The course’s main focus is on practical tools needed in data analytics and visualization. By the end of the course, you must have mastered the essential skills of processing, manipulating, and analyzing different types of data.

Furthermore, having a basic knowledge of computers and programming might be a great advantage when signing up for the course. At the very end of the course program, you will receive a certificate of completion based on your performance on your homework and final projects.


9. Flatiron School

Flatiron provides a feasible onsite and online digital course to meet the requirements of any applicant. With Flatiron you can master and become a data scientist, no matter your background. Whether you’re a novice to data or have prior knowledge, Flatiron is equipped with all you need to learn and master the skills in this in-demand and highly sought-after data skill.

No matter where you are in the personal journey of your career, the data analytics courses in New York will take you from basic skills to advanced and practical knowledge in as little as 15 weeks.

The course is a path to launch you into the world of digital opportunities. You will learn how to uncover patterns from raw data, use data visualization, communicate to improve performance, solve complex problems, and create strategies for insightful business decisions.

At Flatiron, you will be taught by a data scientist with years of real-world problems and experiences from the industry, with hands-on learning techniques to equip and jump-start your career in data analysis. Flatiron is found across the United States Of America.


10. Practical Programming

Practical Programming established in Chicago offers data analytics courses in New York City. These include in-person and online courses in Python, data science machine learning, SQL, and more. Join Practical Programming to master Python and boost your career in data science. With the extensive course, you’ll learn from practical, applicable data scientists of Python that will enable you to add insights to your own personal company or grant you a job in data science.

The course offers efficient training in small groups from experienced educators, with the goal of making sure you succeed. The small-sized classes are tailored to meet students’ interests and learning resolutions to achieve by the end of the course.

You will learn how to work with different types of data, analyze tableau data using Python, create data visualization, predict outcomes and/or inferences based on collected data, and a lot more. You will earn a certificate upon completing the course and receive an official certificate showcasing the mastery of what you have learned throughout the course and your progress. The certificate can be downloaded and shareable on LinkedIn.


11. Byte Academy

Byte Academy also offers data analytics courses in New York City which are frequently recommended. It is a software program that offers live free courses in data science, Fintech, blockchain, and a boot camp in Python. The program offers both full-time, part-time and even remote courses to meet any busy schedule that may interfere with a student’s course and their needs to complete it.

In addition to this, Byte Academy’s class sizes are adjusted to fit students’ interests and learning targets towards the conclusion of their course. You will learn how to work with various types of people with different backgrounds, ideas, and motives. They also give the option to pay fees after securing a post-graduation job. Byte Academy is ranked top among coding boot camps worldwide.

Some of the courses offered include Python, SQL, Data Visualisation, and Machinery Learning.  In Byte Academy students will learn SQL to interact well with databases, including data visualization, and implementing compelling visuals to showcase the result of their analysis. Expert professional instructors are available to provide support and closely monitor students’ progress every step of the way.

The course consists of lectures, exercises, and assessments. In addition to hands-on projects work for real-world experiences. With Byte Academy you will gain the experience necessary to land a job, as you work alongside professionals in the industry to finish tasks and projects efficiently and effectively in a real-world setting with deadlines. Upon finishing the program successfully a door of opportunity in data science and data analysis awaits you.


There are many options to choose from when it comes to learning data analytics. The above top ten data analytics courses in New York City are to help you looking to study data analytics make a choice.  However, choosing the perfect Data analytics course is not that easy. Before enrolling, you may have some doubts and need clarification to enable understanding more about options and choices available and mode of study.  Here are some questions that are frequently asked by people interested in data analytics courses.


 Frequently Asked Questions


1 . What skills are required to become a Data Analyst in New York?

 Obtaining a data analytic certification from one of the top data analytic courses in New York City will best prepare you to become successful in the field. This means you should be open to learning every aspect of data analytics. You will need skills in

Data Analysis, programming, data visualization, database management, Data cleaning and optimization, Excel/spreadsheet skills, etc. You may also have some transferable skills like communication skills that will enable you to be capable of presenting your work.


2. What should I learn in data analytics?

Data analytics involves a wide range of areas. Finding the right one could be challenging to pinpoint but there are several areas you could focus on to build a strong foundation. For example,  courses that focused on data visualization,  programming languages, Database management,  SQL, or  Tableau. Look for training schools or institutions that offer comprehensive, intensive online/in-person courses and in-depth boot camp tutorials including hands-on projects to enable you to grasp concepts and practical experience in the field. Check out the New York Career Centre, General Assembly,  Brainstation, New York City Data Academy, and IIM SKILLS  for comprehensive classes and boot camps.


3. Will learning Data Analytics help me get a job?

Yes, Data Analytics is a high-demand skill that is vital for businesses and organizations as they increasingly rely on data-driven decision-making.  Having data analytics skills sets you apart from others in the job market and is popular across the industry. Career opportunities include data analyst, digital analyst, business analyst marketing analyst, etc.


4. How much does it cost to study data analytics?

The cost will depend on the type of course and content you select, study mode, and duration. And whether or not you want a certificate of completion. Some institutions offer intensive boot camps and rigorous training programs which may cost a few thousand dollars while others can run into hundreds. Enrolling in a University data analytics program can be more expensive, ranging from a few thousand to tens of thousands depending on the school and level of the program. It is important to check on the course provider’s site to know the course price and even compare it with others to ensure that you are making the best choice that fits into your budget.

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