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Best Digital Marketing Course in Jayanagar 2022 (Updated)

Looking for a digital marketing course in Jayanagar? Well, it isn’t that difficult to find. Here are the best digital marketing course you need to know about to decide which one you shall go with.


In this article, we will cover the top 5 digital marketing courses in Jayanagar to choose from. But before that let us first know about the importance of digital marketing and its usage for all types of business in detail: –



No matter what type of business one does, digital marketing works for all types of businesses. Digital marketing can be defined as a process of selling or creating awareness about the product and services a company is offering through various online platforms.

It makes our work easier and more convenient. No matter, in which industry we are working or what we are selling digital marketing is a process that helps to identify our target audience in the right way and also helps to generate profit keeping in mind the cost to be incurred. It also helps to create valuable content too. Therefore, there is no reason that why any company should not include digital marketing in their strategy list going forward.


For any company which is operating in the B2B model then digital marketing tends to play a very important role for their business. This is because salespeople working there cannot sell directly to the customers on the field and there has to be someone who they will talk to and close their sales to generate profit. And for this, genuine leads need to be generated. Therefore, if in the marketing methods digital marketing is used as a strategy then it becomes very easy to generate leads that are also cost-efficient and it also helps to close our deals and generate profits too for an organization.


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If any company is running in a B2C business model then, digitalizing plays a very important role. This is because just generating leads and closing the deals is not enough, being in constant touch with the customers and also providing after-sales service is equally important. And at this step digital marketing comes into the picture. Sending emails or messages and informing them about the latest updates and also staying in constant touch helps a lot to generate more sales. To reach out to a large set of people and knowing their feedback too from time to time also helps us to know our areas of improvement so that the growth of an organization is also not affected.


After getting to know in detail the importance of digital marketing in all types of business let us know in brief the top 5 institutes to pursue digital marketing in Jayanagar-

Best Digital Marketing Course in Jayanagar


Digital Marketing Course in Jayanagar


Rank #1



IIM SKILLS is one of the finest institutes offering the best digital marketing course in Jayanagar, with some really great features that helps the students in scaling a career in digital marketing industry. IIM SKILLS is known to be one of the finest institutes when it comes to learning any course. Not in digital marketing course, but another course as well such as content writing, GMAT preparations or if someone wants to prepare for CAT exams as well. In today’s time, the internet has become a very necessary part of everyone’s life. And when everything has become digital, internet marketing skills play a very important role.

Placement Assistance and Alumni Status

The students who completed their digital marketing training from IIM SKILLS are now working at some of the best companies. At present, IIM SKILLS offers the best digital marketing course in Jayanagar. Big brands such as KPMG, IBM, Dell, BMW, AMAZON hire students completing different courses from IIM SKILLS. This is all because of the wonderful placement assistance that students go through post-completion of the course.

The institute provides finest placement assistance and the exp[erts guide the students with the best career advice helping the students in making the right decisions about scaling a successful career in the digital marketing industry.

Placement partners of IIM SKILLS


Digital marketing from IIM SKILLS is a three-month program with course fees of INR 29,900+GST. Students enrolling for this course get basic and advanced level knowledge of more than 40 modules in a digital marketing course. Along with these tools worth RS, 74,000 is also provided for free.

Tools covered in the IIM SKILLS Digital Marketing Master Course

The course comprises more than 60 hours of live sessions and more than 120 hours of involvement in practical assignments, projects, and real-time exposure is given to the students. Guaranteed internship for 3 months with placement assistance is an add-on advantage to the candidates.


In the end, once a student completes the course, they are entitled to master certification from IIM SKILLS and also prepared for 13 other certifications as well such as Google, HubSpot, Facebook, etc.

8 Google certifications offers in the IIM SKILLS digital marketing master course

Not just these details but if you go through the reviews and ratings of IIM SKILLS available on so many platforms like Google reviews, Trust Pilot, Quora, and other websites as well, you’ll realize that the students are very satisfied with the training offered by IIM SKILLS.

A majority of the students can be seen appreciating the instructor’s efforts in making complex subjects comprehensive and easily understandable. You may also read the reviews of IIM SKILLS digital marketing course.

This video can be very helpful for you if you’re looking for some insightful information about the IIM SKILLS digital marketing course:

This was little from a lot about the IIM SKILLS digital marketing master course, and in case you’re impressed by the course, details try browsing through the course page on their website or simply sign up for a free online live demo session and get to interact with the trainer and get all your queries about the course addressed.

The mentioned were the reason why IIM SKILLS makes it to the top of the list as one of the best digital marketing course in Jayanagar.


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Rank #2


WEB MARKETING ACADEMY–  Web marketing academy is also one of the top digital marketing institutes in Jayanagar which is validated by Christ University. Web marketing institute is also the official partner of digital marketing workshops in IIM Bangalore.

Web Marketing Academy is often listed as one of the best digital marketing course in Jayanagar because it has been offering premium quality training around digital marketing for quite a while.

Along with providing training in digital marketing courses and other regular training web marketing academy is also specialized in providing workshops for corporates, small businesses, or other marketing sales executives as well.

Web marketing academy is also not only customized in providing training to the candidates enrolling for it but it also helps them to stay updated with the relevant information required to survive in the job industry.

There are different types of courses offered by the web marketing academy. Duration for fast-track course is of 30 days, the duration for certified digital marketing management course is 100 days, and the modern digital marketing executive course is 60 days. It gives the flexibility of offline training as well as online training too.

More than 40+ modules in digital marketing course is been taught with basic to advanced level knowledge is given in all the modules. There batch consists of not more than 10 students which mean training is provided with a concentrated batch which also applies that attention is given to every student.

Regular assignments and continuous mentorship are given to the students.

Course fees for fast-track courses are INR 29,000+GST, INR 49,000+GST is for the executive program, and INR 65,000+GST for the management course. After completion of the course, certification is given along with Internship and placement assistance too.

Over these years, the institute has managed to become quite popular among students and professionals and considering the features and highlights of the course, it is very much justified to list it as one of the best digital marketing course in Jayanagar.


#Rank 3


LEARN DIGITAL ACADEMY–  Learn digital academy is an institute that is entirely designed for providing training for digital marketing. They tend to focus on training using all the latest technologies as well as updated methods of teaching which makes it easier for students to understand.

Learn Digtal Academy is one of the very potential names which comes to mind when discussin about the best digital marketing course in Jayanagar.

The academy consists of more than 12 trainers which tend to train more than 5000 students which are divided into more than 250 batches. Trainers who are appointed in the academy are professionals with more than 5 years of experience who provide training for digital marketing courses in Jayanagar.

The digital marketing course name is Advanced digital marketing master course, and the duration of the course is three months. The fee structure is INR 29,900+GST. The syllabus comprises more than 50 modules that tend to provide training for more than 180 hours of a live session.

Facility to access free tools along and2 live projects are given to the students so that they can understand well about the practical experience along and theoretical knowledge course is certified by Jain University.

Some of the modules which are covered by them include training about website building, email marketing, social media, Google Ad words, Affiliate marketing, other different online marketing strategies, etc. After completion of the course, the master certificate is given by the academy along with an opportunity of getting trained to get more than 25 certifications.

Along with all the features mentioned above, internship guidance, as we and support, is all are provided to the candidates enrolling for it as they are also been shown the proper path further after completing the course. So, the mentioned details make it very clear that there’s a good chance for digital marketing aspirants to find this institute as the best digital marketing course in Jayanagar.

#Rank 4

INSTITUTE OF MARKETINGInstitute of marketing is also one of the top institutes for providing training in digital marketing in Jayanagar. Along with digital marketing courses they also provide training in SEO, SMM, and PPC. They also offer short term courses as well so that it is affordable with less fee structure. Along with all this, they provide corporate training as well.

Institute of digital marketing been offering the finest quality digital marketing course in Jayanagar for years now and has managed to build a reputation around it.

In the institute of marketing, the candidates enrolling for the course undergo 360- degree learning including soft skills training, personality development training. Also, students get live exposure along with more practical training too.

The institute offers two types of courses. The first is an advanced digital marketing course and the second is a digital marketing crash course. The duration of the crash course is 3 weeks while the advanced level course is two and a half months. It provides flexibility of choosing batches as per the requirement, either weekend batches or weekdays batch whichever is convenient to the students.

The fees for an advanced level course are INR 32,000. The course consists of live classroom sessions. Wherein different modules like knowledge about SEO, affiliate marketing, and many other things which are important for digital marketing are covered in this course.

Candidates also get access to more than 30 digital marketing tools and on average more than 30 case studies are given to students to get a more practical approach.

They tend to enrol only 6 candidates per batch and both freshers, as well as working professionals, are eligible to enrol for the course.

After completion of the course students gets an internship opportunity, along with a chance to open their digital marketing agency. They also get placement assistance wherein proper interviews are lined up for students and guided further too after completion of the course.

So, these details, features and highlights make it clear that the institute of digital marketing offers digital marketing course in Jayanagar that is worth the money, time and energy spent on it.

#Rank 5

NATIONAL INSTITUTE OF DIGITAL MARKETING–  When it comes to digital marketing, the national institute of digital marketing is also one of the well-reputed institutes on the list. They have set up a tremendous record of training more than 10,000 students till now along with the record of 100% placement assistance.

The national institute of digital marketing is known for offering really good digital marketing course in Jayanagar and other small and big cities as well.

The institute also gives equal opportunity to working professionals, as well as to job seekers to enroll in the course. Candidates enrolling have both the option for enrolling online as well as for offline classes too. They even provide corporate training too.

They offer two types of course which includes Advanced digital marketing and Hybrid digital marketing course. The duration of the course is 2 months. The fee structure for the advanced level course is INR 30,000 whereas for the hybrid course is INR 40,000. A hybrid course is considered to be more comprehensive than an advanced-level course.

The institute trains candidates about the latest trends as well tools required for digital marketing in today’s modern world. The institute also offers corporate internships as well so that the students get exposure to real-time job profiles as well when they face the real world. After completion of the course, candidates get google certification along with 100% placement assistance as well.

The reviews suggest that the course is very much value for money is a great option for ones looking for the best digital marketing course in Jayanagar.


Q. Which is the best digital marketing certification?

Ans- There are lots of digital marketing certifications, however, the prime focus always remains on Google, Facebook, and HubSpot and you can earn these through IIM SKILLS digital marketing course.

Q. Are digital marketing certification valuable?

Ans- This actually depends a lot on who has issued the certification. If you’ve earned it from a recognized and reputed institute like IIM SKILLS then it is internationally acceptable and helps a lot in finding jobs or getting clients.

Q. Is digital marketing industry opportunistic?

Ans- The industry is known to produce more than a million jobs every half year which clearly makes it a very opportunistic industry with growing awareness and great monetary benefits considering its importance, demand, and supply.


If you’re looking for the best digital marketing course in Jayanagar, clearly the mentioned institutes and their courses and are the best for you to consider. Browsae through their websites and course pages to know more about them and then decide which according to you is the best digital marketing course in Jayanagar.

After getting a brief idea about the top 5 digital marketing institutes in Jayanagar it is pretty clear that all the institutes mentioned above are reputed and well organized in their way. But as per my recommendation, any candidate thinking to enroll in a digital marketing course should go for IIM SKILLs.

This is because IIM SKILLS tends to offer the course comprehensively while charging fewer fees too which is a very important criterion for any person to move ahead and make the decision.

Not only this even after completion of the course students are guided live long and they also have access to the tools provided by them and the classes they attend for a lifetime.

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