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Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Dubai With Placements

Digital Marketing is an attractive career opportunity in today’s scenario. There is a boom in the market for digital and online marketing. So, if you are in Dubai and planning to pursue your career in Digital Marketing, which is honestly a great choice, this is the right place to know everything about the best digital marketing courses in Dubai.


What is Digital Marketing?

In layman’s term, all marketing activities which are done through digital channels like mobile apps, phone, website, social media platforms, and emails is termed Digital Marketing. In other words, a comprehensive range of service, product, and brand marketing strategies that primarily employ the Internet as a core promotional media, in addition to mobile and conventional TV and radio, make up digital marketing.

Engaging customers and enabling them to interact with the business through the servicing and delivery of digital media is a primary goal of digital marketing. To do this, digital material must be designed in a way that the end user must take some sort of action in order to access or understand the purpose behind its production. For instance, a consumer might be forced to register or complete a form in order to receive a free e-book, providing the advertiser with a valued customer or lead.


What are the Components of Digital Marketing?

Digital Marketing consists of four major components-


Search Engine Optimization-

Search engine optimization (SEO) refers to techniques used to boost a website’s page rank in search results on search engines like google, hence bringing in more visitors to a website promoting its core activity. SEO frequently comprises enhancing the content’s quality, making sure it is abundant with important keywords, and structuring it utilizing subheads, bullet points, bold, and italic characters.

Additionally, SEO ensures that the website’s HTML is optimized so that search engines can understand what is on the page and show it as a search result for pertinent queries. These standards require the use of metadata, such as the title tag and meta description, is recommended by these standards. It’s also significant for the website to have internal links.


Search Engine Marketing-

Search Engine Marketing (SEM) is a process that uses a variety of techniques to increase a brand, product, or service’s market exposure and visibility. Search engine optimization (SEO), social media, bid placement, pay-per-click (PPC), contextual advertising, paid inclusion, geomapping, AdSense, and AdWords, as well as other media formats, like YouTube and geo-specific marketing, like Foursquare, are examples of SEM techniques.


The following are some ways that SEM boosts web activity:

  • involving users
  • Increasing traffic, brand recognition, and reputation
  • increasing the number of search engine results (SERP)
  • promoting goods or services
  • Creating leads
  • supplying information for research
  • drives higher conversion rates


Social Media Optimization

Search engine optimization’s auxiliary services include social media optimization. These services are particularly beneficial for raising brand recognition with the goal of improving your brand’s popularity on well-known social media networks like Facebook, Twitter, MySpace, YouTube, Instagram, Tik Tok, etc.

SMO is a very powerful process that, when used, complements a website’s improved market reputation and attracts a lot of traffic in order to increase its reputation among targeted visitors and potential customers. More inbound links and traffic are attracted to popular websites, and this in turn attracts authentic clients to the company.


Social Media Management

The most crucial component of marketing for any company today is social media. It is a great approach to keeping in touch with customers and expanding your clientele. However, one issue that many companies have is not knowing how to maintain their social media accounts.

The first thing you need to understand about social media management is that there are many other things that are involved outside just managing postings on your own account. The process of creating, distributing, marketing, and managing content across social media networks is Social Media Management. It also entails interacting with your audience and seeking out fresh chances to broaden your reach and awareness.


Best Digital Marketing Courses in Dubai


Rank #1 (Best Digital Marketing Courses in Dubai)


Course Name- Master Digital Marketing  Course

Course Fee- 1,349.80 United Arab Emirates Dirham +GST

Course Duration- 3 Months + 2 Months Paid Internship

Medium- Online


IIM SKILLS ranks top in providing premium quality Digital Marketing courses in Dubai. It is an online course that enables you to join from any part of the world. The key features of this course are 40+ Digital Marketing modules, 15+ Live projects, 20+ case studies, tools worth 79000 INR, Master Certification from IIM SKILLS, and 13 other certification preparation including Google, Hubspot, Facebook (Meta), etc.


Modules Covered-

Core Module:

  • Content writing and blogging
  • Search Engine Optimization
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Inbound Marketing
  • Email Marketing
  • Web Analytics


Special Module:

  • WordPress Web Development
  • Integrated Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Online Reputation Marketing
  • Media Buying
  • Affiliate Marketing
  • Video Marketing
  • Digital Marketing Automation
  • Digital Infographic resume preparation


The option of batch selection is provided by this online immersive training (weekday and weekend). The option to choose the days and times of your preference is another plus. IIM SKILLS is mindful of the need for a qualified digital marketer that understands and develops digital strategies that support corporate goals.

As a result, the course is designed to teach you the fundamentals of internet marketing before moving on to more complicated subjects like the entirety of an integrated digital strategy. IIM SKILLS collaborates with a number of the most well-known multinational corporations, like Accenture, Amazon, Flipkart, and TCS, to name a few.

This study will provide you the opportunity to get your foot in the door and secure positions with renowned firms because these industries are constantly searching for well-equipped digital marketers. IIM SKILLS is dedicated to providing valuable, hands-on education on all aspects of the courses for digital marketing.

Every week, you must complete assignments that the mentors grade in order to properly measure your development. Students can review their classes or attend classes later by watching the recordings of training sessions. In the LMS, all information is available. LMS is an in-house management system to track the performance of the students individually and provides recording sessions and weekly assignments.

You will receive 1 certificate from IIM SKILLS, 8 Certificates from Google, and 3 Hubspot digital marketing certifications along with a letter of recommendation after completion of the course from IIM SKILLS which are indeed very helpful in getting placed in a decent job profile or showcasing your achievements as a freelancer.


Contact Details

Phone: +91 9580 740 740

Email: [email protected]



Rank 2# (Best Digital Marketing Courses in Dubai)

2. IntoAct International

Course Name- Certified Digital Marketing A-Z Practical Training

Course Fee- 2350 $

Course Duration- 10 Weeks

Medium- Online


One of the top organizations in the training and development industry, with the most recent information and skills necessary to bring about change in business. They offer excellent public, internal, and online training programs and consultancy that give you the tools you need to grow personally or professionally.

This curriculum covers everything from the fundamentals to the more sophisticated aspects of digital marketing, including digital marketing strategy, social media marketing, content marketing, social media advertising, Google advertising, SEO, email marketing, analytics, and much more.

It is designed to help with all inquiries as progress through the learning process so you can get the most out of each and every lesson. You can view the sessions as many times as you’d like throughout your two-month access period, and you can even join the live sessions with the trainer to ask any questions you might have.

Their course offers the chance to learn the skills and information required to build and manage digital marketing campaigns utilizing the most recent digital marketing techniques. Elie Sarkis’ 16 online marketing classes are jam-packed with course material.

You may learn digital marketing in this course in a methodical and useful approach. Participating in actual case studies that are suited to your needs will give you coverage of the key facets of digital marketing, such as:

  • Digital Marketing Strategy
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Search Engine Optimization (SEO)
  • Email Marketing
  • eCommerce
  • Google AdWords
  • Analytics


Contact Details

Phone Number: +971 55 131 1714

Address: Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort, JBR Dubai UAE.


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


Rank 3# (Best Digital Marketing Courses in Dubai)

3. INC Academy, Dubai

Course Name- Professional Certification in Digital Marketing

Course Fee- On Request

Course Duration- 40+ Hours

Medium- Classroom


Inc Academy, a well-known training and consulting organization for digital marketing, has its regional office for the Middle East in Dubai and its corporate headquarters in New York. It is one of Dubai’s top educators of digital marketing courses. The Academy creates and offers training courses in Google AdWords, Google Analytics, search engine optimization, and social media marketing.

The Inc Academy has trained people in 20 different nations. The Dubai KHDA government has accredited each and every one of its training programs (Knowledge and Human Development Authority). All instructors have a wealth of knowledge in both digital marketing techniques and strategies.

The training technique is created with an understanding of the unique demands of a broad and multicultural audience, knowing that “One Size Doesn’t Fit All,” which allows everyone to learn, unlearn, enjoy, experiment, and excel.


Contact Details

Phone Number: +971 524371377

Address: Sheraton Jumeirah Beach Resort, JBR Dubai UAE.


Rank #4 (Best Digital Marketing Courses in Dubai)

4. Delphi

Course Name- Advanced Digital Marketing

Course Fee- On Request

Course Duration- 72 Hours

Medium- Online


One of the most well-known institutions offering digital marketing courses in Dubai and surrounding areas is Delphi Training Center. When we think of Digital Marketing Training in Dubai, it is one of the first names that spring to mind. To make it easier for you, they provide a selection of training settings.

There are various forms of digital marketing training available, including one-on-one crash methods, online live training, and corporate training. The course curriculum at Delphi wraps all the necessary equipment and techniques needed to become a professional digital marketer.

The creator of Delphi and its numerous Training Modules is Pankaj Saraf. He is well knowledgeable about many networks, concepts, and tools used in the Social Media landscape as well as in digital marketing. The instructors here also have more than 5 years of industry experience and are Google certified.

Delphi’s highlights include its classroom instruction, study materials in the form of notes, slides, and guides, online resources, a live discussion board every day of the week, assignments and cases, and cloud-based internet access. In India also, Delphi’s center is located along with 5 more centers around the world. Their main strength is providing excellent training and development to mold the business world’s future.


Contact Details

Phone Number: 971-4396-3634, 971-52908-6650

Address: Al Hamsa Building, Block A, 4th floor, Dubai, UAE

Contact 971-4396-3634, 971-52908-6650


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Rank #5 (Best Digital Marketing Courses in Dubai)

5. IIDE- The Digital School

Course Name- Advanced Digital Marketing Course

Course Fee- 1360 USD

Course Duration- 3-4 Months

Medium- Online


One of India’s top institutions for digital marketing is IIDE. IIDE, which was founded in 2016, has extended the bar for education globally. More than 2,00,000 students have received training from them in all aspects of digital marketing across the globe. IIDE guarantees that its learners receive a customized, relevant curriculum that will assist them to upskill for their employment by adopting a future-focused procedure to education.

In addition to having a solid track record of placements and a culture that values students, the first is a strong candidate because of its hands-on approach to education. To make sure that all students are taught the proper mastery and application procedures, they employ a combined training approach.

At IIDE, each course is taught by a qualified expert who has experience in the field they are teaching. Trainees get to interact with top industry experts and learn from them while also getting a glance into the industry world.


Contact Details

Phone Number: +91 96199 58615

Email ID: [email protected]



Rank #6 (Best Digital Marketing Courses in Dubai)

6. Simplilearn

Course Name- Advanced Digital Marketing Specialist

Course Fee- AED 5505.86

Course Duration- 1 Year

Medium- Online


One of the top educational institutions in the globe, Simplilearn has assisted over a million professionals and businesses in more than 150 countries with training, certification, and staff upskilling. Every year, 2000+ eminent professionals from the academic and industrial worlds create and update their award-winning online boot courses.

With the support of real-world assignments and real-world professional experience, this online digital marketing certification course will enable you to obtain a thorough understanding and advanced knowledge of the eight essential digital marketing domains. To prepare for your career, you will be introduced to 30 digital marketing technologies, achieve considerable assignment experience, and conduct a capstone project in digital marketing.

You will receive digital marketing certification from Simplilearn after concluding this course testifying to your consummation of the most recent Digital Marketing skill set and your competence to oversee digital marketing initiatives in your company.


Contact Details

Phone Number: +65 31 585082



Rank 7# (Best Digital Marketing Courses in Dubai)

7. Institute of Sales and Management

Course Name- Digital Marketing Essentials

Course Fee- AED 5040

Course Duration- 1 Year

Medium- Online


The UAE’s Institute of Sales and Marketing was founded in Dubai in 1998. They have the best market practices available. You can better your knowledge and confidence to fully grasp the most important digital topics by identifying the trends and issues in digital marketing.

They represent reputable UK sales and marketing organizations and employ the “best of the best trainers” from groups like The Chartered Institute of Marketing, which is why everyone who attends one of their courses strongly recommends them.


Contact Details

Phone Number: +9714573814

Address: Al Shafar, Tower 1, Dubai, UAE


Rank 8# (Best Digital Marketing Courses in Dubai)

8. Centre of Executive Development

Course Name- Professional Diploma in Digital Marketing Online

Course Fee- AED 7500

Course Duration- 10 Weeks

Medium- Online


The University of Dubai has a unit named Centre Executive Development (CED). They develop and supply professional certifications and senior management development programs that give their students the necessary skill training to boost their employment. You will learn in-depth information about how to use various digital channels, including Social Media, PPC, SEO, Display, and Email, to create an efficient digital marketing plan.

You will learn how to create a website, the fundamentals of effective website design, and how to organize it for increased online visibility and lead generation. You will also look at how the emerging fields of app development and app marketing differ from user behavior on websites. Last but not least, you will practice using digital analytics and research the future of digital.


Contact Details

Phone Number: +971 4 5566 977

Address: Oud Metha – Dubai – United Arab Emirates.

Email: [email protected]


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


Rank 9# (Best Digital Marketing Courses in Dubai)

9. LIIMS (London Institute of Internet Marketing and Research Studies)

Course Name- Online Digital Marketing Course

Course Fee- 500 $

Course Duration- 3 Months

Medium- Online


Another famous Institute that offers a comprehensive Digital Marketing Curriculum to prepare you to become a qualified Digital marketer is the London Institute of Internet Marketing and Research Studies. The London Institute of Internet Marketing proposes an online course in digital marketing. The Institute offers training in Internet marketing, Social media marketing, and SEO.

You can work on any batch’s live sessions. Besides, you have pre-reading materials to make the most of live classes. You also receive weekly projects to strengthen your ability to put the various modules to work practically. There are batches on weekdays and weekends.


Contact Details

Phone Number: +971 58 958 3070

Address: Cluster W – Jumeirah Lake Towers – Dubai – United Arab Emirates



Rank 10# (Best Digital Marketing Courses in Dubai)

10. Morgan Institute

Course Name- Digital Marketing Workshop

Course Fee- 7175 AED

Course Duration- 3 Months

Medium- Online


Since it first opened its doors in Beirut in 1995, Morgan International has trained more than 80,000 learners. To meet the demands of the finance, accounting, human resources, marketing, and logistics industries, Morgan offers a wide range of professional certificates and diploma programs.

With 28 locations worldwide, Morgan International is a top regional provider of professional education and training services. Across seven areas, including accounting, auditing, finance, human resources, supply chain & logistics, and digital marketing, Morgan offers a wide range of training programs, including certificates, degrees, workshops, and CPE courses.

The goal of Morgan is to give professionals the essential abilities, know-how, and competence they need to advance in today’s quickly changing environment.


Contact Details

Phone Number: +971 554776014

Address: Barclays Tower A, 1st floor, Office #101, Abu Dhabi Muroor Street, Abu Dhabi.

Email: [email protected]


FAQs – Frequently Asked Questions


Ques 1- Which is one of the best Digital Marketing courses in Dubai currently?

Answer 1– IIM SKILLS is highly recommended for the Digital Marketing course, due to its multi-dimensional course structure and Value for money as well as placement assistance and internship provided by the Instructors.


Ques 2- Is digital marketing is good career option?

Answer 2– Yes, a job in digital marketing is unquestionably an excellent choice. It is among the sectors with the fastest 4   growth. Digital marketing is a dynamic field with interesting prospects and challenges.


Ques 3- What is the Average salary of a Digital marketer in Dubai?

Answer 3– The average salary for Digital Marketer in Dubai is AED 6000, the additional compensation for the same ranges from AED 1,200 to AED 1,02,000 for the same.


Ques 4- What is the eligibility to do digital marketing?

Answer 3– Candidates can take up digital marketing courses after completion of their 12th grade but 10+2+3, ideally minimum graduation is recommended to pursue the course for proper understanding.

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