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Top 10 Digital Marketing Courses in Madurai With Placements

For the past three decades, with the flourishing of e-markets, there has been a parallel growth in the number of customers preferring online shopping to the traditional one.  Due to the pandemic, more businesses took their products to the online markets, gaining new customers while continuing to serve the old.

More than ever before, online businesses need skillful marketers to help them stand out from the crowd. Digital marketing is a promising career. Here we discuss leading digital marketing courses in Madurai that can improve your recognition as a digital marketer.


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What is Digital Marketing?


In the present times, consumers rely chiefly on digital devices to research products and services. For the same reason, digital marketing is the order of the day to convert prospects into customers. Digital marketing involves the advertising of products and services using digital means such as search engine results, websites, emails, social media, and mobile apps.


Here the marketing techniques could vary depending on the nature of the business. Thus different business models in e-commerce make use of digital marketing successfully. The following are some important tools and techniques used in digital marketing:


  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Content marketing
  • Social media marketing
  • Pay-per-click marketing
  • Affiliate marketing
  • Native advertising
  • Marketing automation
  • Email marketing


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Benefits of Digital Marketing over Traditional Marketing


❖    Worldwide Reach


Digital marketing crosses geographical boundaries and takes your advertisement to a global audience. You can now sell your products to customers who would not have known of your business otherwise.


❖    Niche Targeting


Even when your advertisement has a global reach with digital marketing, you can channel the ads to a more targeted group. Search Engine Optimisation or pay-per-click enables you to streamline your target audience based on their age, gender, occupation, interests, location, etc. You can also modify your ads to suit your prospective customers’ altered interests or stage of purchasing.


❖    Low Cost


Unlike traditional marketing, digital marketing allows you to choose techniques tailored to your marketing budget. Spending time to learn the market and your target customers is of prime importance.


Once you do that, digital marketing gives you the avenue to reach a bigger audience for a lower cost than traditional marketing. It thus helps small and medium businesses to market themselves to popularity even at nascency.


❖    Improved Customer Loyalty


Digital marketing makes getting loyal customers easier than traditional marketing. Personalized emails intimating customers about offers in tune with their previous purchases and social media ads that might catch their attention involve them in your brand building as they scroll across the screen. Thus customers are more likely to prefer you over other brands while making a purchase.


❖    An Accurate Measure of Results


Sophisticated analytics tools like Google Search Console and Google Analytics are helpful in digital marketing. They make the analysis of the effectiveness of an advertisement uncomplicated. Using these tools, you can observe everything about your customer’s purchasing behavior beginning from the ad which caught their attention.


You also learn the way customers utilize your website and also the amount of time spent by each. The possibility of such detailed analysis also guides you in your investments in digital Ad campaigns.


Now that we have discussed what digital marketing is and why it is relevant, we will move on to some of the premier digital marketing courses in Madurai that make you job-ready.

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Top Digital Marketing Courses in Madurai


List of the best digital marketing courses in Madurai


1.     IIM Skills


IIM Skills is a top-notch institute providing training in digital marketing, content writing, and GST. It has designed the digital marketing course to give a comprehensive learning experience at affordable pricing. The Master Certification in Digital marketing is globally accredited.


The classes are prepared and delivered by experts who have experience of more than twelve years in the industry. These classes aim to clarify complex concepts and terms even to non-professional. Some of the features which give IIM Skills a prime position among institutes that provide digital marketing courses in Madurai are:


  • 180 hours of live training
  • Guaranteed internship for three months
  • Industry case studies
  • Live projects
  • Introduction to digital marketing tools
  • Preparation for certification tests by Google, Hubspot, and Facebook
  • Guidance in launching your digital marketing agency
  • You will write your first blog for Times of India.
  • Letter of Recommendation + Certification
  • Guidance in creating a podcast with Apple, Google & Spotify
  • Guidance in beginning Youtube channel and practicing affiliate marketing
  • Access to training material, class presentations, and course recordings for a lifetime.


Course Content of the Master Digital Marketing Course:


  1. Introduction to digital marketing
  2. Web development at WordPress
  3. Search Engine Optimisation
  4. Search Engine Marketing
  5. Email marketing
  6. Inbound marketing
  7. Social media marketing
  8. Integrated digital marketing strategy
  9. Web analytics
  10. Online reputation management
  11. Content writing and advanced blogging
  12. Media buying and planning
  13. Affiliate marketing
  14. Video marketing
  15. Marketing automation
  16. Digital infographics resume creation



At IIM Skills, you can choose to attend a demo class before enrolling for the Master Digital Marketing Course. After you join the course, the learning process is practical through weekly assignments. Following each week’s session, students would do assignments based on the knowledge they have gained.


After submission, trainers would correct these assignments and give feedback for the same.  You will also do live projects as part of the certification program. For its well-structured coursework and hands-on learning, the Master Digital Marketing Course by IIM Skills is indeed one of the best digital marketing courses in Madurai.


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite




FITA, Focus’d IT Academy, run by industry experts with more than fifteen years of experience, provides skill development courses aimed at career success and progress. The digital marketing course at FITA is taught in classrooms.


With the small batches in each class and customized training program, each student gets the maximum out of the course. The academy also encourages students to interact freely to make the learning uncomplicated. FITA also focuses on IT and language training. The following are the course contents of the digital marketing course at FITA:


  1. Fundamentals of Digital Marketing
  2. Search Engine Optimization
  3. Social Media Marketing
  4. Various Web Design methodologies
  5. Search Engine Marketing
  6.  Email Marketing
  7.  Video Marketing
  8.  Pay per Click
  9.  Content marketing
  10.  Mobile and App Marketing
  11.  Google Webster and Analytics
  12.  Google ad words


The other two subjects dealt with within digital marketing are social media marketing and Search Engine Optimization. The digital marketing course at FITA, with its intelligible approach to marketing tools and concepts, is one of the digital marketing courses in Madurai you might want to consider joining in 2021.




NIIT, set up in 1981, is one of the prominent institutes in the world focusing on skill and talent development. It is presently functioning in more than 30 countries. Corporate Learning Group is another business under NIIT. Here learners have easy access to their learning plans and contents. Other features include:


  • Live instructor-led classes
  • Access to recorded sessions
  • Interactive classes
  • Quiz etc


The Full Stack Digital Marketing Programme by NIIT is one of the digital marketing courses in Madurai for graduates to choose to become job-ready marketing professionals.


It is also suited for budding entrepreneurs who would like to equip themselves with digital marketing skills. A student can complete the course in 20 weeks. Digital marketing experts designed the program focusing on hands-on experience. The program curriculum is as follows:


  1. Website design and Search Engine Optimisation
  2. Marketing on various social media platforms
  3. Paid marketing in Google Ecosystem
  4. Use eCommerce channels effectively
  5. Capstone project


The Full Stack Digital Marketing Programme by NIIT is one of the digital marketing courses in Madurai which polishes your skills in website and content creation, SEO, social media marketing, use of Google keywords, and optimizing along with others. On successful completion of the course, a student becomes a StackRoute certified Full Stack Digital Marketing Specialist.




ACTE is primarily a leading software training institute in India. It provides two Master’s programs in digital marketing: Digital Marketing Masters Program and Digital Marketing Associate Masters Program. On successful completion of the course, a student receives a globally recognized certificate.


Both beginners and advanced learners benefit from the digital marketing program in ACTE. The institute also provides a hands-on learning experience and resume and interview preparation. At ACTE, a student gets lifetime access to learning materials, videos, and other resources.


The classes are conducted online and led by certified experts. Here a student can choose between weekday or weekend classes. ACTE exposes students to practices of the industry and hones their aptitude and soft skills for the same. Some of the key features of the digital marketing training at ACTE are the following:


  • The course duration of 40 hours
  • Faculties who are industrial experts
  • Completion of over 500 batches
  • Training which is fully job oriented
  • Availability of free demo class
  • Guidance for certification


The Syllabus of the Digital Marketing Program at ACTE is as follows:


  1. Inbound marketing
  2. Fundamentals of digital marketing
  3. Website planning and maintenance
  4. Create a website using WordPress
  5. Business trends research
  6. Keyword planning and mapping
  7. Search Engine Optimisation
  8. On-page optimization
  9. Off-page optimization
  10. SEO updates and analysis
  11. Social Media Marketing
  12. Social Media Optimisation
  13. Online reputation management
  14. Content marketing
  15. Adsense and blog marketing
  16. Google AdWords
  17. Web Analytics
  18. Mobile marketing
  19. Email marketing
  20. Video marketing
  21. Affiliate marketing
  22. Local business listing


ACTE also arranges for two live projects for the students. Among the digital marketing courses in Madurai, ACTE promises placement opportunities to every student who completes their training either in the classroom or online.


5. Kalvi


Kalvi is a training institute approved by the Government of Tamil Nadu. It provides training in long-term and short-term courses. It gives certification programs related to IT.


Kalvi is one of the digital marketing courses in Madurai with an internationally recognized certificate. The program has an industry-relevant curriculum. At Kalvi, the students also get placement support as a part of the course. The following are different digital marketing programs provided by Kalvi:


  1. Email marketing training program
  2. An inbound marketing training program
  3. Search Engine Optimisation
  4. Digital Marketing Scholar
  5. Adwords fundamental
  6. Adwords advanced display
  7. Adwords advanced search
  8. Social media marketing


IIM Skills Digital Marketing Course free demo invite


6. QuickXpert Infotech


QuickXpert Infotech is a training institute that provides a certification course in digital marketing in Madurai. The job-oriented course starts from basics and progresses to advanced topics. QuickXpert claims the presence of a dedicated placement team.


Here, students receive guidance in interview preparation and resume building. QuickXpert also gives free demo classes and live project experience as a part of the Advanced Digital Marketer course. The full-length course on Digital Marketing Master Program by QuickXpert includes the following along with others:


  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Search Engine Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Online marketing techniques


Students at QuickXpert Infotech can choose between a four-month regular batch or a two-and-a-half-month fast-track batch. The detailed syllabus of the Advanced Digital Marketer course is as follows:


  1. Search Engine Optimisation
  2. Understanding Search Engines
  3. SEO keywords research and analysis
  4. WordPress
  5. On-page optimization
  6. Off-page optimization and blogs
  7. Website design SEO guidelines
  8. Google analytics and reporting
  9. Google webmaster tools
  10. Quora marketing
  11. App store optimisation
  12. Google various updates and their effects
  13. Search Engine Marketing
  14. Google ADs
  15. Google AD sense
  16. Social Media Marketing
  17. Facebook and Instagram marketing
  18. Youtube marketing
  19. Twitter ADs
  20. Linkedin ADs
  21. Whatsapp for business
  22. Telegram marketing
  23. Blog marketing
  24. Webinar marketing
  25. Email marketing
  26. SMS marketing
  27. APP marketing
  28. Amazon Affiliate marketing
  29. Freelancing techniques


In addition to these, the course introduces students to some of the paid and free digital marketing tools. QuickXpert Infotech also awards an industrially approved internship certificate and a course completion certificate. The Advanced Digital Marketer course also helps in preparation for Google certification and is one of the digital marketing courses in Madurai worth mentioning.


7. iClass Madurai


iClass Madurai is a skill development center based in Madurai. The digital marketing training in iClass is one of the digital marketing courses in Madurai that ensures one-to-one attention to each student with their limited number of seats for each batch.


The course is flexible, and students can switch between classroom training and online classes without additional charges. They can also choose one from weekday, weekend, evening, or fast track batches.


iClass claims the experience of eleven live projects and the expertise of more than nine years in digital marketing training. They also give guidance in resume preparation and hands-on learning experience to their students. These are the topics covered in the digital marketing training in iClass:


  1. Principal of digital marketing
  2. Website designing with WordPress
  3. Search Engine Optimisation
  4. Search Engine Marketing
  5. Social Media Marketing
  6. Email Marketing
  7. Google Analytics


The digital marketing training in iClass also ensures 100% placement and multiple certificates on completion.


8. Simplilearn


Simplilearn is a leading skill training institute located in San Francisco, California, and Bangalore in India. They have to credit intensive training programs for relevant skills in the digital world. Simplilearn has one of the digital marketing courses in Madurai that give rigorous training in the needed skills.


It boasts the online boot camp for digital marketing designed by experts in the industry and academic world. The digital marketing courses at Simplilearn encourage the application of knowledge and give the experience of real-world projects. Simplilearn has different programs on digital marketing that the students can choose based on their expertise in the subject.


At present, they provide three certification programs and two Master’s programs in digital marketing. In addition to this, they also conduct two Post-Graduate programs in digital marketing in partnership with world-renowned universities.  These courses are as follows:


  1. Certification Courses in Digital Marketing
  • Advanced pay per click program
  • Advanced Search Engine Optimization
  • Advanced Social Media Program

2. Master’s Programs in Digital Marketing

  • Digital Marketing Specialist
  • Digital Marketing Associate

3. Post-Graduate Programs in Digital Marketing

  • Digital Marketing
  • Digital Marketing and Analytics


With an elaborate approach, Simplilearn is one of the best digital marketing courses in Madurai and all over India.


9. Proideators


Proideators as an enterprise is an initiative by industry experts, some of them also from IIT and IIMs, to give quality learning experience of digital marketing skills. At present, Proideators deliver their courses on digital marketing either through classroom or online methods.


In addition to people who enroll for the training, it is also given to corporates who want to get hold of their new role as digital marketers or at educational institutes to make these students capable of meeting industrial needs and expectations.


Proideators ensure the preparedness for about fifteen certificates by the time you finish the two-month course. Their various digital marketing courses are:


  • Masters in Digital Marketing
  • Social Media Marketing
  • Facebook marketing
  • Twitter marketing
  • Linkedin marketing
  • YouTube marketing
  • Instagram marketing
  • Google Certification
  • Google Adwords / Ads
  • Google Analytics
  • SEO Certification
  • Email Marketing


Through the digital marketing training at Proideator, students master the advanced tools of digital marketing such as:


  • Search Engine Optimisation
  • Social media and email marketing
  • Pay-per-click
  • Mobile marketing
  • Online Advertising
  • eCommerce marketing etc.


The comprehensive training at Proideators that also takes up the responsibility to acquire interview opportunities for its students is one of the digital marketing courses in Madurai you would want to consider outstanding in 2021.


Free online Digital marketing certifications by Google and Hubspot Academy.



In addition to the above-discussed courses, one should also consider the free online certifications on digital marketing by Google and Hubspot Academy. Most of these courses are designed keeping in mind the level of knowledge of the end-user. So one can start with courses meant for beginners and later move on to intermediate and advanced level courses.


Some of the Popular Courses by Google Discussing Real-World Digital Marketing Skills are:


  1. The fundamentals of digital marketing that you can learn on Google Digital Garage.
  2. Certification programs for Google Ads, Google marketing platforms, Google Analytics, and Waze on Google skill shop.


The free certification digital marketing course by Hubspot Academy is another much-favored course by learners and marketing professionals. These certifications hold a reputation of their own. They also prove one’s undying passion for upskilling oneself – a trait of great value in a dynamic profession like digital marketing.


A degree and certification in digital marketing from credible and globally recognized sources enable you to get a dream job in the marketing field without much delay.  You can even start your digital marketing agency once you acquire the needed skills. Television advertisements continue to be at the forefront of marketing media.


However, new methods of digital marketing like content marketing, email marketing, affiliate marketing, and social media marketing are all growing in demand, opening a slew of new job opportunities. As a final thought, a course in digital marketing should be one of your choices if you wish to be in a profession where each day is novel with many possibilities for learning and career growth.


Frequently Asked Questions

1.     Who should enroll in a digital marketing course?

Anyone interested in the way marketing works in the digital space can enroll. Doing a good course in digital marketing would be beneficial to students, professionals, and entrepreneurs. It will also benefit homemakers or anyone else who would like to restart a career.


2.     Is digital marketing a good career option?

The skills of digital marketing are in demand at present and will rise steadily with time. A certified digital marketer can get jobs with decent or even a high income. In addition to that, digital marketing gives one a wide range of job profiles with a lot of room for creativity and out of box thinking. So, digital marketing is a promising career for those ready to challenge and upskill themselves with the new trends in the field every day.


3.     What are the jobs I can do after completing a certification course in digital marketing?

Some of the most popular job profiles coming under digital marketing are:

●      Digital Marketing Manager,

●      Search Engine Optimizer

●      Social Media Marketer

●      Content Marketer

●      Email Marketer

●      Search Engine Marketing Specialist

●      Content Creator of Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality

●      SEO specialists for voice assistants

●      Video production

●      Automation expert

●      Paid media specialist

●      Data analyst

●      Web developer etc.


4.     Is there any age limit for doing a digital marketing course?

There is no upper age limit for any course on digital marketing. Masters or certification courses on digital marketing mostly focus on giving practical knowledge of the field to the students and enhancing their skills.



These are some of the best digital marketing courses in Madurai that are highly popular and can provide you with detailed insight into the world of digital marketing.

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