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Top 16 Free Business Listing Sites in India

Today if a business can’t be found online, then it is almost as if it doesn’t exist! Business listing sites helps a business to be found by customers by providing a basic understanding of your business listed within niche-based categories.  Before heading towards the list of free business listing sites in India, let us understand the entire concept a little.


What is A Business Listing Website?


Not so long ago, business owners had a few options to publicize their businesses, such as paying for ads in the local newspaper, Yellow Pages inclusions, print marketing such as brochures or leaflets, telemarketing, or television/radio marketing. Even though these offline avenues exist today, listing your business on the internet is an absolute necessity.


Hence, a business listing website can be considered as an online directory. It typically contains the NAP format, i.e., names, addresses, and phone numbers of the business providing the product or service. The businesses are mostly categorized by niche, activity, location, or size. Certain business listings also provide further details such as website, working hours.


Some listing websites include sections for comments, user reviews, and feedback. Usually, businesses list themselves on various platforms and directories to increase their presence on the internet.


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What is The Purpose of Business Listing Sites?


Like most businesses today have gone online, one needs to leverage the customers that are looking for your business or brand. This is where business listings come into relevance. With online listings, all your business information is easily available to potential customers.


Therefore, the purpose of creating a business listing is to make your business visible on the internet. Every new listing can increase your chances of being found by the customer.


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What Are The Added Benefits of Listing Your Business?


With an online business listing, you can:


1.Get discovered easily


By entering your accurate business details on different online web directories and business listing sites. You can increase the chances of being discovered every time a customer searches for a product or service similar to yours without directly knowing your actual brand name.

It is very useful as most customers don’t search for brand names when looking for a product or service.


2. Boost your SEO


SEO is the process of creating your web content in such a way that the website gets targeted traffic organically, i.e., non-paid ranking.

The higher a search engine ranks a particular content, the better are the chances for a customer to visit that site. Common tools associated with SEO include keyword search, high-quality content, and the building of backlinks.

Business Listing sites are a great platform to give your existing website an additional push and gain the trust of search engines like Bing, Google, and Yahoo. This can give you the extra benefit of using the well-established domain authority and thereby ranking higher on Google.


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3. Create your brand awareness


Whenever a customer searches through an online business directory for a product or service, a list of matching results comes up. These results each have a snapshot and details listed, which creates an impression in the customers’ minds.


4. Improve your local visibility


Many business listing sites also have options to connect you with local customers in your area. Thus, it can improve your local business and help you gain popularity. Thus, it can be better understood as the concept of local SEO.


What is Local SEO?


Local SEO is the practice of optimizing a service or product for a search that is location-specific. So, when someone performs a local search for a doctor, mechanic, or technician, the search engine will view the local businesses relevant to their location.


For better understanding, organic SEO focuses on improving the overall visibility of your website on a global scale, whereas local SEO focuses on making you visible to your local search territory so that you can connect with searchers in your area.  Hence, local SEO is a subset of traditional SEO.


For example, if someone were looking for ‘Best Italian restaurant in Delhi’, you would want your restaurant listing to be shown at the top of the local search for Delhi. But, on the other hand, there is no point in your restaurant ranking high in Mumbai’s local search. Here, local SEO helps, as it aims for your listing to rank high on search engine result pages (SERP) for local pages in your area.


Before we get to the top business listing sites, let us find out a little about some aspects of the listing process.


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The Best Practices to Follow While Listing Your Business:


Criteria Needed for Qualifying As A Business Listing

  • Registered name.
  • Complete Address of the place from where you are operating the business.
  • A valid telephone number.
  • Website address (if any).


Information You Should Provide to Qualify for Niche-based Searches:


  1. Categories

This option helps you to display the services or products your business deals with.


  1. Description


This option helps you describe your product or service to the end-user. However, it mostly needs you to explain your business briefly.


  1. Tagline

This option should fill in the keywords that best describe your business so that the search engines rank it when someone searches for that niche.


  1. Images


The main purpose of this segment is to help you upload the logo of your brand or business. The logo helps to create a visual representation in the customers’ minds.


Providing all of the above details gives your business credibility, the potential customer gets a very thorough idea of your business.


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List of The Best Free Business Listing Sites in India


Popular list of the free business listing sites


Many business listing sites in India offer free listing services, where a concerned business or organization can easily list themselves to promote their business. Some of the most popular ones with high domain authority are included in our list.


  1. DA – 92


Foursquare is one of the leading business listing sites not only in India but globally. Founded in 2009, the company rose to prominence through the launch of its app Foursquare City Guide. It is a local search and discovery app that popularized the concept of real-time location sharing and check-ins. Its main purpose is to facilitate the discovery of new places amongst its registered community and provide recommendations of places based on the user’s location, liking, and previous visits.


  1. DA – 92


Trustpilot is a leading Danish website founded in 2007 which specializes in hosting reviews of businesses worldwide. The site offers its basic plan for free with all additional features at varied costs. They also offer specific marketing features and analytics in their paid version and let businesses gather and respond to reviews.


  1. DA – 91


Crunchbase is a leading platform for finding business information about public and private companies in India and globally. Originally built to track startups, the company provides information on public and private companies.

The website offers information on investments and funding, founding members, mergers and acquisitions, news, and industry trends.


  1. DA – 89


MapQuest hosts thousands of businesses with location-enabled geospatial features. If people are looking for a business based on an actual map, this site will provide all the basic information to the user.


  1. DA – 83


TradeIndia is a business portal that provides information about Indian and global buyers and sellers. It aims to offer the global business community a single platform to promote their goods and services and interact with each other alongside conducting their business effectively and smoothly. Their USP lies in offering a highly targeted audience for any business and assisting global companies to find manufacturers, suppliers, and exporters.


  1. DA – 81


PRLog is an online business directory founded to help small, medium, and large organizations and businesses promote themselves. They offer a list of services apart from the business director, including directory, press room hosting, press release distribution, and job listing. Most of the services are free.


  1. DA – 79


Even though is an American company, they have a local search engine for India as well. They have one of the largest online directories dedicated to small businesses. Every month, the site gets millions of visitors who search for geographic-specific listings, industry segments, and individual businesses. They also offer marketing tools and educational resources to users.


  1. DA – 76


Sulekha is a leading digital platform for businesses offering local services in India. With over 200 categories and 20 million consumers in over 40 cities, the platform promises to understand the user’s specific need and match it to verified service professionals.

The portal uses technology and domain intelligence to provide expert services centered around home, life, and self as per-user customization.


  1. DA – 75


IndiaMart is an Indian e-commerce company that aims to connect Indian manufacturers with buyers. Founded in 1996, the company has grown to acquire nearly 60% market share of the online B2B classified space in India. With their motto of ‘to make doing business easy,’ they offer a platform to all types of businesses, be it small, medium, large, or individuals.

They provide the convenience of connecting with sellers anytime and anywhere along with a wider marketplace. To the buyer, they offer lead management, product credibility, and increased visibility.


  1. DA – 70


Yellow pages by the Indian company WebIndia123 is a reliable site to list and promote your business. They offer integrated solutions for individuals/businesses desiring to market their products and services through the Internet. Moreover, they aim to provide dependable information on India on all aspects of life such as business, education, entertainment, culture, and hobbies.


  1. DA – 67


Founded in the year 2000 by a Mumbai entrepreneur, Mouthshut is India’s first user-generated content and consumer review website, whose work has been mentioned in the Wall Street Journal. It is recommended by TOI, zee group, The Indian Express, and other notable organizations.


  1. DA – 62


Just Dial is a leading listing site in India and was founded by  Mr.VSS Mani. His idea was to replace yellow pages with a catalog of information that customers can use for current information about local business listings. JustDial can be readily accessed by phone or online. These services aim to make most everyday tasks expediently actionable and available to users.

The company aims to provide fast, reliable, comprehensive, and free information to all users and connect buyers to sellers. Owing to their vast sales force and years of experience in the local market, Justdial enjoys popularity across all regions of the country.


  1. DA – 58


Indiacom is an Indian company providing local searches for business data. It has gained a reputation for publishing data for various districts of India on behalf of the union-owned company BSNL alongside publishing its own annual business telephone directory yellow pages.

The company provides business data to search engines, multinational companies, and developers. It strives to collect authentic information on products & services on multiple platforms and present it to the user.


  1. DA – 57


Exporters India is one of India’s largest searchable B2B marketplace and exporters’ directory that connects manufacturers, exporters, suppliers, and buyers to create value from the unlimited trade opportunities available. They aim to collaborate between genuine inquiries and deals to safeguard the interest of the consumer.


  1. DA – 55


This business listing was formed to allow companies and individuals worldwide to access information with emphasis on India and Indian interests. They have a rigorous selection process where only credible sites can list themselves to provide the user with relevant and quality information.


  1. DA – 43


Hotfrog is a relatively new website to list businesses in India. However, owing to its dedicated approach towards providing quality information, it has become a reliable name.



Frequently Asked Questions


  1. How to list your business on a business listing site?


A. To list your business, you can follow these simple and easy steps.

  1. Find the best free business listing sites in India.
  2. Sign up to list yourself.
  3. Go to add a listing, and there, an online form will appear.
  4. Provide accurate information in the online form presented.
  5. Submit the form and wait for the verification process to get started. Verification is mostly done via SMS, email, or call.


Once the verification process is complete, which may take some time on the site, your business listing will become live on that particular site.


2. What are the points I should keep in mind while choosing a site?


A. Few points can be kept in mind,


  • What is the domain authority (DA) of the site?
  • Does the website have a Dofollow link?
  • Is the business listing site advertised well enough?
  • How much daily traffic does the site get?
  • How long does the user stay on the particular site?


3. What is a Dofollow link?

A. Dofollow links are those that allow Google and other search engines to point back to your website or blog. It should be a crucial criterion while choosing the site. All the sites we have mentioned have a do-follow link service.




Listing your business online with a reliable website is in a way the foundation of your digital marketing strategy; remember to enlist on multiple sites so that you maximize your exposure. Also, it is advised to submit high-quality articles related to your business and website on popular directories and article submission sites.


Even though this is a list of free business sites, and we encourage you to start with these, please remember in due time, you must avail the paid features provided by these sites and others to give your business an edge.

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